ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, April 08, 2021

Bridge in Kentucky a symbol of infrastructure standoff; Chilling testimony from medical expert in Derek Chauvin trial; Civil rights lawsuit filed in death of Pamela Turner
50:02 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, April 08, 2021
Breaking news of rash of gun violence across the country tonight reports of multiple people shot and corporate office in Texas. Police in six ambulances rushing to arresting officers finding several victims some now hospitalized. Police questioning employees while authorities search for the suspect. Shooting happened just as president Biden called gun violence in this country an epidemic. Signing a number of executive actions including calling for a national red planet law to take guns out of the hands of people considered in danger to themselves or others. President insists none of his recommendations. In hinge on the Second Amendment. One of the most difficult days yet in the violent or children George Floyd's final moments described in gruesome details. The doctor testified as to what he thinks really kill George Boyd saying it's not drugs. And that healthy person would have died under the same circumstances. News tonight about a horrific murder. Former NFL player allegedly breaking into a home shooting and killing five people a doctor and his family. Including their two grandchildren before turning the gun on himself. Authorities are now saying. President Biden's other latest initiative is two trillion dollar infrastructure plan Republicans like senator Mitch McConnell slamming the spending. Facing a political predicament back home in his home state of Kentucky some of his constituents say they'd like a bridge repair. So how will congress eventually vote. The corona virus and its variants are spreading rapidly among children and young adults in this country. New York City issuing sweeping changes to its closure and remote learning policies. Florida with the most confirmed cases of the UK variant in the country. Plus the major setback for Johnson & Johnson. The future of delivery election planes bypassing an airport. Taking off directly from warehouses. Incredible technology and tonight. The big question does this mean that some people parts of this country will be receiving their packages. Strewn. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thank you so much for streaming with us we are tracking several major stories tonight another week. And another mass shooting in America it comes on the very same day the president announces plan to try and cut back on gun violence. More on the shooting and the present its plan in just a minute but first nine days into the terror children trial a significant moment in the courtroom today dangerous transfixed while the medical experts from the state was on the stand. Doctor Martin Tobin sank a healthy person subjected to what mr. Floyd was subjected to would have died. Is detailed description of how Floyd diet has jurist examining their own necks and following right along. Doctor Tobin not buying it offenses repeated assertions that Floyd could have died for about a drug overdose or an underlying heart condition. Are out stress leads us off again from Minneapolis. The medical expert was direct and unshakable telling the jury George Floyd died because of the actions of former police officer Derek Shelvin not because of drugs or a history of heart disease. The cause of dead he's the movement of oxygen. The cause brain damage and caused her to stop. Doctor Martin Tobin an expert I'm breathing and lung function testifying he watched the videos of Floyd's final moments hundreds of times. Explaining what he saw when the officers pinned Floyd down on the asphalt handcuffed. It's like the left side is in a box. It's totally be. Push the in squeezed in from each side. It was almost to be effective since the surgeon had come in and remove the law doctor Tobin testifying the officers' actions interfered with central features of how we breathe. To understand in the London and you need to examine your own X all of you here in the Jews like I'm doing now. The jury captivated and most did touch their neck says that doctors spoke he walked them through the video frame by frame. Pointing to show opens body position in this image lectures C news that the total p.s who. He's no longer touching the ground. This means that all he's (%expletive) week he's been directed down at mr. Floyd's neck. He showed how Floyd struggled to stay alive you see he's not code eight games the tire. And to most people that this doesn't look her insignificant but to a physiologist. This is extraordinary significant. Because this shows you. That he has used up. He's resources and he's now literally trying to booty with he's fingers and not lose he's totally dependent. And getting the air into the right side. So he's using his fingers and he's not because it ends the streak to try and crackle the right side of his chest. This is his only way to try and get here it into the right. The doctor describing what happened when Floyd became non responsive. Didn't EU remains under a name for another three minutes and 27 seconds after. He takes his last Brett after there's no pulse. The new U remains on the net. For another two minutes and parking for seconds and he was emphatic it was the officers' actions that killed Floyd nothing else. Helping persons subjected. To while mr. Floyd was subjected to. Would have done as a result of what he was subjected to and he flatly dismissed the defense claims that drug abuse and heart disease played a role. And I happen nicotine. You were asked questions about that's all and that. Yes. Any evidence that he got from