ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, October 22, 2020

President Trump and Joe Biden battle for the senior vote; Ballot Watch: Ballot drop box use grows in 2020 race; 'It’s Not Too Late' with Ginger Zee: Climate change experts demand action
54:16 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, October 22, 2020
Doorbell cannon Colorado sheriff's deputies going house. Urging evacuations. Getting residents on the move from the growing at least troublesome fire exploding and size in the last 24 hours neighborhoods turn to him. To a hellish landscape. Final face off trap and biting ahead. In the second and the last presidential debate Americans hoping for a more substantial dialogue. Before taking to the stage. President trump complaining about the moderator and new debate rules plus president comes combative interview for sixty minutes. Latest on US intelligence officials in the morning about Russia and Iran obtaining American voter information. Sending threatening emails meant to influence the election. Record breaking absentee ballots tens of millions of modes already. Now watch tonight the best way to make sure your movies county. Co leads deadly rise more than twelve. 24 hours the country's highest death toll since the summer. And a major move tonight by the FDA would prefer strong US to receive full approval for treating holding. And the frustrating images of crowded cars as. We'll IC views are also. Push for the nation's eldest divine. The only see. We're examining the impact of seniors. And what to expect to come election night. In using gives us. He's not too late. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us just two hours until the second and final debate showdown between president trump and former Vice President Biden the stages set at Belmont university in Nashville. The less change removing the plexiglass divider that was supposed to be on that stage. President trump leaving the White House earlier today with the First Lady her first public appearance since her corona virus diagnosis. And Joseph Biden and his wife Jill arriving this afternoon and Nashville ahead of tonight's face off. For Americans it will be a final chance to see the two candidates head to head making their case for leading the country for the next four years. But will tonight provide any clarity or Willet proved to be another night of sound and fury signifying nothing. Our Mary Bruce leads us off. Joseph biting today heading to Nashville for the final debate the candidates soon face to face for the first time since their clashing Cleveland and the president's Kobe diagnosis. Hopefully gonna play vital role. Hope everybody regrets that hopefully it's all worked out the weather rolled bar look at forwarded it. President jump in the First Lady also making their way leaving the White House the first time we've seen her publicly since she contracted cope it. The White House announcing that aboard Air Force One this afternoon the president testing negative. The pandemic is expected to be front and center on the debate stage fighting planning to hammer trump over his handling of this crisis but the president has been eager to move on. Television Kobe governor governor. I tell me about big go. That's all they put on because don't want to scare the hell out of everyone. Trump has spent the week on the attack going after everyone from doctor Anthony found G to tonight's debate moderator Kristen Welker of NBC to Lesley Stahl of sixty minutes after trump cut short their interview. Today he accused Stahl of bias hatred and rudeness going so far is to release the White House video of the interview. In clips later released by CBS stall presses him on his response to the pandemic. And why he's not urging supporters it is packed rallies to Wear masks. Why aren't you getting up there and saying. I had it I don't want you to get it so let's put your masks and hand out masks to everybody that comes to the rally. We tell them to Wear them and since you don't and they love you know I may anonymously exchange courier news I have no problem. I love you think what makes you question Angela had to do anything you sacked. I help you run. Stalled and pushing trump on Obama care the administration is asking the Supreme Court to throw it out trump promised to reveal a replacement plan more than a year ago. He tells sixty minutes one is quote fully developed but minutes later says he will come up with a plan if the law is overturned. Down in the polls and on defense truck needs a win tonight. His lawyer Rudy Giuliani says attacking Biden's son hunter it will be his number one message Biden Steen says he's bracing for trump to go personal and to try to in erupt like he did at the last debate. I'm Buccaneers and of course Orleans says that because the question. The new question it is just as the rest the left would usually dressed in his own interview with sixty minutes the former vice president trying to get ahead of another potential trump line of attack. On whether he'll expanded the Supreme Court. I didn't still not giving a clear answer but saying he would name a special commission to recommend reforms to the court. Skating out of whack. On the way which is scattered beat him presidents come and go Supreme Court justices stay for generations. Button finally answering that question that he dives for quite some time about what he would do with the Supreme Court if he should win Mary Bruce joins us now from the debate site in Nashville in very. That first debate was just so many interruptions explain for our audience that change with the candidates microphones for tonight to try to reduce that and also what's gone all of the plexiglass it was supposed to be on the stage. Yet only complex above it what's your just a couple minutes ago Daniel removed it's not quite clear why that decision was made but as you can see they will still be. A considerable distance apart more than twelve seat. As for the commuting the silent treatment they'll be happening here tonight this is the first six candidates microphones will be needed at some