ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, August 13, 2020

Reality check on the race for a vaccine; Former Rep. Katie Hill: Female candidates ‘held to a higher standard’; Is the economy showing signs of recovery?
51:38 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, August 13, 2020
That day turned to a hellish night escape in Los Angeles county nearby residents have evacuated as. Tens of thousands of acres burned across several western states. Champagne clash lineman Harris appearing again together calling for face covering mandates in all fifty states. He election rhetoric heating up and the stunning admission from president from opposing funding for the post office because things. Cold this crisis the debate over safety in schools and a reality check on the government's response. And the global race for a vaccine vaccine. Told that I don't think it will need. The White House announcing a peace deal between Israel and the UK he Jared Kushner calling it an historic day but what things. Shocking video of a dog biting the suspect even after he had a handout. What banana saying. And the police department's response. Family rivalry. Serena is milestone come from behind wins against a rather familiar competitor. Good evening I'm juju Chang in for Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with us. Fifteen point five million Americans are still collecting unemployment benefits that's millions of Americans struggling. Worried about putting food on their table or keeping the lights on or staying in their homes. And yet today congress adjourned for the August summer recess. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on able to make a deal and provide the security so many need during this pandemic. Another big challenge left on answered by congress the issue of increased funding for the Postal Service which could be critical in this election cycle. President trump admitting the Postal Service needs billions for mail in voting but he doesn't want to give them funding. The Biden Harris ticket had something to say about that Mary Bruce leads us often. President trump today bluntly admitted he wants to block billions of dollars from the post office to try and prevent Democrats from expanding mail in voting in during the pandemic. They need that money in order because of his work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots now if we don't make it feel that means you don't get that money that means they can't have. Universal mail in voting. They just get out that. Jumped acknowledged that without the money the Postal Service will not be equipped to handle the expected surge in mail in voting. He is claimed without evidence that mail in voting leads to widespread voter fraud. But he's also admitted he thinks expanding mail in voting will hurt Republicans. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today accused trump of putting his own political interest ahead of voters health. Depression is afraid. Of the American people. He's been afraid for awhile he knows that on the legit it be hard for him to win so he wants to put obstacles or participation. Joseph Biden's campaign says the president is sabotaging the Postal Service period were Abbott got up front. Biden on his first day out with his new running mate putting the pandemic center staged casting themselves as the team that can tackle this virus. The vice president at the sentences beginning this pandemic it's. Better leading policy and our country to address. I'd and is now calling on all governors to impose an immediate mask mandate. Every single American. Should be wearing a mask when there outside. For the next three months at a middle. Every governor should mandate. Every governor should mandate. Mandatory mask wearing. He says it would save thousands of lives and is just the right thing to do. This American. Be a patriot. Protect your fellow citizens. Protect your fellow citizens step up. Do the right thing late today the president responding. Biden's approach is regressive this anti scientific and it's very defeatist. Going to be very bad for our country. While Joseph Biden has been playing politics from the sidelines he has no clue. And Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington Mary how Republicans reacting to the president's comments. And whether the post office needs of these funds ahead of the election. We'll certainly not heavy Republican is on board here in fact Susan Collins of vulnerable senate Republicans say she disagrees strongly with trump on this issue. I have to say the and you do it is unclear exactly what the president's position is right now he seemed to signal to reporters just now that he would be open to negotiating and funding the Postal Service but just at a much lower amounts. And this debate over funds for the post offices all part of the larger economic stimulus talks. But the senate adjourned today as we know for their August recess is there really no deal in sight. There is unfortunately really no deal in sight here lawmakers are headed out of town for this summer recess and they are still far far apart. On many issues not only concerning funding the Postal Service but also those critical unemployment benefits that weekly 600 dollar check that thirty million Americans were relying on that has now expired that is still a very contentious issue. So is its funding from first for state and local governments additional funding for schools testing the list goes on and on. Capitol Hill has a lot of work to do. Not a lot of time and no one is up on the hill right now. You just how many Americans watching this debate our thanks to their embers. And of course is unprecedented election taking place as thousands continue to die from corona virus. More than 14100. Deaths yesterday alone the most since the spring. Get across the country the debate about reopening schools grows louder Victor can now has more. Yeah and. Across the country growing calls for schools to open their classrooms. To date Tampa area schools forced by the state to do just that or risk losing more than 200 million dollars in funding. But for some schools that have already reopened