Matt. No any evidence than at any fentanyl in his system depressed his breathing in any way whatsoever no to any of those conditions have anything to do what the cause of this deploys. In your professional opinion. What's a rare none whatsoever. Doctor Tobin seeming very convinced and confident as to why George Floyd actually died outs Frist joins us now from Minneapolis and Alex as you mentioned his test really really hitting home for the jurors today. Yeah it really did hit home to all of those jurors inside the courtroom Lindsay you know. When you talk about possible start witnesses in the case when we look back at this case in the months and years to come this will be one of them. Would that was noted in the courtroom that the jurors were all taking notes during his testimony. Ed also and he was asking them to demonstrate the majority of them were doing those demonstrations and sort of feeling their necks and their breathing pattern. He did manage to you in a very successful way explained to them something very complicated. Definitely a somewhat up person the jury's going to remember there Lindsay. It sounds like it out express our thanks to you. For more analysis we bring in Channel 8 as civil rights attorney with the Cochran firm in Florida thanks much for joining us again this Lloyd. That we heard that chilling testimony today from doctor Markel total bid no arguing that George Floyd died from oxygen deprivation even as he fought so hard to breathe and not from a drug overdose. Let's listen to one of those moments. He is mr. Floyd and I. From a low level of oxygen. And this. Cause damage to his brain that we see and it also caused. At PEA every man that caused his car to stop. And I PAU mean pulse less electrical activity. Current is that particular form of and that Normandy to the heart and that generate media. And particularly well. How effective would you say doctor Tobin was it making the State's cause of death case and and was the defense able to poking holes in his testimony. And he bears state was area faster than what they were trying to do with this particular expert. He was everything that you would hope an expert TB he was engaging the jury was following along they were hanging reversed he was able to give the states several things he was able to get them closet and Jack you actually pinpoint an ammonia which is sent this is his last breath or some significant things that came out of the stress. The defense tried to holds an outrageous opulent sabres six axle as he was in connecting with the jury and getting the information they received. And we've heard the defense argued Derek Shelton Snead was on Floyd shoulder blade or the base of his neck rather than the neck itself but doctor Tobin said that it even sell it wouldn't really matter. Yes and I think that is going to be a serious. Blow to the defense secrets here we have this circuit tester final match despite when you listen now what this older the fact is a saint and I think that's gonna usher in a week from summer would slow experience and knowledge. And let's hear now what doctor Tobin had to say about the length of time Schilling was on top of slate. So what's the need them lifted off of his neck at the point there was no more oxygen and his body. Know the knee remained under a name for another three minutes in two seconds after it. We reach the point where there's not a more amounts of oxygen left in the book. Children is of course charged with second degree murder would you say that this testimony helps the prosecution establish opens intent to commit that crime. Absolutely and anyone it's very sleeping child knows the difference recently in someone's completely motionless and then when their act which so this speaks to the amount of time he hacks are recognized that something changes. And we also heard testimony from a forensic toxicology expert called by the prosecution has so that George Floyd had low levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine in his blood when he died. Is the fact that Floyd had any illicit drugs a potential problem for the prosecution here. Any time we have drug use it's a complicating factor you can't see that it doesn't matter but what they're doing a period but jobless is neutral. You can do that it's deer and president should use experts are mutual acting in the same eye seeing there was such a low level. Should they don't believe that it had any country back to actual causes that's let's need to get about our. And we've got into the place in this trial whether testimony has become high elite technical some would say in the weeds perhaps but do you think of this case remains as dramatic as ever. I think it is in these experts are bringing a lot of life's what people helps. Seen and moments that they found in the media every one was watching when they are playing a studios to see exactly when was the moment that is what's unconscious when did he passed. He's an alarming is that the jury were searching for and he's experts are complaining that sorted out so I think you're gonna see it over me engage with these experts even though it's a very hiring technical. Tests. Shana Lloyd appreciate your time in your insight thank you. Ain't you. Now the latest and gun violence in this country to deadly mass shootings of the past 2.4 hours a doctor his wife and two grandchildren among the dead in South Carolina we'll have more on that tragedies later late today a gunman opened fire at an office complex in Texas officials report that a suspect. Is now in custody ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the very latest. Tonight authorities racing to reports of gunfire at a cabin in company new College Station, Texas. About what you're get more outlets