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‘Black excellence': Gymnast Nia Dennis’ hip-hop performance goes viral; What to expect from Senate impeachment trial of Trump; Herm Edwards on NFL’s lack of diversity among head coaches
53:33 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 25, 2021
When driving his best friend to those wheels in line is driver near Flagstaff having some trouble. Whether it's an issue from coast to coast for heavy snow ice and rain many Americans facing an incoming storm systems he. No place knows them better in Capitol Hill right now. Impeachment 2.0 former presidential facing a second set trial the House of Representatives delivering the article of impeachment. Accused of inciting the deadly insurrection at the capitol and a new allegation trump considered using his Justice Department to try to overturn the election. We know about the trial and who won't be presiding over at this time and why that matters. Sixteen shortages and concerns over their effectiveness what we're learning about how their handling highly contagious variants of the virus. President Biden reinforces the Kobe travelled for more than two dozen countries. She doctor Anthony fouls one on ones. Telling us when he things we might reach herd immunity with the vaccines. For the public needs to do right now to get there. And about being sidelined on trumped administration. And much more. If you. Are able to reflect back on this crazy past year or more would you say would be. Your biggest mistake or beyond that maybe if you could have a mauling in and do something over. You know very likely it wouldn't be an early early on him to really try to get as much more information. I'll count. This virus can be spread by people without symptoms that he racing trump president Biden tries to reverses predecessor's policies. Signing more than thirty executive actions what his body American plan is calling for. And who this predicament thousands arrested over the weekend in Russia. As outraged protesters demanded the release of feelings and opposition leader elect saying a moment. We'll keep him locked up. Which set him free. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey data sync so much for streaming with us. Tonight we're learning more about when Americans may be able to get that all important vaccine present Biden makes a prediction on that. Doctor into without you my interview with foundry is coming up in just a few minutes but we want to begin tonight with history and uncharted territory in congress. For the first time a former president is facing an impeachment trial. The article of impeachment was formerly delivered to the senate earlier this evening paving the way for a senate trial. Tomorrow senators will be sworn in as jurors would senate leaders have agreed to delay the start of the trial. We're what this time the Chief Justice John Roberts will not preside over the trial so who will Wear to senate Republicans stand on the trial and the possible conviction. Democrats would need seventeen Republicans to join them or Rachel Scott leads us off tonight from Capitol Hill. Tonight history unfolding house impeachment managers delivering their article of impeachment the senate. Donald John trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence against the government of the United States. It is didn't just nineteen days since that deadly mob of some supporters stormed the capital. Egged on by the president himself in a desperate effort to overturn the election. You don't fight like hell did not gonna have a country anymore. We're gonna walked out and I'll be there with you. Rioters making it clear they were following the call from their leader. Capitol police officers crushed in the drawn screaming for help. Democrats say that since then. The case against trump has only grown stronger. He has not demonstrated remorse he's not even acknowledged his role in the events of January 6. And he has never disavowed the lies that were fed to the American people by him about who actually won the election. This single article of impeachment charges that the president's offenses extend beyond his words a bad rally. It also accuses him of trying to subvert an obstruct the results of the election. By pressuring the Georgia secretary of state to find nearly 121000 votes to help him win. What are we didn't get I only need 111000 about the palace. I need 111000 vote in here right. Democrats claim trump gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of government he threatened the integrity of the democratic system the big question tonight. Will trump be convicted. Democrats need seventeen Republican senators to vote with them. A handful like Mitt Romney seemed open. Excitement had to insurrection. Is is an impeachable offense if you if not. What is. Other Republicans attacking the whole idea of putting the former president on trial in the troubled stupid and I think it's counterproductive. We already have a flaming fire in this country that's like taking a bunch a gas like him or get on top of the fire. Let's bring in Rachel Scott at this point Rachel is a sense of the mood in there and also what comes next. Wants solemn reading this is history that walk over delivering that article of impeachment over to the senate setting the stage. Ford impeachment trial of former president coming now we have not seen before in our nation's history so. Tomorrow we will see those senators that jurors in this trial be sworn in were also expecting to see senator Patrick Leahy will be presiding over this trial. Also be sworn in he will be taking a special oath to be impartial during this trial he will also have a vote though at the end of it. And essentially had the pods and here Lindsay that trial is not expected to begin in earnest until the week of February 8 in. That delay was meant to give all sides and time to prepare time physically struggled to put together. A defense team Democrats also wanted to be able to push through. President Joseph Biden's cabinet picks that would give them some tot time to try and do that as well and then. The week of February 8 we will see those opening arguments now senator Chuck Schumer he is expecting this child to not be too long not as long as the last of which was 21 days he says once this trial does get under way he expected to be quick Lindsay and Rachel the senate trial could certainly put many Republicans inked a