ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Murals of the racial equality movement; Cruises making a comeback during COVID-19; Sen. Baldwin on SCOTUS Fight: ‘Our strongest hope is to engage the American public'
55:41 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Less than four months after she read the house chamber in a moment of silence for 100000. Dead. To cool Smart. I was dead in this country from carbon nineteen. And still virus cases are on the rise in the US 23 states seeing an increase my husband. Again downplaying the virus. Virtually nobody who heads an amazing dating Joseph Biden treating this today the message he didn't have to be this event. Supreme Court showdown senate Republicans signal they will indeed have enough votes to confirm president comes nominee. Justice Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat president set to announce his pick on Saturday den it's not mincing any work. The Republican majority was stolen choose Supreme Court. Four years of war. Or install flash flood warnings as tropical depression baited dumps him dangerous and the latest on a female deputy wounded in that chilling ambush and the reward for the suspect. Some mental health services for young. Distance learning collapse developments social media stress how anxiety and depression are affecting our children. She murals of the movement. Flywheel as campus. It's the first things we led him you know I mean if you're afraid of something if you're unfamiliar with something. The first thing you would letting your doors in the heart. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis and so much for streaming with us well it happened today. Our country officially passed 200000 reported Kobe deaths to put number in perspective that would be like wiping the entire population Salt Lake City you tell. Right off the map. Tonight thousands of tiny flags are flying in from of the Washington monument in memory of those whose lives were cut short. Just down the street to the Supreme Court the state is set to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg the public will have an opportunity tomorrow to start to say divide and Friday. Our Beijing will become the first woman to ever lie in state at the US capitol. That's despite lawmakers just reaching a deal to avoid another shut down a bitter fight is brewing about who will take Ginsburg's place. President trump promises to nominate a woman on Saturday but. Do Republicans have the votes to confirm and can Democrats do anything to slow down the process our Mary Bruce leads us off tonight from Washington. Tonight Republicans are all but certain to confirm president trumps eventual nominee to the Supreme Court. Well more than hopeful I think it's going to happen. Mitt Romney the last potential hold out today saying he's supports holding a vote. What I intended to produce two proceed with the consideration process and FA. And many actually reaches the floor that I will vote based upon the qualifications of that nominee. And Cory Gardner despite a tough reelection fight in Colorado is on board to. Sources tell ABC Amy coney Barrett is at the top of the president's list and that he met with her in person yesterday describing it as quote a very good conversation. She's a devout Catholic backed by religious conservatives and anti abortion rights activists. Also high on the list Cuban American judge Barbara let go choosing her could help the president win over Latino voters especially in the key battleground state of Florida. Trump may meet with her there later this week. In 2016 Republicans refused to even consider president Obama's pick to filled justice Antonin Scalia seat saying it was too close to the election eight months away. Senator Lindsey Graham adamant they would do the same and honey honey yeah. Bang. Opening comes in the last year of president trumps term. And the primary process is started. We'll wait to the next election and I've got a pretty good chance. Of being did you hear on the record yeah all right hold the take. But Republicans say this time is different because now they control both the White House and the senate and Graham now the chairman of the Judiciary Committee says he will advance the nomination before the election just 42 days away. We've got the votes to confirm the judge critics say it's blatant hypocrisy today reporters pressing Republican leader Mitch McConnell. But you understand why many Americans view this as a doubles state. We thought canola repeated that we have an obligation under the constitution should we choose to take advantage of it. To fill the vacancy I assure you that Sherlock. One Republican senator Susan Collins who says they should follow the same when he sixteen precedent. Says firmly she will vote no if the senate moves to confirm before the election Democrats denied power list and furious. Its leader McConnell presses forward. Republican the Republican majority what was stolen two Supreme Court seats. For years apart using completely contradict. Tree rationales. Chuck Schumer certainly calling out Republicans they're married Bruce joins us now married as you mentioned Mitch McConnell still got his senators to fall right into line is there anything at this point that could derail the process now for senate Republicans. Well never really a done deal here in the senate and on Capitol Hill but this certainly is going to be a very uphill battle is Democrats hope to block this confirmation but there's still a lot of X factors here one being the timing there 42 days left until the election that is not a lot of time to try and get through a confirmation hearing and these votes the other big X-Factor simply who is going to be the president's nominee we don't know yet who he is going. Tip take that could change the calculus. But it is really hard to see at this point how Republicans are not going to fall in line behind the president and back this nominee with which right now no matter who it is. Seems to certainly headed for confirmation Lindsay. All right Mary percent thanks to you. And for more on this partisan fight ahead let's bring in Wisconsin senator Tammy Baldwin thanks so much for joining us senator. Mitch McConnell made it didn't Mitch McConnell certainly made it clear this afternoon a final vote on who ever presidential nominee it's for the Supreme Court will come by the end of this year. As we've mentioned nearly all Republicans have said