manufacturing plant. The call coming in just after 2:30 PM local time reports of a possible mass shooting. Word of multiple injuries. Are we have one drug are what. Officers responded they found several victims. And they were check in the area check the building looking for more victims. When officers arrived at the scene the shooter was gone authorities saying they believe the suspect was an employee at the plant. Four victims were transported to area hospitals in critical condition. And one person died at the scene. Pierre Thomas joins us now appear as we just heard there is a suspect in custody what are us are you saying tonight. Leslie we're still awaiting details police just say they've apprehended a suspect. They have not released denied the tonight the ATF is also responding the hard work of identifying a motive now fully under way. The question tonight Lindsay why. Why did this happen. Wyatt again. Pierre Thomas our thanks to you. The shooting in Texas are just the latest headline of a mass shooting in this country and it comes on the very same day that president Biden formally announced new executive actions aimed at gun safety. The president called gun violence an epidemic in America and is calling on congress to do more here's ABC's Mary Alice parks. President Biden in the Rose Garden Thursday called a gun violence in the US an epidemic. And international embarrassment are. Flag was still flying at half staff. For the victims of the horrific murder of eight. When ten more lives. Were taken in a mass murder Colorado between those two incidents. Less than one week apart. For more than 850. Additional shoe needs. Joined by survivors of gun violence and those who've lost loved ones the president announcing new executive actions. He wants Department of Justice to regulate so called ghost God's kids they can be purchased online and turned into a fully functioning gun without a serial number. And limiting stabilizing braces used in the shooting in Boulder, Colorado to turn a pistol in tush short barreled rifle. The president admitting these are far from sweeping measures. As a candidate he called for a ban on assault weapons and knew Lamas to hold gun manufacturers accountable. He is now calling on congress to do more. They've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers members of congress. But they pass not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. Enough prayers. Time for some action. The democratic controlled house last month passed several bills expanding background checks but those have stalled in the senate. Republicans and or Lindsey Graham this week leaving open the possibility of compromise. I'm willing to have a conversation. When my democratic colleagues. About how we can make sure that people who are a danger to themselves or others that we. Deal where that issue in terms of having a gun. The president also named David (%expletive) man to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives chit men had been an agent with ATF. But recently had also worked as a gun safety advocate Lindsay. Mary Alice our thanks to you the president's major push in Washington right now is on his two trillion dollar jobs plan focused on infrastructure president Bible saying yesterday that while he's open to negotiations. In action. Is not an option. And in Kentucky one bridge badly in need of replacement is a symbol of the tool for that investment and the political challenges to making it happen. Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce traveled there and has this report on the battle over infrastructure. With these two trillion dollar infrastructure plan facing resistance on Capitol Hill the president pushing back against his critics who say his plan is far too sweeping but to all. Whatever it that's just not rational. Really use. The president is calling for 100 billion dollars to expand broadband Internet to 100% of the country. 45 billion dollars to replace every led pipe in the country and 115. Billion dollars to fix 20000 miles of roads. And over 101000 bridges badly in need of repair bridges like the Scudder falls bridge in Pennsylvania and nick health issue river bridge in Louisiana. In the aging Brent Spence bridge over the Ohio River between Covington Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio. Over fifty years old it's crucial to commerce across this country but is in desperate need of an upgrade. So we are now one of the more than a 160000. Vehicles across this bridge every single day. The thing is it's only designed to handle that. This bridge is a huge problem and it's a national problem. Brent Cooper is the president and CEO of the northern Kentucky chamber of commerce we've gone through multiple presidents multiple governors of both parties. And they've been unable to get this done worked opening. That's some transportation solutions are on their way for the country we're looking a lot of traffic in a lot of delays at this doesn't get done. In the shadow of the bridge brats Labonte helps to run a concrete business that the bridge in constant dis repair ends up costing everyone. Our business runs basically on time it cost. And it it cost about two dollars. Minutes to run those trucks and so if if it takes twice as long. To get to a project that take that means either half half the service or twice the amount of equipment and drivers to supply. It's old bridge is actually costing you I'm not right. The candy company profanity van Mal has operations on the Kentucky side of the bridge producing and distributing favorites like mentos an air heads across North America. And while the bridge is still structurally sound executives there say it's hurting their business. And their workforce who live on both sides