ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, September 10, 2020

New sanctions for Russian election meddling; Mounting budget deficits threaten American cities; It’s Not Too Late: How natural disasters affect climate change
54:54 | 09/11/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Even though it looks like the end of the world some people still apparently have to mold alone. The work fans as he likes to keep his yard nice especially now as wildfires surrounding area because as he puts it. Case the war decides to take. Other residents across the west are facing evacuations. As multiple wildfires over recent days have now turned deadly. The governor of organ says five towns have into the ground. Trump meanwhile defending his reported comments to Bob Woodward admitting to downplaying the dangers of the corona virus. I'm Jonathan Karl asking the president why did you lie to the American people. Why should we trust units. Terrible question. He'd while president trump again urging schools to reopen for in person learning. And for the second time in two days before to the teacher dialing code in nineteen soured network wind serious turning point. Closer look at how Asian Americans have been hit especially hard by unemployment since the pandemic began has racism played a role. Us and for tonight's NFL kickoff. 161000. Fans in the stand amid a bizarre milestone that has nearly every pro sports leagues competing on the same day. Good evening everyone a. And Linton Davis thanks so much for streaming with us we begin with those apocalyptic. Scenes in the west hundreds of wildfires burning from Texas to Alaska. But the brunt of it in California Oregon and Washington and the death total is only rising. First responders are overwhelmed sheriff's deputies seen humans racing across the narrow charred roadways barely able to see through the heavy soot and smoke in the air. Entire neighborhoods and towns have burned to the ground like the town of talent or again. For so many homes have been overtaken by the flames and intense heat. Organs governor says it could be the greatest loss of life and property due to wildfires in the State's history. Back up mainly to suffer some of the horrifying accounts from the survivors of the flames. Tonight survivors of that explosion of wild fires in the west offering a glimpse inside the capitol going to be the we have of the city just 24 hours after the governor warned of the State's greatest loss of life the death tolls is growing tonight. Southeast of Salem or can critz talking frantically trying to reach his family during the evacuation. I drove through some pretty big frames like her as unfriendly engulf. In my car Jimmy the tires and proper you know. After that interview the Fam he says searchers found the bodies of his twelve year old son Wyatt. White's grandmother picky. The fires in the Medford area destroyed about 600 homes this lone house. He reminder of a neighborhood obliterated from up here you don't only get a sense of the scale of the destruction but also. An entire landscape bleached of color this is a sea of gray and ash. And twisted metal in another neighborhood Tim Engelhard took us with him to see if his home was still there with landmarks gone the neighborhood unrecognizable. Friends of ours and it appeared. That coupled. Friends and and it's so it's really affecting you can find wearable and he was with these dollars in grants peeking from the wreckage on on so surprised that there are the people was able to get out of here alive. He's grants and Andrei finding his prized possession. Eight and light up seaport he'd earned himself this. The special as a special gift personal gifts that he got an injury is hikes. Pay but. Remember we fifth let. Irreplaceable right. Re comparing them cunanan let me something poorly written. If California the fast moving their fire Monday nearly thirty major fires burning in the state are candy hearts on its in Butte county. These wildfires have burned a record three million acres this year alone as more than 26 times what it burned by this point last year. Fire crews are stretched thin some have been working nonstop for nearly a month. With three months still to go until the end of wildfire season this year has already produced historic destruction in Washington fire claiming the life coffee one year old boy. It badly burning his parents 600000. Acres burned the past three days alone ten of molded nearly burned to the ground the governor pointing to climate change. And talk about this is a wildfire. I think we have to start thinking their moral climate where your climate fired because that's where it creates the conditions that makes them so explosive. Beckham and joins us now from Oregon and met for people who are now able to return to their homes what kind of scene. Are they actually going back to you. In apocalyptic one Lindsay and see behind me there's literally nothing left still. What they come in which is what they have because the only things that we've seen people take out a here are ceramic figurines. The fire burned so hot here that it actually. Hold arise rock and stone and with this my Jodi and did you want to show you just that this week. Of the devastation here. You know sometimes you see one burned house or to put this goes on street after street. Block after block incinerated. Entire developments pretty much devastation as far as the eye can see it's not just this town but they're five. Towns in or again that have essentially been obliterated wiped off the face of the earth this one. It's called Phoenix. And the residents with whom I've spoken say they don't know if this town is going to be able to rise from the ashes there's so little left. And not much to go back to so. It's going to be very difficult few months for folks here but he. Really hard to wrap your mind around the gravity. Of the situation there for so many Mac gotten in thank you so much and we will of course have more. On how climate change has been feeling this intense wildfire season in it's not too late we've ginger zee coming up later on in the show. And turning now to Washington where the press came before the cameras at the White House today to defend his own words to journalist Bob Woodward the president was recorded in an