ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Restaurants brace for cold weather; The battle for suburban women in Minnesota; Make-or-break moments in presidential debates
52:18 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
It's official president trump has sent his nomination to the senate Amy Colleen Barrett meeting with Mitch McConnell and other senators. She prepares to be voted for the former seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. The main event trump. Biden debate that's been years in the making the president's former vice president not giving any opening statements just getting right into it tonight. The audience is small but the stakes are high will the debate and move the needle for either candidate. Voters already made up their minds I won't take a trip down memory lane through some historical perspective. How tonight might stack up against the biggest moments of debate past. Should face up happening is a New York Times unloads a new round of reporting on the president's finances since the reality show the apprentice saved him from financial ruin. The times reports that he lost almost ninety million dollars from show debuted with fighter potentially looking accounts how might the president respond tonight. Wildfires turning deadly in northern California at least three people killed in the fast moving news on fire. The explosive blast fire forcing an entire town to evacuate in the middle of the night iconic wineries incinerated. She alarming new report about the corona virus in children clinging top officials of the White House pressured the CDC to downplay the risk of sending children back to school. This is the American academy of pediatrics finds that percent of children couldn't make up US cases is on the rise. Rihanna Taylor case calls into question after a grand jury member accuses the Kentucky attorney general of being misleading. The judge is now ordering them to try to clear things up. And restaurants struggling to stay afloat have a bit of an issue with the weather changed its so called dinner pops we'll be answer. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis. Thanks so much for streaming with us well folks the stage is set president trump and former vice president Joseph Biden are getting ready to face off tonight is all going down in this hall the first debate of the presidential race the first time that the two will share the same stage in 20/20. Here's a look at the podiums where the candidates will square off in just two hours on the campus of case western reserve university in Cleveland Ohio the candidates and their campaigns have been trading jabs for days trying to set expectations for tonight's showdown all amid the backdrop of the ongoing flood of headlines related to. The pandemic racial justice Supreme Court. And that's stunning report about the president's tax returns the stakes are high but with so many Americans already decided on who they're gonna vote for. Well tonight make a difference our Mary Bruce leads us off from Ohio. Tonight with a high stakes debate just hours away president trump and Joseph Biden touching down in Cleveland. The first question will go to the president and his team expected to be on his taxes. Fighting today already trying to seize the upper hand on the issue releasing his latest tax returns. Revealing he paid nearly 300000 dollars in federal tax isn't when he nineteen. We still don't know how much the president patent. Under they mirror for a long time. The rest is not troop morale. What we do know what president from peed in 2016 the year he won the White House. Just 750. Dollars according to the New York Times that same year Biden paid more than 121. Times that. 91000. Dollars in debates for years ago with Hillary Clinton she warned trumped p.s is zero dollars in federal taxes. He's our 80 that mean 04 troops and zero Ford that's zero for schools. But tonight died in walks out on to that debate stage armed with what the president did pay. 750. Dollars and an eleven out of eighteen years he paid nothing according to the times. The president has long cast himself as a wildly successful businessman. But in a new report the times says quote it was all a hoax reporting when the show the apprentice debuted in 2004 he had almost ninety million dollars in losses from its core businesses. And at times reports he owes debts of more than 421. Million dollars that could come due during his second trump term in the White House. Now the question who does he owe that money to. Do you owe anybody money cool is impacted by any decision you make is present a United States. We need to know that today the biting campaign with his blunt statement to trump. Mr. President and release your tax returns or shut up the candidates are already taking shots. I always notice it dumb guy. He doesn't know how to debate to Saxby is not that Smart Biden is bracing for trump to go personal telling supporters he won't take debate. Biden telling David in that exclusive joint interview that he's ready for the president's attack. I want turned to the blistering attacks we seem from president trump just this week alone on your mental fitness weather gear up for the job. His campaign has called you diminish. And I'm curious how you respond to that watch me. Mr. President why community. This will be Biden's 27 debate for the White House he's been donor for 47 years and I've just started doing this stuff. The president takes the stage down in the polls but is hoping his new pick for the Supreme Court will energize his base. Judge Amy Connie Barrett today making her first visit to Capitol Hill it's. Trump is eager to get her confirmed by Election Day she could be a deciding voice if the election results are contested. Biden is expected to hit on what's at stake with this Supreme Court pick especially health care. With the court set to take up a case that could invalidate obamacare the week after the election. Protections for preexisting conditions for millions of Americans on the line this is about. People's health care in the middle of a pandemic. And there's the virus more than 200000. Americans have died in this pandemic for months the president has been promising his own health care plan