tight spot and further exposed that the growing rift in the Republican Party. Yes it can't and right now the Republican Party is fractured I mean just take a look at this right now you have Republican leader Mitch McConnell saying that he does not know how he is going to vote that is just totally different from half his stance is the last time around for the first impeachment trial of a former president Donald Trump you have some Republicans here on the fence at a handful of them like senator. Mitt Romney the only one to vote to convict the last time around from the Republican Party. I he says he believes that the president did commit impeachable offenses but he's gonna beat his mind opened to hear some of the cases here and have other Republicans that are rallying behind the president the bottom line here. We have not heard from a single Republican senator who has come forward to say they plan to vote to convict the president and Democrats can't go out this alone they're going to need at least seventeen Republicans to join their effort to convict the former president Lindsay. All right Rachel Scott thanks so much. And for more on the senate trial ahead we don't bring an ABC news consultant heat shield law professor Cardozo law school. Thanks so much for joining us Kate now some Republicans are questioning whether it's constitutional to impeach and convict a former president who's now a private citizen. Are Democrats on firm legal footing here. Well windy it's definitely uncharted territory. But I'm so it's a couple things one. It's certainly true that we've never impeached a former president but impeachment has been very rare in our 230 year history anyway prior to president from there'd only been two presidential impeachment. But there have been impeachment and trials of other former federal officials just not former president so including cabinet secretary in the nineteenth century. So with the precedent is there at the senate has looked at this question of whether it has the power to hold trials for former officials. And has concluded that yes it dies so so I you know there is an argument that because it is novel it is unconstitutional but. It seems to me that the text of the constitution is inconclusive. Our history supports former officials being subject to impeachment. And there just practical arguments if it were impossible to true to impeachment trial of former federal official. You'd essentially just insulate misconduct even egregious misconduct but happened to occur late enough in a president's term so. For all the three all these reasons I do think that the Democrats are very solid constitutional footing here. And how the change will it be for or senator Patrick Leahy a Democrat who's been critical child to preside over this trial is set she's just as chief Justice Roberts who oversaw last trial. Well so the constitution is clear that when a sitting president is tried and Chief Justice shall preside so of course last year when president trump as the peach for the first time. Chief Justice Roberts presided. But former presidents aren't addressed in the constitution in terms of impeachment. So you know there's an open question about who would preside. And the senate seems to have made the determination that he even ask chief Justice Roberts under these circumstances. We'll put him in a difficult position and since there's no requirement that he preside. Not an ordinary member of the senate which is exactly how things would occur. If it were another federal officials being impeached it would be the vice president or. Another senior member of the senate who would preside that's how other impeachment trials have typically occurred and it one thing I'll say that. But that the constitution gives the Chief Justice the power to preside when the president is being impeached. Presumably because the vice president ordinarily presides as the president of the senate. But if it's a president being tried the vice president if it's that presidents vice president would presumably be in an awkward position. And we actually don't have that scenario here so there's no reason it would need to be chief Justice Roberts. And play along with me for a moment here Kate let's say hypothetically you're an attorney for former president trump. What kind of defense would you mount and also what kind of new evidence could we here at this trial. Well I think that the arguments are breaking woman few lines of parlance the you know one process argument different that conversation we were just having that day his team well I am sure argued that the senate lacks the power to hold this trial at all but the whole thing has unconstitutional. I presume able also argued that some of the speech that is at the heart of its impeachment charge write the speech at the January 6. Our rally that preceded the storming up the capital was protected speech potentially protected by the First Amendment. Beatty argued that that these proceedings are happening too quickly to the president doesn't have time to prepare a defense. You can imagine an argument that because these senators were witnesses to the events at issue in the impeachment that it will be impossible for him to get an impartial trial. And in what else is at a fire representing president trump I might try to open up conversations about the possibility of a censure. Right something that is not a conviction but that would allow with the senate to express condemnation. Of the conduct. And simply too and the trial that's something that has been done before president Andrew Jackson was censured. There were discussions when Bill Clinton was facing impeachment about whether a congressional censure. Might be a possible substitute for the impeachment trial you know those discussions. I'm work fruitful but it's been considered before someone might approach the senator that house impeachment managers and Senate Leadership to say. What about a censure particularly if there are some expression of remorse or apology so far of course we haven't heard anything to that fact but no and that's for my little. The summer pub. Kids though have suggested that censure would be the more appropriate punishment but. We will stand by for news K Shaw thank you so much as always. Turning down a president Biden's push to get coded released to the American people the president signed several executive orders today and then answered some questions are