swift setbacks at least 2400 students and staff for fourteen across at least six states. Elephant in Cherokee county Georgia after dozens tested positive for the virus students encouraged but not required to Wear masks. I definitely still say give this a shot. I'd acts think there is a way to do this person. But some periods keeping their kids all along and it's just a little too scary aren't now and he asks. I think is that each autumn game that can stop spreading the virus as children go back to school in child. Care settings. The American academy of pediatrics today recommending all children older than to Wear masks seeing cloth face coverings should be part of their new normal. Just like wearing seatbelts the bike helmets. Today Georgia's governor posing new election. After withdrawing his lawsuit against the city of Atlanta which had its own mask mandate the president again today pushing for schools to reopen. We don't want the school shut down we want the schools open and especially very young children and live all children who little children but especially very young children handle it very well. But doctor writhing boat she says to reopen schools communities need to keep infection rates under 10%. That's for those temperature checks he says there are no reliable screening tool especially on a hot summer day. It is much much better to just questioned people in the Korean. And seeing the time. Because the temperatures are notoriously. Inaccurate. And it's our students learning online school district's no scrambling to get kids computers they need not. This is an emergency this is a crisis we don't have time for. These children need to be educated and they need a device to get it done. It's some parents worry a little boy school just won't work. They're nodding needs anymore and there it's very very difficult when they've got young surfer ago here in Hollywood Florida feels stuck. I don't have the luxury of not going into art. My husband doesn't have the luxury of not going into work. So many Americans just trying to keep their family safe. The virus infecting each member of the givens family Minnesota their four year old had no symptoms but their newborn was hospitalized for days. Deposits are and I was an absolute shock these kinds and it's your child is it's our treaty. Some news in the race for the vaccine the director of the National Institutes of Health said that it would be a quote miracle if one of the vaccine in phase three trials. We're to demonstrate an effective vaccine by the beginning of October but there is some encouraging news. We are still on track to have a readily available vaccine by the beginning of next year. Picture a can of ABC news Miami Beach. And joining us now to help us get out reality check on the cobain's nineteen situation especially. In the race for a vaccine is senior scholar at Johns Hopkins university center for health security. Doctor Amish adults and a doctor Gaza thanks for joining us. It I know you've served on government panels tasked with developing guidelines for the treatment of infectious disease emergencies. And we just earlier got an update that operation warp speed is on track to deliver 300 million vaccine doses. To the American public by January of next year now. This is a massive public private partnership. In your opinion what is the US government getting right and one if anything are they getting wrong not just in the search for the vaccine but. In finding the virus. So when you look at operational were speed it is something net nanny let's call war for some. Angle we shore medical countermeasures. That we're nots basically doing is on the slot. And it removes some of the audience on certain cheated many of these companies are investing. In and out of vaccines are chasing so reducing debt. Just a whole idea about resort to manufacturing. Many candidates. Slowing know the idols these results will be one way to down. As time soon scale. When that vaccine becomes available it is his misses a major. Something that I think we all support. However when the virus overall I would say it is. The federal government is a major problem being able to recognize the seriousness of this out and start from January February march where. The threat was minimized the CDC testing guidance was slot the test its plot in the playing catch up since that we continue to happen. Experts east. The White House as well as undermining of the CDC which is an it now. Premier public health institution and we need to cctv in the driver's seat but this pandemic and for all it is these emergencies. Now let's talk about that big headline we woke up to you earlier this week which was Russia's claim that they've developed a vaccine. There's been a lot of criticism but let's get into it by let me ask you when you personally take that vaccine I mean we're Russia has been criticized for cutting corners. And calling this spot make five victory. I would not say this five backseat at this point I'd want to at least he stays on her face to date and we had to know. Not seen any peer reviewed publications he'd been describing. Death. Dior at the efficacy of this backseat even an early stage clinical development of the previous two mile black box in until we see dad data I think this is really highly speculative endeavor. Nothing bad how. You don't want. Any kind of missteps at the Russian experienced a color people's. Color people's. Evaluation of other back. Vaccines that are that are out there and it's going to be a major challenge to get people takes a backseat to any kind of seek you have to guess is that emerges from the Russian experience. Could be something that. Will be. Something to the public health authorities in this country are going to have talked to the general public about. And doctor found she has expressed. Skepticism publicly. Do you share that skepticism. I do share that skepticism we don't know anything about this vaccine other than what kind of a vaccine and as we haven't seen these wanna see Stuart animal data its descendant that these types of data exists and that there is going to publication that until. We see it published in Chile see your