they support voting on a nominee before a new term starts in January. If they have the votes what options are left for you and your colleagues. Well Christian well according to the American public what's at stake in the filling that vacancy should we. Court schedule cheers here a case are whether to overturn the Affordable Care Act in the middle of the pandemic. I would women's reproductive rights are on the I'm. Acts eight. Climate change. Workers' rights and workers' safety. I shall I think each. Our our strongest how pier is to engage the American public. And make sure it will face The Who is all of the air senators. Reminded. That night. In 2017. Where the Affordable Care Act. What is. Receiving a vote in the senate whether it should be repeal or not. And we get that's. The Republicans were in control trump what does precedent but because there people demand it. Change at which to change course and Snooki the article Herat. We were able to do that when John McCain joining two other Republicans. Are in no. I have not given up hope and ends fast. I don't feel that we have to use every tool that we have. Any gauge wind the American public aren't calling them out and see how. Hey your fellow senator from Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson for years and supported senator McConnell decision to not give president Obama's nominee Merrick Garland a hearing saying at the time. Let the American people have a voice let them decide the direction of the course through their votes he has changed his mind this time. Have you talked with him about it and and how do you think that voters in your key swing state of Wisconsin take long list. Well I have not talked to us senator Johnson about. His comments on this vacant seat but I I have to say that. The way icy Wisconsin writes looking this is shattering the that. It is Mitch McConnell sees the way that he. It had it. Column that they could lose their health care that women could lose their Rudy treatment that workers collect how. Yes who protections. An inch. Ability to organize next. Climate change will remain. A probable with no. I know how this court is fighting and are essential to rats she adds I I think Wisconsin. Folks are looking at the substantive. Lee. And saying were voting already Wisconsin ten received absentee ballots many I'm already. They're voting for the next president. And I think they understand. The next president ought to be the one who makes the nomination. Where this bacon Supreme Court seat not. The current one in less she's real hot. Minority leader Chuck Schumer has said everything is on the table if Republicans push forward with this nomination before the election we just getting rid of the filibuster earn expanding the amount of justices on the Supreme Court if Democrats take back the senate is some of your colleagues have suggested. Can speculate and hypothesize about things that are going to be potentially or potentially happening next year. It's spring of next Jeter I am still squarely focused island. In gauging. The American public. Yeah trying Chistov. The this year. And steal the election results are Ian. And then to make sure the next president no matter who he says has the opportunity. This termination. And moving now to of course is sad milestone today 200000 Americans dead from cove in nineteen just today your governor declared a public health emergency because of continued outbreaks and college campuses in Wisconsin saying that young people need to skip the bars and stop having a large gatherings should students even be allowed on college campuses. If they're turning into hot spots. You know. The universities. Across the state. I wouldn't work very hard through the course of the summer. To try to create safe reopening plans. I don't think anyone in nineteen say I didn't you know what. Next month we'll looks like because they're taking it one day at a time. They're testing. All it students especially those who are living. I'm on campus. And making adjustments to plans. As we speak. Austin campus went from high bridge in person for small class instruction and remote. We're at large lectures. To all online. To see if they can baton this Kirk's. But I just got back your opening point about the grief we all feel. About 200000. Americans gavel it did not have to be this way. And I lie in. The blame frankly act as she are. Donald Trump who knew how serious it might be and downplayed it. And then pushed back against our scientists and now her. Put into a shaft. Safety pandemic guidelines for workers who work places and never unleashed its full potential. Defense production act to make sure that we had. Why is that we need it is now September. The pandemic started in February and that we are still having. Essential workers who don't how. Adequate masks. And we still have shortages are tests. And Wisconsin has seen. The record a record number of new cases. Set to re records in the last week it didn't. Have to be this way and how voters are thinking a lot about that. Senator Baldwin we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on. A year. And tonight as the US pass that grim milestone 200000 dead from corona virus cases continue to soar into 33 states Washington DC and also Puerto Rico. The virus and its fallout remain of course a top issue on the campaign trail Joseph Biden tweeting it didn't have to be this bad president trump calling it a change. Our Jonathan Karl reports. President trump said little to more today's grim milestone 200000 Americans killed by corona virus. But in an interview this morning he did praise his hand. What it would which is basically take days what a great job we've done. But doctor Anthony found she called the death told 200000. Americans sobering and stoning passed to assess the government's handling of the crisis. Doctor found she said this. Take a look at the numbers and make up your own mind. I mean day it didn't admit you know we do we don't need a sound bite for me. A look at the numbers. The United States has 4% of the world's population. And more than 20%. Of the world's cove in nineteen related deaths today the American Medical Association the American Hospital Association and the American Nurses Association. Issued an extraordinary joint statement. Saying Covert nineteen is quote affecting Americans at a rate that represents a nearly worst case scenario. But the president is speaking as if the pandemic is a thing of the