interview in early February saying that Kobe was deadlier than the seasonal flu. And then it spread through the air weeks later though he said it was like a little flew in that it would go away quickly. Jonathan Karl pressing the president today on how different what he said in private was from the statements that he made to the American public. Here's our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. President trump tonight insisted he did not lied to the American people despite what he told Bob Woodward. About intentionally playing down the threat posed by corona virus. I wanted to always play it then. I still like playing it down yeah because I don't wanna hit a panic. On February 7 he told Woodward. The virus was more deadly than the worst for lose. It goes through air that's always tough for that protection of the touch you don't have to touch things but the air is just greedy. That's so it's past it's also more deadly that your you know you're even your strenuous slew. Three weeks later he told the American people something different. But that's a little bit like the flu it's a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for its I I really think circular to dislike hatred. And you know it's going to be. Today I asked him to explain why did you lie to the American people and Washington trust what you. Terrible. Question and to phraseology. And in line. When I sit as we have to become we can't be panicked. And you question the way you phrase that is such a disgrace it's a disgrace to ABC television network it's a disgrace to your employer. And that's the answer you're ready because. I I love you were sent him bush said it was your number. And told the American. This was just wonderful I'm just. Police please everybody else something and five times right five times he would be the expression five times we've had flu years who us 100000 people. The flu is a very serious problem for this country also. But just separated this is more from the the most strenuous flew and you announce that it's just what looked. What I went out and said it was very soon through an attache at this very simple. I want to show. Level of confidence and I want to show. Strength as a leader and I want to show that our country is going to be fine one way or the other he won't tell you had moved out there sitting down. Oklahomans and is no I don't really jump up and down and start screaming death death. Because that's not what it's about we have to lead a country the president then tried to deflect blame to Woodward. If Bob Woodward thought. What I said was dead then he should have immediately right after I said it gone out to the authorities. In an interview with sixty minutes Woodward said it was the president's responsibility to be truthful. With the American public. This is the tragedy. The president of the United States has a duty new war. The public will understand that British stake get the feeling that they're not getting the truth and you going down that path. Of deceit. And comfort. For his part Joseph Biden is saying the president's mishandling of the pandemic has cost American lives you saw what Columbia medical school pointed out in March. Pretty active one week earlier. To be over 31000. More people alive he waved a white flag. He walked away didn't do a damn thing think about. Think about what he did not do. It's almost criminal. On quite an exchange there with the president he hit another comment today that we're quote rounding the corner on the pandemic something that he has said before. What do you make of that is he again downplaying the threat. But. It sure seems that way in fact he also made it clear that there would be no more shut down T at one point even said. Expert or not meaning regardless of what the experts say we would not see another shut down like we saw in this country in March. And April and you see he is moving forward full speed ahead with his rallies the images that we already see coming in tonight. From Michigan where he'll be speaking to really something else a very large outdoor gathering. Lots of people very few masks and almost certainly a violation. Of state law there the Michigan State law are right now says it. Outdoor gatherings of more than a hundred people or bands. Looks like certainly a heck of lot more than a hundred people there. And most of them do not appear to be wearing masks signer no no and you know he he dealt with this is not the campaign dealt with this in Michigan in Nevada they were supposed to have. Rallies in Las Vegas and in Reno and local officials came out in just flatly says you don't know these are not permitted. Now how is like that. Jonathan Karl from the White House thanks so much John thank you Lucy. And staying in Washington now two for four hours after whistleblower claim the trump administration took steps to suppress intelligence about Russia's meddling in the US election. The Treasury Department has accused four men of trying to influence US voters on behalf of Russia one of the accused is Ukrainian who has worked with Rudy Giuliani. To undermine Joseph Biden here's ABC's Chief Justice correspondent. Pierre Thomas. Tonight stunning new accusations against a Ukrainian lawmakers seen here meaning with the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. My goal here is just one simple goal and that is to defend. The president of the United States individual. Against. The original false charges a Russian collusion the Treasury Department today sanctioning Andre dirt catch. Claiming that he'd been an act of Russian agent for over a decade. Who maintained close connections would Russian intelligence services. It is truly alarming at the president's personal lawyer is working closely. Read a known Russian agent with ties to Russian intelligence. According to the treasury. Orbit in recent months dirt cas has been trying to illegally undermine the 20/20 US election authorities say this past spring. Dirk has released a series of heavily edited audio tapes. Designed to interfere in the US presidential race some of the tapes attempt to smear democratic candidate Joseph Biden and his son hunter. Today the Treasury Department accusing her cats of spreading false and unsubstantiated. Narratives about US officials. In addition to dirt catch