reviews it's really hard to make any kind of claims so I am skeptical at eight. Actually had a C earn seats and I just that they don't need are due to vaccine development process as they rolled this vaccine Knauss. So so walk through the normal vaccine trial protocol and and how does it normally operate and why was this Russian trial different in that sense. Apple what how. Happens is you go through different phases of study phase one phase two would you really looking at the safety of the vaccine should and does a vaccine actually induce antibodies and cell immunity what side effects like to experience I getting it and then you move to a retrial where you actually backs and a larger group of people not just dozens or hundreds the BB tens of thousands that something that might be rare something might happen 1% of the time we got it you'll also see how those antibodies and how that's he's Alameda east stairs. When a person that vaccine is pieces of iris in the wild that's where you actually get true efficacy that's where we actually know let their backs words whether. The you know Russian vaccine is that they're skipping the east trials and it going to do it constantly is actually are to the general public so we don't know whether it's going to work every Delahoussaye it's going to be given some. Relation. Save it done based on an east village and you see none of that eight. Right and there have been reports of cyber security breaches with relation to information on vaccine development. And when we're dealing with a global race for a vaccine like this with competing countries. Do scientists anticipate espionage because there have been a lot of talk of the international cooperation when it comes to covad. There has been some reports are in dust. On this and witnesses were brought it iris. And I don't know have to answer and the outlook is where it ran a world where everybody's trying to get a vaccine Ian some of this industrial secrets or or for. I hear information and we know that they are and present. The ability it's you be able to. Is in breach and I duplicated replicated soil using this is an important I know that this is very similar to sort. That he'd be developed. Burress. And how confident are you that the January date for a US vaccine would be one that you would be comfortable taking. Based on the data that you've seen thus far. But the US he's seen road east line based in day out and waiting to see based treated us starting now. If we get through a screen. Pass wit and safety signals as well as the C against arsenal while adding to be something. But I would recommend people were taken and are now enrolled in clinical but it's transparent. All informed consent so agency is very different than what we see in Russia and do it United States. And United Kingdom and will develop safe and effective scenes and the difference it should all be what way to be finally. And. And so that's my next question about exiting the pandemic not if but when there is a vaccine there is concern that cut would we'll never simply go away given the lack of a perfect match. Do you think that's the case or is is this is going to be our new reality of having co bid some strains of it's still out there. I do think that code it is going to be with us this is a virus that transmits. Very efficiently from people it's established itself and human populations a vaccine will keep it under control and I don't think it will be eradicated from the and it. We only eradicated one human disease from the planet and it's not something that we need to do for measles like he did this virus is going to be with us I think you'll be much less and we have seen at. Albums. We'll doctor a mashed indulge a thank you so much for your time and for all your perspective. Appreciate it thanks yeah. I'm gonna turn now to the financial impact of co lead in the latest on the economic recovery. For the first time since the pandemic hit in March weekly unemployment claims fell under one million. But there are still record highs with 963000. Americans filing claims. Just last week and some fifteen point five million total Americans are currently collecting unemployment benefits. I'm joined now by ABC's Deirdre Bolton and Deirdre it's of course welcome news that these unemployment claims are falling but. The economy and the Johns pictures still very much a deep dark hole can you. Put these numbers in context for us. Wii's shorthand so for example you mentioned this amazing numbers so we'll take the Victor is aware we have themselves under a mill yen. For the first time as since this lockdown began as you know in March so the fact. That fewer Americans are applying for new unemployment benefits. That has to be a mini victory lap of sorts so this is the first time we've seen this kind of progress in basically five minds. We just have to take a larger view though and if we look at the number of Americans that it had to file unemployment benefits since the lock downs began. It is close to 56 it million so that's about a third of our workforce. That obviously is a huge numbers so while this number is promising we just have such a long way to go one other kids textual point here. Is that if you look back to the last recession so between 2007 and 2009. The worst a week that we had during that time for new unemployment benefits. We had 665000. So every single week. Since the march a locked down we have surpassed even the worst week from that last recession we just have a long way back tickets. Figure those numbers are staggering to put into perspective. I'm now we both know congress and the White House are stalled on negotiations over more economic relief measures. With no deal in sight no 600 dollar checks for people in need. What kind of economic fallout could we see in the weeks ahead if they're not able to get some kind of deal soon. So most economist that I have been speaking with they say we're gonna CD of facts of this stalemate in days it never mind weeks it never mind of minds. As we know that 600 dollar supplementary payment on top of unemployment benefits. That was such a lifeline to so many Americans using that my need to pay for