to replace obamacare is coming. In the ABC news town hall he was pressed him where is it SA hasn't already and it's a much better plan for you it's still hasn't come. And for his part Biden says there's only one thing he can do to counter the president tonight what would you have. Just tell the truth. Honesty is always the best policy Mary Bruce joins us now we did hear the vice president this week directly call the president a liar so. Biden planning on handling whether or not to try to fact check the president in real time on the debate stage. It well it's clear the gloves here are already off the Joseph Biden's team today made it very clear they think is not to the former vice president's job on the debate stage here tonight to stack check the president. I think that's because they think it would derail him as he tries to focus. On the substance here so instead we are assured that the president the vice president instead of constantly trying to fact check the president is instead going to be focused on his message to the American people trying to hammer home on the issues that he thinks matter most voters. And Mary campaigns have been engaging back and forth all week on the on setting expectations for tonight so what's the latest from abiding campaign on how he's preparing for tonight's face off. And what little focus on most. Well we just heard from the campaign they say he isn't ready to go and ready for anything he does want to focus most on the issues despite the fact that they know that the president is going to try and make this personal they expect the president to trying to drag Joseph Biden down into the model little but the challenge for Joseph Biden is going to be to try and rise above that instead he wants to focus on health care. Of course you want to talk about the president's taxes which is expected to be the first question. To the president and of course the pandemic he wants to talk about his in the context of his health care plan Joseph Biden has been intensely preparing for this unlike the president who has been out campaigning furiously. Biden now apparently ready to go out now just a couple hours away Lindsay. Need a serious there OK merry Burris thanks so much. And let's turn now to ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl also in Cleveland ahead of tonight's debate John the president's campaign has had. Some mixed messaging on what to expect from Joseph Biden tonight any concern in the White House and all that they've. Lowered expectations provided by attacking his age and mental fitness for months. There's certainly a lot of consternation among Republicans. Beyond the White House a wonder what I they've been doing this I mean. You don't do me when I've been through a lot of debates the things it usually happens. He's you try to talk about how. Tremendous a debater your opponent is so he can go in parents say that you've exceeded expectations. And for months. Donald Trump is done exactly the opposite making it sound like. You know but Joseph Biden is somebody who can barely string together a couple of sentences. So they've they've set the expectations very low and I think there's some realization. Did that is not necessarily good thing so now you start hearing. From the trump campaign and even a little bit from Donald Trump himself about how many did beats Joseph Biden is don't over the years about how experienced he is. How much more experienced he is at this than Donald Trump so they're trying to reset the expectations a little bit but it's hard. Went for months and months and months you've been portraying Joseph Biden or somebody who simply out of it. And the president said this week that he's done some preparation for the debates but that he's busy running the country otherwise what do we know about just how prepared he is for tonight. And how much she plans to go on the attack. Well you know he didn't do a lot of preparation for years ago he's probably don't even a little bit less this time in terms of formal. Debate preparations. He has brought in people like Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani. To help them out he's got his campaign folks they do do these sessions. They did one as recently I did it one Sunday at the right in the Oval Office. Prompted that he went out and did what he considers his real debate preparation and that is. The press conference is that he has in the briefing room so one top trump advise are said to me he does debate prep every time he walks into that briefing room faces you people. Pot that's debate prep but of course the president keep. Is very different than a press conference what we'll see how that plays out but you know David trump is somebody. Who 88 it goes by gut instinct he is an instinctual fighter. He has a phrase that he used to use a long time ago. About tracing the best prize fighters. You know don't go in there with a plan you gotta roll with the punches you gotta go with the punches so I suspect that ultimately. They'll be going with the punches and he'll be throwing most of them I think you'll be aggressively. And relentlessly negative tonight going after Joseph Biden and I'm in very personal ways. Lots of people anticipating the action there tonight right behind you Jonathan Karl thanks so much as you. For more on tonight's debate let's bring in ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd Matt certainly a big night tonight so let's break this down on both sides. What do you see as the most important thing that Joseph Biden needs to accomplish tonight in what is president trump need to do to have a strong showing. Well Lindsey it is a big night probably going to be that most watched event of this whole cycle. Upwards of seven year eighty million or more. In this I think Joseph Biden has to be come across as calm cool collected and thoughtful present his case about why wants to be present a United States. Prosecute the case against. President trump about what he's done over the last four years. And why he thinks it's been not good for the American public so I think he's been Sperry be clear concise and there may be a moment that he has to come up back in pushed back strong against. An attack from Donald Trump that he should be that