ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, August 6, 2020

5 former CDC directors on how the US is handling the pandemic; By the Numbers: A million new layoffs a week; It’s Not Too Late: Old beer makes new fuel
57:07 | 08/07/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, August 6, 2020
Oh win crack down at parties caught on camera would be very little social distancing mountain and city planning. Full swing she's seen his cities in America tonight urging residents to follow the rules LA threatening to cut power and water if you host a party. And here in New York police stopping people from out of state to make sure they are bringing the virus was done. And the president tonight floated the possibility of a vaccine by Election Day. Health officials say it will be at the end of the year at the very earliest this as the governor of yet another state test positive. This fall. It is depends on what we do need our frank conversation with five former CDC directors we asked each why why we're in this crisis. So single. Biggest factor relates to leaders show. How we can move forward. And they're fleeing to us all the more we are divided the more the virus. Shows you the smiling American bride running for her life and back on them. Street plus soft. Am I going to die. I'm wondering why they were spared CR I I know that are aimed dealing with. Free expression. Former First Lady Michelle Obama says out loud what many Americans are feeling inside in the midst of this challenging year for our country. 46 years on the run until now happily FBI finally tracked down a fugitive they've been hunting for decades. And turning stale beer from a problem into a solution we'll inside a Budweiser brewery. Make the best of all those K hockey. Good evening everyone I'm Linda Davis thinks so much for streaming with see it's been described as a unique failure that we'd the richest country on the planet. Are also having the hardest time containing the corona virus nearly 160000. US deaths and counting 2200 just in the last 24 hours alone. But unlike so many other American tragedies this one is not bringing the country together. And many are now skeptical guidance from both our leaders as well scientists. Today the president claim that we may get a vaccine by November 3 Election Day saying. It wouldn't hurt his chances public health officials are far more measured. In Michigan teachers are protesting returning to the classroom as the president continues to downplay the dangers. And we sought out several of this nation's leading scientists to get a reality check we'll hear from those five former heads of the CDC later in the show. But first Steve Olson summing lead to some for the president's trip to Ohio and the meeting he had to cancel because of Kobe. Has the president was landing in Ohio today one of the first people he was hoping to meet. Governor Mike DeWine was sharing that he had just tested positive for Covert nineteen. I just thought as saying that governor they said Surrey just tested positive. Buddy they're great guys got a fantastic job anyone meeting with the president has to be tested and that's how governor dewine learned his diagnosis. The Republican who close bars and restaurants long before many of his peers in other states. It's highly popular at home and says he has no symptoms. When I got to the airport. Found out. Shortly thereafter that I had tested positive president trump who wore a mask as he toward an appliance factory is hopeful that a back seat could be ready by Election Day. I'm optimistic that it will be probably around that day. I believe we'll have the vaccine before the end of the kids are great but around that date yet I think. It wouldn't hurt but I'm not doing bad Billy about for the election. I want it bad because I want to stabilize. But many of his own scientists think it will be later might rejection which is only projection. Is that somewhere towards the end of the year. The beginning of 20/20 one. We will know whether we have a safe and effective vaccine there's hope in some of the numbers new cases in eleven states are decreasing. But the number of people dying is still alarming more than a 158000. Americans and more than 2000 reported in the last 24 hours tonight the White House task force is warning authorities a nine cities. And the central valley of California that they are at risk for jump in cases. Yeah yeah. Many teachers across the country are scared and in the street. Trying to talk their schools out of in person instruction. These pictures all over the Internet of crowded hallways from a school and Spalding county Georgia aren't helping ease concerns. The mother of the student who recorded them says her child has been suspended. A principal was heard on the school's PA. Discouraging students from sharing these photos are of little consequence. More about it it is boring way you can eventually. Nobody here hold. The consequences of getting sick we're incredibly painful for the richest family in Florida they're grandmother and her two sons died in one week. And had to die alone. I just hope that her. When he passed the race. When he passed the web at South Carolina bar has the way he was able to build his fingers they had him. People desperately trying to hold on to their faith in all listen for more now we bring in Steve Ellison Sami assume there's a new model out predicting we'll now see. 300000. Deaths in this country. That's right Lindsay that model is from the university of Washington and it's one that. The administration. Often refers to its predicting now 300000. Deaths that's an adjustment but their numbers by December Google the nineteen but one thing they also point out. Is that if everyone in America walked out of their homes. And wore a mask and they believe that it would save about 66. Thousand deaths Lindsay. And sit also your report you mentioned that student who was suspended for posting an image of a crowded hallway our parents are upset about. You know there are there are mixed feelings on that some parents are upset certainly many people. Who I'm who've been following this on the Internet are outraged people who live in. This city Atlanta for example might be a little bit more upset than some people who live in for example Spalding county where this happened. The school system right now is saying very little about the principal's suggestion strong suggestion to students. The superintendent up until this point had said that. That photo and photos like it didn't look good but was defending the school saying that they're taking every available protocol. This high school behind me that I'm standing in front of his and a different county. This school system is approaching things cautiously and students here. We'll be remote