past. At his rally last night in Ohio he said incorrectly. That the virus only really affects elderly people who were already sick. It affects elderly people elderly people would heart problems and other problems. They have other problems that's what it really affect sensitive. And he said also incorrectly young people are basically immune. But it affects. Virtually nobody is and it's an amazing day. Doctors out she said today that is just not true this is the elderly. And people at any age. On. Lying conditions. Undermining any age so. Don't just think the elderly are the probably Niro play any younger people who have underlying conditions that put the met Rick. Worried. Until its regularly issue for us. Mary easily. Appears to be youth hockey coach from Texas 29 year old Tyler amber. He always learning his players. Did he stand up human beings on the Hazen all these days. Joseph Biden to date weeded out of the 200000 milestone he'd didn't have to be this bad 200000. Deaths. Record hasn't game because for corona virus. 200000. Deaths. All across this nation and remains. The names that are empty chairs and darn you tables and kitchen tables. That weeks and months ago were filled with a loved one on mom and dad a brother sister. You can't let the numbers become statistics background noise. Just a blur and receiving a nightly news. Would fall stoking worries of a second wave combined with the flu season doctor found chi is begging people to Wear masks and avoid crowds. It's unacceptable to not realize that we can't we are entering into a risk puree it. And we've got to act accordingly as we enter into that risk period. But tonight in Pennsylvania. Thousands of the president's supporters are lining up outside yet another rally. Most of them not wearing masks all attending must file a disclaimer saying that they quote. Voluntarily assume all risks related to the exposure to Covert nineteen and wave releasing discharge and Donald. For any illness or injury. And Jonathan Karl joins us now from Washington and I'm impressed in his team continue to get asked again and again why he keeps holding these rallies when their own experts say American should avoid large crowd. What's the response. What all of the present its us head did he is seeing more masks at his rallies which he said is a good thing if people feel like they wanna Wear masks extinct that's a good thing. He also says he points out the most of these rallies almost all of them are outdoors. With some room for people to be a little bit apart. But Lindsay despite those statements I mean you do see the pictures yourself I mean he's. By doing these rallies there are a lot of people there there is very little social distancing they are mostly outside. But most of the people are not wearing masks even now. Just a quick question and it based on an observation John in Michigan a little over a week ago. Virtually none of the attendees I think it was estimated roughly 10% of them had masks on verses. When you saw Ohio last night at least those who work right behind prominently in behind president trump it seem that virtually all of them had masks on any explanation for that change. By the campaign is clearly. Trying to make sure that the people that are in the frame of the camera that are behind the president. Are wearing masks you are seeing most of them you are correct most of them wearing masks but if you where to look more broadly. At the arena at at at the airport hangar where he's doing these you'll notice the most of them still are not wearing masks but but it is true the campaign clearly thinks. Did it is important to project the image of of people wearing masks and as you see their they're often branded. The other third their trump branded mass to make America great again masks Bob so clearly they know that there it's important to at least send a message. Did to people should Wear masks so maybe a degree of progress there but but still that the majority of people at these rallies are not wearing masks. A little bit of a change in the optics Erica Jonathan Karl reporting in from DC thanks so much time. Thank you can now more sobering news about the corona virus president trump has talked about a vaccine potentially coming around Election Day possibly in the next few weeks but today. The Washington Post reports of the FDA is now preparing new tougher standards it could push that timeline out. And with the CDC is now saying about children getting vaccinated. CBC's Steve Austin summing reports again from the CDC in Atlanta. Four out of those 200000. American deaths are being counted tonight in this one family to build trust got sick with co but nineteen after a get together around a home in Phoenix. And lost a father mother and two sons. We did everything together and more than moment I'm million. A safe vaccine would help everyone and chances of getting one by Election Day just fell to Washington Post reports that the FDA as announcing new rules for drug makers. Volunteers who test fees vaccines would now need to be monitored for roughly two months after their second dose. And there's another discouraging update from health authorities even when the first vaccines are ready only adults will be allowed to use them. The first available vaccines are being tested it don't they won't be immediately available for use children. After weeks of better numbers across much of the country the number of cases is now moving in the wrong direction and 33 states and Puerto Rico as we go indoors in viruses do better in the winter we may see some of the restrictions need to be rolled out again in Wisconsin the governor is calling get a new public health emergency ordering anyone older than five to Wear a mask indoors if there with anyone outside their own household. Here at the CDC health officials are now warning parents. About Halloween suggesting that families who planned to leave out can be. Should leave it outside their calling trick or treating a quote high risk activity there probably should be avoided. Wincing. While. Even Halloween not affected by all this our thanks to you Steve as we hit another grim milestone in this pandemic in a sell many of our lives remain offended. We take a look now and how these uncertain times are impacting our children experts say the virus plus the isolation of virtual learning and social distancing from their friends all create a recipe for anxiety and depression ABC's aerial rash F. Has this