Cecilia Vega has more on the latest steps Biden is taking. To roll back the trump agenda. And deliver some much needed Covert relief. Tonight president Joseph Biden signing an executive order reversing his predecessors ban on trans gender troops serving in the military. One of 23 executive actions he's taken so far aimed squarely at rolling back the trump agenda. I do mean and they we will all. Country in uniform. And today's signing another order pushing the federal government to buy American. And to publicly explain their reasoning if they decide to buy four in the previous administration. Didn't take it seriously enough federal agencies waves of buy American requirement without much pushed back at all. There's no timeline but he wants the government's fleet of vehicles to be converted Tim made in America electric including postal vehicles but what comes next is not something he can do with just the stroke of a pent. The president needs congress to pass is nearly two trillion dollar code that relief package. His plan to get 14100 dollar checks into the hands of struggling Americans. Extend unemployment benefits. Help small businesses and ramp up vaccine distribution his goal to pass the package with support from Democrats as well as Republicans. Here's the deal. Rome. I have been. Doing legislative. Negotiations for a law large part of my life. I know how the system works. But Republicans are already sounding the alarm. Including Utah's Mitt Romney who has signaled he's willing to negotiate with Democrats he now says yes serious concerns about the price tag. The total figure is is pretty. A shocking if you will. And the and the idea that we need a stimulus is a little hard to understand. And there's already resistance from Democrats too who say they should use their narrow senate majority to push through Biden's plan now. With vice president Carla Harris casting the deciding vote. Well what we cannot do is wait weeks and weeks and months and months. Ago quote we have cut to act now. Senator Bernie Sanders stressing swift action Cecilia Vega joins us now from the White House silly at the by teen faces a big first test year with congress and as we heard in your piece a 5050 senate makes it nearly impossible to please everyone but. Negotiations with a bipartisan group is now under way is the White House optimistic that this can get done done. Yet Lindsay they are very optimistic but here's the reality president Biden today say that it's going to be a couple of weeks still. Before we know exactly where Republicans stand on this planet and remember time is of the essence he just said a couple of days ago that this is a national emergency. He wants these Republicans he says he's been talking to congressional leadership he doesn't want to do this alone but he also didn't rule out the possibility today of having to do this alone. Without Republican support but Lindsay when risky VoS sign of the times of exactly where things stand right now. Mitch McConnell today called this first draft he said it misses the mark. Cecilia evade our thanks to you. Less than one week after being sworn in president Biden in his administration are already sending some mixed messages about just when the vaccine will be available to Americans. And now learning that one vaccine may not effective against one of the Kobe variance all of this is the world inches closer to the 100 million total infected mark. ABC's Eva pilgrim has the latest on our nation's Kobe back. I as states struggle to Saxony millions with dwindling supply the president says he's hopeful Americans who want a vaccine will be able to get wine by spring. I think will be this spring I think we'll be able do that this spring I show confident that. By summer we're gonna be well on our way to heading toward herd immunity. The president mourning the death told could top 600000. Before things get better. He's now aiming for one point five million doses every day. I think we've really get that 250. One point five million a day rather than one million. Hours earlier his vaccine advisor caution could be the fault before every American is vaccinated. Bottom line is I wish Eckerd. Tell you there's plenty of vaccine and we can fill that role he's endless amounts are appointments. We can doctor David Kessler says backstage the country by April and may is just not going to happen it. Think this is gonna figures aren't into the fall we gotta get there before necks and Windsor. Nearly what three million of the 41 million doses distributed have been administer the drug administration had hoped to reach twenty million by the end of December. Then for vaccines more urgent than ever the UK bury it already at least 26 states is more contagious. And British health officials warned it could also be more deadly doctor out he said he believes those British scientists. They became convinced that it is in fact. A bit more of Vieri went namely me making it more difficult. When you get to the point of serious disease. And even death so I believe their data. The vaccines work against the vary but one study showing that led to earn a vaccine may be less protected against the south African straits of the company is now studying. A possible booster shot. We need to keep watching and testing and making sure in two we've got it beat back. There were planning ahead and were being oh. The US now barring non US citizens from traveling from South Africa in addition to Brazil the UK Ireland and 26 countries across Europe. More contagious very its threat to her burst new signs of hope. Like a decline in deaths and hospitalizations in this country California today lifting its stay at home order across much of the state. We've been struggling and you know we were worried that this is a little bit of a weight off the shoulder so it's a little bit there's the weight on the shoulder souls who happens. Some relief for some now that that's stay at home order has been lifted there even a pilgrim joins us now from outside of a mass vaccination site at the Javits Center. Even the dare to today said that it's looking at possible booster options for its vaccine in light of those variant so what's become. Clear is the need for more vaccine what was the president's reaction to that. All the president late today is actually told us that he has gotten. Commitments from vaccine producers to make more vaccines and a relatively short period of time what he didn't