limited Donald Trump on the on the other hand I think should stay away from a correct constant attack. I'm Joseph Biden he probably won't help he can help himself he probably will but the best thing for Donald Trump. Is the present the reason why his presidency has been good for the American public. Presented in a way that rehabilitate his image because that's the biggest thing it's holding him back right now stop the perception of Joseph Biden is a perception of the. Trial about 14% of Americans still identify themselves as undecided voters with so many voters have already made up their minds about these candidates are real target audience tonight. And can this debate really change much. So to me you and I look at this debate there's a small segment of that the country that's undecided. It's really tiny and true undecided voters there's a lot that lean. And then there is the voters that are with Joseph Biden that Donald Trump passed to move to him because right now Donald Trump comes into this. By all accounts seven or eight points behind nationally behind in every key. Target state in the Electoral College so Donald Trump has to move those voters Joseph Biden has to reassure his voters that are with them already. And try to speak to some of those small segment of undecided voters. I think debates are the last thing they can really move in this race this debate in the ones that follow are they move they move the race in 2016 Hillary. Clinton came into that first debate two points up she left that first debate five points up the race ended up to be a two point race. So that's the group of voters in both should be targeting the same group of voters undecideds. And sop Biden voters because Donald Trump has to move voters away from Joseph Biden in order to win. Really want to piggyback off that point that you just made because as you said and most analysts saw the Hillary Clinton won the debates in 2016 she still ended up losing raised. So is there a difference this year. Compared to 2016. As far as the the potential impact that this debate could have. If there's a huge difference there's a big difference between race said it's an open race it becomes a choice election and that's what Tony sixteen was was an open race. That you had decide between the two of them. This race is more referendum election more referendum on the president the other big difference. Is that there is really no significant third party players. In this race as there was last time five or 6% above vote on Election Day went to somebody else other than Donald Trump. Our Hillary Clinton and so that's a huge difference in this race I think the debate really matters in that context because. It becomes a referendum on Donald Trump the met and voters wanted to decide OK we decided that the country is not headed in the right direction. Do we want to replace Donald Trump. With Joseph Biden and that's a big difference from from 2016 a major difference in a referendum election and a choice selection which is what. This year is a dream this year is a referendum on the last four years. Matt down thanks so much will be talking until later on tonight. Tenth straight Lindsay thank you. Again that crucial first debate just ahead stay tuned right here on ABC news live for a special edition of 20/20 starting at 8 PM eastern followed by the debate. At 9 PM and now to those wildfires raging out of control in California at least three dead as 27 major wildfires burn tonight more than 70000. People forced from their homes hundreds of structures have already been lost. And the glass fire is devastating wine country destroying one of Napa valley's storied restaurants are can't whitworth reports. Tonight new video showing me it's polluted conditions on the front lines of the glass fire. A sheriff's lieutenant using a garden hose to stop this home from catching fire. Flames and now racing through areas that haven't burned in more than a century this is a kind of terrain they're dealing with what they're doing right now they're saying they're blackening the line. They're creating a defence and space between the fire. And a homelessness about 25 yards a slap. Fire forcing the entire town of Kelly Stowe it to evacuate overnight. They lived at pair about employer it's down. An absence seventeen every year horrible fires at least eighty homes destroyed in Napa and Sonoma counties. Iconic wine country destination. Not spared either. Multiple wineries damaged or destroyed north of here in Shasta county does arc fire chewing through more than sixty square miles. Claiming at least three lives. Are you could be anything. Hundreds of them are getting any good and even there yeah. Yeah the clean up my head. And I am and yeah. Yeah we don't. Remember the I don't. And. Cano all right stay safe once again next to the pandemic more than one million lives lost worldwide 15 of them right here in the US. To put into perspective the extraordinary time that we are living in take a look at this graph of other recent viral pandemic sir outbreaks. And the deaths that they caused from Swine Flu Dahmer's to a bola all pale in comparison to cope in nineteen. And the case is unfortunately continue to rise asking the concerns about the impact and the threat facing children in schools either pilgrim has more. Justice New York City elementary student went back to the classroom schools already at risk of closing. The city reporting its Kobe doesn't hit any rate ticking up above 3% for the first time since June. New clusters traced to nine zip codes if the schools are not safe. I'm not going to allow them to cooperate. Period the city ready to close schools as early as next week if that number stays above 3%. The potential setback coming as cove in cases in children have risen from 2% to 10% nationwide over the last five months. One of those cases. Twelve year old Elizabeth knew from Atlantic beach Florida. Who passed away after a ten day battle with the virus Elissa did seem to me and I am not street in ratty army. Tonight a new report in the New York Times says over the summer. White House officials tried to pressure the CDC to play down the risks of sending children back to school. A Libya Troy a former aide to the vice president sat in on