three Russians with alleged links to a trove formed the tried to interfere in the 2016 election were also hit with sanctions. I think we reached out to Giuliani today for comment on these allegations relating to Derek catch. So far he is not respond. Our thanks to appear for that and joined now by democratic senator Chris van Holland of Maryland thank you so much senator for joining us. Is it Tracy. Some appeared Thomas just reported on the US announcing sanctions against four Russian link individuals for attempting to influence our election. The administration has been accused of trying to downplay the threat from Russian interference but did these sanctioned show that they're actually taking it seriously. I'm not really yet they were really taking it seriously. Would endorse the bipartisan legislation that are rubio and I'd introduce. It's called a deter acts. And rather than simply slap their wrists and you Russian individuals. Beatty and ball and her parents. It would say up front of latter Coogan Russia. We catch you later Gary our elections again. There will be serious economic panel A including sanctions against your banking sector yes your energy sector. That would show some seriousness. And a part of the truck administration but they have. Actively opposed. No other words they opposed the bill to sail Vladimir Putin if we catch you again. There will be very serious consequences which tells me. That they're not serious and backed they're going to allow this year. And turning now to the economic impact of the pandemic Democrats today blocked passage in the senate of a pared down 300 billion dollar GOP stimulus bill. Senator McConnell said in an interview after the vote. What part of this ability opposed to what they're saying is we won't pass things that we are even in favor of unless you give us trillions morn I know Democrats argue this bill didn't come. Close to meeting the country's needs but do you stand by senator Schumer and speaker policies insistence that they will not negotiate further. And less Republicans come up to over two trillion dollars in spending. While never showed problems eyewitness deal one is that it was legally inadequate. Suh didn't needs at the moment and a national emergency. We face it was really. Our whole tree and it. They are moving in the wrong direction and air where. Of the trump administration was just a few weeks ago but its worst and they also produces each year. It would penalize. Public schools that for safety reasons. Have decided not to return students at classrooms and extent it. Republican senators like they actually. Create dangerous new incentives for schools now sue. Open even if they think it's on say it is we'll get them more money. That is a very dangerous move and ask Hubble. With the provision that actually went well really and Harris to get tax breaks to paper and air sons and daughters. To get private tutoring and so they shortchanged while schools create interest and Santos schools. And then they get tax breaks to millionaires. But soon privately tutor their children and that is that is not what the American people. But as you well know speaking of the American people many are hurting right now why is it not worth negotiating at a lower level that Republicans may support to at least get some relief to Americans who so desperately needed. Especially for the schools and small businesses and those who are unemployed. Well I think we made it very clear that were willing to calm down problem the numbers are and how fast euros Acton. Known by the way Mitch McConnell and senator old Lucas just let that sit. On the senate calendar or months before. Even beginning to take action when it finally took action in the senate Mitch McConnell has not. Santa okay Democrats. What's your proposal he took this unilateral action it was critical or it. To get it is senators especially those who murdered tight election. Political cover so they point to something. You don't know it's totally inadequate we have said all along. That we are really and watched. It's to negotiate. An emergency relief package. Bin Isa moment Byrd the American people this has no untrue Reynolds. Both arms. Workers states and municipalities. It has no money for a whole category things. That Republican senators themselves many of them have said need help so we are more than willing. To reach a resolution. East cities the American people. So as we sit here tonight would you say that any economic stimulus effort that both sides can agree on is effectively dead until after the election in November. And if that's the case how do you think give voters will react to that is they're considering who sent back to congress. No way I I certainly hope it's not actively. I hope that it we can get back to the negotiating table all. I'm Mitch McConnell will come to his senses I hope you'll stop playing politics and actually put some ideas or working with Democrats. There will be emergency a moment requires. How we witnessed a White House now that has failed two. Moments is the very beginning even though we now. Look. And Mitch McConnell and senate Republican. West. In doing nothing and it was Mitch McConnell who said just a little while ago. Here. And if you look at what they put forward today. It shows she still doesn't think there's a lot of urgency. We do. And we are more than it really didn't express that multiple times. Succumbed to an agreement on something it will really pull the country. And meet the moment I hope we get it right back to our ideal state and it's important country. Received additional relief and for the heroes act yet. But it doesn't have to be the heroes but it has to be something. Senator van Holland we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on. Next. And now to the economic devastation of covad nineteen and a look else city budgets across America are crater in. Congress is still gridlocked over a new economic relief bill to support the unemployed and struggling small businesses. Today the senate failed to advance a 300 billion dollar Republican plan house Democrats pass to competing version last month the negotiations between the parties remain at an impasse. Leaving dozens of local governments with tough decisions about cuts to services and even potential