tell us so some very important details. Wits vaccine producers he's been able to get those commitments front and just how many additional vaccines we may see being delivered to the. The vaccine sites Lindsay that sounds like more help is on the way much needed help with that either pilgrim our thanks to you. And when we come back to protests at left buildings damaged in one city after disturbing images emerged of a police officer ramming his SUV into a crowd. Could lose pickle if he leaves his fiercest critic behind bars of the protest against the Kremlin continue. Or does he left the man many believe he allowed to be poison and walk free. But up next doctor Anthony proud she reveals new details about the moment he feared for his life. This say that he believes could be approaching herd immunity are wide ranging conversation with him. Next. Doctor Anthony found she joins us now thanks so much for your time tonight doctor it of course this is the fifth full day of the Biden administration but there seems to be a common problem that this administration has to contend with this. Essentially spilling over from the previous one many states have complained about a lack or shortage of vaccine doses this weekend ahead of the CDC's said one of the biggest problems right now is I can't tell you how much vaccine we have been if I can't tell it to you that I can't tell to the governor's. What in your online needs to be done to get this right as far as smoothing out the process between the federal government and the states and American arms. You know I think he just said it and end what has happened before. Is that he was an inconsistent. Partnership. Between the federal government and the states I mean on the one hand you don't want the federal government to do little. But you also don't want to just lead to states on their opponents say. He ego is device is the vaccine go ahead and do what you want. You gonna have a steady flow of material. You've got to have communication. Yet their coordination and cooperation and that's one of the things that right from the beginning president Biden had said. Among many other things that he wants to do. It's Trenton. The synergy in the cooperation collaboration between the federal government. And the states and that's got to get fixed because you're absolutely right there is some areas of the country where this vaccine. Lying around it is not going into people's arms. And as you know many Americans just wanna know when are things going to be normal again today the co chaired abiding Kobe task force said he believes it won't be until the fall before everyone who once a vaccine can get one is that your view as far as timeline and what do you think that life once we have the vaccine for anyone who wants to get it what does America look like there's still social distancing instill masts. I think there will be a strong turn towards a degree of normality I don't think it's going to be absolutely. The way it was months before we even knew. About Covert nineteen I think there will be some public health issues that would need to be addressed. But I don't think it's going to be anything like it is right now. Or a couple of months ago when you essentially had shut down of many aspects of society I think it will gradually get better when you talk about. Vaccine available. For people you got to distinguish. Vaccine available for any kind of a person not necessarily one. Who's in category one hail one deal when seeing. But when he gets open for anybody who feels they would like to get vaccinated. It would at least be able to get it I think that's going to be much sooner than the full. I think it likely will be sometime in April but who have full will be when you get to the point where everyone will have been vaccinated who wanted it. Now vaccine manufacturer Merck stopped development both of its Kobe vaccines today citing a lack of immunity to the virus. How does the US government now banking on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which has yet to be approved. And if that can't be distributed in the near future will the timeline that you just mentioned get pushed back even further. I think Egypt Syria if JNJ the answer product that comes through with an efficacy gets good enough. To be able to be in the mix that will be very helpful to get things done even sooner than we thought. But I think when you talk about mode and a and you talk about spies and the possibility of getting even more from them. I think we can do it without it don't which we believe much welcome to get the Johnson & Johnson product. Now let's talk about these new strains thankfully it appears thus far the more concerning south African strain. He's not in the US given how contagious the new UK strain as some have suggested grocery store trips are much more risky at this point the former head of the CDC's suggested over the weekend a New Yorkers should consider only leaving home for essential activities. Do Americans need to be. Kind of back and that same mindset where we were in March and try to stay home even more to avoid these new or contagious variance. Well I mean it is estimated. That we will have a dominance of the strain that was first in the UK. And is now dominant in the UK some estimates of deep at some time by the end of march or early April. People who get dominant strain it is a ballot according to the estimates. Of the people in the UK about twice as transmissible. And maybe even increase in its dearly and service ability to cause serious disease. What do you have that you obviously need to double down a bit on the public health measures which we should be doing any way. In other words we should be doing the kinds of things that we've been speaking about. Consistently now for months. Physical distancing. Uniform wearing of masks avoiding congregate settings particularly in doors. Doing things weather permitted as much outdoors as we possibly can. And washing your hands very frequently if every one uniform we did that regardless of the mutant involved we'd be much better off. Some of it suggested that an especially hard hit states like North Dakota to the population may be getting close to your has already reached herd immunity as so many people there have already been infected and there are. As many residents to vaccination do you think of that's the case that North Dakota or possibly some other states have already reached herd immunity. You know I think that they wouldn't be approaching a degree of protection from the standpoint. Are already having a lot of people you've got to be careful because herd immunity is not an absolute yes or no. If you have a lot of people who are either vaccinated. Or have already been infected. You can approach herd immunity and get a degree of protection from it as opposed to the absolute. Which we note with some diseases. What that number ridges. Almost experience with that. Is with measles we know with a highly contagious measles and a very effective vaccine. 