report. Yeah who yeah. Why are men. Bill Burton. Yeah their feelings so many kids are experiencing during these highly un usual times. Nine year old Anderson fields one of an estimated four point four million children nationwide coping with anxiety amid the covad nineteen pandemic. And one point nine million dealing with depression. Just aren't kids to be okay disruptions. To daily life school by screen mask mandate. Throwing off free teens and throwing families for a loop. The youngest generation navigating the isolation and uncertainty of this new normal. Childhood anxiety already on the rise prior to the pandemic according to recent studies there has been a 17%. Jump and anxiety diagnoses in children seventeen and younger over the past ten years and doctor Dave Anderson of the child's mind institute says. The current crisis is accelerating this trend. So egregiously do you remember fatal. During yeah. Indications. Are seen are rich in insight indiscretions so. New Jersey mom to shake Clark say is she seeing a clear impact on her thirteen year old daughter Taylor and her nine year old son Anderson. Her youngest still struggling like so many others to adjust to all of this change. I can definitely need structure a lot of star share and honor it hurt you. Create structure and more and get it through. High school and manage his motion to me my emotions. It's just and ask you tonight musical. And him. How does he opposed. To all that's. New Shea says she noticed a shift in her son's behavior as the pandemic dragged on and what are some of the different. Behavior all pattern that you're seniors in the agency. Four. Showed me yeah when more patience we had a current situations where. Even Jerry just kind of normal routine the day reminds you where. And with some friends socially just stated that in a little there are. Brady just kind of throws. That is scary thought. I want to hunt and it's harder eating out of his chest. And I had to hold brutal and he said you know the world really scary right. Oh and the clarks are not alone. Vishay is part of a network of family supporting one another. They're kids sharing a similar experience her friend New Jersey mom Cynthia ver Hobbs says. Social distancing only enhances the anxiety her six year old daughter Mattie naturally feels. So my youngest and particulars had a house had a challenging time adjusting to all of these changes and some of the things that we normally pretty cute it's more anxious that he is. You can't you they can't really kind of play around with their plan. And used or how that Robert dat stand next to them and walks them and so kind of sex that's hone for horror just. Who really kind of get a build rate a flight. Things I eighty and miss you kind of have that element and them and they get into the classroom it's. And muted their six feet apart and they're really tethered to their tasks which Tino. Her young kids is highly unusual it's not what a typical first grade classroom at look like doctor. Anderson says he's seeing more kids suffering from varying degrees of depression and anxiety. Not good. Early on and next. We saw huge parents are worried about her parents say. So little known candidate. Transmission out. Indian police. Are worried optional package. It is you wouldn't she seemed equally let me sign we're seeing now is increased anxiety. And experts say especially now it's critical to watch your children carefully for signs of emotional distress. Even if they've never exhibited them before wouldn't watch first armor. Actually she said issues. Not confront as a Jewish community anxious to get an accurate Judy you're you're shy to try to Kuwait. In southern Indian. The situation there should swear yeah truly are what does. Our key question so she's looking she reassured us. Missing children or are you sure wouldn't BC we do this Sharon brown isn't just nurses saints turkeys were anxious we mustn't have difficulty on his successor shall. Yeah and she prudence. And with millions of kids in the US learning from home experts say virtual schooling can exacerbate the psychological tolls. You tell us your word not to me so this is what she per cent a virtual. Or dirt work and it really seemed kind of all. The Connors chief in this format or who isn't sure but while. Online schooling is it perfect doctor Anderson says it is essential for kids to maintain a connection. And as for some concrete ways to ease your child's anxiety. So will be influenced song for excellence in Houston are small donors to her credit. Provision to join relatives. You can easy call. Your. Fears what really. Else is wrong what are you. Essential tools to help kids cope and families find their way through this extraordinary. Time. Gary L rat chef ABC news New York. We are grateful for those tips as a lot of parents are certainly paying special attention to the effects of all this on their children are thanks to aerial for that and now to the Gulf Coast. What was once tropical storm beta is now a tropical depression but still quite dangerous dumping more than a foot of rain on the Houston area already. With more expected rain for the next 24 hours flash flooding warnings are in effect from Houston to central Louisiana. An ABC news' chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is on the ground with the very latest. Tonight the red needs of tropical storm data stolen plate Cooperstown these things. The blinding green came rising water we were there on the highway to waiting needed Houston food water came up. Matched O thick dark stuff. We managed to get out and various but dozens of motorists in the nation's fourth largest city it did. But it date Houston fire department rescuing more than sixty people. Motorists with those lifted pickups while in the hands and I think they have a better. It took its time but may have made landfall and history overnight. The first storm named with the Greek letter ever to hit the continental US. Hey Lindsey you can tell by this underpass in the three trapped cars here. How quickly the waters rise up he but it really have a choice they got stuck another person that red car likely had to swim out. You may see those police officers leaving under the bridge. We make sure there's W still in these cars but those spot checks it's still going on throughout the city. What a show you something this embankment he may be able to see the water still gliding down the side of it now. It has not rained