groceries to pay for medical bills. To pay for rent so with -- that light client it means a lot of Americans really in a dangerous position we also know from data. Very few people have more than 400 dollars the Fed put out this study in saving so there's just very little margin of error consumer spending. Two thirds. Are our economy itself obviously the last night people having their pockets even to buy basics such as groceries. That shows up in our overall economic picture GM. Well Deirdre you mentioned the 400 dollars and yet on the other end of the X of the spectrum is Wall Street give us a sense of what's going on with the stock market which is now back near its free pandemic highs. Is the market out of sync with economic reality on main street or is this just a sign of the does this division between. The health of big companies vs small businesses and could the stock market come crashing down at some point. I think you can say that the stock market is not a reflection of the economy and that is for certain two different entities altogether. One of the reasons why we seen the stock market come back so myself up at eight out of the past ten weeks. Is because the Fed and the government have pumped trillions of dollars into our system that means any time a company wants to borrow money. It's cheap it's meant to be stimulus and that is why the Fed did it so the market and these larger companies have really had a lot of institutional support. If you like so that is certainly at play here. As for the future there's always going to be this Tug of war as many people have told me. Pat a lot of the sentiment market sentiment is really driven by the virus so let's say we have good news about a potential vaccine. That's gonna be a catalyst you're gonna see a lot of the stocks it event neglected or beaten down Anke travel and leisure. Hotel airline stocks any of the services industries that are just really difficult to carry out right now without a vaccine you would see support for those stocks. By the same token and if there is a major setback he eve Daryn in the development of a vaccine. For a setback in the way that Colby is being a mention or rather being managed a globally. You could really see that take a big chunk out of sentiment. Decker thank you there's so much unpacked there we appreciate it. And now let's get to that landmark deal in the Middle East Israel normalizing relations with the United Arab Emirates and agreed to temporarily suspend annexation of Palestinian territory's. President trump made the announcement today from the White House the news even drawing praise from Joseph Biden. If the deal is signed the UAE would be only the third Arab nation with formal ties to Israel so what does all mean in the Middle East. Here's ABC's Terry Moran. Sitting at the resolute desk in the Oval Office president trump himself announced an historic peace agreement. After 49 years did you know in the United. Arab Emirates will fully normalize. Diplomatic relations. There will exchange embassies ambassadors and begin cooperation. Across the board. The preliminary deal marks only the third time in history and Arab nation has agreed in principle to establish normal relations with Israel after Egypt and Jordan. And it's a potential breakthrough for a region long mired in war ruined terror and diplomatic stalemate. This deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful secure and prosperous. Mainly just. Israel on the Mediterranean Sea and the UAE on the Persian gulf key American allies who've been secretly cooperating for years against a common foe Iran. Under the deal announced today the two countries will work to open embassies build economic ties to. And cooperate on a corona virus vaccine and Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over land it occupies long claimed by Palestinians for a future state. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanking trump and predicting this is just a start of a new Middle East. I believe. There's a good chance we will soon see more Arab countries joining those expanding. Circle of peace. But among Palestinians shock they had this sense of betrayal to had a more Ahmad what do horses to have a peace process between us and the Israelis to the emirates we reject this conspiracy completely this man's sense of my disparity. And Terry Moran joins us now from Washington Terry you mentioned that common flow Iran without major dynamic behind the deal. And it also sounds as though there could be other countries following the lead. Absolutely a Ron was one of the drivers. But so is is the new world economy the new world order really are a lot of what's happened in the Middle East has been mired. In the past. And with. The pandemic storing so much change it's also spurring this change would there have been secret relations between. Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia all the leaders today said they expect other Arab nations to follow suit and sign a peace deal. Everybody's looking at Saudi Arabia in part because of Iran in part because. This new generation of Arab leaders they don't want to be locked into the same political arguments over the Palestinians that their grandfather's war. They are ready for something new. And you know president of likes to style himself they disrupt or there's no place. That needed disrupting more than the Middle East and his diplomacy has done that this is this is part of the fruits of president trumps different approach to the Middle East. And Terry in relation to the Palestinians we heard that criticism from Palestinians on this preliminary deal. Does this change much on the ground between Israelis and Palestinians and the long dormant peace process there. You know it it it is a tragic situation really for the Palestinians one thing they did get is. Is that Israel is backing off for now suspending declaring sovereignty over those lands on the west bank of the Jordan River the Palestinians have long hoped. Would be the land for their future state. But that is a long way off and it does look like they've been left behind in yesterday they'll have to find a new strategy. As that monolithic