ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, February 25, 2021

Recognizing the records and legacy of Negro League baseball; Children are among the COVID-19 ‘long haulers’; By the Numbers: More Americans identify as LGBT than ever before
51:26 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, February 25, 2021
Lady Gaga has dog walker attacked her head stole an outside of her Hollywood on the doorbell surveillance video shows a car pulling. Multiple suspects jumped out and struggled with Brian Fisher grabbing the French bulldogs before shots were fired. Gaga is now offering a half a million dollar reward with no questions asked she says. LE PD's robbery homicide division is investigating tonight. Space against the variance tonight the concerning news about a new strain its rapidly spreading. Some health experts are raising questions about whether it could impact the effectiveness of vaccines or other treatments. A vaccine makers are trying to stay one step ahead. Swing Kobe hit him it hits. Hard it's been a common misconception kids being spared by the virus. Tonight a closer look at pediatric patients left with a chronic. Long haulers symptoms how did you feel during that time well I USX for about high teens. In it was pretty bad and then I felt completely signed its first five days and then I got sick again and it really never go away police. He alleged plot to blow up the capital and kill as many members as possible. The warning to congress about alleged threats to attack president invited State of the Union Address by this same militia groups were attacked on January 6. These classifying a potentially scathing report on the brutal killing of US based journalist Jamal could show me. Last seen entering the Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul in 2018. President Biden speaking with the team today but apparently no mention of can show the part Mary Bruce asks a question. We'll be following up this chocolate action our sanction on people. Powers back along but Texas still struggling as the blame game goes around and around. Hi ginger is he examines the country's energy grid in this week's it's not too late. And more inning game the major league's announcement of incorporating player stats from the negro leagues fixing the glaring omission. And putting the numbers in perspective. Good evening everyone I'm Linda Davis thank you so much for sharing with arms there's. Along wedding gown those were the birds is the president today while there is significant progress in trying to slow the virus concern is still growing about Dole's variants which is increasing urgency to vaccinated as many Americans as possible as quickly as possible. Today president Biden march 15 million shops and Maxine have gone into American arms in the 37 decency took off as the White House says 15% of Americans older than 65 have now gotten at least one shot Biden says this is not a victory lap everything is not fixed. Tonight a cautious optimism eating cheese numbers nationwide. The daily average of cases is down 74%. From the country's peak last month. The charity or there is a new married and still high number of cases we Johnson leads a Sox. Tonight researchers are closely tracking a New Coke did very are now spreading rapidly through New York City. Two new studies finding the very and is unique but shares a concerning mutation with a more contagious Brazilians and south African variants. Some health experts now raising questions about whether it could impact the effectiveness of vaccines or other treatments. How worried are you this area and New York's. It's aren't who's buried in these are games aren't the eggs or dairy. Important mutations. Were allowed. Tune in bad. People already. Action against them but because there. But researchers stress it's not clear if this variant is more contagious or more deadly and further study is needed. Trying to stay one step ahead Pfizer and Madieu and a are already modifying vaccines to target the south African variant. And both companies are also testing a third booster shot of the a regional formula. To see if they offer more protection. And a vaccine becomes available. Hey get loan program in my waits on getting vaccinated. A better chance the virus has to get a very injured mutation. These new variants only adding to the urgency to speed up vaccinations. Here at the Javits Center in New York City now mass vaccination hub they've already reached more than 71000. Shots. Nationwide 66 million doses administered so far and today president Biden marking another milestone. Half his goal of 100 million shots in his first 100 days tryst. T million shots in just 37 days since I become president. That's so weeks ahead of schedule he went through setbacks we faced during a recent winter storms. But across the country a scramble to get that coveted shot. In Massachusetts 50000 vaccine appointments snatched up in just ninety minutes be unlucky ones sent to a digital waiting room. I now had. 880. Minutes away life. Here two minutes. 08 students NX size and utility. But more vaccine could soon be on the way Johnson a Johnson ready to ship out three to four million doses of its one shot vaccine as soon as the FDA grants emergency use authorization. Which could come as early as tomorrow night. And another sign of progress and New York City today more than 60000 middle schoolers heading back to the classroom. Today marks an important step. Tried to be cleaning out my. Right so many eager to reclaim some semblance of normalcy when Johnson joins us now from New York City in which the city tonight is urging the public will not to get alarmed about this new variant. With. Yeah Lindsay public health officials are telling people not to be too concerned that are saying that there should be some skepticism. That comes of this researching their telling people to stay the course to continue ramping up vaccinations and that will be the best way to beat back those variants still though researchers do wanna take a closer look at not only this variant in New York City