hearing mused in very much of the past couple of hours yet still. The water continues to drain too low lying areas like beast under passes throughout the city that's why we had this flooding problem that's when things it makes. Houston the fourth largest city in America so vulnerable to flooding. And more bad news not only for Hughes Tony n.'s people in east Texas but also folks in the Louisiana. This system more that threat exhibit are gonna continue to drop eight plus inches of rain. Here in east Texas through to Louisiana. Over the next 2448. Hours. Areas hammered by hurricane Laura where people. About 40000 people or more are still without power. Lindsay. Back up and stay safe out there and when we come back up by camera just made public and the questions about why police opened fire on a thirteen year old with autism. When his mother called them for help. Plus our exclusive look of the extraordinary measures one of the world's largest cruise ships is taking a keep passengers safe from Coleman. And today is of course voter registration day how many people are planning to make their voices heard we will drill down. On what we know but first our chosen today from the Indy. Revealing the sex of her baby in true her win fashion. Welcome back everyone today is national voter registration day and this year interest as you can imagine is high in an election it will likely be like no other switch a look at the twenty Tony vote. By the number as a voter turnout could search of 115 million this election the highest rate since 1908. According to election expert Michael McDonald. About 267000. Americans have already voted in the twenty Tony election in just a handful of early voting states. And more than 62 point four million Americans have requested or will automatically receive mail in ballots which means about half 50% of all 20/20 votes could be nailed an. That's compared to 24%. Who voted by mail in 2018. New voter registrations drastically fell last spring during the lock downs but they're now starting to rise Texas for example. Has added more than one and a half million voters since 2016. About double the new registrations during past election cycles. And social media companies they are stepping up an estimated two and a half a million Americans. I've already registered to vote for FaceBook insert random messenger according to FaceBook. And they helped to increase that number to four million in what the company says is the largest voting information campaign in US history. Still lots to get to here on time. Are civilian compromise still possible in Washington. Or are we too far gone our conversation with Florida Republican lawmaker that paints and later. The plywood put up to protect businesses during the height of the summer on rest now being transformed. Into positive messages for a better future but first. Here's a look at some are trending stories on From. Republicans falling in line into its dreamliner in India's Supreme Court justice Anthony. Not many actually reaches the floor that I will vote no based upon qualifications that Melanie after the passing of civil rights champion an iconic liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Republican controlled senate is pressing on to fill her seat. My. Al Aqsa resident problem like cleaning his choice on Saturday the Republican majority will stolen two Supreme Court seats. For years and mark. From using completely contradictory rationales. Democrats want to send it to wait until the American people voted on who they want to be president before placing a new justice on the bench from Republicans want to move now we have an obligation under the constitution. Should we choose to take advantage. Belinda president of design artist to from Canada the knowledge. And verbal line re I was asked the Supreme Court tomorrow and Thursday mentioned alliance is US capitol on Friday. Tuesday the US and that's terrific milestone 200000. Confirmed cool in nineteen debt. But overnight the president once again downplaying the virus is deadly nature cleaning despite evidence to the contrary. That Kobe only impacts me elderly or people with preexisting conditions. Virtually now meantime CDC confusion as the agency walks back to new guidelines and published Friday. And rings acted on Monday the guidelines aligned with what many health experts have been saying for months. And doesn't the virus is airborne can transmit police and would Portman to lesion of some restaurants engines. The CDC. We weren't ready to print out. All important census taken only once every ten years from now and that's shifting deadline a Commerce Department investigation finds the decision to speed up the census deadline. Did not coming from the Census Bureau and it's not clear who made that decision. In April the bureau requested the delay delivering the census results for the president because of the pandemic abruptly in August the bureau was ordered to meet the original December 31 deadline. Shortening data collection by a monthly. Census officials say that threatens the data's accuracy. The police shooting under investigation in Salt Lake City tonight the mayor and police chief careful calling it tragedy the new body camera video showing an officer firing nearly a dozen shots of the thirteen year old from autism. After he tried to run from rumblings from the boy was wounded but survived his mother had called for help saying he was having him mentally rises from one officer can be heard saying to another officer that she would both give him a shooting because he's upset. And shouldn't happen. The boy's family is calling for reforms and an officer of ball. Fire. Michael Jordan. Is gearing up for the racetrack he's not driving but the NBA legend is now the first black principal owner of the NASCAR team in almost fifty years. King's driver is none other than NASCAR's only full time black driver bubbles lawless. Wallace leading this is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity. And George going on sale I've been a NASCAR fan my whole life and the findings seem perfect as NASCAR's a balding and embracing social change in the war anymore and open to more opportunities for black people. And racing. Whether those LA county deputies ambushed in Southern California are now out of the hospital the female deputy was released yesterday five days after her partner though. Both faced long recoveries ahead the gunman seen on surveillance remains