alert twenty. Steve Boson Sami thanks so much. Annexed to what this could be the nation's current co bid at percent of the real Ronde valley in southern Texas dealing with a surge of hospitalizations and deaths leaving families in anguish and doctors overwhelmed. More than 1000. Dead air in those numbers only continue to rise. Our Marcus Moore joins us now and Marcus what is the medical professionals that you've been speaking with telling you about what's been happening on the ground. Well Lindsay first of all have those numbers are staggering. And how doctors have I have talked about just be. The sheer volume of patients they've been seeing him I'm actually just outside a field hospital that's been set up here in McAllen Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. And it has tents inside. This is an overflow facility. There were dozens of people being treated here already low when it opened earlier this week they can house up to 250 patients. And it is an example of what doctors have been saying in the hospitals here there are twelve hospitals serving three counties here. About one and a half million people and doctors is that they have a bit almost overwhelmed. But we're talking about cases where patients have had to be transferred to other hospitals as far as 700 miles away Lindsay. To fighting to get treatment. For various illnesses including. Kobe had nineteen and the doctors have been working around the clock to meet the need here and we're talking about. But people of all ages thirties forties and up and the elderly. It becomes sick from this virus and we've seen. Powerful and moving images of doctors in the the ER's here turning patients over onto their stomachs. So that they can breathe. Breathe and we've also heard from doctors of how they have been the ones. To hold the hand of someone who is dying from this this disease. And they are the ones who they're with them in their last moments because relatives and family members. Are not allowed into those rooms during these as their patience their family members are suffering. Yes such frightening scenes when you see those doctors turning them over and Marcus before you go kill you give us a sense of what us you can tell us about this community. Well you know a -- to this this a very special. And very unique part of the country and part of Texas and we were right along the US Mexico border and that's significant because you've got a lot of fat with the majority of them. Oh spent a lot of time historically. Bouncing back and forth between the two countries Mexico and Texas it's so easy. And with that you have a number of large families that wouldn't have historically always wanted to be together. And that's one of the things that we have heard from doctors and health officials here. As of the reason why this may be the next hot spot because in the midst of this crisis has been unfolding you have families. Who want to be together that's just what that's what they know and especially at a time like this. Up when it makes this area are vulnerable to this virus and also live they consider this. Well this is one of the most impoverished parts of the country and a lot of people here living in poverty. Back a third of the people. And also a large segment of the population how they don't have insurance. And then you have people what would diabetes all of these things come pounding. The situation here and making it look a hot spot for this virus to spread. And I'm so many lives. Certainly making circumstances a lot more difficult Marcus Moore thanks so much. And his cases continue to surge in certain pockets in the country America's largest city is now trying to keep the virus out and hopefully allow students to go back into the classroom. If their families want them to check points are now up at bridges tunnels and train stations as New York City cracks down on visitors from. 34 high risk states hoping to prevent a new wave of infections. 15 of new cases are coming from outside of new York at New York is not the only city tightening restrictions. Our transportation correspondent GO Benitez reports. America's two largest cities tonight cracking down to prevent any additional covad nineteen spread. Los Angeles Police shutting down this wedding Wednesday night. And targeting house parties like this one hundreds of revelers few masks and no social distancing insight and starting tomorrow they're cutting off utilities. By turning off but power shutting down that water we feel we can close these places down and New York City setting up random quarantine checkpoint stopping cars. At key entry sites including here on Staten Island. Even warning travelers that Penn Station. It has to become clear. That this is serious business and it comes would consequences travelers entering New York from 34 states plus Puerto Rico. Must fourteen for fourteen day it's. Candidate has joins us now from new York and jail officials fining so far in these compliance checks. Will Lindsay they've already stopped about fifty cars they say they say they found a 100%. Compliance but what's interesting about this is that we don't know where these checkpoints are going to be around the city we only know that they're going to be at entry points they're not even telling us but no doubt about it they will be out. She opening test reporting in from New York thanks so much jail. And despite one point two million Americans filing for unemployment last week lawmakers still can't reach a deal on the next stimulus package. Senators leaving town for their August recess have been told to stay close in case there's an agreement and a vote. Those 600 dollar week expanded federal unemployment benefits have already expired in this weekend. So will the popular paycheck protection program that's helped millions of small businesses survive the pandemic. Tonight House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Meeting for the ninth time with Treasury Secretary Stephen Nugent and White House chief of staff mark meadows. And the president suggesting that he could take executive action if there is no deal by tomorrow. Now to the 20/20 election president trump watching a new attack tonight against Joseph Biden after Biden's comments today comparing black and Latino voters. Our Mary Bruce has the latest developments from Washington. It was a chance for Joseph Biden to further his ties with the black and Hispanic communities. But in a discussion over immigration the former vice president seemed to suggested the black community lacks diversity of thought what you all know but most people don't know. I'd like African American community was notable exceptions the Latino community is incredibly diverse community. But incredibly different attitudes about different things the president