resistance to the existence of Israel. That Arab nations maintained for so many decades starts to break down under new realities Palestinians will have to have a new approach. And hold. That the United States will begin. To re engage in as you say that long dormant peace runs. Ten ran as always thank you for your insights. And we're gonna turn now to that wildfire that's raging out of control near LA. The lake fire is threatening homes and forcing evacuations. And the firefighters trying to stop it are battling the flames. Plus a looming heat wave all while trying to protect themselves against cove it. We'll Carr has more from the front line. Tonight the lake fire is threatening communities north of Los Angeles. Violence out of control after exploding Wednesday that smoke clouds that this has created this. Absolutely enormous going from the sport to more than 101000 acres in less than three hours. Hundreds of firefighters are on the front lines battling steep terrain safe communities. Are racing to get out Randi Miller grabbed his cats and left I got the core. It was so hot from the play's been around me I thought I was gonna blow tires Miller's home is okay but Kinney Reynolds is not as fortunate. It looked like fire departments trying to do some home protection but it did not look at it did not have a chance that neighbor's house was already engulfed when I left. Helicopters are sleeping in making commercial nighttime water drops. Stationed ABC capturing his firewall on a hillside tornado of flames. The fires burning in a rural part of LA county that hasn't seen buyer activity since the late sixties I was surprised this morning. That we did lose several structures. Firefighters now forced to battle extreme fires while also dealing with the cove in 1910 Dennis. Including the Orange County fire authority while preparing for a bad fire season fire chief Brian Finnessey telling me crews are now required to carry three days were the PP eat into the field. No port town along. It's up. So far this year more than forty of his firefighters have contracted cove in nineteen. Fighting a war on two fronts indeed and will Carr joining us now and will you just spend time with cal fire as they've been gearing up for the peak of wildfire season. How difficult will it big. But I tried to it and you can hear want to helicopters going overhead right now they tell me this is going to be a very difficult fire season a large portion of this state has not seen any significant rain. I'm any any I am not a time in recent months I can tell you add in those bone dry conditions wind whipping winds that we tend to see. Drop the rust and new York and low humidity and that his mother nature's triple threat and I should remind you that. In recent years we have seen the deadliest and most destructive fires in California's history can vote didn't November. And December so we still have a long way to go to get. And you pointing out the crucial role that helicopters are playing and considering all of that how to conditions of the fire where you're at now. Our officials concerned. That's right we're saying a lot of this destruction for the first time and it is high. Hot out right now and is supposed to be over a hundred across this area through the weekend that is bad news for fire crews on the front lines right now. Trying to get containment on this fire. Thanks we'll car hoping that's not an injury to your hand thanks for your reporting. Indeed just a face mask. Salt Lake city's police department has suspended its canine program after buying cam was released showing a police dog. Repeatedly biting a black man. He was kneeling with his hands up and he's now suing the department claiming the use of force was unnecessary. And happened because he was black. Adrian banker has more and we must warn you. The video you're about to see is hard to walk. So. Tonight that just released police body canned video of an incident last April showing police officers commanding 1990 subdue a man already on his knees crowded. Jeffrey Ryan's approach by officers in his backyard meals and raises his hand but as police commanded him to get all the way down. They released 79 to go giving him the hit ordered to by Bryant's. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I want to. Police say they responded to the home because of a complaint of domestic violence. I. Doing great act and our clients' attorney claims that this was a case of racial bias you look at all the other factors and then the record is flat. It is his race and where did the pleas reacting to them. The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave and their canine unit has been suspended. The police department says they followed procedure. We're gonna have exercise extra precautions whenever we go to ray had called domestic violence. Heavy attorney has filed a notice of claim in this incidence citing excessive force the city has sixty days to respond police say they're conducting an internal investigation. Did you. Our thanks to edging in and when we come back and it's terrifying and deadly blast caught on home security camera. And could go to the movies once again become a thing to do the major announcement from one movie chain but is it safe. And Hewitt nonbelievers think there is a plot between cultural leaks and intelligence services to ruin the world's and now one such believer that's may end up in congress. For a closer look. After the break. It's a fringe conspiracy theory that started in anonymous message boards but it's believers are increasingly having an influence in our politics. It's unfounded. And yet its supporters are undeterred and one of them may become a Georgia congressman Steve Olson summit has this report. The people who believe in this think that US intelligence agencies and America's cultural leader working together and some diabolical plot to ruin the world. And that there's a secret save your name cues trying to stop them and needs their help. In this world you don't and there are. The files and blue Nike and just generally bad everywhere. Hiding and insight secretly calling miss strain. You an honest and instead is eight alone