but others that are quickly spreading across the country. Lindsay. We Johnson our thanks to you. Analysts many are a lot of uncle in nineteen patients known as the wall homes those battling the effects of the virus from weeks or months after diagnosis which we're now seeing children suffering from these long term impacts one young boy asking doctor -- chief for coach and today to WHO issued a new alert about the urgent need to get answers here's ABC's tackle Ron months. Blues. I hear into the cold the pandemic doctors are still trying to understand the com. Constantly changing virus and how it affects children he in Missoula Montana and thirteen year old Hudson beer was a healthy seventh grader and now he's a culprit long caller. He came down with the virus in November and has not recovered when Kobe hit him mediators. Hard months later Hudson is in constant debilitating pain and his condition not improving. Just last week Hudson got a chance to ask doctor Anthony felt you for help at this lecture. Every game and I. I had a constant my gains severe headache and learn the secret dizzy I stuck my parents. Earned I'd bonding. My Harry H is and they can carry your right. I wonder now they've got. Tell me eighteen year helped me. Doctor county telling Hudson he hopes his body will recover adding that there's a miss interpretation about kids and hold it. There is a missed. Interpretation. About it is. Their children are completely. Immune to any serious. Subjects you are a manifestation. Of that. Oh people who get a classic. Cole visited in nineteen illness. But instead are re covering. They get multi system. Chronic. Signs and symptoms. That could be mile. Or it can be debilitating. We don't know enough about it Hudson from mean honestly tell you what's gonna happen over the next couple of months to a year. Now in New York City in thirteen year old MacKey Flannery can relate to Hudson did you feel during that time well I USX for about five games. Stimulus pretty bad in and I eight felt completely signed for five days and then I got sick again and it really never went away phony. Maggie telling us she's still struggling after getting cold at last march and then again early February every day I eight will feel the light had a day and night I'm having trouble breathing in the eighty chest had V next and I had to completely quit ballet I really just go to school in coming into my heart. What she and how consider going through is into the multi system inflammatory syndrome that's found in children. Also known as MI AC thirty different category of rare with the so called long callers he's been in an out of hospital. Five times now about 10% of adults who get Kobe and experience this post acute cope in nineteen syndrome. Packs for short or symptoms last weeks to months to even longer immune more than 2000 children have been diagnosed with MIA SC since may 20/20 and while more than three point one million kids nationwide have been diagnosed with coded since the start of the pandemic would still unknown is how many of these kids are long callers. We don't know enough people with interests you really inform us how could reach expected to get better I'm in our friends and tired. I'm in now or bets you're kind of a new example of an arrest that we're learning about asked where are going so great now. Hudson's on a couple medications. I'm he does taken anti coagulant sure that it dilated her heart's coronary. Arteries. He's also. On the medication and that hopefully we'll help his migraines. The problem that that we have faced with Hudson is that week. Treat one sim tem and then another symptom arises. Being and it is hard meaning stay current Sharon. These kids hanging onto the hope that things will get better and eventually did doc jays don't really know very much yes in days parents after learning about it with fast. But they had setbacks and most of their other occasions are just like slowly getting battered and had a little ass end blue jeans yeah. By me you hear me being eighteen wins business from. Fort ABC news nine Stephanie Ramos in new New York. Our hearts certainly go out to heighten our thanks to Stephanie from the act now to Washington where we heard alarming testimony today from the acting chief of the capital please tell congress about threats to attack president Biden's upcoming joint address to congress warning that a extremists who want to blow up the capital among them members of militia groups that were present at the capitol on January 6 so how real is a stretch in BC's congressional correspondent Rachel Scott. As those details. Tonight the stark new warning from the acting capitol police chief. Saying domestic terrorists who storm the capital on January 6 are now plotting their next attack. This time targeting president Joseph Biden's upcoming speech to a joint session of congress and the late. Should groups that were present. On January 6. Has stayed at their desires that they want to blow up the capital. And with miles of fencing already around the complex. Insisting security must remain high for now to stop they mob tens of thousands requires more than a police forced. It requires physical infrastructure. That morning about what could come amid continuing questions about what happened on January 6 in the first place today lawmakers pressing for answers. Are in charge the on the house floor are you just there to make sure that we are armed police were outnumbered and overwhelmed. Easily overrun by violent mobs hunting for lawmakers and signed. Republican congresswoman Jane a rare Butler telling the acting chief what she saw the capitol police that day there is no coordination and you can see it here in Herat on Tuesday confusion about winning the National Guard was called bid. Who did you ask for assistance at 109 it was from mister Irving I believe use in the company of mister stinger at times we'll. And mister Irving why would you not remember that. Senator I have no recollection of a conversation with chi shun. At that time I was on the floor during the Electoral College