counts. Joseph Biden this morning totally miss Barrett and insulted. The black community what he said it's incredible and I don't know what's going on would them. Biden's campaign insists he was not suggesting the black community is a monolith. But rather was referring to diversity of attitudes among Latinos when it comes to immigration late today Biden tried to clarify. We can build a new administration. Reflects the full diversity of our nation. Useful diversion to Latino communities. When I read full diversity. Like Afrikaner community in many other community's. You're from everywhere. From Europe. From the tip of South America. All the way to our border and it all Mexico. And in in the Caribbean. The president has a long history of racially charged and abusive remarks trump recently tweeting a video of a man shouting the racist phrase white power. And calling black lives matter a quote symbol of hate. Get both men now being called to task for comments they made about race married Bruce joins us now from Washington. The president today also unleashing a lion attack on Biden. Going after his religion. At least the president said that Joseph Biden a devout Catholic is quote against god and even religion it self dividing campaign was quick to respond to that calling it. Hypocritical they say quote I didn't state is at the core of who he is. He's lived it with dignity. His entire life. Lending Mary Bruce from our nation's capital thanks so much Mary. Rapper Kanye West is quietly getting on the ballot in some key swing states but tonight questions over who's helping him expand the map and what implications it might have on the election. Joining us now is political director Rick Klein Rick tiny dot on the balloting Colorado just last night he's filed in recent days in nine states but. It's just important to point out that the rapper has actually miss too many ballot deadlines actually have a realistic chance to win the election so. YC continuing a file and and whose hub helping him to do so. Some people round of say he's serious about this and that he actually is running for president even though he has no mathematical chance that. It's a socially win enough electoral votes a lot of people Rodham also say maybe it's about 20/20 four but here's where it gets interesting Lindsay is that we've been tracking through these filings we thought at least a half a dozen examples of Republican operatives. Poor associated with the effort either through legal filings are citing a petitions. Signing up to that soon to say that they would be elect doors for Kanye West these are some fairly prominent Republican names some of them. Are you one of the meat is is a delegate to the national convention the trump is going to be nominated that in a couple of weeks. So it does raise questions about the motivations if not of Conde in his circle certainly some people around around this effort that are trying to boost. Is this possible in an effort by the GOP to siphon black voters away from Joseph Biden and and also kind isn't known trump supporters so is it possible this could actually. Her trot more than Biden. So this could definitely be a dirty trick that that some Republicans are trying to play on the campaign but it could be won it backfires I think you're right no one really knows what Kanye West's political supporter looks like. It's easy to say well he's got an African American fan bases and African American entertainer so black voters may find an option there but you know what a lot of people who might be disaffected with Paul this all together black white or anything else. They might say he Kanye West that's that kind of a protest vote or. Follow me I like his music and I wanna I want us and that statement I don't like either of these other candidates you could see people parking their vote there that that they might have otherwise voted for Biden might have otherwise voted for trump. Now the 2016 election was of course decided by a razor thin margin. In Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania Kanye has found to be on the ballot in Wisconsin and wouldn't think to many voters actually have an impact is that possibly what's going on here. That's as it you don't actually have to win to stay. To be else boiler to have it a huge impact look at Ross Perot obviously was a huge factor in his two campaigns. It only takes a couple 101000 votes really to potentially swing the vote in in one of these battleground state so that's what has a lot of people wondering what this is really about men who value questioning Kanye West motivations here are the people that seem to be gravitating toward the efforts to to help him get on the ballot they meet might have their motivations question big time. Rick Klein thanks so much for your insight we appreciate it thanks Leslie. And tonight two million East Coast residents are still without power after what was hurricane. The lease still days more before power returns ABC's Adrienne banker has the latest. Three full days after east high ES made landfall in the Carolinas are and Tora passed up the I 954 doors. Families continue to struggle. Ken Calvert county Maryland's families cut off after their road washed away using a basket is in medical supplies to someone who's diabetic. In the northeast neighborhoods are still a mess and patience is running in they keep saying tomorrow smile at everyday we check and it's tomorrow again we have senior centers that are. With power or live wires it down and there's nobody coming top us. New York's National Guard helping direct traffic crews from as far away as Canada and Florida and now joining the war to restore power. Many wondering how the biggest blackout since hurricane sandy could happen in with the tropical storm like Isa IDS. Betrays our have been the same or wires have been the same mission to prepare for this. And residents here in Inglewood New Jersey are being told that they might not have their power restored until early next week. It could be a double whammy for some with thunderstorms forecast for the mid Atlantic and northeast through Saturday Lindsay. Our thanks to you Ager in it when we come back shouts. Revolution as citizens of Beirut and make their anger heard after that horrific blast this as we hear from that bride who was taking wedding photos when the explosion hit. She's from Detroit news. 46 years on the run how authorities finally tracked this man down and Jim depth conversation with five former leaders of the CDC. I don't we look forward as a nation and beaten this virus they tell us what has to happen. The anger continues to grow in Beirut after that unimaginable blast left major parts of the city in ruins sixteen port workers. The men arrested in connection with the blast. France's