bankruptcies here's ABC's Devin Dwyer. After Covert blew up their budgets cities and states nationwide are bracing for a wave of deep cuts. That means laying off workers that means cutting programs to. Too good to underserved communities and also it's and a lot of financial stress they had no options here they have to cut. The corona virus recession in this arena revenue that local governments need to keep essential services going. That's emergency responders and seller healthcare workers jets fire that at least that's teachers. All things that we rely on it anytime but you know obviously during a crisis the endemic. We rely Romans were more than ever before. Nearly all US cities from Seattle Washington to tiny fear field Alabama facing rapidly growing budget deficits. A new analysis finding many communities likely to lose 10% or more in revenue because of the pandemic. They're going to be tough to be some painful choices that are made and everything has to be on the table including. Other potential for layoffs that's a conversation that we've just begun with our friends and organized labor. Chicago staring down a one point 25 billion dollar deficit jobs now in jeopardy for countless city workers. Los Angeles declaring a fiscal emergency already from going 151000. Workers including its own mayor. So the furloughs applied to us as elected officials and to all civilian employees including those who work in our office so yes. My donated two months of tough salary. Earlier this year during the pandemic. In New York City officials face a nine billion dollar shortfall over the next two years if they don't provide state and local funding it will be fine it's OK yeah. The deficit is sold large. That we would have to do everything we have to cut the budgets. And cutting the budgets. Hurts especially now. Spending cuts likely in cities in Blue States and in red once. Orlando Jacksonville New Orleans and Oklahoma City among those projected to see the biggest drop in revenue from covad nineteen. Residents struggling to half for more the households in America's fourth largest cities. Report major financial problems and her. Cots considered by local leaders would hit those families hard. Libraries rec centers parks schools and public transit. New York city's MTA a vital lifeline for millions. Announcing plans to reduce service by up to 40%. If the don't receive twelve billion dollars in relief. State governments which give aid to their cities are expected to be cash strapped for years. Some project state budget shortfalls will total more than half a trillion dollars between now in fiscal year 20/20 two. And many economists say only the federal government has the resources to cushion the blow in stabilize city in steep budgets. No good choice here right. Me the week. And borrow the money to provide that support help people now. And then deal with the larger budget deficits and debt down the road on the other side of the and that it. Lower we can do nothing sit on our hands. Which means he can Gorman a struggle because he's gonna get weaker at least that's was in my view it. Step up you provide that some were sure that you know keep the people understand the government has their back. And we can try to get out of this together as fast as possible. Congress has passed unprecedented financial relief since the pandemic began but Democrats and Republicans are gridlocked over how much more money to give. Aid for cities and states is at the center of the debate. Senate Republicans are artists. About large budget deficits and debt it's accumulating. I DC they're very reticent to give money in particular state and local government as some Republicans also think the economy is doing well enough a great job he's doing well enough. It is easy solutions or listing them colonists let me tell them how weak at all. And most city bankruptcies are rare economists worry more could be on the horizon resulting in higher local taxes and fees and reduced public service's. A prospect that has millions of Americans closely watching and waiting for congress to act. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to Deb and of course the tragic human total is staggering more than 191000. Lives have been lost and now the CDC is predicting a new milestone. It comes while the return to the classroom has turned deadly we've learned of at least six teachers now dying of co lead our Victor Kendall has more. A school scramble to make classroom safer teachers losing their own to the virus. Thirty for doing Arenas was getting ready to welcome her students back outside Saint Louis when she got sick. Her sister Jennifer and icu nurse from New York was by her side. Stephanie hired. Knowing what they know or what will happen and then haven't happens here on gambling. In Mississippi student shaken after losing the look at history teacher Thomas Slade it's a good gut punch really. News and man I respected and I look forward to him coming back to the classroom you know. And then it was gone at least six teachers dying from the virus in recent weeks. The country inching closer to a once unthinkable hole to order doesn't lives. This CDC now projecting up to two ordered 171000 deaths by October 3. I just think we need to hunker down and get through this fall and would set. Because it's not going to be easy we know every time we restrict. We lift restrictions. Will get a blip I mean it's getting its whack a mole. The race to stop the spread playing out on college campuses at Miami University of Ohio cases climbing by a thousand in just two weeks officers they're breaking up. House party with what people after students tested positive for Covert nineteen. There's an input on the computer that you tested positive for children this one was us. We. Kris Versteeg quarantining death while Obama six students sided with violating health orders. Zero how many other Ayatollah. Everybody has. In an interview with our affiliate WT BD doctor Deborah Burks urging all college students to get tested. Most importantly to every student out there. Please get tested. Tonight as the NFL kicks off its new season in Kansas City. New rules the stadium will be at 22% capacity fits we'll be masks at all times. Tonight the Miami Hurricanes played their first game of the season everyone