98% effective. We know that when you get below. But sorry group level. All of immunity in the community that she stuck to lose that protection from herd immunity we don't yet quite know what that number is. For Covert we think it's somewhere around seventy to 85%. But when you get up to 5060%. You're getting close to where so it isn't as if you don't have any effect with that you're starting to get some good thing. So when it's a do you question it could be that given the amount of infection that have occurred there and the fact that they're doing pretty good. On the distribution of vaccine. They may already be approaching. That level of herd immunity even though they're not absolutely there yet. In a wide ranging interview with the New York Times you talked about how in the heart of the pandemic the president asked me to be more positive. What was let that like in the time and how difficult was it for you to feel like you're on the sidelines unable to speak up honestly about what the reality wise. Well I did speak honestly about what the reality was and that likely was one of the things that put me on the sideline. I mean I I was always and it I was not if it didn't give me any great pleasure in contradicting the president of the United States as I said. You know in that interview that I gave dad I have a great deal of respect for the office of the presidency but there comes a time. When you hear things that are being said that a just not. Reality they are not in accordance what is actually going on. And at that point in order to maintain. My integrity as well as the good of the American public. I had to come forth and say no I'm sorry I disagree with you we will not turning the corner things are not as good as you're saying as it is and as you know. When I did that but one reason or other I was not is able to be public as possible because I was not a let out to the press. Biden it will be the seventh president that you've now advise and I do briefly get your thoughts on this past year your life has personally been threatened during this pandemic and you said. That you opened a letter one point in white powder popped out all over you what happened next in that moment and also he could tell us a bit about the conversation that. You have with your wife about the pros and cons of potentially quitting once your life in your wife your children's lives being threatened. You know I mean this is the life slide shows. And this is what I do so as strange as that may seem to people. You know threats on my life. Harassment of me. Does not bothered me as much at all. As the effect it has on my wife and my children because my wife is being harassed might children. My adult daughters. Are getting harassed you know with a all of the information that's out there on line everybody knows. One's phone number one's address is very little you can do about it so I get more concerned. If not outraged. At the impacted as a my children. With regard to what you asked the DA. They're nice innocently and probably stupidly opened up an envelope in just pulled out a letter and a powder came all over my face. And all over my my my my chest in my Sherry. Club you know ultimately as I said in the interview. I said well there's one of three possibilities here either it's a hoax. Well it's anthrax. Which would mean. I'd have to go on super foxes in for about a month or two. Forwards rice's which means I'm a dead duck no matter what I do. You know it was interesting I took a bit of a fatalistic you put that thank goodness. My security detail you know totally don't move stay in the room don't come out goes will be contaminating everything that would get the Hazmat people there. And they did and I had to get you know they sprayed me with my clothes on what might close all of if it was terrible. It most negative part of doubt that entire experience. Was it frightened the heck out of my children. When they found out about it and my wife didn't. So that's the thing get their people don't understand. That's the thing gotten really bothers me I mean I decided I'm doing something that might be dangerous but gaseous I chose it. My children did not shows that did not choose that so that's the thing that bothered me the most. Understandably so lastly I'd like to play a sound bite from your former colleague doctor Deborah birds from over the weekend when asked about what her biggest mistake was this past year. I always feel like I could have done it border and they're more outspoken. I'm navy been more outspoken public hate publicly I didn't know all the consequences. Of all of these. Issues. If you are able to reflect back on this crazy past year or what would you say would be your biggest mistake or beyond that maybe if you could have a a Mulligan and do something over what would have been. You know very likely it would have been early early on to really try to get as much more information. Well I'll challenge the fact that his virus can be spread by people without symptoms. And once you know that it can be spread to people that symptoms you don't have to have. A lot of sick people around to you to do some dramatic public health recommendations because you know. That in studiously. It is under the radar screen spreading. We did not know that then I wish that I had known it early then I knew it. Because if I did it would've likely been differences and more stringent recommendations. It's sure mix license doctor Anthony found she thank you as always for your time your knowledge or insight we appreciate it good to be with you thank you can have these. Still ahead here on prime the transparent policy reversed by president Biden an impacts just who is allowed to serve and our military. The NFL has rule aimed at increasing minority representation in its coaching reins but some say it's not working our conversation with