ossetian. Today the acting chief showing up with evidence the phone locks saying they did call for help on January 6 chiefs aren't burst reached out for National Guard to report. To the house sergeant at arms. Twelfth 88 PM. And tonight we're learning 800 insurrection is needed inside the capitol bad day. Other lawmakers insisting police had the intelligence but failed to act. But the acting she's saying today there was no intelligence indicating an attack of this size and scale. We acknowledged that there are a lot of veins and should have been done differently. Rachel's and I joins us now from the still fortified capital Rachel a suction alarming warning today what are officials doing to make sure that this next joint address to congress is safe when it happens. We'll security measures Lindsay are now under review cheered the acting she's saying today that while these fences you see behind me are temporary cash she leaves that would be increased threats of violence right now they are necessary. And so tonight especially trying to find a holistic approach and it really trying to strike the right balance here between making sure that the public has access to the united seed capital while also ensuring that what happened on January 6 ever happens again Lindsay. Understandably so Rachel Scott our thanks to you. Next the US is set to release a declassified report on the killing of Washington Post columnist jamarcus showed each lasting and turn Saudi Arabia's consulate in 2018 weeks to record is expected to conclude that Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman known as Andy has ordered the brutal attach and today president Biden made his first call a Saudi Arabia bypassing MBS in reaching out to his father king sol links to mourn their discussion here's ABC's senior White House correspondent. Mariners. Journalist Jamal could show he was last seen alive walking into this Saudi consulate in Istanbul into when he eighteen. Before being assassinated by a Saudi hit squad his Dottie dismembered. Now tonight Washington is awaiting the release of an intelligence report expected to conclude that the Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin cell Mon. Approved the brutal execution the Saudi government denies the crown prince was involved. President died in today speaking with his father this Saudi king. But the official White House readout makes no mention of the to show he killing being discussed the question now will the Biden administration hold the saudis accountable is promised. The White House had said I didn't want to hold back. Well Katie Connolly this chocolate actions are sink ships are. I think there are a range of actions that are on the table our administration is focused on reach elevating their relationship as we've talked about it here previously. And certainly there areas where we will expressed concerns. Ends leave open the option of accountability. Congress demanded the report be released in 2019 but then president trump refused. Even bragging to journalist Bob Woodward about letting the crown prince off the hook reportedly saying I saved his. I was able to get congress to leave him alone I was able to get them to stop before the cameras defending the crown prince to. Nobody so far has pointed directly a finger. Add to future king of Saudi Arabian. Mary Bruce joins us now from the White House area a head scratch and we saw that White House read out of president Biden's call with the Saudi king and there was no mention all of a show what are we know about that conversation. Well I've asked the White House this exact question right it was to show he and his killing in this report and not discussed and the White House knows only that it was not mentioned in this official read out that leaves open the possibility of course that this was discussed this was a dairy carefully worded statement from the White House saying that the president quote aren't the importance the United States places on universal human rights and the rule of the law but of course not actually mentioning could showed he had all by name from this administration is trying to reset to the US Saudi relationship and it's clear tonight they're treading very care to church and how they handle those lands and very interesting there OK Mary Anderson thanks to you. And when we come back to disturbing story unfolding earlier today and gold medal coached taking his own life hours after being charged with sexual sold. And human trafficking. New York's governor under fire for his handling of Kobe and related deaths in nursing homes and now a new allegation from a former Tommy. Up next our exclusive interview with the attorney representing Britney Spears' father who's had control of her career and finances what does he say about the so called. Three Britney movement. Stay with us. Next ABC news exclusive Britney Spears' father speaking through his attorney about his role in her highly scrutinized and server to. Our ships are usually couldn't pleas from people who court's finding unable to make decisions for themselves should Britney has been and wants and she was in her twenties and she is now 39 X this legal arrangement is in back in the spotlight now thanks in large part to launch a new popular documentary and with so many asking why Britney Spears needs to be in much Amy Roma side down with a one of her father's attorneys. I understand. That every story needs a felon. You people have it so wrong here. The attorney Jamie spears Britney Spears father is speaking out. Exclusively to ABC news. This is a story about a fiercely loving. Dedicated. And loyal father who rescued his daughter from a life threatening situation. People were harming her and they were exploiting her and Jamie saved britney's life. In two dozen aid following a bitter divorce custody battle and two hospitalizations. Brittany was placed under court mandated conservative shift. Which has been making medical and financial decisions for her in the last thirteen years I'm bringing. The concern readership front and center of the new