inside the stadium is required to Wear a mask and they're only allowing thirteen thousand fans inside compared this. 65000. Hard rock student can usually hold. No students will be a lot for the first two games but they try to control the spread on campus Lindsay. Victor thanks so much when we come back the disturbing images. Revealed earlier today of an incident that began with an officer's taser. And ended as a deadly shooting word today that four police officers involved have been fired. You are new study about the state of our planet and the light on it want a situation looming for all of us is being described as catastrophic. Up next our series turning point white Asian Americans within months went from the most employed ethnic group. One of the hardest hit in terms of unemployment and how racism may play a role. Welcome back we've reported on how the pandemic has disproportionately impacted people of color in this country specially among black and Hispanic Americans but. Asian Americans traditionally considered more economically secure than other minority groups. Have taken a huge hit since the pandemic hit American shores so racist church Phillips about to examine what's behind it economic fallout for Asian Americans. As part of our monthlong network wide series turning point. Examining the so called racial reckoning now sweeping the nation's. Jefferson lead defines the American dream this son of Chinese immigrants his parents worked hard. To build this butcher shop in New York city's Chinatown but now this Coast Guard reservists is coming back home. To help the family business survive a bit and global pandemic that's been killing Asian American owned businesses. The district and Brian. Les parents speak little English and came to he US solely to provide a better life for their children. But this pandemic has hurt first generation immigrants and their businesses in ways like never before. As parents they always tell us you know we're doing it today you don't have to do it didn't get a better job. You can have a better future. And while Asian families like the les continued to barely hanging on. The president continuing to tout positive trends for job numbers as she preferably see the numbers are. Terrific but not for many minorities they remained the hardest hit economically. And for Asian Americans as a whole. Their jobless rate has spiked to record levels. It's a drastic change from before the pandemic when Asian Americans had the lowest unemployment across the board. At just 2.5 percent. Fast forward to now where Asian American unemployment stands at ten point 7%. With only black Americans at a higher rate. And what critics call racist rhetoric from the White House likely hasn't helped. Some important developments in a war against the Chinese virus we continue to make progress in our fight against each other virus. The backlash over the origin of the corona virus making a recovery for Asian owned businesses like to Lee's. Nearly impossible. National leadership votes referring to it as the Chinese virus would return of virus when. And of course. We'll bank and it means. Tenet's own. And the people that live and work you do get associated with it. Now a new report revealing just how detrimental the rhetoric and lack of recovery has ban on the Asian American community. Our data suggest that Asian Americans are hampered across entire country whether it's on the East Coast the West Coast the midwest Harrison line is one of the authors of that report. A partner at the consulting firm McKinsey. That has been researching and analyzing the statistics. Around the impact of Kobe nineteenth on Asian Americans what we looked at the data. There has been outsize impact on this community. Failings like release are just one of nearly two million Asian Americans small businesses across the country. That employed more than three and a half million people. But many of them still struggling to access financial relief our analysis. Suggests about 75% or. Three quarters of these businesses. Are not eligible due to lack of relationship with financial services and institutions. On top of that the language barrier the Small Business Administration web site doesn't have options for Asian languages. And as for the federal government's PPP or paycheck protection program. Its website only has documents in some Asian languages bottom line no communication. No cash. Those struggles not isolated to financial relief. We have heard that people feel like the Asian American community has largely been ignored in the current bad public health response. Specifically that there are not linguistically and culturally appropriate material. Or an off ethnic media outreach to really help the community understands. What are the prevention measures that meet the weekend. And what are some of that you need considerations. Might be acting Asian American. Asian Americans are also over represented in jobs considered to be essential. The same job market hit hardest by the coded nineteen pandemic those in food services industries. Restaurants. Laundromat. As were also wants these jobs right now she conceived within. Chinatown here has been tremendously impacted. And that impacts all of bus Asian American businesses represent more than 25%. Of food and accommodation service's like restaurants and hotels. More than 15% of retail. And nearly 13%. Of all health care businesses. Many of lesser health care what curse and what happens is that knicks bulls still believe the acquired infections and leaving its home. So our families are very vulnerable family members. Fear also a factor for many Asian American businesses. Just ask Irene sukur got a Simeone in her gift shop in Los Angeles California's little Tokyo was able to access federal relief. But she was apprehensive about reopening her business so soon. There are so many unknowns. But the customers were as well you know they also are not a 100% sure how safe it is to be out in about. And those who have security aid. Say those funds are just barely enough to keep their businesses afloat. In many cases they're still losing money but they're they're only. Making the lot smaller by working harder and harder. That's a hard thing to do you have to work hard and you're still losing money. So what now