one former NFL coach. And major news in the presidential pet front we take a closer look by the numbers but first our tweet of the day Budweiser. Explains why they will not be advertising this year's Super Bowl for the first time. In 37 years. Welcome back everybody today was moving day for two new White House residence champ. And major body in the president first ladies German share for some rich look by the numbers at presidential pets. And why major. He's now making history major is the first ever shelter dog in the White House. The bite is adopted in two years ago from the Delaware humane association. After he had been surrendered and was not doing well. And America's long history of presidential pets we've had a first date first possible first cheaper is badgering even in the first direct true name Rebecca. That was walked on a leash but never a rescue dog until now. Another noteworthy pet. She who was in 1961 gift to the Kennedy family the height of the Cold War. Pushing his mother was a Soviet space dog who orbited earth the boards but nick to. President Obama's two Portuguese water dogs bow and sunny for the most recent presidential pets until now with. President trumping the first US president in more than a hundred years to not have a pet. He reportedly doesn't like dogs and said he doesn't have time for animals and finally we note. That shelter dog adoptions are up 9% from last year according to shelter animals count. With many places reporting dog shortages amid the pandemic. Still lots to get to hear tonight on prime there. Several states on high alert it's going to be a busy week on the weather front rob Marciano is standing by. And we can't get enough of this Jim this move. This year and action in just a little bit but first a look at our top trending stories on From from. The. To conduct the proceedings on behalf of the house concerning any impeachment of Donald John trump and former president of the United States from. The housing mission managers have gathered to deliver an article of impeachment to the senate with a second impeachment trial. Of former president Donald Trump again this is something we've never seen before. An all American history Donald John. Trunk and engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence against the government of the United States. Shortly before the joint session commends president trumpet but president crowded the ellipse in Washington DC. There he reiterated false claims that we won this election and we wanted to come by a landslide he also willfully made statements that in context encouraged. And foreseeable Lee resulted in lawless action at the capitol such as if you don't fight like hell when you're not going to have a country alone anymore. Senators will be sworn in tomorrow for the trial not begin. Until the week of February fight. Biden's latest action overturning a trump administration measure it lists the prohibition on transgender people serving in the military the president signing an executive order that immediately prohibits any service member from being forced out of the military from on the basis of gender identity reversing a controversial policy announced by president trump even when he seventeen. News they look at all qualified for. Country in uniform. The executive order the president signed states America a stronger at home and around the world we need is inclusive of the military is no exception. My. And minute video posted to Twitter this morning trumps former white house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she's running for governor of Arkansas. Everything we love about America is at stake. With the radical left Snelling controlled Washington. Your governor he's your last sign of dissent. It's Sanders left the White House in 2019. Some destructive protests outlast us and reaction from police officer who struck and injured demonstrators. Protesters setting a fire damaged buildings and marshes of the street Tacoma Washington yesterday. The officers gathered near the intersection where officers SUV plowed right to a crowd of people as they swarmed the vehicle assembled on Saturday night. The officer responding to an illegal street. The officer is now on administrative leave. Far left groups blamed for the ongoing unrest in the cities like Portland and Seattle. Since president ride in his inauguration. The White House has condemns the violence. A worst case an area. That's what scientists say is happening as the rate of ice disappearing across the planet is speeding up the vast melting ice contributing to global warming and rising sea levels for using satellite data a research team was able to carry out the first global eyes are surveying the findings revealed 28 trillion tons of vice was lost between 19942017. Acceleration primarily happening in Greenland and Antarctica and the grim results published in the journal that cried as the year comes as 20/20 was tied for the hottest year on record. We all saw bundled up Bernie become a means now he's cashing in look were some good. After his appearance during president Biden's inauguration went viral. Cozy senator from Vermont sprinted his outfit of the day on sweat shirts. Selling for 45 dollars a black cotton for your neck sweaters sold out instantly. And senator Sanders is donating a 100% of those funds have meals on wheels Vermont today fashion icon and his born. Welcome back the treacherous conditions that led to this pile up over the weekend in Detroit and made it hard for this driver to state on the road south of Flagstaff Arizona. Will impact millions or series of storms that are gonna make it. Difficult and quite messy out on the roads coming up this week rob what are you tracking for us. I'm Lindsey very active pattern now we've got two big storms hit in the US and a third one a right behind that take a look at the radar we've got mixed precipitation snow and rain from Delaware DC all the way back. Through Southern California that well you see over Vegas that's bringing some snow near the Vegas strip. That's doozy but the one over. Kansas City right now that's been bring heavy snow depth parts of Nebraska and Iowa Delphi C a foot or more snow Chicago gussy up to a foot resisting pours America later on tonight Detroit as well kind of an excellent high eighty. Icy conditions and through parts of Pennsylvania but the snow shield gets to the New York metro area by mid morning pushes up through