on the lose following his shooting in Compton the reward. Is now up to 700000. Dollars. Not exclusive look at one of the largest cruise ship setting sail once again during the pandemic are Maggie ruling was shown extraordinary measures being taken to keep passengers safe but the big question. Until there's a safe and effective vaccine. Will be enough to help the beleaguered cruise industry. We're losing inches one each one what I. Schools are still crowded. The casinos are still open the feeders are steals show but there's also a lot more masks and awful lot more testing. The embassy grandiose one of the largest cruise ships in the world became the first large ship to set sail after the industry came to me home during the pandemic. In for the past six weeks they've sailed thousands of eager passengers safely around the Mediterranean. I am. Started crying because I couldn't believe it was actually happening. Now were heading on board to see how the ship could be the blueprint for seats ceiling going forward today. It all starts with a universal testing right now only residents of certain countries are level and Americans are anomalous. People from high risk areas must be tested before they arrived and then everyone is tested myself included at least once by the cruise line. The crew is tested three times and most quarantines. Every single person crew and guests getting tested before they come on board the cruise line says they're essentially creating a massive what's safe social problems are calling it. Clean tourism and they say that this could be the future of cruise trapped. The goal is to test everyone on board even when they're at full capacity of more than 6000. To make all of this work the company had to buy new Covert testing machines in the saving test up at 300 people and our now. Our turn to wait for our results. After about an hour week it's all clear but at least two others were denied boarding along with the people traveling with them after their tests came back positive. For corona virus despite having new symptoms. People who want to go back to have the opportunity to have a holiday to be outside food being the son. And if you know. That you can do that to read the nickel and thought environment since then Ireland not a man that. That's it that's the message MSC executive chairman. He's the brain behind the ship strict safety measures it is testing is just one part of the cruise industry safety plan that he helped develop. This protocol can actually be applied to. Cruise industry or other places like a revolution has been my happy that I want to believe. Their road opener at the faith it's no longer serve yourself everything even your glass of water is handed to you. And all should excursions are closely monitored. Temperatures are checked seats are assigned a buses that have been sterilized Daley and while onshore gas are only allowed contact with guides that have also been tested. Keeping the social bubble intact. We tried to be as much as possible harm than a percent this that I that. Nowhere real panic in the way we offer now lesbianism but that would be that could be decades. If someone on board falls ill there's a contingency plan in place and it starts with monitoring Embry person on board. These bracelets that you normally when a cruise ship are now being used for contact tracing so they can tell. Everywhere you Ben and every one you've come in contact list. Medical facilities on board have been upgraded with extra ventilator doctors and isolation units. And there's dedicated facilities on shore at each port of call. Some of my friend Sonia on to worrying them. You wearing masks all the tie and isn't that weird but. We got cruising and it's. It's where a good year I think it's more safe then going out at home like into a bar or something because you never know if there's somebody who. Is positive. The cruise industry is trying to reinvent itself after a string of disasters at the start of the pandemic. Maggie really joins us live once again now from Yokohama Japan where those passengers are still waiting under quarantine so. Maggie whether they get to leave that ship finally. That is the question you and everyone on board is asking right now Lindsay I stood outside the diamond princess cruise ship in Japan for nearly two weeks at the time that cruise ship was -- largest concentration of the virus outside of China the corona virus was still so unknown an onboard it's spread faster than anyone could have imagined. Today amnesty wants to be a leader getting people back out to -- Were you nervous when this cruise went out. You nominate you we have we have we elect has saved their demands justice don't dozen law OK so it wasn't a question of be nervous it was a question of being power. Chicago says this is just the beginning right now and the sea cruises and others in the industry are sticking with the CDC. And are using MS he grandiose as a test case. It's a breakthrough moment therefore an automated cash informative but it is on the man that particular note is that what's happening knew it opened to release and that and to actually seated that we can reactivate. Not only the economy which obviously support them but as a way less than induced that'd be politically induced that it. That is so important then that toward the wide. Pantry Maggie rudely ABC news line. Naples Italy. Our thanks to Maggie rowly we turn back to politics and bring in Republican congressman Matt gates of Florida. It is little fiber and dispatches from the front lines of the matter revolution gates lays out his vision for the future populism. And the make America great again movement thanks so much for coming back on the show congressman. Thanks rob me so let's start of the covet nineteen milestone that we hit today. 