can find they have the ability and that's what they are going to. Actually conspiracy theory gets. Us. The believers of Q and on as it's called the staked out a corner of the Internet where many of their wild and unsubstantiated. Claims have flourished. But they have a new champion in Marjorie Taylor Green who has upset the Republican establishment by winning her primary for seat in the US house representing Georgia's fourteen congressional district Q is a patriot. This is green in 2017. Talking about the movements mysterious leader named Q he is someone that is very much loved his country. And he's on the same page of fats and he is very pro trot the FBI says Q and on and there are many conspiracy theories are potential domestic terrorism threat to North Carolina man who. And who shot up this DC pizza restaurant looking for nonexistent had a files. Believed in similar theories leaders on the right have distanced themselves from green but after her victory this week. President trump shared his congratulations to future Republican star Marjorie Taylor grieve she isn't alone a small but growing number of Republican candidates who've won their primaries. Share some of these police. You and on fans believe that. Or at least they act as though they believe that trump is the C bureau of the United States and they are helping him or return at eight. A. The movements appeared followers started appearing at the president's rallies as early as 2008 T we don't exactly know who Q into the pain she was not one person. OK IQ is a bunch of people. There are on the inside to the good guys and they know the real story. And of course we still have a ton of news to get to you here on crimes. The mixed messages about heading to the dentist in the middle of the pandemic is it safe. We'll examine the issue. The wild boar who created quite the scare for beach goers. And one of the greatest sibling rivalries in sports face stopped again today on the tennis court will look at Serena vs Venus. By the numbers. But first our tweeted today or should we say the word of the day what left handedness mean. There were no fans in the stands and yet one of the greatest sibling rivalries in sports was on full display at a tennis tournament in Lexington Kentucky today let's take a look at the battle between Serena and Venus Williams. By the numbers. In their 31 head to head career match up Serena pulled out the win today at the top seed opened in Kentucky. Coming back 36636. Full war. Serena holds a nineteen to twelve advantage over her big sister since they first faceoff in 1998. The rivalry now and it's remarkable fourth decade with the legendary sisters last facing each other at the US open. In 2018. In Grand Slam showdown Serena leads eleven to five and when facing off in title matches Serena leads nine to three over Venus. Their last final showdown at the 2017. Australian Open Serena the last Grand Slam title win. And today's match with extra sweet for 38 year old Serena it was her 100 career win coming back from a set down. And still ahead here on time our conversation with the former congressman who stepped down after she was accused of sleeping with her staffer. And why she is speaking out against double standards in politics. But first. Here are some of the trending stories on Why. From. Evacuation orders are in place in northern LA from following a wildfire about sixty miles north of the city. Firefighters are getting a bit of a lucky break clouds and moisture moves in costing the flames to calm down for now. We're open to do a lot of good work tonight. They get around it. But the wind is gonna pick back up tomorrow and that's going to be concerned about being able to you've been contained and fire that spread out there. But Southern California is uttering a weeklong heat wave that will be extremely dry temperatures above 107 degrees and areas and fires critics. Loan. Health experts are warning updated models show the corona virus outbreak we'll ramp up again this vault them both in cities and suburbs and schools reopened and flu season began this. Steps in the US remains high nearly 15100 Americans died in the last 24 hours. There's the economy another 936000. Workers who filed for unemployment insurance last week ms. corona virus early negotiations. And hit another. Wall on the senate is now leading recess. Senate members now without due back until after Labor Day on the president's order calls for 300 dollars a week in federal payments Wednesday's adding another 25%. But state leaders say their cash strapped to Democrats want to keep this 600 dollar a week supplemental unemployment benefits believing. Newly minted Harrison I didn't take it blaming the drug administration for not brokering a deal facing a fierce reelection bid trunk is considering extending payroll tax cuts when he wins in November and big terminating the payroll tax. If dry hopefully get elected. Credit presidential candidate Joseph lighting and running mate Pamela hair isn't under roundtable in Wilmington Delaware today with health experts on the pandemic. Light in after the meeting called for a nationwide. Massive mandate. Governor should manage. Mandatory use mass where they live from the estimates by the experts are saying. Over 40000. Box. Areas angle calling says yeah. There may be some grand gestures offered by the current president yeah about a vaccine. Let it really doesn't matter to them until you answer the questions. Land on my client. You actually yeah. Video captures the moment three Baltimore wrote lonesome exploded on Monday two people were killed in the explosion and seven were injured pulled from the debris including one remains in critical condition. The investigation is ongoing deadly gas company said today they found no signs of gasoline in the area. There are giant EM seizes it is aiming to restart opening some theaters across the country a week from today. Begin with a hundred remaining teams he is hoping to have two thirds of its theaters open by early September. That's not a shark and this isn't the ocean about her beach goers in Germany Poland came ashore it was just as the rising oh wild for charging the