documentary. Screening Britney Spears and is a primary focus of the hash tag free Britney movement. A passionate group of Britney fans who believe she is being controlled against her will. Jamie's attorneys say court documents show that when he stepped in as conserve order in 2008. Britney's assets were only worth two point eight million. They say she worked with his daughter to restore her finances under the conservative or shipped to nearly sixty million in 2019. At some shocking number to know okay here's. Rock star AA pop star young woman who speaking forty million a year and some how she only ends up with two point eight million in the bank. Does Jamie know how that happened. Freeze assets were clearly being mismanaged and she was being taken advantage of financially. By some of those around her how did Jeannie turned britney's finances around so dramatically. She has collaborated with her. I heat when she is out for performing she is performed what she wants to record an out front she can record an album. And what she wants a live her life the way she whines like a normal person he has collaborated with her to do that as well. Since two dozen eight creeping has released four albums. It starred on a prime time show I felt like I had a connection. He is and even hosted your own Las Vegas residency. But she is not performed professionally since 2019. Saying at the time she was backing out of an upcoming show because her dad was sick and she needed to focus on family but last year a seemingly different June. In November her journey telling a judge my client has informed me that she is of breed of her father adding she will not perform again if her father is in charge of. Career can you explain why britney's lawyer is saying she doesn't want her dash in charge of her. Finances anymore and she's actually saying at least through her lawyer her lawyer is saying that Britney says she won't perform anymore. And told her dad is no longer in charge of her. Why would that happen why would that statement be made. Throughout one each when he. Britney and her father had many conversations. And in fact early on independent next day spent two weeks. With other family members hunkered down in Louisiana. Britney and Jamie went on long drives together they played and worked in the Stanley card and and every night Jamie cook southern comfort food that the family can enjoy together. And in that time Brittany never expressed those words to her father she's never asked him to step aside. Jamie's attorney says these videos Jamie says he in this year's Stanley films. And shared exclusively with ABC news are from that her family gathering brilliant horsing around their sister Jane bland writing a bike with her niece and playing around with her family including Jamie in the beard in the garden so isn't the believes that this is something her lawyer saying and that it's not coming from Britney herself. Jamie loves his daughter. And like any other family issues come up from time to time. But this in no way takes away from the love and support that they have for each other. Britney knows that her daddy loves her. And she knows that she can call on him any time conserve readership are not. Vivian it is. Difficult to understand the then new line britney's lawyer actually took a step further and send it. That Britney was scared of her father scared of Jamie's as Jamie had any idea why. That statement would be made. In the many conversations. Thanks Jamie Pickering had to route 20/20 pretty now percent those thinks Cheney she never asked him to step aside. If Brittany through her lawyer though is asking that Jamie her father or not be a part of her conservator ship why does she need and still insist on being her concerns that are. Cheney serves as brings conservatory. Because he loves her. He wants the best for Britney. Okay okay. What do you make of the free Britney moved and I think we have to remember how does concern leadership was started. And that Britney. Needed help and that's why to conserve leadership was put in place and when Jamie was appointed. Has Cheney aspirin because Britney could put his all to an end right now she's in Hague is. Everything's cool I don't need to be freed I'm living my life the way I want to live it and I've got people around me who are guiding me. Why wouldn't she just put that out there on social media. You'll have just Britney. Lots of questions there are things Amy that's still ahead your own prime lawmakers grilling executives of the Texas power grid after announcing massive blackout as we say I'm in the state of our nation's power overalls. And it's ready for climate change. Today to house pass the equality act extending civil rights protections for LG BTQ Americans. Americans consider themselves LG BTQ we take a look by the numbers. But first our tweet on the day Hasbro announcing it's gonna call mr. potato head. Details ahead but she didn't miss during this is the Juno had toys and the Internet was very confused. So in my stiffness. Welcome back everyone announce an L. Eighty teaching you community house today so far reaching equality action that would extend civil rights act's protections to lesbian gay bisexual and transgender Americans should this comes as a new study finds that more Americans than ever are now identifying as LG BT here's looks by the numbers. Point 6% of US adults say they are lesbian gay bisexual and or transgender that's according to Gallup. LS highest since Gallup started pulling on this issue back in 2012 when the number was just three and a half percent. We just looking young and also called generation easy. Fifteen point 9% or nearly one in 68 of their LG BT that's compared to nine point 1% of millennial sprinkling each person Generation X. I just 2% of baby boomers who identify as lesbian gay bisexual or transgender. I'm taking all generations together the majority 64 point 6% of those identifies LG BT save their bisexual. And finally. 