Boston and Albany late in the day. I 95 cities won't see a whole lot maybe one to three inches of snow. But that's a bigger amounts you go farther north and certainly Chicago we'll see its biggest snow of the season and there's another 12 storms. Behind this one. It's gonna get the salt and shovels ready rob Marciano thanks to you. Like sing along they poisoned by nerve agent survives in a German hospital returns to Russia. And is promptly arrested but is learning it may be hard to ignore the opposition leader after a series of protests across the country that led to thousands of arrests. But what now. Patrick we've all files this report. These are scenes the Kremlin doesn't like to see you. Building. And sensitivity tens of thousands of people joining protests across Russia. The big issue of opposition to Vladimir Putin in years. Authorities bluntly confronted it. Riot police at times. Beating the cruise. The number of people detained now and that 3700. According to a monitoring group and the protest is demanding freedom relaxing of only. Vladimir Putin's fiercest critic of Olney came back to Russia or just over a week ago. Returning for the first time since being nearly fatally poisoned by a nerve agent over the summit knew the only was detained as soon as he landed in Moscow. Been sent to prison by a makeshift court. Who else is a. New name calling upon you but don't be silence and resist take to the streets. Nobody can protect us but ourselves. And we are so many that if we want to achieve something we will achieve them. His cool to protest cents a day seemed as attested this influence. And whether his gamble to return to Russia would pay off. But now it seems he did protests taking place in who flew 100 cities. Spreading to places into the only usually goes he knew would. Blood it was still 6000 miles from Moscow police challenging a crown and. Okay. People braving Russian winter temperatures often blue minus twenty degrees. His Nigeria riot police chasing demonstrates his poems is the only some of frozen river. Outside most of crowns rudely in the thousands. In a country with so much effort is put into suppressing opposition. This spreads and energy was different. It. In this deal together were forced into town of teens don't be afraid to get out. Aren't the only has build his following through video investigations. Exposing alleged corruption among Putin's allies pneumonia. Last week after he was jailed he released a new one. A film that claims to expose these secret palace built by periods in on Russia's Black Sea. Know of only alleging the palace filled with staggering luxury. A personal casino theater at an underground ice hockey rink Putin in a rare step commenting on the investigation today. Saying it's a hack chilled and boring. The film though now has been watched roughly ninety million times on you achieve the Kremlin has long trying to dismiss -- league has not a serious opponent but his return having survived the poisoning attempt. Is making that much harder. Authorities instead having to fool thing animal nutrition yeah. Sonia and Dmitry decided to go to the richest and most students. Despite warnings from authorities did anyone attending faced arrest. So they can get this beds from group play our best fourth or fifth best books and just. To be the bad for a that's good the bad news. Books. You could mean yeah the betting the ninth day in the PlayStation we have books and again in the oh we have Ravi. They say it know of only now represents more than himself. You can stress clinics in and I you are not bad do things that happened a few. Is absolutely awful I'm used to believe in the power small step and this my small step. But then trying to do today. Of all these team have called for more protests next weekend's. Kremlin now has to decide whether to keep them on the imprisoned at long term accord hearing next week could seem jailed for years ago. More prince's assistant. Unsettling signs for the Kremlin and the changing Russian. Pension regal for ABC news life. Hi thanks to Patrick for that. The cell has long promised to diversify their coaching ranks but that promise is falling short again of the seven head coaching jobs available so far this season. Six of the openings have now been filled and none of the six or black. Despite the Rooney rule which mandates is teams must interview diverse candidates for open coaching positions the number of African American head coaches stands at two. In a league where 70% of the players are black. You're discuss with us now is Herm Edwards who spent eight years in the league is head coach of the New York Jets in the Kansas City Chiefs. He's now head football coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils thanks so much for joining us coach. Thank you grab. So the twenty Tony National Football League racial and gender report card reports a deep plus for racial hiring grade for NFL head coaches. When the Rooney rule was implemented in 2003 you were one of just two black head coaches in the NFL. The number went up to as many as eight minority head coaches but now are back to similar numbers from. 2003 we're going backwards what's the problem here. Well I think when you look at historically. The National Football League came to existence in nineteen 21 is a hundred years and has only been twenty map here coaches. Been able to culture that is leading so. History. Is this kind of repeat itself a little bit here but I think you've got to look at. The real crux of this. When you think of the hiring process in the National Football League comes from three entities. Whether you be defensive coordinator offensive coordinator or quarterback coach so that's 96 fox. As you can basically have in the National Football League and allows you somewhat leadership position. But that being said and you look at those spots. Just about 96 opportunities. Moles are not fuel who people call. A when you look at the hiring process does the hiring is Jolie GM's there's 32 jobs in the national football league for problems happened to be mineral cult. There's no ownership. Pardon editor miracle so I think. Socially. And yet your your social connection that people have a lot to do with this important get your information wrong. And that seems to be the problem here. We talk about socially I mean twenty Tony was a year of great social change in her and so called racial reckoning so how do you reconcile