debrief. Employees. So wind reaches down the cost of disruption in our shipments you know and out. Us where last seeing in an ability to bring power is employees they have to go to work. Democratic senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio says replacing the bridge is long overdue. And argues president Biden's plan can get the job done. This is thousands of good paying job to two to replace or rebuilt bridge to be sure. But it's also all kinds of companies that depend on this strapped in Britain. It is shut down for errors or just that the typical workaday where the bridge. We're the slowness of the bridge is wasn't note for this traffic. The bridge runs from Ohio to Kentucky the home state of Republican leader Mitch McConnell. He says he wants the bridge fixed to that this president Biden's approach is all wrong. This package that they've laid out at the beginning. Child and the structure. There's a Trojan horse sure must've talked and cruisers and a whole lot of more death. And a whole lot of spending that you want think would probably agree is on related infrastructure. Critics say Biden's plan includes far more than what should be considered infrastructure spending. Including 320. Billion dollars for new housing an upgrading schools child care facilities in VA hospitals. 590 billion dollars for domestic manufacturing research and development and job training. And 400 billion dollars to expand home care services and support for care workers. To pay for his plan the president wants to increase the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28%. And he's made clear he's willing to raise taxes on the most wealthy. Americans making more than 400000 dollars a year. We're gonna close those walls remain corporations. Pay their fair share. And they won't benefit too because this and structural matters there. Raising taxes is a non starter for Republicans in congress. But here in Kentucky along with increasing driver user fees. Some say they accept tax increases on corporations and the wealthy in order to get it done you're okay like that if it means on taxes have to go up. Personally I am. Just not a matter people understanding the importance of it. It's how to pay for it how do we get to a consensus earlier Whitaker and it can agree. On how to pay for things like this one forward. It says about the state of our politics if this doesn't get done if it doesn't get done. I think Washington is just completely broke it. This is such an obviously. And we're just one of a number of obvious needs throughout the country for ABC news I'm married Bruce in Covington Kentucky. Thanks to marry Bruce from Matt and we are joined now by democratic senator Ben Carden of Maryland chair of the transportation infrastructure subcommittee of the environment and public works committee. Thanks so much for joining us senator. Republicans say they president biting could get an easy bipartisan win. If his bill focused on more traditional infrastructure like prepares for roads and bridges for. Water and electric systems as wells efforts like expanding broadband. All those issues could have wide support so is this bill would it take to broaden and could that jeopardizing getting through the process. Well Lindsay is going to be with you and we'll see exactly or all its response. I hear what they're saying. Let's see how they deliver in our committees and a committee I served one we have a long tradition ought horse operational. Infrastructure bill. Don't look our highways or bridges and transit systems are order systems. But the president suggesting is desperately needed America's strongest economy in the world. What are infrastructure is our problem competitive look at the global CE. So yes we do acting replaced a bridge that you're referring to and I convention several bridges and Maryland that need to be replaced now. And we have to get that done. But we also repeat need to remain it and remove the limb from our pipes that are damaging our children we need to have brought in a nationwide so every only. And I have access to high speed Internet. At a reasonable cost yet to make sure our children report safe schools these are all part of an infrastructure package and I think president's absolute right. To be bold and let's see Al or we work with Republicans let's work together let's get the job. But it sounds like some critics are saying infrastructure is one thing that as we just heard Mary Bruce's report the plan includes 400 billion dollars to expand home care services and support for care workers. That may be a laudable goal. But is that more of us social programs and infrastructure and should that be part of a bill that's being pitched as as being focused on infrastructure. Whatever structure clearly includes the bricks and mortar to modernize America also be asked are people who were going to be competitive so I'd I think the president's priorities right priorities. But I I know the president's willing aren't tell you this owners once it down all the cuts let's try to work out. I will point out that the president's initiative. Is very popular among people in this country more than eighty Democrats Republicans earned its so let's work together. And has come up with a package that we can support let's talk about audience. I'm willing to all Republicans as to what revenue sources are right. I agree that a patent or at least a good part of this program bastard way to do it no bought Horace. So of course there is a divide on how to pay for the president said yesterday he's open to compromise including on the level of the corporate tax rate. Is raising it to two point 8% as proposed a non starter in an even if it can't get support from some moderate. Democrats should that