224. To 206. That was today's house voted passing equality act a top agenda item for president Biden went. It's still require sixty senate votes to become law. And still ahead here on crime tonight. Project from our partners in fighting dirty apes combining a Major League records with the New Orleans is after Major League Baseball sentencing would merge that you. We speak with a great grandson of an all time great Negro League planes. Is our power grid ready for climate change happened last week to modeling Texas junior's name brings us another installment of its not too late. But first a look at our top trending stories on From from from. Researchers are closely tracking and knew little did Barry and how spreading rapidly to New York sitting. Tune is the study's finding a variant is unique but shares of concerning mutation of the more contagious Brazilians and south Africans area that's how worried glorious years and this New York's. My kids aren't as I'm. Concerned needs scary there's ordinary. Word New Jersey in the room were allowed it. You yeah yeah. You home small ratings are many issues including. Yeah but researchers stressed it's not clear if this Miriam is more contagious or more devil moon trying to stay one step ahead by Israel and Hernandez are already modifying vaccines to target the south African Americans. And both companies are also testing a third booster shot of the original formula. See if they offer more protection when the vaccine becomes available look. Former coach of the US Olympics gymnastics teams John getter and has died by suicide became hours of the morning and it was to turn himself in. Defaced 24 felony charges including sexual assault and human trafficking and running a criminal enterprise. These allegations focus surround multiple acts of verbal. My physical and sexual abuse. Perpetrated by the defendant against multiple victims of news victims were girls scattered rising gold medal as a head coach and a 2012 Olympic team trained at his chin and that GM. Called the twin stars was where his friends and doctor Larry Nasser was convicted of sexually abusing a young women and girls. Tonight New York governor Andrew Cuomo were under fire and today his office defending its decision last spring to return calming agents and nursing home. Which critics claim led to a high number of deaths. Lawmakers now considering stripping Cuomo of his clothing emergency powers after a meeting hiding nursing home dads for fear it would be Nolan design indictment from the minister. Region we should have done a better job of providing. When this much information as we couldn't. Including comes amid new allegations of sexual harassment against Oklahoma a life former staffer and Lindsay toilet. Boiling alleging several unsettling episodes including a 2017 flying and where she says that governor joked let's play strip and over the governor's Press Secretary in a statement saying he claims of inappropriate behavior are quite simply. Fall so when. Jonas the ring announcing the end draws blood just sixteen Indiana Jones today. The video shows the local residents are protesting the appointment of the military can. Some administrative today an area the full release the findings of the crowds to disperse them. It's unclear if anyone was. Prove since have been taking place in Myanmar for weeks now. Ever since the military seized power and detained the country's democratically elected leader Aung sung Suu Kyi. Tensions in the country behind its daily crowds of pro military demonstrators. Attacked people protesting against an. Of one man seen here on cctv footage from wielding a knife and attacking us. Police say last week in an Arizona man who saved his own kidnapping east. To avoid going to work eat first stuffed in Indiana has mountains. And afterwards. Yeah he took off his own bell and bounty tends. The main claim to kidnapping was over his father's death. Are we showed him all the information she admitted that he fabricated the story. The nineteen year old was fired from his job in is now charged with reporting false information. -- breaking tonight the United States has conducted military air strike in eastern Syria along the border -- -- according to pentagon spokesperson. The strike was ordered by president Biden and targeting -- and backed militias in retaliation for February 15 rocket attack against -- who has -- in the northern Iraqi city -- curb appeal -- -- several Americans injured white house Press Secretary -- sacking him said last week that the US reserves the right to respond in time and -- -- choosing to the attack. Lawmakers grilled executives of the Texas power -- about why the system was allegedly -- minutes away from a total blackout -- Texas governor -- said that the responsibility lies -- error cost the agency that manages 90% of -- power -- claiming they didn't -- last week's winter storm seriously Eric -- claimed it was -- five minutes away from the total blackout and could have -- Texans in the -- two weeks to present -- America and defended the agency's actions saying the black Yeltsin plunged millions into darkness may have -- human suffering that seems -- systems -- while many in Texas -- still recovering from nineteen trees and answer questions had turned the spotlight on the power -- ginger -- in this -- it's not too -- great airline experts say this disaster is a reflection -- -- are changing climate can lead to extreme events and -- it's crucial we prepare. A. Hi I'm Jim dizzy and it's not silly. So not animation is thawing out and power's back on. Seems the questions and frustration seemed to be rising as quickly as the temperatures I am. Never imagined civilians this was gonna happen I mean how liberal world where we can see this in the forecast for at least a week in advance. Deadly human catastrophe like this happen in twenty when he won. Win again our solar from the guys shut down a major shows by the end also fuel is it necessary. Mount Carmel still wind turned nine. Yeah and what turns out the turbines did freeze in Texas. But today only represented 20%. Of the Texas grad. But the main culprit. The heat shield installed in the natural gas production. Natural