president Manuel micron was in Beirut today promising to help organize a massive relief effort but. Angry crowds met the French leader demanding a money does not go into their government's hands. It is ABC's senior foreign correspondent Ian panel reports. We're also learning about the harrowing moments when disaster struck. Tonight as the sisters only for the missing in the day it's incredible stories of supply food and sacrifice in Beirut. This video taken of a woman in labor explosion tendering through the hospital clinical and yeah. Just blocks away from the blast sites delivering the boy in the dark amid the broken glass and debris. And this is baby George. It's a miracle he's a line of this had miraculous escapes to. Issa Alison Bologna from Detroit the gold to Beirut to get married. But this is how her wedding day ended. Running for her life. I started to launches dot color of the sky what's changed around to paying. Actor that I when you're X always. Today we're turning to where she was taking those wedding photos luckily she was not just her who tell. Which was heavily damaged. But so many did not live to tell their stories some have far as a young firefighter was at the scene of the blast one of the first to respond. The rest of her team still missing. The fiancee Christine leans to Graham. Murray beautiful bright I'll always love you until wouldn't act together. Those newlyweds still trying to process it on Ian panel joins us now he is so concerned about corruption blaming it is the reason behind the blast but. How massive international ever take place without the government they are being involved. Yeah look it's a very good question and he's not just the government's pass a single entity close the government is made up of some very acute. Very heavily involved political interest too often plywood each other. Poses for Powell but the results is the colts area of the apple is controlled by different groups like Hezbollah. Soap. How they go into a lab eight to come in without wanting some sense of control without being seeing the wanting to be seen. As did group that is responsible for distributing VA. That president micron has said that he wants the governments of reform. The people living absences this race people living protesting for months amongst the economic and financial system that has collapsed what people have been asking for that kind of reform so it's a very good question how you do it a little entirely Scholl buckles NGOs to bring in equipment and distributes it. But he still needs to be organized president macro and told him that's you know organizing and international donors conference. If you can do that if you can sets up some kind of system. The monitoring and handling the eighth and perhaps a can be done. The government isn't gonna let go potentially not just of those resources but if she doesn't handing out today easily. And what more can you tell us about the people who are in custody because of this disaster. Yet we know that there are sixteen officials who worked at the port touring custody and that there are number of people placed under house arrest older by the president's almost immediately after the bomb blasted taken place. There is a problem many of the people who rule ordering the arrests as seen. In the eyes of many people as culpable as people who are responsible for the content system the kind of new debt that they believed. Was responsible. For keeping this more than two and a half thousand tons of this dangerous chemical in the polls. We've also learned that there were a series of letters written by the custom officials. Warning them all the dangers of this material asking for it to be removed. The judiciary not responding why because again there are so many vested interest but to out of calls have to be a focus of the investigation. We seen a lot of anger on the street today when president Mac from one axle says Tracy was mauled by people demanding. That the aids not only that the aid doesn't go through the hands all of the governments but also calling for revolution. They all not good to me happy just with the group of local officials being detained over this. The problem goes much higher and the ounces half to two. In panel thanks so much. And we still have lots to get to hear on prime the terrifying scene after swirl over water turns into a tornado ripping into a beach. The eighteen month investigation and a lawsuit targeting the NRA did executives for the powerful gun rights group misused millions of dollars on lavish personal expenses. And it's been twenty painful weeks for millions of Americans will dig into the steep economic downturn triggered by the cove it's slowdown. By the numbers. But first our humid day at Washington's football team. Trying to move for work. It's. And welcome back everybody we turn now by the numbers to the economy and the millions of Americans now out of work can no longer receiving those 600 dollar weakened hands unemployment benefits. One point two million Americans applied for initial unemployment benefits in just one week that's according to Labor Department data released today had slightly better than. What economists expected but it's still live twentieth straight week a historically high unemployment claims and weekly numbers in the top one million. 695000. That was pretty pandemic record for new unemployment claims in the week and that was back in 1982. There are no similar records from the Great Depression because unemployment insurance program. Didn't exist back then there is unfit and good news today's jobless number which tracks people who just got laid off was the lowest that we've seen in twenty weeks and at the end of march weekly initial unemployment claims have reached a staggering. Six point nine million which was ten times the record. To back in the 1980s. The US unemployment rate was 11% as of June and tomorrow when another jobs report comes out. That number will be updated. Still ahead here on prime our in depth conversation with five former heads of the CDC what they believe is the single biggest factor that led to this crisis. The former First Lady getting deeply personal why she says she's been dealing with low grade depression. And the environmentally conscious decision made by one major beer maker with so many people drinking last because of restrictions of restaurants. Jim using brings us her latest installment on the it's not too late but first. Here's some of the trending stories on From. And. Today this struggle over it and when to reopen schools intensify its good name of the game this academic year is exploring your obvious from her parents as well as long Atalanta V have a plan CNN New York CBS at a new police checkpoints to remain news Mike corona virus transmission for