points when their rival. His answering a direct question then there will of course be an opportunity. For that cross talk when he will be very interesting to see here in the room tonight. Put it there actually silent when that microphone is needed because of course just because your microphone is now. Doesn't mean he necessarily it will stop dock and that's right and Joseph Biden of course has not been on the campaign trail all that much this week ahead of this debate bush campaign saying about his strategy for tonight in how he's gonna deal with those likely attacks from the president. On his family. Wouldn't they say that they know that this could get ugly they are braced for personal attacks Britain but there are committed to the American people want to know what's going on with their family what what the next president can do. To make things better in their life's not so much about the candidate the president's family for himself so. They're gonna try and didn't like they did in the first debate about addressing directly to the American people try and call out the president when he says something wrong and it basically try to go around and the challenge your. As it was last time is on trying get dragged into the mud with the president as he tries. To make it all that these personal attack. Ex mayor Bruce we'll be watching right along with you see it tonight. Severing in our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl Jon we heard those comments from Rudy Giuliani saying that Hunter Biden will be the president's quote number one message what are you hearing about the president's strategy tonight and does he plan to be as combative as at the last debate. Well I think he will go after Biden with all of the force that he attempted to in the first debate in Cleveland. There's no question that he's good at you know go after Hunter Biden. It's. Probably not going to be something that is come comes up in terms of questions. So what we're told is expected he will bring it up regardless of whether or not there's any question even related. To anything about Hunter Biden the president won't go right at it anyway. But his advisors also hope. That he drills down on the economic message which they believe. Ultimately is the best issue for him. Taught to hit Biden on the economy to suggest that Biden's. Economic plans including raising taxes. Would hurt the economy especially now. But I you don't live look there have not there's not been a lot of intense debate prep going into this the president is famously somebody who. Goes by his guts he goes with the punches. So the bottom line is really who knows about what he'll do one point though Lindsay is. This whole question of did the Mike's been muted part of the time. The president has complained about that. He said it's unfair. But here's. A fact his advisors say that they actually think commuting of the mikes we'll help the president. What they really want to come out of this more than anything it's for Biden to make a mistake. Biden to fumble something and that is more likely to happen they believe if he's not constantly being interrupted by the president. That's of interest in attacked and they're taking that the president has also been lashing out at those sixty minutes interview. Its vicinity really got under his skin what do you make of his response to this day including the release of the full interview by the White House. Well it did in I've seen this before you know back during the 2016 campaign he actually walked down under an interview with me and I think there's something that both interviews having calm in. And that is. If it is we're not exactly the toughest interviews and nine he walked out on when he walked out of me I'd barely started the interview wasn't really anything. She never really know what's gonna set him off. I didn't think that Lesley Stahl asked. Particularly tough questions. They could. He was irritated by her very first. Statement which was saying I'm gonna ask you some tough questions but then the questions were kind of what you'd expect. Heard ask. And it really did set him off. I put it it's hard to say what specifically. Besides that opening statement what. What it was many of those questions that really more into the kind of response that we saw the president. Jonathan Karl reporting in from Nashville thanks so much John. And now that alarming warning about Iran and Russia's efforts to meddle in our election US officials now say that Russia stole voter data from two servers. And Bronson threatening emails to voters meant to influence the election. Both countries have denied the accusations but what does this all mean for your votes and get your vote voicing your vote. Here's ABC's Pierre Thomas. Tonight new. About American voters. We are not going to tolerate foreign interference in our elections or any criminal activity that threatens the sanctity of your vote. Sources selling ABC news that two of America's primary adversaries. Successfully penetrated voter registration databases at the local level along would gathering voted data from publicly available sources. We have already seen. Iran sending spoofed emails. Designed to intimidate voters. In sight social unrest. While authorities see Russia as a greater threat. Intelligence officials point to those menacing emails allegedly sent from Iran to democratic voters in Florida this week under the name probable X one saying. Do currently registered as a Democrat. He will vote for trump on Election Day or we will come after you. It was scary and knowing that they're using this information and busting out emails to intimidate people it is. Not comforting. Some of the proud borders which critics describe as a racist organization. Have openly supported president trumps reelection. But the first debate the president failed to forcefully denounced them Bruntlett. Stand back and stand by bipartisan alarm about the attacks want to destroy our democracy. But Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe accused of playing politics. When he failed to make any reference to the threats