200000 American lives las and that includes more than thirteen thousand deaths in your state of Florida you've praised the trump administration's handling of the pandemic but. Now we're at this milestone it would you say that this death told was inevitable. Every milestone is tragic. I'd. Don't know that any death is inevitable. I do know that the original projections. Contemplated to two and a half million people potentially dying in. While 200000 is not acceptable all even to would not be acceptable. This is certainly well below that threshold I would say in Florida's defense we have had one of the lowest. Mortality rates in the entire country and currently are positive. Down below 3% on a three day rolling average and Arabs are down below 4% on a three day rolling average and so we are seeing conditions improve. It lets take a listen to president trump last night at a rally in Ohio. It affects elderly people elderly people would heart problems and other problems. If they have other problems that's what it really affects adds if it affects. Virtually nobody it's it's an amazing today. Was the right thing to say because as we know many young and healthy people have also died. Of coated nineteen specifically to 41%. Of those who were under the age of 65. Have lost their life in this country to cope with nineteen. Right and only 6% of those who've lost their life according to the CDC did not have a co morbidity. So when the president speaks to this co morbidity is obviously. But he speaking to the science and it is true that we have to take special protection. Over the seniors and elderly population throughout the country in Florida that's why we went on offense against the virus in our nursing homes and in our assisted living facilities. But this is obviously something we're gonna continue to deal with until we have a vaccine. Fortunately based on the reports we're getting from Madera and Pfizer were closer than we ever could've imagined as a consequence of operation works be. I'm gonna get your book in just 12 just a follow up there because if you heard him at the rally he said that it affects virtually nobody. Virtually nobody. Is that an accurate statement and 13 of Americans say that they know someone whose died or been hospitalized because it cove in nineteen. Yeah I would say that the lock downs have. Likely impacted a lot more Americans than even the virus of the illness have been the president's comments about virtually nobody we're in the context of the statements about the co morbidity ease elderly populations people who have diabetes. And those types of other diseases and so again. Health be Americans. Who don't have. Co morbidity have a very low likelihood of fatality but I would also remind everyone that we don't know the long term effects of code that we. For example don't know if dole cause blood clots and folks later in life the impact on the digested system is one that still being studied so. I wouldn't suggest that we know the full story until we get a little further down the road. What would you have to agree with the president that it's affected virtually nobody. We'll get I think that has to be evaluated in the context of the types of people who are impacted knows that's how I've read is statements I speak for myself and I would say that. The deaths that we patter tragic but it's well below the two and a two and a half million that were originally projected as a possibility on the higher end. So you're self described firebrand how important is it to you to try to reach across the aisle or is politics inevitably a blood sport and to that point. On a battle of the Supreme Court vacancy do you think it's senate Republicans need. Any justification at all to vote on a trump nominee during an election year where should it be enough that they can because they have the power. Other Republicans have the power and I suggest we use it if the Democrats had the presidency and the senate you better believe they'd be. Confirming a Supreme Court justice of heard a lot of Democrats today complain about the Merrick Garland situation but Democrats hadn't consolidated sufficient power. To be able to seek Merrick Garland because they don't have the senate. I do think we have to reach across the aisle and in my book firebrand which is out today. I specifically identified the environment is one of those issues. Climate change is real it is an absolute threat to humanity and if we don't start working on these generational challenges together. I fear that the politics of paralysis will limit the type of progress that we can make him you know I layout ideas like improving our electric grid. Improving our infrastructure and that ought to bring Republicans and Democrats together. And if by in winds in the Democrats flip the senate in November when it be fair provided to try to expand the Supreme Court if he can or should he follow the president of just nine justices. Well I I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a bit of an opinion on that she thought that nine was the right number. You know the Democrats have fully embrace the FDR. Economic policies I didn't know there are going to embrace the FDR court packing policies that I want to check history and see how that went for the last president and tried it. I think that for all the talk from Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Washington about how Donald Trump threatened step shake our institutions and burn them to the ground it's the Democrats now talking about potential using impeachment as a procedural jam on the confirmation process. Or even for goodness sakes expanding the Supreme Court. That's more institutional violence than it ever accuse Donald Trump of. Curious because you brought up in the point of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her thoughts about the number of justices also. Reportedly her granddaughter said that it was her wish that her seat would not be. Filled until after the election do you think that that should be given any weight. While they're there is no prevailing wish provision of the constitution the constitution's pretty clear that. The senate has an obligation to advise and consent and withholding that consent just because an election Iraq is around the corner is about like watching an NBA basketball team. Give up in the fourth quarter because they want to know who the coach is going to be in the following year. Were elected for full terms we have an obligation to meet our constitutional duties during those terms and any senators who reject their duties ought to be rejected by other voters. In your book you also discuss the future of populism in the make America great revolution know what those movements look like if trump does list inviting in November. I believe that. Trump is necessary to maintain a brand of conservatism. That is America first I worry that if Joseph Biden wins Republicans all go back to the Mitt Romney John K six Jeb Bush Cheney days of invading everywhere in the world and inviting. Illegal immigrants to cross our border so that multinational corporations can