come down as part of the negotiations. Lindsay I'm looking forward to negotiating with Republicans who were negotiating. Guess ourselves let's see what revenue sources they wanna suggest we make sure that the of the day. You have a progressive tax structure we know that middle income lower income bounties are in desperate need of help. All we help them with the American rescue plan we want to. Cult that began with the American jobs plan so let's look at revenue sources that do not penalize the middle class. Let's see how we work together but why does revenue sources of their traditional. Transportation resources you can what got there's things we go look at. And I hope Republicans will join us. And Lesley president Biden announced several executive actions on guns today but of course any substantial gun legislation will need to come. From congress when would you say that that will be a priority isn't there anything that you can see right now getting clear bipartisan support. What is priority and I do expect we're going to be taking up these bills and organized state senate. I can tell you that he your form background check this that is supported by 90%. People this country ought to and by the majority of Republicans. We should be able to get that bill that is why I support reasonable gun safety legislation and I hope you can do something it to respond to the gun violence. Senator Ben cardinal appreciate your time thanks so much for coming on the show. A few days. Now recovered nineteen as the US faces a possible new surge in cases with more young people getting sick and tonight at least two vaccination sites are temporarily halted in North Carolina over concerns about adverse reactions to Johnson and Johnson's vaccine some states brace for a dropping doses delivered next week. Here's ABCs with Johnson. Tonight at least two vaccination sites in North Carolina pausing operations after some people reported adverse reactions to the Johnson to Johnson vaccine. From UNC Chapel Hill to PNC arena in Raleigh officials saying the move was out of an abundance of caution. It comes just a day after eleven people at this site in Colorado of the 17100 vaccinated yesterday suffered adverse reactions like dizziness and nausea. That location closing the governor trying to reassure the public. A couple people. You know. It has worn shoes afterwards maybe they were scared of needles whatever was but no issued a vaccine. Tonight Johnson a Johnson saying in a statement we carefully review reports of adverse events we are collecting the necessary information to assess these reports and the rollout of the J&J vaccine hitting another referral. States brace for a nearly 85% drop in doses from about five million doses this week to 785000. Next week. There are available appointments now. They're probably not going to be available on next week the governor of Illinois blaming the latest drop on that mix up but ingredients at a Baltimore plant that potentially ruined millions of doses that had not yet been sent out. Fifteen million doses would have industry distributed over sometime. To the states and those are our loss but federal officials insisting distribution was always on even. And they still expect JE NG to meet its goal of 100 million doses by the end of may. This as doctors warn of a new phase in the pandemic impacting the young and unvaccinated. Young kids particularly grating younger. Really are spreading this virus like we haven't seen before in Massachusetts. Fourteen year old Clarissa Duncan just spent six days in the icu with Covert. And that rare inflammatory syndrome. Unconscionable there is little. Moderate temperatures are they are recessed now working to regain her strength. And Lizzy the CDC director says she's worried about kids but also adults in their thirties and forties many still. Unvaccinated. And more of them ending up at hospitals with severe disease Lindsay. Wind our thanks to you and when we come back to volcano warning on one Caribbean island of cruise ship en route to evacuate residents. She was gunned down in the parking lot of her apartment building and her family has been fighting for justice ever since we'll speak with a relative Pamela turner tonight. About the big legal action they filed today. But up next the brutal murder of prominent doctor and his family killed according to police a former NFL player who live nearby was to blame. But we're learning about this tragedy next. Take a look at this so remarkable discovery at the bottom of the ocean and exploration teams found the wreckage of the USS Johnson about four miles below the surface of the Philippine sea the navy destroyer sank in a fierce battle with Japanese warships all the way back in World War II. Announced the search for answers after yet another heartbreaking attacks five killed in a home in Rock Hill South Carolina. A prominent doctor his wife and two of Danielle grandchildren shot dead along with a person working inside their home police have identified the suspect is a former NFL player who live nearby are will read reports in from South Carolina. Tonight authorities searching for a motive behind the horrific mass murder in the quiet town of Rock Hill South Carolina. See is that we got sort of were Google doesn't count. A prominent local doctor Robert Leslie his wife Barbara and two grandchildren nine year old Ada and five year old Mela gunned down in their home. Outside 38 year old James Lewis who had been working at the property also found dead a coworker seriously wounded. Authorities launching a desperate manhunt. A little. Black wearing clothing company that outlaw I don't. That search would lead them to a former NFL player Phillip Adams who was found barricaded inside his parents' home