against democratic voters only portraying president trump as a victim of a new running in smear campaign. Here or there and he didn't come here do you want from an intelligent you need a good time. Lots of concern about misinformation going into this election for more now let's bring in our Pierre Thomas here if the Russians in Iran -- you have the ability to hack into some voter registration databases. Is there any threat that they could change or delete voter rolls which. Which could really throw our elections into chaos. In theory that could happen we have. No information that they have the ability to control the information that has been obtained in this particular case. Our sources and guidance is that they got axis of this information so that allows them to communicate directly with the voters and that's a real concern because they can so. This system dis information Lindsay. Pierre Thomas thanks so much. Tonight's final presidential debate of two point 18 comes as a record number of people are voting early in person and more than 33 million Americans have already returned their absentee ballots but. There's debate over how some of those ballots are being collected with many now wondering if you happier completed mail in ballots in hand what's the best way to turn it and ABC's Devin Dwyer examines that keeps ninety valid why should have been. She snoop dog style about reflected I drop it like it's some just drop it in a bar. Voting by Dropbox is taking a star tour in 20/20 from star treks Jorge duque to pop star Camilla to dale. Thousands of voters in 35 states for turning a record number of absentee ballots directly to official collection bins. I really I needed each juror. With warnings about Postal Service delays many see hand delivery is the most reliable option. There was a line in her it was crowded there and he does. More people vote. Rudy or vote by the dark about many elderly less lives less problems. Artist Sam wells took ABC news along to a drop box drive through in the key state of Florida. Not to drop off my ballot at one of the Broward. County Florida a special drug. Access but as their popularity soars top Republicans are pushing back on ballot drop boxes. In Texas governor Greg Abbott has ordered no more than a single ballot collection box for county early underscores the drive 4050 miles to get the red blue. Ohio's Republican secretary of state imposing this same rule limiting each of 88 counties to one ballot collection point. Ohio there are over ten. Thousand blue US Postal Service boxes just like this and by the way most of violence have a mailbox right at the end of their own driveway pres. And trump alleges drop boxes are a voter security disaster. Claiming without evidence they encouraged the illegal collection of ballads en masse. In Pennsylvania the trump campaign sued over drop boxes arguing they exponentially enhanced the threat of fraudulent or otherwise in eligible ballots. The courts through that argument out. I went to court said to the president say Mr. President put up or shut up demonstrate that fraud. It's actually a very low legal bar you have to demonstrate he could Neiman cross that Bart four years ago trump himself was encouraging use of drop boxes. If you happen now that your ballot. Don't do that bring. Bring again. Take it did did drop shots. And in California Republicans recently installed more than four dozen unofficial drop boxes of their own it we have demanded from the state group program party. That they identifier for us. What ballots they may have collected through these unauthorized. Drop boxes nearly one in six voters cast ballots by Dropbox for years ago a record increase is expected this fall. Yet that into the hands out election officials. Master. I'll bet especially important in states where voters hit the return ballots by I have and of Election Day. Election watchdogs say they've seen no evidence of Dropbox related fraud. The most commonly used metal containers we have to 600 pounds many monitored by camera. The majority of states used the profits where. Based and bipartisan teams out to retreat ballot. They're use varies widely by state Tennessee dance Dropbox is entirely but in Colorado where most residents vote by mail roughly 75%. Of ballots are returned in official collection boxes going for voters if it especially people who were worried about their health it's probably the easiest and best way to be able to make sure that your ballot it's risky contact and that what's your advice for people now at this juncture they've completed their act home ballot. What should they do with it what's the best that. You can Jack an animal but most certainly want to do it as soon as possible otherwise chopping about one of the secure our Chiapas is really is probably busy just didn't easiest way to ensure that your ballot is counted in an on time. And if all else fails you can still show up and vote in person. Going to the polls and voting in person may actually now be a plan B for many Americans Devin joins us now. DeVon it we heard experts say that now is the time to get your voting if you have an absentee or mail in ballot so how. New daily case is spiking about 450%. Since October 1. The mayor pleading with residents we need your help. Stop the script please stay home. When possible. The states inning in over 700 medical staff by the weekend five ambulances. And even hospital beds Kubrick landing hard in the heartland bids filling in Michigan in this ER doctor worries it's a bound to get worse. Shares staff we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg nearly a thousand gets reported across the country tonight. The dead at least eight in three weeks Montana also notching a record number of cases the ER at the Billings clinic is the busiest in the state what does it mean when you have ten or a dozen people waiting for room. It just puts additional stress on staff and somehow manager Brad Von Bergen found rooms for all of them. But he's daily battle against the virus is deeply personal. In July his sister he stepfather and then his mother became