well for many of these families they have no choice but to fight to make ends meet. Their legacies and Harry teenage. Trapped in the brick and mortar of businesses they built from scratch and for children of immigrant parents like Jefferson leak. Who refuses to give up on his American dream. I'm hopeful you know I didn't I guess I'm the only one here so I'm here. Trying to make it work. Our thanks to cure for that and still ahead here on pricey pop is effusive smashing through the door to serve a warrant only it wasn't the right door. The homeowner of retired police officer who is speaking out tonight. The mother facing charges connecting to the deaths of her two children in Idaho faces a judge. History made on Wall Street the first female CEO of a major American bank how many women now run fortune 500 companies that first. Are treated today on this world suicide prevention day a reminder from the lifeline there is always someone here for you if you're struggling with tough thoughts or emotions. 180273. Talk. Will be right back. Welcome back everybody Citigroup made history today by announcing Jane Frazier as its next CEO shall become the first woman to ever lead a major Wall Street bank. And one of the very few female fortune 500 chief executive officers pushed for us to take a look by the numbers it just who's running America's largest companies. With the addition of Frazier 39 women now lead fortune 500 company that's the highest number on record. But of course that's out of 500 companies which means only seven point 8% of America's largest corporations are run by women. And only five of these companies have black CEO as a paltry 1%. None are led by black or Latino women. How powerful are these fortune 500 companies will together. They represent two thirds that's 66%. Of the entire US economy and bring in a combined. Fourteen point two trillion. Really capital teeth. In revenue still lots morning gets you here on prime so many connected. Devastating wildfires to climate change our jitters he takes a deep dive into the science in this week's it's not to let us. And the NFL season kicking off a right in the middle of the pandemic 161000. Fans in the stands in one city what else is on tap the first. Chris of the trending stories on But. Hundreds of wildfires are tearing through fourteen stings more again in California has seen much of the devastation the north complex fire is growing into one of the largest in California's history. At one point engulfing a thousand acres every thirty minutes. California has experienced more acres burned the this year to date. And hate each other here for the entire year and only in the first nine months and here at least three people in Oregon they have died. Today fresh fallout after new audio excerpts obtained by CN and a mere show president trump admitting veteran journalist Bob Woodward and his decision to publicly downplayed the severity of Cody nineteen and was intentional. It's also more apparently had yearned. It helps your reason you're stressed usefulness. Trumbull allegedly making those comments on February 7 good in theory it's just days later this is no flu. This is like a flip the president in Birmingham he downplayed the virus this evening wanted to protect strength and confidence. I want to show. The level of confidence and I want to show of strength as a leader and I wanted to show that our country is going to be fine one way or the other from what do we lose. One person we should lose anybody position happened. There aren't there isn't there are those shooters who aren't including goodwill charges in the case grabbing national attention Laurie ballot pleading not guilty to charges connected to the death of her two children in Madison County Idaho prosecutors say she held husband Chad Dave helped bury their money is on his property. The remains bound nine months after they disappeared. Authorities still not revealing how they die or trial set for next year. From Houston a retired police officer is preparing to file a complaint. After deputies trying to serve a warrant. Breaking from his front door only to find out they were at the wrong door Dobson doctor Curtis is how I think there's no hard right candidate out. Luiz Rodriguez reported that deputies barging in and forcing his family outside even though he identified himself and told them they had the wrong house. The deputies did apologize but Rodriguez says he doesn't want any other family to be treated that way. Fresh warnings are coming today from the World Wildlife Fund in its new living planet report it says the wildlife population from mammals division everything in between fell 68%. Between 1971 and 2000 sixteenths. In Latin America and the Caribbean it's down 94%. You can't maintain every Monday its first of its got hit Amman should be Crown Victoria BIG war for a photo shoot in 1997. As now for sale it's expected to go for 200. 300000. Dollars who lives in raising kids by some new wardrobe there was some members pushing jacket and we're gonna lightly to sell for about 151000 dollars or animals you've got to love letters that meant that vibe Freddy's MTV Rea I'm also others they'll. Sotheby's is hosting the auction next case. Announcing yet another fatal policing counter for Houston officers have been fired after a deadly shooting in April of a man who appeared in mental distress the fatal shots came. When he was kneeling before the ABC's Marcus Moore now with the latest body camera video and a warning. It is disturbing. Tonight eight Houston man's final moments captured on dramatic body cameras. Against the glare oh flashlights in the throes of chaos 27 year old Nicholas Chavez apparently suffering a mental health crisis. The shooting happened April 21 when officers responded to several calls about a man walking into traffic. The edited down video released tonight by Houston police shows what appears to be Chavez ignoring officers' commands. While stabbing himself with a piece of rebar. Travis repeatedly asking officers to kill him. Home video shows officers shooting bean bags deploying taser was and shooting him three times still trying to engage him for several Minnesota. Our officers later shoot him again as he tries to get ahold of one of their taser and firing 21 rounds hitting him