the lead in the team's efforts around racial justice in light of the small number of black coaches especially head coaches. Well they put him in position where they have an outreach to lead. When you think about the league right now. Obvious higher what's six coaches so I'm very offensive minded guy has only one that has not there offers guy he wins New York Jets do you trends culled so I think right now the league is my child shrimp these were all considered. Cultures but it's still hold back to 96 positions. In the National Football League where your position to leave man whether it's offense defense. Or quarterback coach. Who citizen knows chairs that I think that is very important and until we get back Saul you're all that to have additional our process. But again if we go back to that idea that 70% of the NFL players are black. There were seven open coaching positions this season five of them have been filled by white men one remains open. The NFL has been having these conversations for a long time in the owners have to know at this point that they're gonna get tremendous push back if they don't have representation in the coaching ranks. Where's the disconnect here. Well he's back. But definitely not cases. We stayed at every year. But somethings who seems they decided. I mentioned earlier. And a hundred years has been 29. Black cape coast or minority vehicles are seeing that way. The hundred use price. So we can say what we want you get angry we can have these. Get happens tall sin and we can say whether they have to have the ability to do in the way you have to do is within you organization. Fear of course is the NFL's Rooney rule air special coalitions development opportunities for black coaches what do you think can be done for the interviewing process to be more transparent to discourage owners and eighties from moving the goalposts so to speak when a black coaches up for the job. Well I think this could happen to. You know sometimes the interview process is more humble and checked the box. I'm right reject boxes and here's the problem. If you Coleman or Kennedy in you do miss 83 your war interviews every year. And here's goal while a bit of human and really get a job. You're not gonna get a job right to say he's a slogan and radiators. And no one's parents washer are. So it all figured also. The a little bit of a deter her because it and you could. But never get a job that becomes a problem. What advice would you give to black coaches in the profession who want to get in or stay in. Because it doesn't always seem like being the best is working what else can they do. And also conversely if you're a room right now with the owners in the NFL teams what would you say to that. You do you guys are pipeline Indian and do we talk about pro football a lot which is which is just. Talk right now but the college football. What does does the law. Should I don't know the gospel mulberry. There's a 130 division one schools and college football. There's only twelve black coaches. I'm a hundred jobs right. So there's there's it's like anything else you have to blow in the pipeline. Our right before we let you go coach got to talk Super Bowl. What a fight you know yesterday we determine that it's going to be Tom Brady in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers verses of Kansas City Chiefs led by Patrick my home is doctors about these two quarterbacks and also this game. Well I think it's it's one. Jim when I was in television Capcom. And is exact and America. And you have a and others don't when then obviously. He continues on his face he's going to break all the records and we know Tom Brady's of a first ballot hall framework rightly so. You have a young and young quarterback. That is just tremendous they have a fantastic football team and he's been in the championship game went three years in royal mess won't back losers who Mosul. I think you have a little bit early goals school Ellis if I don't read anything it's a wonderful match oh want to quarterback. Play it was inside the pocket. In making things happen and you have no one. Then when he gets hot bats and he's the most dangerous to humans do as a defense guy so in your funds who won't watch. Coach Herm Edwards thanks so much for your time tonight we appreciate it if you. And when we come back the moves that have made the Internet go why else. The. Well folks she has done it again UCLA gym is needed danys UN viral last year for her beyonce inspired floor routine. Almost nailed a perfect ten yesterday with her latest ode to black culture. In gymnastics a sport where only 9% of the vision one that gentleness or black media shows that being on apologetic link yourself conserve. As your superpower. After sticking the landing one final time. 21 year old Nia Dennis clinched a victory. And then went viral. It what does your nearly flawless floor routine that has everyone talking. This UCLA Jim this performance dubbed black excellence. Has been viewed more than seven million times likely because of her own distinct twist or flavor. Coupled with her music selection to. From ten directed to pop. Thank you miss Dow Jones and Missy Elliott Dennis is floor routine has resonated as a proud display of black culture in a predominantly white sport. That's what she did what he says this through different generations of black and pop music and. Musician Missy Elliott calling her routine snap and fellow tennis and Olympic medalist Simone vials sending her this message complete with fiery emotion. Quit her stepping won't see walking and even crank in the soldier boy. The undefeated Kelly Carter says it means showing future women in gymnastics that they can bring their full selves to the floor. And win big because of it. I guarantee you there a little brown girls everywhere. Who are looking at that routine that she did insane. I probably indecent in my dress you all because of Whitney didn't think that's really special. Special he indeed and before we go tonight our image of the day this could be the twenty dollar bill of the future. The by administration says it wants to speed up replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman. President Obama had initiated the move but the trump the administration to the latest. That is our show for this are Richard stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us how great night.

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