infected. Three weeks later she passed away she. She was brought in the hospital admitted as a family we decided to. To bring her home in. And across the country officials say cope it is being spread by young adults crowded in bars like this in Billings. We showed grant the video what do you make of that nobody's mask there's no social. Distancing. It didn't. It worries me. Because. What I see there are temptations. Oh I see people that go to their families and their parents and and they. Pass it on. That tuchman joins us now and that we see those images of packed bars and restaurants and really it's just mind boggling to think that this is happening in places where they're seeing a surge in cases an icy users still filling up. They even traveling around firfer. Quite some time at this point. What do you attribute this disconnect to. It's a couple of things Lindsay one people think well. I'm strong I'm young I'm not gonna get sick in Montana there is a great since of independents people don't like to be told what to do at least that's what might my host here at the hospital tell me. And they don't like wearing masks and what's astonishing is that. This is a technology that has been used for over a century and it was really first and ruled in United States during the 1918 to 1919 pandemic. And it was deemed defective back then it still is now but there's a lot of resistance to it. I can't tell you how frustrated. The medical staff at this hospital and around here are about that because. They don't even go out they don't see family they're hunkered down but. PO we're at that bar last night it it was packed not even the servers were wearing masks at the bar so. It is a disconnect it's a source of enormous frustration. I think it's possible that might change the numbers we are seeing coming out of this state right now are astonishing. And public health officials hope that at some point when they see pieces like what we just did and people piled up and hallways they're gonna get the message. And then we also heard that the FDA approved from death severe but the WH show has some concerns about the drug. Right so here's what the FDA basically gave for Endesa beer which is the produced by Gilead the gold seal of approval the FDA says that it believes that the drug is safe to use in that it's effective to some degree and shortened the duration of people's illness from the virus. But oh it also means it geely can produce enough to meet demand so there's a and economies of scale thing here to. But the issue we is that the WHO and others say that well. There are no peer reviewed clinical studies that show that it actually does work. I mean we know we think that anecdotally it has worked on many patients including the president but again there's no peer reviewed study and so it's. Very unusual for the FDA to distill this kind of gold seal of approval on a drug. That hasn't met one of the most basic criteria of the medical world Lindsay. Matt Gutman thanks as always for your reporting. Turning now to another emergency the wildfires in the west red flag warnings across six states tonight. These troublesome fire in Colorado exploding in size forcing evacuations with dangerous conditions strong winds fueling the flames are cleans and Dell. Has the latest. Tonight Colorado is burning big east troublesome fire exploding overnight west of Denver growing six times in size to a 125000. Acres. He's got slamming jumping off the top of the Regis no 3400 foot. Under a dark orange midday sky they started evacuating the town of Estes Park. The entire town of grand lake forced to flee overnight. Or sheriff's deputies racing door to door. It's pretty scary. Time everybody I know all my friends we got out we call each other. The fire is burning 6000 acres an hour. Prepared for the worst. This is the worst of the worst of the worst it's now the fourth largest fire in Colorado history already forcing the closure of all of Rocky Mountain National Park. Less than twelve miles away the Cameron peak fire also burning it's the largest in state history. But how would fire also forcing families to make dramatic escapes seven fires now scorching the state. Burning more than 375000. Acres. And Lindsay we are here in Grand County in you can see the flames here behind us. This is a very rural mountainous area but the flames have come right up to the edge of this home right below me here. Fire officials saying homes have burned here but they don't even know how many have been lost this fire just exploded overnight. More than a 100000 acres burned overnight that is bigger than the city of Denver. And right now the flames are moving so fast that their. Not even able to really contain this fire get lines around it the priority right now is simply getting people have evacuated. They're just trying to save lives Lindsay. Thanks Clayton and when we come back the officer seen with his knee on the neck of George Floyd has one of the charges against him dropped but the judges upholding the others were explains. The thirteen foot great white circling a kayaker and the drone of bombs capturing it all up next. What we're learning from the deposition of deal and Maxwell's Jeffrey Epstein onetime girlfriend what she says she knew about the girls. That the deceased milk multimillionaire allegedly trafficked. Our team has been pouring through a 400 page transcript from a 2016 civil suit brought by one of Jeffrey Epstein alleged victims at issue what he landed Maxwell the deceased multi millionaires onetime girlfriend claims to have known about his alleged abuse of underage girls. He dreamed bank herd has more on the contentious deposition that was just made public. Tonight a just released deposition transcript gives a glimpse into what he Lynn Maxwell said under oath in 2016. Repeatedly denying any knowledge or participation in convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as alleged sexual abuse of girls. In a contagious deposition made public today under court order Maxwell testifies I never saw any inappropriate under age activities with Jeffrey ever. And also