baltics on an attempt to scare that hospital handled with a shovel the more than from darts through tense and shark Sunday there is no injuries were reported. There is understandable confusion about how safe it is to go to the dentist's the World Health Organization is telling people in places with high rates of Kobe in transmission. To delay routine appointments. But the American Dental Association is firing back saying safety protocols are being followed. We'll Reeve has more. A ha dentists fighting tooth and nail to get back to business now taking on the World Health Organization. Over its new recommendation that people put off routine checkups until more is known about Kobe's nineteen and how it could spread during procedures. The American Dental Association firing back. Saying it strongly disagrees. And that with appropriate PPE patients and professionals can safely operate. Doesn't have an expert traction control are over twenty years due to the HIV aids scare back in the eighties. So we're used to prepare our -- essential instructions and these can. Are all while there have been no clusters of Covert outbreaks directly traced to dental offices. Two separate Colorado Springs dental offices recently reported staff with positive Covert tests and some dental workers are on edge. The problem of dentistry right now is nobody knows there risks everything we do including. I'm just having Asian open their mouth and breeding creates air assaults and unlike other menaces and we cannot socially distance from a patient nobody can look at patient EI and say. You are a year and your not in harm's way beat a ranked showing us that our. But doctor Richard Nagy president of the California dental association says most dental offices across the US have taken the pandemic seriously revamping offices adding ventilation and strengthening sanitation and safety protocols. We really increased our knowledge of airborne based pathogens to prepare our operatives in terms of enhanced PPE. Enhance training for our staff. So what are you need to consider before you sit back and that dental chair. Your goal at. In. And RM magazine. Always they aren't a lot of airlines. And eyelids are. T make sure looking around and see whether or not it's that is clean and a after each patient. I thinks will reef. She was once considered one of the democratic party's rising stars Katie hill swept into office in the blue wave of the 2018 mid terms. Becoming one of the first openly bisexual members of congress and flipping a Republican district in California. But months later it all came crashing down. Last November a conservative web site publish nude photos of her without her consent. She would resign weeks later in the middle of an ethics probe over a relationship with a campaign staffer. She's now the author of a new book. Called she will rise and we're gonna talk to her in just a moment but first we want to play you some of her speech on the day of her resignation. About how she hoped her experience would empower other win. Yes I'm stepping down. But I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dared to take risks who dared to step into this flight who dare to be powerful. It might feel like they won in the short term but they can't in the long term we cannot let them. The way to overcome this setback is for women to keep shelling out to keep running for office to keep stepping up as leaders because the more we show up. The less power they have. And former congresswoman Cady hill joins us now and is out with a new book she will rise. The New York Times calling it political manifesto as battle plan and we'll get to that in just a minute. Bits since left office last year you've started political action committee to help elect women in office. So first up. Speaking up a woman who stairs to be carpal I have to get your reaction to Joseph Biden choosing come Harris as BP and and welcome. EE. I was so excited out once Tom Harris announced I was when her early supporters in her presidential gimme. I'm so you know I'm I would certainly if ever heard Ed Harris Biden ticket that penalty Biden Erickson nine and that she is exactly. The finance I'm Ian brings this energy and the leadership that we need right now to carry extra November. You've spoken repeatedly about a double standard that women face in politics and and everywhere. Even the lead up to being named VP. Connell Harris was called too ambitious by men in her own party. And the president has called her nasty and a mad woman since her selection. What's good byes to her knowing what you've been through and and what others have faced. She's been in this business a lot longer and I have so I don't think she needs my advise that. She's tough as nails and that's what you have to be right you have to call it out every time you see I think statement in the media and rich and and at the public's ear just generally speaking we learned a lot of sweet sixteen it was not so worked out in terms of the double standard when are you so I hope. And and I talk about the so much and above. That we can meet you see that we are not going to use these trends in terms. If eaten intensive male candidates are excellent and you don't know what they call Mike Pence to ambitious even if that was unit that's exactly what he was and so. I think it. Those are things that are socialize with than us from you know from such an early age and we have intentionally. Strikes you act try to stop ourselves from nature that where we're. Where I think incidents. And often calling in out is half the battle now we see many men and come back from political and sex scandals. What do you think women have far more difficult time rebounding in not spare what needs to happen do you think for that. Double standard to change. Sure well. Women first though we just don't have equal representation in office you know we're relatively mute the public's. Running and and leading in the seats. For example and despite the whole Europe the woman inch when he eighteen. We still may 25% of congress that half of what should how we were looking at proportional to our nation. I'm so. We are held to this higher standard adds. Morality. Her