task force meetings. It is it. People live in the White House specifically tax gain more junior level staff to try to find alternate data at. Data that they had been aired at that they want and which way is it only at Acxiom people. Above the age of 75 and it doesn't affect younger school children it was all part of an air it at that. We need to open up these schools. And mourn Allen spring an Eva pilgrim even has the white responded to the allegations that they are officials pressured the CDC to play down coded wrist for school children. Yes Lindsay the White House is pushing back on that New York Times reporting saying that the task force brings together experts with different expertise. And views and they went on to tell us further that the president takes an all of those opinions before. They make a decision and before they make policy decisions specifically Lindsay. And even we also learned today that Oxford university and they're not planning on recruiting children for their vaccine trial at least at this time. And this time Lindsay they're focusing on adults and that is because of how this virus affects both children and adults children are less likely to have severe symptoms from the virus and they are focusing this vaccine on adults and how adults react to the vaccine Lindsay. Be the pilgrim thanks so much. After six relenting months on the front lines as you can imagine many essential workers are simply facing burn out every day month after month so many showing up for work and sadly many of them still without the protection that they need to keep them safe and many. Disproportionately people of color. Adrian banker has more. Tonight despite 32 states reporting an increase in corona virus cases America's essential workers haven't stopped working around the clock that's not daily. Coping they don't get sick from grocery store workers like Jeffrey Reid in Maryland. Let passengers steel here is still out there. He regained see that you know people are dying. To Frontline health care worker Paulo Hudson sellers on oh in Tennessee. It's a scary thing to know is to dig in and be the day that I gave Covert. And California former Cleo until they had a yeah. In April she and her crew felt fearful every day today nearly six months later she told us they just grown accustomed to the anxiety. And are working harder than ever. In a recent survey 50% of US workers feel burned out from work. More than one in three of those workers point to circumstances tight decoded nineteen as the reason behind their stress. And exhaustion. Three digits trackers were were close. Elaborate burnout is highly problematic. For the essential work force where people of color made up 43%. Of employees at the start of the pandemic. They also may have faced and still may face increased exposure to Kobe's nineteen. Without adequate PPE. Working without hazard pay or being underpaid. Your color haven't really paid played a crucial role. Keeping the economy going experts say that his economic recovery is begun some communities have been left behind this restaurants close. That restaurants close. We New York City shut down Jefferson Lee's families butcher shop in Chinatown closed for months in a neighborhood already on edge due to the stigma of the pandemic. Lee used social media to attract new customers who lived elsewhere advertising their low prices but he says for every business it's a fight for survival. Each one of these is just kind of like. You know someone's American dream someone struggle someone's future falling through the cracks. And we've learned talks resume today between Democrats and the white house on a work for stimulus package that would of course include essential workers. However there are far from a deal Lindsay. Adrian banker thing. So much when we come back to dramatic surveillance video show the brutal attack of an LE PD officer inside a police station how the situation was ultimately brought under control. Our trip to Minnesota house suburban women in this battleground state could be the key to victory for both trump and Biden. What's on their minds but first. The cold weather area you've likely wonder what isn't planned for outdoor dining in the winter. Our closer look at the plans are under way and stay with us. And is that they probably want since his. The actual policies being discussed an emphasis on democracy. A clear plan set just rhetoric the most important thing the media is bringing all of us together as it. Stop the division of the United States. In order to win my vote they need to convince me that deal to unify the country. Millions will certainly be watching tonight's debate a reminder our coverage kicks off right here on ABC news mind after this show. But switching gears now if you live in a cold weather location that's had tough Kobe restrictions on indoor dining like here in new York at some point you may have wondered. What's gonna happen when it gets cold outside it's one thing to limit indoor dining it's another to eat outside in frigid temperatures. Our aerial Russia upset to see the plans in place across the country is so many restaurants prepare. For what will likely be another challenging time in the restaurant industry. The covic nineteen pandemic at times has left us with more questions then answers. But one thing we do you know the change of seasons normally looks like this. But to so many in the restaurant industry it feels like winter is coming all too fast. Restrictions on indoor dining have forced many restaurants to convert sidewalks parking spots and lots into outdoor dining space becoming a lifeline for struggling eateries. You would have been impossible and it's ready if we did you know we didn't have a big outdoor space. Who matter being closed over the. But this tense drop -- many that charm of Al fresco dining is dwindling. Leaving many restaurant owners scrambling. According T yelled September economic impact report more than 32000. Restaurants have closed their doors since the pandemic began. 