claiming at the time I was president the people that gave Jeffrey men and women who gave Jeffrey massages. Where adults over the age of eighteen the redacted transcript stems from a 2015 defamation case brought by Virginia's U Frey. Who accused a Maxwell and Epstein in court filings of directing her to have sex with prominent men. Including Prince Andrew when she was a minor in the deposition Maxwell repeatedly claims do you freight is lying about her. Calling Jim Frey and exaggerate or a fant assist and an absolutely true terrible person. Maxwell also claims not to remember this photograph purporting to show G Frey Prince Andrew and herself. The prince whose name is redacted in the transcripts has denied you phrase allegations. Epstein died by suicide in jail while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy in New York. Maxwell's being held here in jail in Brooklyn on charges of perjury in helping recruit young girls for at Steve now her attorneys had sought her release on five million dollars bonds. But they were denied Lindsay. Adrian thanks so much still ahead here on prime president. Comes pre court nominee is on the way to the full senate for a vote Monday but the Democrats boycotted the senate judiciary committee's approval. What some lawmakers did to show their opposition. You're so much about climate change and expect to hear more about it during tonight's debate but what is climate change exactly would you be able to explain it if you had to. Ginger Zain breaks it all down for us and what we know about what's in store for a future. And who controls the senate is very much in play in this election will take a look at the state of the races. By the numbers but first start of the day and apparently cashew nuts really ten vote from space. Welcome back everyone as we head into the final presidential debate just twelve days away before the election which look at where the candidates stand in the latest polls. By the numbers 87%. Is a chance of a Joseph Biden went according to forecasts fire partners at 538. Nine point nine points as vitamins currently over trump when we average national polling of the popular vote. Now that lead has dropped from its Monday peak of ten point seven points but it is higher than Biden seven point 10 lead. Just before the first debate but of course the Electoral College decides the winner and Pennsylvania the state most likely to swing the election. Biden has 50% support and trump has 45%. They are according to Fox News poll. In Florida Biden leads by an average of three point eight points but in the battle grounds of Iowa Ohio and Georgia trump invited are in a dead heat 5050. Down ballads Democrats have a 74%. Chance of winning control of the senate. And in 96%. Chance of keeping control the house according to 530. Still lots to get to hear on prime could the senior citizens disappointed with the government's handling of the pandemic costs president trump a second term. Our conversation with Georgia senate candidate reverend Raphael worn on the Democrat is leading in the polls against a very. Crowded field they can he win if this race as expected goes to a special election run off. The first a look at our top trending stories on And for. This stage is set in Nashville broke critical final showdown in this contentious presidential race. I'm pretty good my bottom row. Hope everybody can live only it's all worked out where the rules are looking forward this. One thing did two men running for president having common going into tonight's final debate. Most of their campaigns saving test negative for Kobe nineteen president Donald Trump who is trailing behind former vice president Joseph Biden in most national polls and looking for a boost tonight already criticizing the debate commission did Tommy so will be covered and the moderator. Corona virus case numbers are climbing in practically every corner of the country are cases are at all time. Our hospitalizations. Are all time high and we're nationwide the number of corona virus cases in these findings from the middle of the country being hit hard. Almost 900 new cases reported today in Nebraska. And now in Chicago and nonessential businesses are subject to 10 PM curfew I want to remind everyone. Mash up Illinois. The. Full senate will vote on an eighty coney Baird's nomination to the Supreme Court will likely on Monday the votes or twelve he is ten and no load. Denomination won't be reported favorable lead to the floor. With the unanimous. Votes. Today's committee votes come despite a boycott from committee Democrats are upset with the process so close in the election I didn't telling sixty minutes if he's elected he'll create a bipartisan commission to study reforming the courts and I will. Passenger over from the 180 days to come back to you with recommendations as to how. Two reform court system. New developments in the killing of George Floyd and a judge in Minnesota and now dropping one of the charges. Just missing out lesser charge against one of the officers for their degree murder in the Garrett shot and is still facing charges of second degree I think. Intentional murder and manslaughter. All charges against the other three officers belong to grab health news each accused of aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter in the movie officers have pled not guilty. In the trial set for march rules. Only. Polling and the blues encounter with the great one caught on camera about his little next may finish up business and plumbing parts. Looking stern comment from the smitten noticing the sharks interest in anger attached to the back to the kind. You released into the water in the shark took all car outside in the shed. More and a. Welcome back very has been no group harder hit by the pandemic convince seniors they have died in disproportionately higher numbers across the country. It's so many have been forced to separate from their younger loved ones missing critical milestones the ability to create new memories. That's left some in this age demographic upset of the government's handling of the pandemic which could have a major impact on the race for the White House. Seniors favor Donald Trump in 2016 but there are some potentially substantial shift in 22 money. The range shot has more. It's a warning sign for president trump less than two weeks from Election Day to have any seniors in the house. Senior citizen support key to his points sixteen victory now far from a sure thing yeah. Yeah -- 65 year old Tom Marie and from Michigan we first met him two weeks ago outside the vice presidential debate in Utah. I would crawl over broken glass frustration president. Unable to work is a school list driver because of cold they'd brands now making it his mission to drive himself and his message hundreds of miles cross country. This time standing outside the national presidential debate holding this updated banner with the words. 