travelers from 34 states haven't heard from Reno must quarantine for fourteen days toward peace of mind Texas close to half a million confirms he's is. Many hospitals are filled to capacity and increasing restrictions around the country needs help and internal email memo obtained by ABC news Celine and you he's is Artie really seen in forty feisty and from ten point 7% see increases in cases. And a declining in recent stats over the past week. Search for survivors continues following Tuesday's blast that killed at least a 135 people and injured thousands but. How much has so damaged hundreds of me. I think he's yeah. Hello. Authorities believe the explosion happened and under tons of highly explosive chemicals stored in a report that made it in the exact cause remains under investigation. Residents telling French president well not only an early in the Japanese government for the blast from listening and usually we're warned about the stockpiled explosive chemicals and growers. More used to seeing Michelle Obama is shining and spotlighting the former First Lady is revealing she suffers from low grade depression. I know that I am dealing with the first some form of low grade depression all. Not just because of the quarantine because their racial. Sharif and this scene this administration who. Watching the hypocrisy adding to their pod cast Michelle Obama says she helps ease those symptoms by staying in a routine of getting a workout in. And trying to get out of signing the form of Florida's adding up for her schedule isn't he. New York's attorney general Letitia James is suing the NRA saying that the gun lobby violated multiple new York state charity Lawson and Wayne yeah. Yeah. We look familiar news. Joshua Powell. John Frazier fall instituting culture of self dealing. This management and negligent oversight. Acting an area that was illegal. Belushi alleged misuse 64 million dollars it's clear that the NRA has been failing to carry out Steve mission for many many years. Instead. Of aluminum has operated as a breeding ground floor read it. Grayson illegality. And in Italy in the water stops coming ashore. Showing just how quickly this world to becoming damaging tornado OND alarming update. And no one now forecasting between 19125. Named storms bring up to eleven hurricane. Six of those could be major. Tonight Luis Archuleta love a fugitive decades on the run he's back in custody thanks to an ex cop who never quit. I mean my project every night I've been tracking this time 4060. Cinquanta alerted the FBI and police did yesterday Archuleta now 77 was arrested and Holman new Mexican war whispers satisfying that I got a million bragging rights and did. More. It's now been more than six months since the pandemic hit American shores with the first cases of covad nineteen reported in the US so. We want to take a step back in examine how we got here through a rare joint conversation with some of the top health professionals in the country. Five people who have run the CDC in the past three decades under both Republican and democratic administrations. This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based in Atlanta ease the nation's preeminent health protection agency. Its mission statement to work 24/7 to protect America from the health safety and security threats both foreign and in the US. With an expansive team of scientists and medical experts the CDC has helped the nation prepare for and whether public health crises for decades. But the novel corona virus pandemic has presented a challenge unlike any the US is recently faced. And critics say the CDC has failed to meet the moment. With its guidelines and recommendations often sidelined by the child administration's push to reopen the country as the pandemic grew. So what is the CDC gotten right what could have been done better. And has politics taken over science in the public health response. Four former heads of the CDC argue just that point in a recent op Ed in the Washington Post headlined we ran the CDC. No president ever politicize it science the way trump passed they wrote public health experts faced two opponents Kobe nineteen. But also political leaders and others attempting to undermine the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Repeated efforts to subvert sound political health guidelines introduced chaos and uncertainty. While unnecessarily. Putting lives at risk. So tonight we're joined by five former heads of the CDC doctor David Satcher CDC director and surgeon general in the Clinton administration as the country faces HIV aids epidemic. He's the author of the new book my quest for health equity. Doctor Jeffrey Copeland who served as CDC director in both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. Including the 2001 anthrax scare. And is now being. Doctor Julie Herbert it also served as CDC director in the Bush Administration responding to the bird flu threat and increased efforts to combat HIV globally. She's now an executive VP and chief patient officer at Merck part of the warp speed program to produce a company nineteen vaccine. Doctor Richard best if served as acting CDC director in 2009 during the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic. Works here at ABC news's chief health and medical editor. And now serves as president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The doctor Tom freedom served as CDC director throughout the Obama administration including the fight against the Ebola and Zeke outbreaks he's now CEO of resolve to save lives. Thank you all so much for joining us tonight we look forward to your insights in our goal is to essentially examine what went wrong where things stand. And what comes next so just for starters just might get everybody to weigh in on how we got to this moment. As you know the US now has the highest number of Kobe nineteen deaths in the world. In your opinion what's the single biggest factor that led to this and doctor sexual assault we'll start with you. Went to a single biggest factor relates to leaders showed. Our humble coasts. When we have trouble prioritizing. The science. And taken advantage of problem does trained. Scientists are in the world and certain zones along. Probably killed epidemiology and several Somalia is true courage Stephen grew various people. Bruins it is certainly we need to apply what we know. We need to see truth facts of the American public tends to use those true smoother scientific evidence to control this disease. I think that the clash of of messages. When you don't see the political leadership supporting public health and and letting people know that everything will be guided by the best public health science. You mean you lose trust. Trusting continents. We know we need to hear the science and