61%. Of them permanently. That's in addition to the more than 6000 bars that have also closed. John Kennedy from the National Restaurant Association fears without the help of the federal government many more won't make it through the winter. This pandemic represents the biggest challenge they've ever seen we're moving into the fall and winter they're not a lot of options that are available. Right now are roughly 100000. Restaurants are closed and that's based on summer weather patterns. There is an action from congress if it wins or comes as we think it's going to at that its strength and severity. Lot of folks are not killed a fielder Al says a lot of restaurants Gannett closed regret. The warm summer months and the option of outdoor dining help sustain tens of thousands of restaurants. But even as indoor dining slowly makes a comeback with limited capacity and spots across the country many restaurants are saying it's just not enough. For most restaurants in order to make a profit they need a full Hal's. Every day of the week in you have something approaching honor percent capacity. Just to make five or 6% profit margin and keep their doors open for the month. So an errant 25% to 50% even seven. That is barely scraping by even on a good today. Some states like Florida which surpassed 700000. Kobe cases since the start of the pandemic. Moving forward with fully reopening restaurants. What that mean for their restaurants is that there will not be limitations. From this the state of Florida doctors cautioning about the potential impact of dining in doors at close proximity. We know our. For a beer study is that. Just the old Doris who is transmission Britney you're walking exercising. And an outside environment it's just better graduation and so each less risk for a transition how can per person to person. Indoor dying which is not cheap for a lot of people to be seen place it often very poorly ventilated spaces so. We Jones ingredients your recipe for a green yellow car transmission. Other places like New York had been more hesitant about reopening. Just last week New York City announcing a return for indoor dining since the pandemic too cold. Opening soon at 25%. Capacity and making outdoor dining permanent. In the meantime the city's roughly 25000. Restaurants have been speaking outside the box or bubble just stay afloat. Light cast they just so lay on the upper west side of Manhattan providing diners with their own plastic hot sticky cozy and distanced no matter the weather. People love it to when he rents is protected wouldn't Baldwin's wing dean. So effective greenhouse effects as we hope. But aren't these pods really safer than indoor dining. These posture to surrender receiver because there just in closing. The people that are guaranteed you're so he probably increases the risk of transmission between you know we didn't. Partying but it sure juices still the transition he might teach ignores where and how multiple people are needed to get her they're not you know are we seeing any need to be cleaned. There's a lot of work that needs to maintain but they're likely. Incrementally. I see for a vote you know there's RR researched you know around. Outfit to. Court everything. Steel creating art. We it's quiet moat. Chicago city officials taking matters into their own hands launching a worldwide contest seeking creative solutions to make dining more appealing during the brutal Chicago winter. Ideas from restaurant workers designers architects and every day citizens supported. Chicago received more than 600 submissions from thirteen countries in just a matter of days. But some Chicago restaurant owners say most of the ideas are simply not. Feasible because. Literally 101000 dollars to rent one of those big news for seven or eight people. And that doesn't include heating doesn't include shares of the core. Should cop goat. I just don't sing out. A solution for its not going to be enjoyable. And she oh. Setting tiny inn net. Really hope in the government will send it right he just you know help us to go solar to re enter sees it they say the only way to save their businesses is to increase indoor dining capacity. This is a category five hurricane mixed in with a ten point oh earthquake and we don't know when it's gonna and it. Every day I'm talking to operators. Who are terrified that they're gonna have to shut their doors that are gonna have to lay out staff that they view his family's. And they're asking me what should we do to get the attention of people in Washington right now. But medical experts maintain it might still be safest till layer up and dine outside. Outdoor dining is safer than endurance and he stayed outside his arms potholes bring actual players require did but also. Where your ass and bring your hands sanitized their. That combination is still be need to see Christian aerial rash FA BC news New York. Our thanks to aerial for that and still ahead here on prime the escalating tensions between two nations that now have the world on edge and watching we'll explain. The woman accused of trying to kidnap Joseph Montana's grandchild in his Malibu home now charged in the bizarre case. The polls show right now of the debate set to begin about ninety minutes we'll need stabbed the bigger night we'll take a look at the numbers but first. Fox most of the day first Super Bowl MVP then in key agent now down to be. Twice money has been a good year for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Malone was. The most important issue. Do under the take for me would be. The Department of Justice the United States Postal Service restrictions concerning abortion I care about health care and education what is happening in this free. Court policing and criminal justice or. Welcome back everyone as we head into the first presidential debate of 20/20 would take a look at where former vice president Joseph Biden and president -- now standing in the polls. By the numbers at the moment fighting has a 78%. Chance of winning the election while trump has a 22%. Chance of winning that's according to a simulation forecast by our partners at 538. But neither candidate is expected to win by a landslide Biden's chances that is 28% while -- is less than 1%. Nationally Biden leaves come 54 to 44% according to an ABC news Washington Post poll released on Sunday. Another queen is mirrored in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania where 8% of voters who back home in 2016. Today