gas is what powers of local texas' electricity supply but this is a failure from many different sources of energy including call. We had Modesto covering solar panels. We had ice and went Germans and we had natural gas says supply constraints that because lot of problems of natural gas generation. We have been solve problems lives and neither plans a trip down climbed. The demand was simply too high cell they had to shut it down there's also under one big difference in Texas. Most of Texas isn't the only area in our country yeah that is not on the National Grid. So during an independent in mid to late part of its century burn to the Federal. Energy Regulatory Commission in me. Their authority should regulate. The transmission infrastructure. Because he's interstate commerce that Texas utilities said no where are going to connect any neighbors outside of Texas. So we will have a great weekend Texas. So we're not subject and federal regulation. Not subject to federal regulation but also are not able to have the back up its seat in each of these sections and say the Great Lakes start to go out of power and they can pull from the Dakota. There are larger in the inner connection anything similar I recently did you are two an extension difficulties. He won world does that even mean nothing the National Grid I mean have you taken a moment to think about where your power comes from we have a little primary. For the grid is the system it carries electricity from the source of and that could be many do to your home. Look bad womb is not always a direct one and not everybody is on the same grit. So electric power systems compression generators and provide the energy into the transmission network. And then that's delivered civilian customers or distribution infrastructure. And it all have some work together and it works it the speed of light related supply any street matched exactly wouldn't abandon items. Her cutters similar to an air traffic controller. It doesn't own the airplanes or the runways but it's steps back to make sure everything is dealing properly and efficiently. When allow the utilities we're going offline last week air pat solid they were just moments and we're talking four minutes from epic shot down so they had no choice but to initiate rolling blackouts this other states had rolling blackouts to lastly let the bears lasted minutes. In Texas it was he is Jesse Jenkins says that the biggest failure and Texas didn't have an adequate plan to keep the power behind me in the event of a winter storm of this magnitude. They attacked us in Texas listen this is something you know not that in the plan for and won an and a be happening is it was outside and it's. And even extreme scenarios. CEO bill Magnus told ABC news live then they had to protect the great from damaged him and he acknowledged that the State's infrastructure just. In this set up for this type of cold weather but he said that air cotton doesn't have the authority could change that in the. We're not. The policymakers. And we're not a regulator does so. They deserve it does the idea is after we review this batches everyone does regulators industry are proud everywhere else then. There need to be changes in that arena is absolutely. And this event was historic Dallas addicted to below zero that's their second coldest on record you only ever been colder more than a century ago but. This isn't the first time that Texas has and that cold. Actually happened a couple of times in recent history both in December of 1989 he began in February of Tony allow that she. Dispensaries in 2011. Causing major headaches we're talking about broken pipes frozen pipes rolling blackouts. Something we never want to experience again sat in early February it won eleven they dropped into the single digits in El Paso. Yeah we're usually summer peaking utility it's not so common perhaps we have so much of these cold but perhaps that's changing. And so ten years ago we learned the lesson here in this city we wanted to make sure that we you're just. Am not your member that math but El Paso was one of the areas in Texas not. Managed by air cat but rather they are on the National Grid. A lot of it happens. And no. Hands. It. I think it is a community. We we can make an extermination that bad investments. We're gonna chaos there and the prove that they did. Granted El Paso only drop to fourteen degrees last lesion but they only had 3000 customers without power to a third of arousal in Lhasa for five minutes. Here's the real kicker that's when he eleven storm that got El Paso all motivated to invest in winter protection was the same storms. That prompted the federal government to warned all of Texas that they were not prepared for extreme winter weather. They told them. The extreme winter weather is inevitable it was the same report that said that they had warned them the last time it happened in December of 1989 to. Still willing to change after this slash. Jenkins says it was being well worth their time and money. To prepare because infrastructure and we're talking all of it beyond Texas from California to Puerto Rico. Needs to be what he calls future Kurt. From extremes. All of these kinds of events are exacerbated by climate change and what that means is that sped past isn't necessarily good guide for the future anymore. So we might have thought of as a once in a hundred years fly her once and hundred year drought yeah we just can't say that anymore because the last hundred years is not a guy to the next hundred years where. It's time to prepare them and I promise. It's not chilling. Time to prepare our thanks ginger for and that it would. Spring training just around the corner closer look at major change by regionally based on which announced in December and it would finally include the records and statistics of the seven negro leagues which played in the early twentieth century is part of animal being used. Statistical. History a new light on some of the former Negro League players who will now be a Major League statistical stars figure Kendall