multiple times. Today Houston police chief are awesome fado confirming four of the five officers involved in chavis' fatal shooting. Have been fired the mayor's comments tonight signaling the weight of their decision. And the whole of law enforcement and a nation in crisis. No one should conclude. That the dismissal of these offices. Is an indictment HPD. Other 5300 police up. But when you are wrong. When you are wrong. There are consequences. Lindsay there were several sequences of shots and it was the 21 shots that the police chief says were unjustified be. Police officers union has said that those officers were following a policy they're training. And the law and the DA's office is still investigating whether to bring charges. Lindsay. Markets are thanks to you and switching gears now to sports and a bizarre milestone brought on buying the corona virus today is the first day effort that the NFL MLB NBA WNBAPGALPGA. Analysts NHL. NASCAR not to mention US open will all play on the same day to night the NFL also kicks off its new season but. There is no pandemic bubble teams will play games and they're stadium's five of them allowing a limited number of fans into the stands TJ Holmes has more on what this season may look like. And the protests expected on the field. The NFL is that includes literally audition committee asked them and so. The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs who holds the Houston Texans tonight in the and their first NFL game amid the global pandemic. It's routines will face off a Kansas city's Arrowhead Stadium one of only five stadiums in the league letting fans attend games but he won't be packed. Only about 161000. Fans will be allowed again that's roughly 22% of the stadium's capacity. Fans will only be able to park enter and exit the stadium in their designated zones that means no wandering around the stadium. Mask will also be required at all times even while sitting in or cheering from the seats the players also following strict guidelines as well with daily Covert testing and reconfigured locker rooms for better social distancing. There will be no shaking hands of swapping jerseys after the games no cheerleaders are mascot on the field and private planes are on standby in case anyone has symptoms of coded or test. We also have contact tracing devices worn by everyone on the field all players coaches and referees. So will have some data even if we don't have positive tests about what type of physical distance has been respected. Those that are in and around the rich area will also be in massive face covering. Players not willing to risk it were allowed to opt out of the season at least 66 players have chosen to do so including chiefs offense alignment low wrong to burning toward beef. He was the first in the NFL to announce his decision to opt out. Instead he'll spend the next few months studying at Harvard. But it our. And for years now after calling Patrick's ports controversy going new international hands on his message of racial equality and social justice will be front and center. The NFL painting into racism and it takes all of us Indians owns and allowing players to Wear helmet stickers and patches featuring the names of victims and messages of support. The league also playing lift every voice and sing before each game this weekend. The home known as the black National Anthem. Our thanks to TJ for that we should also mention of the Houston Texans will remain in the locker room during both anthems tonight at a Miami Dolphins plan this weekend as well to do the same saying. The attempt to unify it only creates more divide. There's also news tonight on the baseball front of Major League Baseball playoffs which are just right around the corner. Are reportedly headed for a bubble scenario for the final three weeks of the post season. USA today reports globe light field in Arlington Texas a brand new home of the Rangers this season. Would stage the World Series and the proceeding National League Championship Series. The American League Championship Series would be held at the San Diego Padres pet co park according to the report. The plan has yet to be finalized pending a deal with the players union. And when we come back what actual scientific consensus on what we're seeing with these unprecedented wildfires and other extreme weather events and climate change. Stay with us. I want to do. Sure the villain or a hero. Depending on your outlook dame Diana rink of one of the stars of the game of drums and so many other shows like the 1960s. Show the avengers and bond. Has passed away game films paying tribute tweeting be a dragon. And a rig was EDT and and as we reported at the top of the show officials and several states impacted by those devastating wildfires are linking the devastation to climate change but what does the signs say. Pretenders he tells us in this week's it's not too late. A. Hi comes in dizzy and it's not to race. I am obviously not in the basement but made it out in the fire near to the Eldorado fire in Southern California you can see the smoke filled mountainside at a hot spots that could soon meet. Mother nature's care seen in the Santa Ana winds. And this is just one of the natural disasters I've mentioned in the last couple of weeks of course we had been raped killed. With more than a 130 mile per hour winds in Iowa we had. Wore us. That Louisiana southwest 'cause getting slammed by a category four hurricane. And here now in California we have well surpassed the 2018 record number of acreage burned. And this year the most interesting failure ever recorded and we are just reaching peak. Fire season. The wildfires of plenty we had a nightmare evacuation. Earlier this week in Oregon at Washington State with more than 330000. Acres burned in less than 24 hours everything. Close. It everything. The question I get asked a lot why aren't you connecting that the climate change why aren't you talking about land management told. When you're going to Washington. We're all in this thing through. Of cataclysmic fire. And the reason we're in the thing through. Because the grass is so dry with temperatures so hot winds are still have. And neither condition bitter exacerbated by the changing climate that we are suffering. Let's talk about it now because