now support provided that. Could be enough to swing states at trump won by only 44292. Votes out of more than six million votes cast. Fighting has a commanding 23 point lead among women and in eighteen point lead among suburban women in Pennsylvania. And in that same state the biggest shift is among college educated white voters who in 2016. Split evenly for Hillary Clinton Donald Trump and now support Biden over trumped by 61 to 38%. Still lots to get to hear on prime the American airports have to become the first offer coping testing for all passengers regardless of an airline or destination. Our journey to Minnesota one of the key battleground states want the voters on the fence or thinking how can they be swayed. And later debates are critical part of our democracy but it's often the smallest of things that have the biggest of impacts the first. Look at our top trending stories on From. President trump and the First Lady are in Cleveland Ohio for tonight's debate where he and democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden. We'll spot on issues he's. We want to thank you personally and wanting NN Washington. The budding campaign released another your tax returns. Lightning campaign released 2019 tax returns that show doctor Julie Joseph Biden burned nearly a million dollars and paid a total almost 300000 dollars in federal income taxes and tunnel Harrison doesn't come off earned about three million dollars and paid about a million in taxes to. The campaign's release came hours before the first presidential debates haven't named after the New York Times reported president trump has largely avoided paying federal income taxes over the last eighteen years. A ninety minute debate will also feature discussions about the economy including nineteen and a Supreme Court dropped an eager to shift the conversation just as important as his nominee Amy coney Sharon meets today with senate Republicans on Capitol Hill. Mark media has accused Turkey of shooting down one of its warplanes from the fighting continued as well Azerbaijan. In the disputed region of non corner Carr a member Turkey denies the allegation. A government spokesperson calling explode. Fantasy in the fighting zooming fear of a larger full scale war in the region and secretary of state might not on the hill urging both are mania and Azerbaijan who has these hostilities. Bob former Vice President Biden is calling on US NATO ally Turkey let's stay out of the conflict. Series newly released surveillance showing me task to LAPD officers inside a police station the suspect confronting one officer repeatedly hitting him with his own gun Wallace down. I suspect that firing at another officer no one was hit police rushing to help the suspect was arrested. Tonight's charged with the attempted murder of foam officers. There. Charges filed in the attempted kidnapping of Joseph Montana's grandchild and 39 year old so's I don't Zell looked hearing in the California court. Where she was charged with the attempted kidnapping and burglary and. The hall of fame quarterback and his wife Jennifer bring their Malibu home on Saturday when authorities say the suspect snuck into the house in broad daylight. Grabbed a sleeping and didn't prominently meaning in the living room. The Montana striking T escalate the situation didn't struggling student body but mrs. Montana was able to safely cried a child out of the suspects arms and the suspect fled the home button three time Super Bowl MVP and alerted deputies patrolling the area the woman was impounded in nearby house arrest and. My client LaSalle sale is extremely apologetic. And very real concern for the well being of the fan mail was that a 200000 dollars. First in the fight against a corona virus in this country Tampa International Airport will now test. For cove in nineteen that's for all departing and arriving passengers those who recently traveled convergence the rabid war regular testing the optional month long pilot program bolstering business Thurston. This is about taking a bold step to restarting your travel and this is about instilling. Even greater confidence in the flying public. And frankly it's about reading life. Back into our industry that is very badly needed right now meantime the NFL faces its first corona virus outbreak. The titans suspended in her somewhere else after three players and five staff members tested positive the titans lead the vikings last Sunday at Minnesota also working remotely as a precaution the vikings have tested positive yet. Win. Thanks for staying with us now to major development in the Rihanna Taylor case. A Kentucky judge has ordered the release of grand jury documents and recordings to the court by noon tomorrow this comes after a jury member accused the prosecutor of misrepresenting. What really happened in that secret proceeding leaving many to ask was the grand jury asked to consider charging three police officers for Taylor's death ABC's outs for as is in willful again tonight. Tonight has demands intensified to find out why I have grand jury did not charge officers and the death of Rihanna Taylor transcripts could be made public tomorrow. A judge ordering Monday the record of the secret deliberations will be filed with the court the judge could then release them the state attorney general Daniel Cameron previously refusing to release them overnight reluctantly reversing saying. The grand jury is meant to be a secretive body but it is apparent that the public interest in this case isn't going to allow that to happen. Adding his team presented a thorough and complete case to one officer that was charged for firing his weapon and endangering neighbors not for Taylor's death. Pleading not guilty. This as an anonymous member of the grand jury coming forward in a rare move a filing a separate motion asking the records be unsealed. That jurors attorney saying. Cameron misrepresented. Deliberations. My client wants to make sure the truth gets out. My client wants to make sure that everything that happened the mayor become something of public knowledge from the service legally allowed to. And we're joined now by Alex Torres Alex really if and when did these grand jury documents and recordings could be made