has the story. For more than a century professional baseball has given fans held this memorable moments and players. Jordan bush used 56 game hitting streak. Ted Williams betting pool rose six per season I have got Menendez and how to paint here in breaking babe Ruth's home run record. OK. Yeah. Until recently that long history hasn't told the whole story. Black baseball players were left out of the major leagues in their early twentieth century. So they organized their own teams in 1920 danger room buster gathered other team owners informed the negro National League. The first organized league. For black baseball players. Later joined by the negro American League and other regional leagues. Legendary players like Satchel Paige Josh gives in. Oscar Charleston. And cool Papa bell helped me release maintain its popularity and would themselves become baseball hall of famers but 1947. Marked a turning point. Jackie Robinson and Adam me. Baseball game as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Breaking the color barrier sooner more black baseball players were joined the newly into greeted MLB. Leading to the decline in eventual end of the negro leagues. And for decades all that had been accomplished in the negro leagues would not be considered Major League. But this past December Major League Baseball announced that the negro leagues. Would finally be given Major League status along with their statistics. And records no negro leagues pitching great social page. Well this accomplishments added to those from is MLB career. And one change is likely come into the record books. Former catcher Josh Gibson we'll have baseball's best single season batting average hitting 441. In 1943. At long last this major omission corrected. A major change for the major leagues for ABC news on the stroke and a. Needed changes indeed our thanks to Victor and from this we're joined now by Sean Gibson to great grandson of Negro League all time great slugger Josh Gibson actually he's also the executive director of the Josh Gibson foundation thank you so much for joining us. So you are you're great grandfather is already in the Baseball Hall of Fame for his storied career but admitting it wasn't for you when your Stanley didn't Majorly based Albany this and to finally honor negro leagues statistics is part of Major League baseball's history and what we want to see happen next to make this a reality. What it was a great owner I'll for a drama and other families and early players. And knows something that was before a little longer doom. Board will is considered jars chips and a major leaguer anywhere. This is now that he's recognize and Major League Baseball starts. On and for readers and it was alarmed right now a Major League -- made the announcement. And we were trying to open here west a next election. It's all water under certain. He has steps will be officially. Include considered worker books onerous working rate right now. What do you say to critics who say that it's really demagogues incorporate new girl league statistics that it's apples to oranges because it was different competition are different links and seasons between the major leagues and the negro leagues. What are you don't have critics Nomar where you know and martyr what is being a reasonably based Larson and house. You know I'll say this recruited some mink we adjust to should have a great word negro leagues army these considerable greatest baseball where's all. And so. You know recruited she knows isn't really true number is there are used in the now has will be consider what degree does this soccer players of all time. You know George plated sang we're. Blacks played a major and so now live mainly based in recognize and ignorance lenders to consider the books it disagree on our. She and what of those who say no that this is too little too late by Major League Baseball from the negro league's stars who were denied a right to play in the major leaks. You can say it's a Little League but our guys everything to me. And the one part of our is there you know great players who paved the way and you know and forties Britain Italy stressed. Under this. In so put. You know give historians. And the solo work it was and what are your research. Is so pretty is excellent news researcher meteors. Certainly sitting senators that are sticking to big collected. You know so you know it you know you can say too little too late put its army and right now we'll take it. Our colleagues at 538 and generally deemed died looking at the statistics of Negro League star's course some of the names of the Negro League players who should become as well known as Babe Ruth or saying Mickey Mantle. These are 38 they're did a great job and of course the surge are skewed your essential rage in Charleston. Yet but winner your Turkey Stearns and these great baseball players will be included in sending manually stats now and so. You know thirty did rigor of this morning made some Arnold and Sharon. Our newly released X legally based squares that say to major league baseball players which urged and so. The say this you know we're just huge an essential arranged. But his degree big league baseball players that would deathly be reckon there are studies that may come out. And lastly you're also leading an effort to and the MLB most valuable player awards named after Josh Gibson why is that so important UN has the MLB been receptive to the idea. Well armed is very important to me in my family. In a newly written and and also the other nimbly Stanley's. You know in a statement earlier Kim Somalia is an air Americans tune and play baseball. And so George Gibson was able to remain in BP were to you know. It would just feel both Josh Gibson who needed for Amanda Gordon did that opportunity to play in the majors. And Major League Baseball resulted in baseball writers association. And so were hoping that it's a good big city get a big ticket internal and jars gives his accomplishments. As well as the other great players. John Gibson thank you so much street Simons from Warren is