the scientific experts and we need to have the confidence that we're being land. Based on what is best for the public's health. And not what's best or politics. Absolutely it's all about leadership and organized response. That outlines priorities as doctor satcher said. That communicates effectively as doctor Herbert and investors said that. Followed the sciences doctor Copeland said gives us the data so were all on the same page. And now I'd like to do lightning round here again with it but they essentially just a one word or phrase as far as. What you're most worried about in this moment now that we are here and doctor Frieden on give them back to you. I worry about getting too used to the horrible results we're getting. We are owned global lacquered and we need to change our pro treaty to our game and get ahead of the. Us in the short run I'm worried about immunity we need a vaccine and we need it fast. I think longer term my biggest fear is that we won't learn our lesson. And that we wants changed our minds said about how important health security really he has to our national security. I worry about resignation then that that people will be resigned to. What we've seen in terms of response in this country so far in the trajectory of disease what what happens this fall. It depends on what we do now. To remove. Partisan politics. From or ineffective response that this this. Grouping of folks who believes in our mitigation efforts vs those that the Joan. I think along political lines makes no sense scientifically. The voters who care west's. We're among our worry is this week come into this season. When we simply pretty close to heaven a vaccine. And regardless. Some are there shortages were Carlson about failure to appropriately communicate and get away and I'm just back to leaders who. Doctor restaurant caught the current head of the CDC at a press briefing at the white house on January 31. He said this is a serious health situation in China but I want to emphasize that the risks of the American public is low. And throughout January and February the American people were given a sense by both the CDC and the trump administration that this was under control where was the disconnect. Well you know early and you know public health crisis. What you don't know far outstrips what do what you do no information. Very quickly started to come in that this would be a threat. And as soon as CDC. Stated that CDC was sidelined him was no longer allowed to do the briefings but but if there'd been an ongoing dialogue in conversation with her public health leaders. It would it would be part of that journey doctor Frieden new look like Newington and there if you go back to the record. On January 26. Nancy messed up and said we have to behave as if this is a pandemic. So it was already clear to the experts at CDC on February 25 she said disruption to everyday life may be severe absolutely. Correct doctor governing you recently wrote a record. Did was titled ending the cycle of crisis and complacency in US global health security. And I just want to read a portion for a moment when health crises strike an American people grow alarmed the US government springs into action and all too often when the crisis fades and fearsome signs. Urgency morphs into complacency investments dry up attention shifts and a false sense of security takes hold. Talk about that challenge of keeping the government in prep mode instead of being so reactionary. We've all Brookline through this cycle. The crisis. Is reactive investments. Is an incredible focus and attention for a short period of time. And then in the absence of the sustained by citizens support for really strengthening our public health system at the state and local level that cycle has gone on for a long time. And it I really do hope that finally it's gotten so bad that we we don't reinvent. How we think about our health security in the context of our national security. And doctor treating you were of course the CDC director during Obama administration when a pandemic response all this within the National Security Council was created to prepare for the next potential disease outbreak the trump administration disbanded that office. Yeah that we would still be in the same place today if that office were to still be operational. Well there's no question that is drawing back not just from the National. Security Council. From the World Health Organization from our engagement with countries all around the world including China. But didn't leave us open to a microbial sneak attack we can't stick our head in the sand we can't take our marbles and go home. And leave the World Health Organization shocked things and that it's not gonna come back to haunt us and that's what we're seeing right now. The doctor Frieden who are part of that joint op Ed that we mentioned earlier. How unprecedented is it to have the president of the United States and ray nearly pushing back on the science in his own medical experts. And also how dangerous is it. I can't think of any precedent for this it's one thing if the president were to side for example no we're not going to recommend masks. It would be wrong but you could make that decision but it's quite another thing at the same press conference where the CDC says everyone's wearing masks for the president say up. I don't Wear one. That is chaotic leadership and that's led to. Far too much partisanship. Confusion. And a lot of spread of the virus there is no enemy here are other than the virus for all in it together. If you if you think about where we are right now and the conversations going on about. Reopening schools if you have politicians saying that CDC guidance is a B is a barrier to getting children back into school. In the instead of the road map for doing it safely and the whole system breaks down. And here we been talking about leadership by just wanna go through a few comments of the president has said I think it's under control they are dying that's true. And if you had it is what it is. I think we're doing very well. We got hit. Hit by a virus and we've done a great job and that's what we don't get the credit. Does anyone here on this panel agree with those statements made by the president of the United States. It's so we don't we we don't agree with. It's every one of those students. Drives away are proceeding to improve our ROR mitigation efforts. That. Stated Eric Karros is stunned confusion and everyone's mind what's the right thing and so three. Absolute in the end pens had an excellent academics are very odd dollars student. Is to ensure that we truths is named Stratton evil he it sounds. Something needs sugar coating Murray and this is something that seems. Bad news and people will be upset. The truth is too early