nearby. After an hours long standoff police entered to find items dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Adams spent six injury riddled seasons in the NFL playing for sixteens and suffering at least two concussions within a three game period in 2012. He retired in 2015. Adam's father Alonso telling a local station WC and seek his son never bothered anybody August stated. He's a good kid with a good kid Leah Huff say this. Football menstrual. According to reports Adams may have at one time been a patient of doctor Leslie the physicians friends and family left in shock by the gruesome killings. He was just an exceptional person. Good to see this happen to him and his family is suspicious tragically on worst relatives of the victims releasing a statement today saying. We are in the midst of the unimaginable. There are no answers that will satisfy the question why so far investigators unable to answer that question. There's nothing about this right now that make sense any I was. Beloved in his community Robert Lesley founded to local urgent care centers. And worked as an ER doctor for decades in the 2008 book titled angels in the ER Leslie wrote. I know without a doubt that life is fragile. That fragility all too apparent especially lately in will bring joins us now from South Carolina and will. They getting back to those unconfirmed reports the suspect who may have been a patient of the doctor at some point certainly that seems to your question at least right now. Lindsey the suspect's father today said that he himself had been a patient of doctor Leisle. In years past there are unconfirmed reports. That his son Phillip Adams the suspect in this case. Was also a patient of doctor Leslie is at one point but police here today. He would not confirm that but that possibility. Is sure to be explored as they try to determine a motive for these killings Lindsay. We can imagine we'll read reporting in for us from South Carolina thanks Walt. And still ahead here on finding a travel warning about web sites preying on people making travel plans as more and more people get vaccinated. The worst fires in on the rest NORTHERN IRELAND has seen in years what's behind it. The staggering number of migrants crossing the border particularly children we take a look by the numbers but firstar post of the day. For their father fighting on his life. It is CNN one of amex's daughter's playing the Rough Riders anthem on it seemed warranted the use. Welcome back everyone an out of the crisis at the southern border new data reveals that more unaccompanied children cross the US Mexico border last month than ever recorded an overall authorities apprehended more migrants and happened decades we take a closer look at this surge. By the numbers more than 172000. Migrants were arrested or detained at the southwest border in March according to administration officials. That's the highest number of monthly apprehensions since 200160%. Of those migrants were rapidly expelled from the country under trump administration public health regulation known as title 42. Get the majority of families have been allowed to stay tending immigration serious. Nearly 191000. Unaccompanied children were taken into custody and march that's the most ever reported in a single month. Which is two times the number from the months prior. A total of 20200. Unaccompanied minors are now in US custody as officials scramble to move these kids out of jailing CB Pugh facilities in into the halls of sponsors or to more appropriate shelters. And we still have a lot to get to cheer tonight on high why Florida is suing the CDC. How are you receive packages could be changing dramatically. In the years to come. But first a look at our top trending stories on From from from from. When. In the courtroom Thursday the jury getting a close look at new 3-D images as doctor Martin Tobe no volcanologist described in the painful detail exactly how he believes Eric show beings mean. Made it impossible for George Floyd's agreed to serve. Floyd and I yeah. From a low level of oxygen that how the peace body weight from plus how he's here wait it's coming down that's 91 point five. Coming down virus can find this place. Doctor Tobin says that would have been killed a healthy person with no underlying issues in. Tonight the White House joining cools looked calm as rise again ruled Northern Ireland's. And some of the worst violence seen today in years. The ten days that are being violent clashes with the police mostly involving proved British loyalist youths. But on Wednesday the violence escalated. Projectiles being hurled between Protestant and Catholic areas of belt buster riots is assisting a moving bus or licenses more than fifty police have been changes. The violence unfolding against a backdrop of anger among loyalists over a breaks the deal. That they feel divides them through rescind their police civil suit accused criminal gangs of fueling the violence. To end the violence tonight water cannons and again used in built cars. But deadly explosion at a paint factory in Columbus, Ohio and a blast happening just after midnight and about forty employees were working at that time one person was killed when McCain and injured we had a victory fallen ceiling in. Furniture that bimbo roles for firefighters rescued two people trapped inside there in critical condition the body of a missing worker was found in the rubble this morning the cause of the explosion is under investigation. A Florida is fighting back. A lawsuit filed by the state of Florida from against the CDC all because of cruise ship operations. The state is demanding the cruise ships be allowed to resume sailing from Florida ports immediately. Florida governor Ron Desantis claims