public. Well Lindsey that is the big question Brea on his family protesters and many others would like to have answered here is what we do know the attorney general here has says has said he would agree to the judge's order to submit those. Documents of the grand jury transcripts and recordings to the court by noon on Wednesday at that point then. It's in the judge's hand says so we will know presumably sometime after that when exactly the public. May have access to that information Lindsay. Thank you a sense of what the Kentucky attorney general is now saying he's defending the decision to not bring charges against two of the officers and charged in the third former officer with endangering Taylor's neighbors. Yet into the attorney general on the day he announced the grand jury decision and in subsequent interviews has said that two other officers were justified in firing their weapons because freon a Taylor's boyfriend fired first and because of that the attorney general says. The evidence he presented to the grand jury had to do with the third officer Hank is in the when that was charged. With the wanton endangerment he did not present charges or a case for those other officers Lindsay. Alex Perez thanks so much for your reporting. Both Donald Trump and Joseph biting agree on one thing they say a critical audience for tonight's debate could be suburban women has our country's racial reckoning changed hearts and minds for this key group of voters. Four months after the death of George Floyd. It's a how many people on this block if you had to guess. Our Republican. They. Once they are very poor guy there. Twyla Jiang has lived in the suburbs of Minneapolis for twenty years. A mother of three and Democrats in the sea of mostly white Republicans. I felt comfortable here but I am I moved to Minnesota for a long time so proximity to whiteness. Game series after the death of George Floyd her community was gripped by protests for racial justice and scenes of violence and looting just a few miles away. It felt like the energy around it was more difficult for us in the actual actions themselves those those actions did not. Collectibles breakdown in the story that Lang. And did you get the sense that Paul that the movement changed any. Views. On this Republican bloc especially given the fact that they know you. The next door pages were. On for a higher FaceBook is on fire. But I was taken even an able person to person I think we all know pretty much where maybe. Dina instruments and how they feel about things. The fallout has scrambled Minnesota politics in injected new uncertainty in how suburban women might vote. In this mid west battle. I wash my city going down. SunGard. Homicides in this feel like they're just kept talking and talking and they were so action on them not only got a. John killed and five blocks from. Or George Floyd was killed. Documenting the protests come through windows. Weeks later she moved from south Minneapolis in the suburbs who she felt safer went in after years of voting for Democrats. Now says she's voting for trump. As leans towards the other side bread because I feel like I leadership did not step up. The plate honestly I think there's some things that Donald Trump and the red party. Really need to address America and as well but I feel. With this with everything that happened that the blue party. I had a recurrence the Democrats. May make it a little worse. Lawless criminals terrorize Minneapolis that trump campaign sees Minnesota is its best shot and flipping a blue state to read in November. After losing by just 45000 votes for years ago trump spending billions on TV ads like these sent to appeal to voters' fears three. So voters who are concerned about racial justice are more likely and more energized to vote democratic. And voters the voters were concerned about law and order art you know really listening to president trumps message about that but I don't think. Either of these two groups where we're likely to switch their vote of any did you change a lot of minds but certainly energized hit energize people that's right. The latest ABC news Washington Post poll finds Minnesota voters trust Joseph Biden over Donald Trump by eleven points and issues of crime and safety and by 24 points on equal treatment for racial groups. Suburban mom Jamie Decker fences trumps message has. Silent when you're sick. Of men like. Poll results and Donald Trump. Telling us how we fetal. Last month packer fan a Democrat who serves in the state legislature. Took to Twitter to push back and Republican claims that women like her are scared to death of the protests. Her cash take I am a suburban mom going viral. People are afraid but they're afraid of their neighbors getting sick. You know that's that's where the anxiety. It is she says the pandemic jobs and wages in the environments are bigger concerns. Like a top three issue and I'm talking to voters this climate. Even right now despite everything going on its climate really. Minnesota hasn't backed a Republican for president since 1972. The longest running streak of any state in the country but many analysts see changing demographics and the shifting economy on top of recent racial unrest. Have put Minnesota's ten electoral votes in play I like to consider myself a little but I don't know regular public and. Michelle Fazio working mother of three -- family finances motivate her choice. And that the pandemic public health restrictions and their impact on businesses worry her more than the virus itself. Right now what I was seeing my focus is marking mediate. I'm white and the administration I see you. Can. That's polish album. This crisis that fact didn't know Biden says it's a patriotic duty of all Americans at all times. To Wear masks do you agree with us. I don't think. I don't like this in federal handing. I just don't believe he is. This is an enormous. Country and I just don't believe that. What's right necessarily are necessary in the city of New York as necessary and scary. Night. The battle for Minnesota and other upper midwestern states may ultimately boil down to suburban women on the margins. But retired accountant in Catholic stepmother of three and Swenson was undecided. What's making