council once you lose edged men then your behind not just the buyers. Are behind public opinion. And people's behavior. The only thing I would agree with there is that it is unbelievable. It's unbelievable. That six months into the and then back. It's not clear who's in charge federally there's no plan. There's no common data that we're looking it to see what's happening with the virus and what's happening with our response. The idea that we're doing all that we can. When when we are the wealthiest nation on the planet and we see countries all around the globe that have been able to take measures to get this. Under control in ways that we haven't even come close to the idea that we should be complacent and satisfied with this this current response and that this is the way forward. Until there is a vaccine or until there's been enough disease transmission. That that there appeared then it starts to fade away that. That is absolutely unacceptable. Doctor hurting if you are once again the head of the CDC a you're having a one on one conversation. With president trumpet in this moment. What would be the one saying that you feel needs to be done differently immediately. It's communication and what I would love to be able to reduced or rewind the tape. Because we do know some things for sure about this virus we know it's incredibly transmissible and we know that most people are still susceptible. We also know history sees its crowding its confinement and its contact. If we avoid those three things we have a really good chance of saving lives and slowing down the spread. S many innocent now say it isn't rocket science. Doctor treating as a CDC effectively been muzzled to some extent it has the CDC done enough to inform the country the most pertinent information that we need to know. Americans are voting with their clicks there and one point six billion clicks on the CDC web site. And there's still tremendous amount of accurate timely useful information recommendations there. The more we learn the more we know the better we can control it. Doctor satcher your new book and it's coming on September addresses the decades long racial inequities in health care and the viruses expose those even more. What needs to be done at this point to prioritize going forward so that minority communities don't have to face more dire outcomes. Deals alone just to Sharon. Pearson an overnight but two problems to us when it's not only elsewhere does not sustain. And they don't some big problems that we face in this country it is when leadership is not consistent BO through Missouri some strained. Gone and we premise I don't slow and still permeate mode in terms of disparate zoos and held. No it in America should have to choose between putting food on the table and paying rent. Or we're doing things protect themselves their family and there their community and for too many people in America in in a high proportion of black skin and brown. And native Americans. And so in the short run we need to make sure that those protections are there that people have being coming there in the in their. Pockets there were providing protections for essential workers so that essential workers are not expendable workers. In the longer term everyone in America has and should have the right to to affordable comprehensive. Health insurance and to just sick leave entailing medical leave and unemployment insurance. You would these are things that are not universally available and they disproportionately. Impacts we people of color. A doctor governing how little look ahead to the prospects of the vaccine and doctor found she and others have so that they believe that we can safely produce a vaccine by the end of the year early 20/20 one can this be done that quickly. We all pray for us safe vaccine as quickly as possible that will truly help us end this pandemic. And I hope that we can go as fast as some people seem to think we can. Found that we can take any safety short cuts this is one of those places where trust in the leadership in the communication about what's actually going on is especially important. We don't want the vaccine as soon as possible but there are serious literary exceeds error it sometimes six longer than we lose. Those who are sitting watching this insane. I don't worry about it too much we get the vaccine a couple months since they chairman and so I am I don't have to work mess I don't have to. Distanced myself from others that two not go to Lou Murray Schoen. Hell used to. That's a real problem. Kind of jump ball here just wanna get everybody to until weigh in on the idea of if you are confident that we're going to be able to recover from this. And also what's your best piece of advice. Lesson I guess for Americans going forward. Doctor satcher will start with you. They've termed this pandemic it is not serving discovery and appropriately are grieved at. Scobee who oppose the problem is going to be what those form and germs or corporate. Nineteen. Program to reward a joke and and to get a vaccine. And in reality there were referred to bills so many people who don't trust your exceeds. Somebody needs to call a cinch and sewer we have to do to go. And a solo globally this show. To always there's no substitute. Its interim over the program. Doctor coupling can we recover. Oh in lower you cover. And you look at 1988 she him disaster that struck then analysts. Less adequate science. Less true less than a nation. Triumph soon and moved ahead and spend. They're continues to improve very ones so we're we. Use every should first be multiple. This leak just people in the same direction. We would make. Considerable progress quickly. I think that the the question that we have to ask is. What will that recovery looks like and who's going to bear the brunt of this going forward. If you look at who who's been bearing the brunt of this pandemic disproportionately so far. But I it is communities of color and as we go forward and we think about recovery from a health standpoint recovery from an economic standpoint. I'm different individuals different communities are -- need different resources and it's gonna say a lot about us as a nation whether we step up to this challenge. And remove. Many of this structural barriers says hell that that people in the in this country face. We'll recover but the question is at what price and and how Long Will it take. Well are maintaining our physical distance we need to come together as communities as health leaders as a nation's. Around the world to really say we've got to work collaborative early. In a committed mannered to. Always stick together on the things that we know will help slow down the spread of this virus. That's a tall order in this very divided world but. It's about the pandemic