220000. Dead. Kobe nineteen trump failed us. Of those dead CDC numbers show roughly a 164000. Are seniors. The Michigan resident telling anyone who will listen being away from his grandchildren this long did not have to happen. I can't see my grandchildren. They live at Wisconsin. The virus is exploding there they're one and three. My wife and I haven't seen him in six months and for a one year old that's half of those life. President trump has given up on the virus. He's quit is a failed president. He's a president who won seniors buying nine points in 2016. But this time a recent Wall Street Journal NBC national poll has Joseph Biden leading by 27 points with senior voters. Ahead even in solidly conservative corners of the country. Divided there would be a catastrophe. For Arizona's seniors. Arizona has voted Republican in all but one election since 1952. Trouble waiting your by 3.5. Percent in 2016. But even reliable red regions like Sun City Arizona as affluent 40000 person retirement community. Are showing major cracks recent polls have bite neck and neck with trump among seniors in Arizona. The only senior that don't trump cares about the only seniors senior Donald Trump. Former Vietnam vet and lifelong Republican Ben herald says he'll vote democratic for the first time this election. The Republican Party left me once sat sell what. Trump was due back back could no longer support. Harold now supports his local democratic club. A group that tells us membership has tripled in size since president trump took off its peers thing it's triple. Why hasn't grown so much. Because of child basically I'm me I would like take credit airline and a wonderful president that grew this glad that you know it's his policies. Policies Marsha McGovern says are not helping Sun City. She says the president's polls plunged as people got sick. I think it was a hospitalizations. She was downplaying the disease in March. Two of my neighbors were imagine the hospital and they both. This happened. Where several people in her sentencing. And I think that just made us wake up realize it doesn't matter what he says. 2000 mild across the country into villages retirement community one of the most concerted pockets in Battleground Florida. Many seniors are still firmly supporting trump. He's running this country like business hands before the Kobe came in everything was raid on target and everything was great. And I feel as though he'll bring us back after this. I think people are are taking opinion that. They have. The smarts. To make that decision on what they want to do work a third of their health. I think the president has done his job in that regard. Seniors make up 82% of krona virus deaths in Florida and seven the 80% nationwide. Recent polls show bite in winning over seniors in the sunshine state even swaying some in the villages. We haven't gone out to sit in a restaurant since March. Stay pretty much at home stated that you know. This is under administration and that seems to say one thing and do something else who say they value life but the real value elder life. Many of those elders expected to vote in large numbers census records show over 70% of seniors cast their ballot in the last election. More than any other age group. They happen to be a senior. I will protect you I would defend you and I will fight for you with every ounce of energy and conviction that I have. How many do you balloon into a hug your grandkids. Must have months. Which of these two senior citizens in this reliable voting bloc backs. Meet ultimately decide who wins one of the most unpredictable election years in modern history. For ABC news life I'm soaring shop. Are things to his or arena announcer the battle for control of the US senate which very well could come down to a special election in Georgia to could be heading to a January runoff. For more on the race let's bring in democratic candidate the reverend Raphael more not senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta thanks so much for joining us pastor. Are you will use thank you. So right now you are leading in the polls in a race with twenty candidates on the ballot including two main Republican opponent senator Kelly lost learn congressman Doug Collins who had divided the conservative vote. But you're short of the 50% needed to avoid a January run also is there anything that you can do at this point to consolidate support behind you in these final days. It's really put you over the top. Well I'll tell you we're very grateful for the support we are sitting in this race. I got in this race as a first time candidate for political office on January 30. We are gaining a lot of momentum. And thought is do you are honored by the support we're BO and all across Thursday. Listen I. A as a preacher have occasion appropriate Italy. About David and no idea I'm running against those wealthiest member of congress. Ed if you remember that story did a pretty good for David so we'll see when that happens over on the third day where. But we're open tomorrow metal mobile. Did too big to miss I've heard in some sermons before reading and talking about the David and Goliath so it historically Democrats have. A bad track record in run off elections in Georgia and black candidates have had