at least whipped wildfires the connection to climate change isn't that Barkley. We have a longer period of temperatures able to driving conditions out even further. So it's not that message seem more fires is that these fires are able to burn at a larger. Size with mortars fox. And it's not just wildfires we are already passed a letter heat in Atlantic hurricane names. Farther into the alphabet and we've ever been before this early in the season. The same time the wait we measure tropical storms has advanced so some researchers point out that identifying trends really depends on. How far back you look what most climate scientists will agree on is that most of these extremes are happening closer together. And for longer periods of time. We're also seeing a tendency for storms to intensify. Our rapidly. Which is exactly what we saw happen with Laura and Michael. And Florence and heart beating and this is one the clear signals associated read each. Jennifer Francis has something new theory that connects climate change too extreme events with the jets street. Search out with the basics the polls are called the leader it's that big difference in temperature. Creates an imbalance. Hotter air gonna move toward the colder air an effort to equal. Temperature gradient is divided by something called the jet stream it's this fast column losing air way up in the atmosphere. There's data shows that as the cause alarm the temperature gradient is not as strong so that leaves that yet to be weaker. More movable and then get stuck attack. The arrogance is starting to pile up. Up suggesting that what we expect to see happen is in fact happening. The westerly. West to east winds are suggesting which is the predominant wind direction. Are starting to slow down. And it's because that just team is tending to. Take one at these big northward swings and stay in one place slower western states. And then downstream of that we get just the opposite knots heartland are seeing all these wildfires in California because area. Experience persistent. Drought and hot conditions that lead to wildfires. Other experts say that climate change is impacting extreme weather to some extent. But there just isn't enough evidence yet to say exactly how or how much. What I can't tell you is it's not a theory that has been judged as. Strong evidence for by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or other expert assessments but there's really not at this point. Strong evidence. Or long term trends and tropical cyclones were wider hurricanes in the Atlantic. Back can be attributed. I'm chew greenhouse gases. It has no effect just needs were not able to detect an hour hasn't emerged yet from the background natural variability. Whether this has to do with that jet stream being stuck weaker blocking pattern setting up or not. This fire was caused by gender appeal party are certainly things that we as humans can do to make and mitigate these types of storms and to plan for future. When we got natural disasters like this we have to think about building we have to think about where we build and how we built the sustainable. Currently able surfaces that can attempt to mitigate flooding and something like Harvey or Florence. I think it's really important it is. The whole system is set to reward people for not being in sheer there's no incentive currently. Before an artist you perform proper ladies and gains or recycle only gets worse and worse. And pianist revealing he'd and it's unfair for people he would think if we can solve prop. Emergency managers can assure us they're happening more and definitely costing like. There is we know. Right here in which we can meet really significant polyps it's the future. A little bit scary we aren't seeing and increase the impact that and it's actually heat related to that there's across the country and parts of Texas and parts Louisiana north and South Carolina flooding so regular would be that people are evil to get themselves are covered and putting. It can't so we're seeing this like. Compounding. Vulnerabilities. In communities. Country. Part of this is the idea that while extreme weather event is out of our control the aftermath of what we call the disaster. Is shaped by our decisions and policies. Being disaster aren't holding a rally at all over the country are not equitable fairer and that we do about them or at least. Significant when he met and I our entire Montana says that for every one dollar the federal government spends on preparing before a storm. They save six dollars in response and recovery so it's a no brainer. You know not personal the tape where Americans live in this country. But I also think if you wanna live also released Matt Arnold a lot of our into the younger at Goucher you wanna live down and he's hilarious. Or urge. You know on the coast you can do that but don't our our governments don't bell yeah. Long who left FEMA last year says that this country relies too much on tax Payer money to recover instead of having insurance or making good planning decisions before a disaster hits. Really the good news is. Resolve all the scientific issues to be better prepared. I'm if you live on the Gulf Coast it's like you're in the hurricanes' blue and you better be prepared we know San Francisco it's earthquakes. Museum against hurricane. Midwest tornadoes the west gets fires number and to be better prepared that's about all you need no. So even if the atmosphere starts to change in the jet stream changes because of what we've done and the different difference and that temperature gradient from the pulpit he would later. We can make those changes ourselves and that's what can control right now right in our future. At tramps. Are. Science is really so fascinating our thanks to ginger for that and before we go tonight. The image of the day take a look at this man in Salt Lake City all sprawled out on the fallen tree two days after a massive storm cause widespread damage across Utah. Tens of thousands remain without power in many schools are closed there. But for now one man able to rest despite this chaotic here. And that is our show for the salvation to stay tuned ABC news five for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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