it's not about politics and we really need to make that message number one. The U virus is here to stay for awhile vaccine or not and it's going to bring significant. Changes to how we live how we learn how we work. But the one thing and I hope we'll get out of this that's positive is to make sure that we are never again this under prepared. Focus on strengthening the system at the federal level state level since he koehlke level and the global level. That's how we can all be safer we'll see him lions. Doctors I thank you so much for your time really invaluable insight we really appreciate it. Still ahead from surplus to solution we take you inside the brewery that's trying to make the best of unused beard during the pandemic. Andy baseball stadium shuttered bars and quiet concert halls of the pandemic has taken its tolls in the place is that we would usually go to congregate for a good time. And as a result thousands and thousands of cables of beer gone stale. It has gender is he now explains in this week's it's not too late Anheuser-Busch is turning that stale beer into fuel. Okay. Man dangers seen and it's not too late. Now few weeks ago we talked about that PPE litter the masks the gloves on the parking lots every where while they're still there. And then it was the big ask from dozens of environmental groups. Wheat can. Have these food delivery apps not automatically include things like. I'm plastic utensils and plastic straws. If they did that it actually which seemed sound businesses some money. This just spend a lot of waste during the pandemic and wall and now there are much bigger fish to fry. That may thought about all of the year that went bad. Mean think about it millions of kegs untouched. Restaurants stadiums Arenas closed. Very quickly during the lockdown. So what happens all the expired near. Taliban has their butts they're taking back the canteen nearly 250000. K that have gone stale. And now they don't have some Homer Simpson or Al Bundy late character just wait didn't drink the only year. They take it back so they can make. Fuel the 41 million servings of expired beard has returned to the very reason is going to be put through a process known as bird's. It's an anaerobic digestion system that creates nothing. Simplest turns cold beer who helps make fuel that fueled the plan to meet the new the end. I'm makes a lot of sense but what are my Blatter not about the CNN basement fill I can show you the track. This is going to be like I'm mr. Rogers. Behind the scenes factory to learn brewery one that we never gotten to know we needed but yeah much that's one of ten facilities here in new art. That can hold video of the year. And making waves water cleanup and also making fuel. In the Mir. Della October fat this is where the hearing easily goes out but today it's coming in 250000. K they're being returned. Right here in this facility and all the other for Anheuser-Busch. The details okay come back endless string to their perhaps. Real fears treated like any other ways in the growing process. Soon we dump it here and abroad this one and then we're loosened over the birds. And capture that waste back then we use that refresh your were your first trip to those venues here utilizing waiting a long track that Canadian. So there's about 35 years ago and was really start working with our recover our energy. With our Arabic to adjusters what's been interesting was the new vision with Covert. Obviously the fortunately. Bars and restaurants sports stadiums of music venues they've got good vision use. And so while normally the verse system is here to handle some process ways to. Maybe saw spirit here in there now all of sudden the market is full of a news here. And we don't want that to be discarded. On safely or cousins she's. And it's worth it trades says. Spend to get the wholesale entering turn it because it actually does end up saving. You really don't want flowers toys appear discovery zone in green anywhere. That's what's the right thing to do. I mean if your bad standing on the bullet hits. It keg it's terrible I don't think people and even on the knowledge that that Friday but keg of beer going and always watching can have been on negative effect. The sudden I wanted to can't sit. The theory goes through their first system mall the process waste from the brewery they'll come down here lovable and of one of these tanks and that's where biomass goes to work. And the biomass we'll we'll take all the organics to my producer methane gas recover that. To get over here are powerhouse where we use it to fuel to bring this is not in the air but this is the process of Burress right part of it. That's right these of the hard workers this is our biomass and kind of sugar any kind of protein entire car. These kids do nothing create create methane and they grow and they're able to Carol for about 10% of you'll need to remember. They're not just making energy free alternative they're cleaning up the water so later on these little flutter so you think. They are the little bacteria I mean it's not pretty but it does a great job to keep. The cougars system in overdrive Anheuser-Busch is even more commitment to sustainability. Energy consumption has been a 60% in the last ten years. I drew bigger newer wow water usage is down almost 50%. Where Venus you're gonna expand our solar array on the roof. From that you know we'll go up by another eight million kilowatt hours that's enough to fuel not the power. About 800 homes. Make it's is closer to for percent renewable energy. An eligible but 28 point five at sun safety Nydia yes we TW there really can cheer talk about unprecedented times and truly having to deal with the sheer volume at Kingston returning the first system is just one part of our poll sustainability effort and and actually can scene with the force sustainability goals it's really touching every aspect of our business. And so that's kind of how we've adopted C dissent this while so we start basically from the seat all the way. Zidane and consumer evening so we sustainability as part of everything we do it every step down on the craftsman. I say cheers even back. Contingency. And I promise it's not stealing. Each year is indeed a new ways to recycle our thanks to ginger before we go tonight our image of the day yet. Somber anniversary survivors and relatives took part in a minute of silence marking the moment America dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. 75 years ago today. 140000. People died. America dropped a second bomb on Nagasaki three days later Japan surrendered ending World War II but the horror of that war. Not forgotten. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and have a good night.

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