benefit from cheap labor. A president trump has really led a political real Wideman and our country were off on trade on immigration. On foreign policy and I'm here to make sure that that continues well beyond his tenure and off. Us congressman lastly just like to give you a chance to plug the book again firebrand. What do hope that they take away is for readers. Well Washington is a deeply corrupt place in the only way to fix it. Is to have greater civic engagement I'm the only Republican in congress who. Doesn't take money from political action committees and so one hope I have is that when readers see how committee assignments are bought and sold for specific dollar amounts out. Leaders only move up if they move around a certain amount of campaign cash the bill demand a government that is more noble and more. More I would say responsive to the great patriotic impulses that I find all around this great country. Congressman Matt gates always a pleasure to talk to you thanks so much for joining us thanks rob me again. And when we come back how plywood boards across this country are being transformed. Into art work the murals of the movement next. Finally this hour the power of the image artists are taking this moment to harness that power to move others are capturing the movement by. Drink or buildings in two expressions of our. McCain whitworth reports on how some are seizing this moment turn strolled down the street. Into an art exit. Catching the world's attention thousands of protesters taking to American streets in the aftermath of the George avoid. Changing the names of those lost a good yeah. Only for police reform social justice and a racial equality. Inmates. And finally agitators and opportunities began attacking buildings and looting stores. Destroying businesses. And it and having just reopened after shutting down under look at nineteen pandemic restrictions. But to many artists and those plain looking plywood boards were bulky. To become a campaign. So in that same way that these things that were meant to be a defense mechanism. It's now what cool it's now. We're gonna use this as a tools being. It's the first things we let it you know I mean if you're afraid of something if you're unfamiliar with something. The first thing you would letting your doors to the. Our brands. And being Mike Adams is in New Orleans based artist who has painted murals and portraits all over the Big Easy. Including this one and two late. Like many other artist he believes he has a duty to be an agent of change. Think artists. Always have this ability to synthesize the moment. There is a responsibility to be truthful to tell the truth and I think we're just saying all over the world right now are hard it's better speaking truth. I think. Truth can be shocking sometimes I think truth can be seen as rebellious at. But truth is as always we paid attention to. You know we all have a public service through our communities to our neighborhood so. If you Laurie writers didn't you need to go out and write about the you know social injustices if you were an artist's unique to. Paint was going on you know expressed everybody just needs to find their way of expressing and two minutes. You know make a change. All over the country artists are using their tools to battle social injustice. So we chose her birthday to create this near. And she would have turned 27. So we decided to accomplices talent and seven hours. At people's all of the community support. Our youth it's parents and families that need and is there is about our community is about represent mean. People of color in a wave it's powerful. It's beautiful it's about putting an image. That is huge and people who don't usually belong in space as taking our presence here anticipating that we are still here. As protests have quieted stores and restaurants are opening back up and some are wondering. What to do with the art. Now I'm tracking down the eastern seaboard. And you know IBM. ET me she does not. Forgotten art. Its arms ops aren't. Not ask. Randolph bell is part of a group called black cultures and exit east oak lenders whose mission is to protect their communities culture. They're negotiating with artists and shop owners to take the protester in preserving. We felt like we need to use our combined infrastructure. To really organized the art work. And then use that as the backdrop for this larger conversation we have only see this is not a moment it's a movement and so we don't wanna get. You know pennant caught up in the art. This is not an art project really this is you know kind of the representation. Of the loss of the black life. As important as they have this work because. We get to control of narrative and really. We are documenting history. Some. Years particularly in looking at. Let's and and this community and it was mr. Some always provided lens through which these marginalized voices. Can be heard the Smithsonian is actively collecting an archiving this arm for the national museum of African American history and culture. Looking at Israel and the important. In us. History of African art social protest you can control. Color the world sees us how history will remember us through photography and what was initially birth. Out of fear. Has become a symbol of hope for many. Creating a new generation. Of artistic activists. Tell me a little bit about how it the most recent black crimes matters in March this inspires. I mean I'm constantly inspire but what I'm seeing in the street Doctor King even spoke about the creative dedicated minority that's what he says. And he was talking about in terms of numbers but we sometimes get caught up but having all these big numbers. We said is often the creative dedicated minority that small group that created that can change the world is a part of a legacy. Resilience. As part of legacy of saying. This is why I am beautiful it's not give any tell you because I'm telling myself. And reminded us. Our thanks to Cano for that and before we go tonight the image of the day a man in his face mask walking through a neighborhood in Madrid Spain has city. Like so many others in Europe announcing an uptick in Covert cases and meeting new restrictions. A reminder that public health officials say as of now a mask in hand washing. Those are currently are best forms of protection. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us good.

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