the federal government's no sale water these outdated and he's hurting his State's economy but there's really just. Oh and inciting people are gonna cruise one way or not there's a question isn't alone weakening UN out of Florida which is the number one place to do it in the world pardoning anything even out of the Bahamas or other location. There were a string of deadly cove in nineteen outbreaks on cruise ships before the no sale order was issued. As millions take this guy is winning more and more people traveling an urgent warning from the Better Business Bureau and saying something fraudulent web sites are reader impersonating government web sites work claiming to process your TSA reject or global entry applications. Only two instead and access your personal information and money TSA pre checked what she goes through shorter and faster security law. Mobile entry expedite border crossings when you're traveling internationally. Both programs are managed by the Department of Homeland Security from the bottom according to the BBB. The problematic web sites online are charging top dollar to allegedly helped process your application. Only utility not follow through with its. And most dangerous parts of this man is that the information you have to Sharon in Oregon and global let me ask you some memory there's Cameron needs. Her identity that's in your name your address human renovating their Social Security number even as well known. Show polling employees can learn a whole lot more than just how to make it garrido the restaurant chain. Offers debt free college degrees to its workers now. Holy guacamole live more than 100 degree options at ten universities. The initiative is in partnership with the guild education. Workers can enroll in the college program after they've been employed for 120 days. Welcome back Pamela turner would have turned 46 years old today but instead of celebrating her births. Today her family seeking justice for her deaths in these images taken from a video from may of 2019. You see Pamela scuffling with a police officer she ends up falling to the ground and once she is down. She is and fatally shot by that police officer. Pamela Turner's family has said that she had paranoid schizophrenia and pose no threat to the police officer. Part of the families demand for justice comes in the form of a federal civil rights lawsuit filed today. And joining us now is the daughter of Pamela turner Chelsea Rubin along with her attorney mr. Benjamin Crump think you both for being here and Charleston might just start by just saying that we're so sorry that. Your mom is not we see you today. Can you. And us sense about cool your mom was in and also a little bit about her struggles with mental health. I welcome to my mom. The person who with a serious a home there and it's kind loving caring infamous mom that you get an extra hour. Com. She. She adamant on this Hershey and ornaments illness and you know I'm where I'm not. She's there's. And we. More. So hard to talk matter. Yeah it is scary. I miss her life. And Chambliss talk about this federal lawsuit what are some of the demands that are being made. Thank you news and I don't. We've probably Hirono. Loss to. Today it is on what would have been. Her 46 Burton eight. To celebrate her life and add to lose her and led to the stage when you look at impunity own. It is our readers are that this all of us wish you. Eight. Black and war who is barred her bag and she and her three times in his place in the chest in Amherst village. Column if you were outraged when news are all those really are George. I mean yeah release you parliament. Did he should be outraged when you see the video OK I'm Charles this. Warm and being here is based. Police officer. And also police officers defense wise he's saying at this lives. The video tells the story. Society oh he's. Your life. We're hand and her publisher. So her marriage and didn't any number thanks. You don't were welcoming and she could have created distance he column. He's Kauai yeah Carter creator Matt curry and the Indians and age it's shoe this. You know who program. Any cure her. Concerning John her remember not a Chelsea what are you hoping personally comes out of this lawsuit. And I'm hoping just aren't. Making New Yorkers. There are a lot of things that I want to come from my marriage sound. This is just once the closer. To Holland and initially. We're on it's what I want to change soon you know they're. Easton peace and drastic climate change should comes from the us. I now must ending arms my children know. There's has not been paying. And mr. Condit took sixteen months for the officer who shot and killed Pamela to be charged with felony aggravated assault by a public servant. Where things currently stand with his case. You know who are pieces of bringing in new rules. No more we just today even though he's been in charge he's and in. We and our. Today even though he had been charged. Easier has not been terminated. From the bay town Texas police department and sorrow just imagine that. Business. How are orchestrated and justified and necessary to children this wanted to write as police hours. Has had no consequence. Of the breakdown police department to determine if a problem. That. She and Chelsea during today's press conference you were joined by Bernard Taylor's mother sneak a Palmer how important was it for you to have. Her there right by your side in RU two working together on any projects raise awareness about women who die at the hands of police. I'm it was very important to these apps from you can hear. She's a wonder rumors wound. Leaders credit. And you. I'm sure you know sometime in the future in their main evenings and come out of this and the growing