trouble winning statewide in the south. If this raise does go to a runoff what's your plan to keep voters engaged induced enough after the general election to turn out again to voting early January and can you win statewide if this becomes a two person race. I can't miss is ordinary year. And this is no ordinary race we say all the time that elections are consequences. To tell you that feels like the gross understatement this year tragically we're seeing that elections are a matter of life and that wreath. Seen over 240000. American. Or 7000 here in that state. Colin nineteen it was sharp focus longstanding. Issues of this rarity and accept their help here. The need for livable weary. People are awful. The pastor and the alarm does review excerpts they might ever be Moscow. The wall where there improve their most typical in darkest periods. And I think that people are hearing my message. They are responding and we're building a multiracial coalition in that state. You are witnessing the new album brightening. And ordered the atmosphere. Now there will likely be more national scrutiny on your race and it does go to run also like to address some criticism that you've gotten from your opponents over comments critical of police from some of your past sermons. In one common in 2015. After Ferguson said police power showed up quote in a kind of gangster in thug mentality and that you can quote where the colors of the state. And behave like a son not unit not apologize for these comments at this week's debate but do you regret them at all and any concern that they might hurt you politically. Oh no let folks were noble work that I have been doing all of these years. And much of that work dressing. Abuse and criminal justice system. Has been bell along. Law enforcement. This is sad and some local political game bet politicians or place. But it but the matter is the only person in this rates. Who as the ability to glory law enforcement. And activists are already have to go. In the same room and think about the how the reforms that we need art did it in the old days here Robert Cowell Paula monitored. Where had the chief of police. A lot of her breasts of the police department the mayor. The black lab matter accidents. The current general the United States there all. Ebenezer sanctuary trying to work through these issues to get over. That you of course leave the church of Martin as the king junior once led as you travel the state campaigning in the wake of this summer's protests and over race and policing do you think we've reached a different moment in the fight for reform or. Or would you say that people are once again settling into their camps in and not actually getting much change done. I think folks we're looking at the issues. Not driven by a narrow role political ambition get it. And the holes were thinking about short term political gain and are engaged in the politics of division. Because they have no group. We have the pushed back against them that's a great department moment. Here in America does. Lastly we have certainly seen those long lines for early voting in Atlanta and we know the problems of Slade voting in Georgia in 2018. Anything right now that's concerning you and making sure that everyone will be able to cast their ballots safely and on time. George and across the country is all. The bad news is that the lie on the wall. We're witnessing the collision just O bower passion. And voter suppression. And we've got to make sure that the passion and the enthusiasm. And the commitment. It is grand and noble experiment called democracy. Or columns go you were engaged in voter suppression. We're seeing it on the ground here and torture. Also seen the Long Island but the good news we're seeing record voter turnout was sort do it your primary. We're seeing during this election. We have. Performed at a level that's 100 and 33%. Greeted him don't remember where we worry this time in 2016. And so I think he boulders understand that help shares. They don't law politicians who believe that is a good idea. As are sitting senator doesn't. The Republican congressman challenging her to get rid of Tokyo to go over and that. They understand that we should not all people central workers. While denying them and the central ways the central benefits. And so they're showing up because they're very loud so on the ballot. And then mr. priming moment. I'm encouraged. Because we're watching democracy at work at all of us have got to do all but we can't make sure that we that we in the future port shall. Reverend were not we thank you so much free time appreciate it. And when we come back what do you know about climate change what should we all know about it. Ginger easy takes a step back and explains what many say is the biggest crisis facing our planet. Stay with us. Welcome back to what happens in the next four years could be critical in terms of the long term impact on climate change but this step back if we're gonna solve what is described by some as the greatest crisis facing our planet the agreement and the pandemic. First we need to understand what we're dealing with it it's expected that climate change will once again come up in the debate and if it does jitters he is helping us understand. What it actually means. A. Hi man didn't easy and it's not too late. OK let's talk climate change it was brought up symbol to date so far and it is set of the topic for the final debate. And this is what usually sounds like. Only about adding that human. Pollution and gas of greenhouse gas emissions contributes to the global warming up causing. Do you believe who as a scientific community has concluded. That manmade climate change who has made wildfires bigger hotter and more deadly than a minute maid hurricane sweater and slower than in March. I should do you believe in science that is concluded. Well 68% of voters do and they think that climate change is very or somewhat important in their vote this yet. Do you believe that climate change is happening and it's threatening. I'm the air we breathe and the water we turn. I'm you have asked me series of questions like. That are completely uncontroversial light athletic club in nineteen is in fact says. Whether smoking causes cancer and then trying to announce as that soliciting an opinion from me minutes on a very contentious matter of public debate live. The science behind climate change itself really a contentious matter of public debate. Or is it fact. Polling shows that political party plays a role in whether voters say that they do you see human activity is the main driver of changes in our planet. We'll get passes any of that controversy. And all the parties today bishop sure didn't. We wanted to know what we do now and what we don't know who and what China is facing the next four years in the apps I think it's him. Clinton planned out the hardcore committed to. Climate skeptics admires what everyone and called wrench into very small proportion of the population. 