it so hard. I'm it cannot multi mostly if fiscal conservative or more of social moderate. Com there's two things about Donald Trump first being a fiscal conservative I'm not excited about what's happened with them. The budget and they feel the deficit spending even without the cold it is not some in and I. Excited about it. On the other is the Ritter. And civility. When did he uncivil to people. Be a sign of weakness so why can't you vote for Joseph buy it I can't vote for Joseph Biden because I don't want. Those countries to I don't want the vice president Harris following I don't know necessarily that Joseph Biden would make for years and if he doesn't make. Four years then she's in automatically. Trump this Tony an unhappy voters like Swenson to stay home with the strategy. For Donald Trump it's probably can't win those suburban women over what Katie give the reasons why they should vote for Joseph Biden and he can keep. Them from turning out to vote. In let's say keep his base to turn out pretty even higher percentage than they did four years ago that's the recipe for victory here. Meanwhile Democrats are rallying for turnout as voting gets under way BCC blanking enthusiasm. For Biden. To be honest I think a lot of people are gonna do a little Poconos until. That ended the day we'll have a candidate. And if you have a candidate and you actually believe in the pictures that you believe in. We cannot opt out of an election you cannot. Complain about your choices you cannot say well I can't vote for that these contests. I would chill just let this continue to happen. An appeal to conscience and common sense as to 20/20 campaign turns toward the high stakes presidential debates. With all eyes and voters in the suburbs. Three BC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Minneapolis. Such interesting conversations happening across the country our thanks to DeVon for that end in case you missed it we have a new champion in the hockey world after an unforgettable NHL post season. Played in two different bubbles in Canada the Tampa Bay Lightning hoisted up the Stanley Cup after defeating the Dallas Stars in game six. The champions yelling and celebrating their shut out victory. In an end to nearly you know curse the lightning became the first team from an American professional athlete to win it all some sports were shut down earlier this year. Due to the hands and congratulations to them and the NBA finals are tomorrow night LeBron James in the LA lakers face off against his former team. The Miami Heat the action tips off from the bubble in Orlando at 9 PM on ABC. And still to come sometimes it's not the message that is the main take away after presidential debate and that have huge consequences in an election. We'll explain. Going into this movie going into this debate I wanna feel inspired I feel stressed by nearly eighteen it's my first time voting in the election I feel hopeful anxious and services now I feel very concerned about the future of the United States. Probably the most important debates and part of the most important election. Stress hopeful anxious. A variety of emotions across the country and voters across the country telling us how they feel is millions prepare watch tonight's main event and ultimately decided who will be this nation's next president. Finally tonight to take a look back at some of those small moments from past debates it might offer some lessons from president trumpet former Vice President Biden to people with. Quite a few debates already under their belts. President and night modern presidential debates have proven they can make or break. The question before us is which point of view. And which body do we want to lead United States to from the first televised debate in 1961. Up polish JFK out shined and sweaty Richard Nixon. I don't know coming typically is against such a proposal governor. There you go again Ronald Reagan was a master of memorable one liners using humor to defuse a question about his age in 1984. I will not make age an issue of this campaign I am not going to exploit for political purposes. My opponent's youth and inexperience. But the first rule of debates simply do no harm with the dreaded gas. Lacking passion was Michael dukakis' debate downfall in 1988. Governor. If Kitty Dukakis were raped and and murdered. Would you favor and and irrevocable death penalty for the killer. So I don't know. George H. W. Bush looking at his watch in 1990 to prove fatal. Mr. Al Gore those repeated size in 2000 nor the moment that resonated excerpts from governor gets to do man's practicing Fuzzy math again. There's differences. And in 2012. Mitt Romney stuck a little too close to was talking points our navy is smaller now than any time since 1970. Setting up his opponents just call a mountain. Well governor we also have fewer horses and bay and that's because the nature of our Meltzer is changed and so the question is not. A game of battleship for counting shuts it's it's what our capabilities. Of course for Biden in trump this is not their first rodeo. This is a bunch of stuff look here's the deal what does that mean a bunch of stuff well it means and simply united Irish. It is I don't happen but we are is Caldwell luncheon and yeah yeah yeah. Both proving they can be themselves on the debate stage there was even a time when. He didn't get an Emmy for his TV program three years in a row when he started tweeting that the Emmys were rigged a Jenna got them. But in a country dealing with crisis upon crisis from the pandemic to the economy to racial strife. Perhaps substance over style will prove decisive. In twenty Tony. And before we go tonight art image of the day this stage is set the president and former vice president Joseph Biden are undoubtedly getting ready. And so are we for the first presidential debate of the twenty to 18 election. That is our show for tonight I'm about to switch sets and join George Stephanopoulos David Muir the rest of the ABC news powerhouse team be sure to stay tuned ABC news live report context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis our debate coverage kicks off in just moments thanks so much history with us.

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