relationship with inner and I have. But if she so good to know she. Got on the plane through hearing it just happens aquarium famine there. Smeared Riordan Christine some. Really. Appreciate it. Chelsea Rubin over Benjamin crown we thank you so much for your time. Appreciate you coming on the show and talking with us tonight. Thank you. Prosecutors in Florida tonight are signaling that an associate of embattled Florida congressman Matt gates may take a plea deal. Joel Greenberg is facing multiple charges including sex trafficking at this time he has entered a plea of not guilty. Gates is under federal investigation for allegedly providing cash or other things a valued of women in exchange for sex including a seventeen year old teen. And tonight a red alert for the Caribbean island of saint Vincent as volcanic eruption appears imminent. Prime minister has issued mandatory evacuation orders from residents in parts of the northeast and also northwest portions of the island cruise ships are expected to arrive tonight to start evacuating residents it's not clear just how many residents are under the mandatory evacuation order. Or where the ship will take them volcano last erupted in 1979. An eruption in 1902. Killed 16100. People. Shipping giant UPS announcing today so that's future cargo planes won't even need airports and new planes will simply take off and land vertically and distribution warehouses. ABC's GO Benitez explains. Call it the future of shifting electric plane soaring through the skies with your packages and get this there's no need for an airport. UPS plans to use the planes to connect rural and mid size cities areas where packages may usually take longer to Iraq. In this illustration from the UPS you can see the planes taking off vertically from shipping warehouses. They fly at a 170. Miles per hour and lend directly at sorting facilities meaning your packages arrive faster with what the company calls. A minimal impact on the environment. So what does this mean that some people in parts of this country will be receiving their packages fast Europe when you start by passing. You know all of the manual handling that takes place view create efficiencies in the network not only that. You also start moving the network on a faster pace. And UPS isn't the only one planning to use these old short quiet planes. The US military is also on bore. And so it just its mission of moving water medicine. As we move forward and deployed things and logistics world we of course spilled millions hours of flight retirement have thousands of vehicles deployed. So that when we get to the passenger mission we put six people in this aircraft. Or super comfortable flying. Him in local regional trips. Until then our packages will be the Guinea text UPS plans to start flying these planes in 20/20 four. GO Benitez ABC news New York. We'll be here before you know and our thanks to jail for that and when we return. Honoring the newest Americans. They have not forgotten. This is a moment Israelis stopped to pay their respects today marks holocaust remembrance across our country citizens stood in silence. For two minutes to reflect on the millions of lives lost. Border security and what to do about immigration to issues that continue to loom large we have a special focusing on just that right after the show. But for those who are here legally many are filled with pride when they're able to take that step and finally become US citizens will dance brings us a story of one very special moment. Who's now proud to say she's an American. It's a celebration years in the making for yet net he lemont this Lopez. I wasn't. Decent prize this year neck is the cafeteria manager at prairie dale elementary school in Oklahoma. Yeah yeah come then the office every morning sends a bright spot an artist or. Greeting principal Michelle Anderson and the staff the same way every day. Elaine means and Alex. On Monday a lifelong dream come true for miss you next passing the test to officially become a US citizen. Everything on these Cologne three. Every single Renton and it is Shiloh immigrants agree Sharon I had no more are now. And that's an Olympic TD grandma are married got right. We are. Not only did miss Jeanette past sorted her husband and their three to aids. The Stanley emigrating from Cuba five years ago so in principal Anderson heard the good news she saw an opportunity of for a learning experience. Lifting each other. Being on each other's celebrating our depends. Celebrating our accomplishment. 450. Students all lining up in the hall. Biggio went crying. And that I index and win them. Implement yeah giving their best to support the woman who does the same for Ben day in and day out. Every day anti I don't mean they're bad for me in my team they glow then handed me unless it is don't end. Yes tell us smiled as sweet and I ended there as full and it. It is day. Chicken nugget shore but this week missy and ad serving up a lifeless and on the side. When you one son dean did what are patter but that's and Billy and wouldn't let him what to better define me and I being called everybody in order to they're like at. That is the American dream our congratulations to her and our thanks to will. Before we go tonight the image of the day. Just a year ago this teen was in grave condition in the icu battling Khaleda and today as part of a group of people impacted by the pandemic is sought right there or she got to throw out the first pitch at the Mets game. To the very Doctor Who treated her as. That is our show for this hour Fisher distinction ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm going to get a six electrician with us and have a great night.

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