sure to check out the incredible work our colleagues at 538 check now rush and try dream top cop. And when we come back doctor Jenn joins us with tips on how we can all preserve our emotional health such as we get through these challenging times to greatness. Welcome back everybody true almost certainly this pandemic has just abandon our lives in. When many ways we never expected but is vaccines continue to be rolled out and we begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel what our new normal be like and what lessons will we take away from homes as he's chief medical correspondent doctor Jenn national and you know all tells all she is also an annual speech titled the new normal a road map Brazilians in the pandemic Aris she is kind enough to join us now. Thanks so much for coming on the show doctor Jan. Lindsay I miss you and her diet and same to you good -- to lay eyes on you virtually at least this latch so congratulations on this new book it will surely hellish so many navigating what he's accomplished the foundation of your book is is all about accepting this new normal for what it is as opposed to what we want to be should tell us a little more about that premise and what are some of the ways that we should be prepared to attacks. Well first of all Wendy. As you now because you and I and end it living and breathing and eating and sleeping all things coated now for over a year in terms of our coverage. You know I I really wrote a book because I was sharing from viewers and my patients allay that they wanted more than what we could really do a deep dive into in a television segment or allied stream segment which because they wanted to know how to process the medical headlines. So that when they don't get whiplash if things are changing every day we're learning more about this virus and this pandemic every day so really the bottom line is that I realized it wasn't about explaining the fact is your action it was about trying to explain to people and teach people how to think like a doctor which you don't need to those who format for years in medical school to learn which but in doing so as I walk people through that thought process in the book. Then it really gives people the tools to navigate these you know rapidly changing and every evolving circumstances that we're living N. You also talk about the importance of not only physical health but mental and emotional health as well and is well this is no longer a buzzword what are some tips to try to keep this trinity sharpest possible. Well I think first of all is acknowledging and recognizing that every single one of us has been under physical and mental strain that over the course of the last year at some time more another. Communicating talking about it being old in. Really waiting to cheer the answer when you ask someone how are you and rich and really giving an honest answer yourself when you're asked about that ash and when it comes our physical health and I really don't believe in disconnecting. You know the rest of the bodies from the head. It's really about doubling down on the foundations. That we need to be healthy and well in the best of times let alone in pandemic times so that's our fitness regiment believe it or not that's our arrest regiment and that's our nutritional regiment. Really waiting to hear an answer when someone says how are you buy it that is such good advice and hopefully people will live up to Nash of course there's been so much loss this year and so many ways when he lost a loved one job search civil ability to spend time with your friends what's your advice to people who feel like they just don't have any more gas left in their change to be resilient. Yeah I I hear you I mean there are times that I feel like that myself and many times in fact and I seeing that. What I've learned as a doctor in practice who still has real patients in addition to went I do for ABC news I I think it's. To recognize that we all are more resilient than we even realized. And that it's not about necessarily looking one week or one month or one year down the road it's about just being present and controlling the things we can control rate now. And that's how we help a patient recovering in the hospital she and I really looked at. This country like it's one shy in patient during this handout thank. And so I think just taking those baby steps. Is really important one works chillingly we have nothing last to know more gas in the tank and lastly what are some tips and insights from parents seeking curable they -- she is an even their held nearly parents and trying to find a way to balance without continuing to feel that burnout. Well you know this Wellington's. As a mom and the younger kids and my kids are older I had you know I think we're bullish sandwiched in between caring for our children also keeping an eye on our parents and I think that this pandemic has been uniquely. Different calls and painful for. Those extremes. Ages our kids and people who are older and I think we need to recognize that and approach in those age groups uniquely and individually and specifically because what they are facing isn't very very different than what we're facing so. I think acknowledging that and and taking an individualized and and really personalized approach. Shrink those age groups are really important befriending colleague doctor Jan Ashton thank you so much for your time and your insight is always. Thanks Lindsay. And be sure to check out doctor Jones prescription for how your heart and you airing at 8 and 10:30 eastern tonight right here on ABC news lines but Ariel. Our image of the day to anyone watching it has is a good article when you go outside pitch take a look at these players from the Tampa Bay Rays stretching during spring training practiced spring and warm. Not too much further away. Looking for that sunshine. That is our show does our mission is teaching ABC news life more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis electrician with us have a great.

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