form and yeah with expected and that's every step of the way and he's I think he says you know that doesn't totally change until we get to equal representation. But the then the more important thing is that we taxi again we have to look. Each each time it is this is this country and I think you know we're seeing that all the time even with my own keys where. I now know why haven't you apologize when you accountability and half and how was there more credibility stepping down but also it demanded even apologetic a little if she ever says any remorse regret. You were like clockwork content for we're saying oh my god that he he actually apologized unimportant here I am almost a year later. Having done all of these things and you still see oh earned over and I'm just a fraction of an example for error and you offer certain women all over the so. I don't think it really will change until we get more women there until we have younger women do you know whose life nixed those social media news who lived their lives online. And leaking realize that people are human and enemy states and I hope that mine. Don'ts don't discourage other women running for office and and don't reflect on all the women who added we're gonna come after. I know you told George Stephanopoulos in February that you're relationship with the campaign staffer was absolutely my biggest mistake. Did you realize at the time that it was inappropriate and a potential risks to your whole political career. Or was it only after the photos and articles came out and of course looking back what would you do differently. When it happened east. It was so early on in the campaign and it was you know I didn't even seem like a possibility that that has. To be honest. So yes. My life and how was in a strange and very strange place my relationship was in a very strange place at that point. And I absolutely regret it ever setting those boundaries inning. I'm. That's what you know the first of what ever do occur but it is in retirement still it still. You're deeply about a woman dead and that I was involved and I hope that I'm her life is it you want different from everything that this is Brian Palmer. Let's. Dig deeply into your book she will rise which we should mention is out this week I weren't a passage about those difficult. Dark days after the photos were released. You wrote I would start shaking crying and throwing up that was hard to talk to Mike Allen because I knew that they were going through so much to. I didn't want to talk to my friends because I was humiliated I didn't want to hear more pity. And I just didn't know what to say. You even writes that you had suicidal fox how hard. Is it still to talk about all this and and was this book a way of helping you with healing. Yeah and going through the process of writing that was absolutely. A week from each day you know to work through a lot of ifs ands. I'm happy I'm skiing and it identity a lot of interviews and this past weekend leading up to the luncheon and announcement but he's been published and I every single day he feel more now from talking about it over and over again in. I'm Alex its re traumatize won't I'm I had a really genetic. Urinal and other waste human brother passed away in January just months after. I had to resign and Montenegrin surgery in of course you know all of us going to the trauma when he when he. So it kind of put it put things into perspective. But it's easy you know when it went really learned is that. I need to find a way personally to make me that they that it happened to me and you to sign away our chimes you know. Really do something with pilots from Kirin and you try to make sure that this is not. What happened to me last year and and Newsday Anthony I'm are not aren't Gerson and lip and instead inspire and am I'm remembered for. That is a lot of loss to sustain and one year and I'm so sorry for your loss Mike do you want to get too. Your message in the book to women what what message you have to then went as they're facing the prospect of you they're getting involved in politics are or perhaps even running for office. Messages it's pretty simple we here at women just existing in dignity society here already wearing a sudden spike but it wanna be you're not near. I'm you're living through these systems that have continually at Preston and hold us back. One in four women is going to experience or had experienced some kind of sexual violence and election this the numbers as on everything are staggering equal pay. Is it possible to achieve the poverty. I bet that women face as is completely unequal. And so you my my don't let the cookies that east entity as surely standing up and cleaning are used in this titans and now we're not enough anymore and you know each and about and are. You know that firstly you have to elect women to get that simplicity. And and once you know and even before then but also lends an air. There is there is just sat. You know legislation that is have a tremendous. Any tax and all of these different systemic barriers but. He is and I don't believe will be chilly air has until enough women humbling position. While Katy hill we heard it from you first thanks so much for joining us tonight and your new book out now is she will rise thanks for joining. Me. And let's turn now to a solemn event at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California. The remains of seven Marines and a navy sailor recovered after their assault amphibious vehicle sank during an exercise. Were escorted onto a C seventeen aircraft bound for Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Where they will be released to their families the cause of the July 30 incident is still under investigation. And we'll be back in a moment in. And before we get a night the image of the day history celebrated in Israel after that landmark peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates. They're national flag displayed on the wall of Tel Aviv's City Hall. And that's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm GG Chang in for Lindsey Davis thanks for staying with us.

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