97%. Of working climate scientists say that the trans can not be explained. By any natural causes. It's so the fact acts aren't intends unanimously agree that human an emitted greenhouse gases like our parents. Are responsible for climate change. Scientists in Iraq is in you really. And it's really like some. That was one NASA scientists but let's get another one Gavin Schmidt he works to understand the past present and future climate for NASA. And he says that if people just look at this science it's impossible to deny. We have evidence coming out of ideas. That the climate system is changing and we know that that is having impacts we know that it's having impacts on things like sea level and coastal flooding we know that it's having impacts on track coach and soil moisture we know this having impacts on intense precipitation. They had the science has concluded that humans have increased the rate of change of warming of our planet. It's not the Earth's orbit and you not the sun not volcanoes not deforestation. Not ozone. Not air assaults. Greenhouse gasses pets what did it. Salute from what we see it rocks and many other. Source of information we can go back 300 community urged. More and Sawyer pretty good sense of what's happened on this climate that's why remake a conclusion in the national climate assessment. That there are no natural cycles it can explain this wrong. So we got that they are known natural cycles that can explain. And for as long as humans and then on this planet and the need big difference the big change. The carbon that was admitted unnaturally and came on we had had their heads. In this stream. And cars and trucks. And planes. And then of course the super important one that's missed quite often. Large scale monocle share power farming and the way he. C a all of those things create unnatural amount of carbon dioxide and methane among other gasses. Those are released then those gases accumulate in the atmosphere. They help to track that she from the sun. It's like didn't unnatural Lincoln knew that relate it prevents the heat that would normally radiate back up his face from escape they it is. Cell instead and they he isn't absorbed by our land our hair. Importantly our oceans. That heating has caused massive die offs of coral leaks that only she. It's extended droughts and we think that makes it more severe wild fires and no cause more extreme heat events. We have three basic solutions we can mitigate we couldn't adapt or we can suffer and right now under adultery or Intel is assigned to us until it gets it in the past to be near the top of marvelous spokesman's of rouge should be worrying about. All that said this is science so there aren't some kind of change and we do not understand why has this thing is that we have city may evolving understanding how this the role of owns. Load and right now the evidence is starting to accumulate. And we don't exactly what they're going to do what we do note that they're not get out of GL pretty hard. We know that nature is not going to save us sounds like changed a lot of things that we don't know about climate change parents and her on this idea of earth it's an incredibly dynamic culture access. And yeah. Exactly know how our response continues kicks its. We've never challenged six. But they are certain climate change it. Climate change it's not going to be a good thing. Her enact so now the real question. That is up for debate local elected officials and candidates dear how should this information be applied and end what if anything should change. Why he is happening and whiny he is a purely scientific description. The political talk is what we do about that in some. And that is actually separate news scientists like Schmidt say that no matter how it happens in the world needs to be on the carbon. I think. King thing to me these two. No one line is this idea that that we have to be reducing emissions on the sustainable basis. Not just for one cruelty not just the two. For a decade aids and for decades past that the next four years won't make. Our climate. But it certainly seems possible it could help break it. The landing about climate change has it's not. All its products over east room enough farther down the sub titled the harder it is to turn around and I'm. And in Jersey and as a scientist I agree with these great minds that the debate can move past belief. And in focus on action and solutions. It's not too late. Ginger Z there one of many voices trying to encourage Americans to follow the science and before we go tonight our image of the day. An official walking through the seats were spectators will be for the final presidential debate at Belmont University. The signs on those shares read thank you for not sitting here in observance of social distancing pandemic front and center. In so much of what we'd do these days. And that is our show for tonight about to switch seats and sets and join George Stephanopoulos David Merritt are powerhouse political team for the second and final presidential debate. Stay tuned to ABC news on for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for shin with us good night.

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