ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Preserving history of 1st ‘Aunt Jemima’ after brand name phased out; How will Americans spend new pandemic relief checks?; Anti-vax sentiment slows Europe’s vaccine rollout
49:58 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Heart stopping images of a fiery car crash officers riding on the scene just in time to jump into action. Only two people from the burning vehicle that had gone up in flames one of the victims on fire themselves. Incredible rescue caught on police funny Karen. Fortunately the victim survived. Next seem trifecta. The FDA clearing away for Johnson and Johnson's vaccine to join size or in the Daryn as for mass distribution. Saying the new one dose vaccine is folks safe and effective. Four million doses ready to ship is seen as a green light is given what is this movie the timetable to deliver a long shots for. Every adult American. The latest on Tiger Woods his car crash the sheriff today calling it purely an accident and had no evidence had been found a criminal charges. The golf superstar who won't even be alive and recovering from surgery and hospital. And his long running and they looked like as many wonder if he'll ever play professionally again. So the family of a thirty year old man claims he died after a police officer knelt on his neck for news five minutes. His mother and according to disturbing video game after she says she saw his eyes rolling into the back of his head. His family says his last words were used only. I'm department is now responding. And while lawmakers on Capitol Hill are set to vote on the third round of stimulus checks and look at why that money is a lifeline for sun. Only Christian groups in my goodness what shoes you. For just about its children weeks and until he gets curiouser. On the Maxine rollout has been an uphill climb here in the US. Tonight why the EU is facing an even bigger changes in protecting his people from komen and why it's not just anti vaccine sentiment. Let's listen in limbo the family of the woman who inspired the aunt Jemima brand and her check in that game this pancake mix. Acting quickly pearl's decision to completely replace the brand. Biggest hope was that while they would actually just print the histories of the actual women in pin placements among. That was our hope that they would do the right me tonight giving them very real TrailBlazer. A more changes are. Good evening everyone I'm Lynn. Davis thanks so much for streaming in Paris in his famous moon shot speech in 1961 John F. Kennedy famously said we choose should go to the -- in this decade and do other things not because they're easy but because they are on March it took eight years in roughly 400000. People to make that small step for mankind possible show tonight what are the moon shots of our generation the race to backs Nate the world is on the precipice of another giant believes war march an unprecedented third effective vaccine in less Linear likely to get the green light touch the FDA now says a Johnson & Johnson vaccine meets the requirements for emergency use authorization oaks Johnson & Johnson says it's one shot vaccine is 100% effective at preventing carbon debts. An FDA meeting on Friday and clear the way for those shots to begin being injected by this weekend. This comes after another important milestone today vaccines arrived in Ghana as part of a vaccine sharing initiative to get doses to the entire world. Back here in the US more than 44 million Americans have already received at least windows until doctors are excited about what to Johnson & Johnson vaccine could mean for the overall Africans are even pilgrim bleed to Sox. Tonight just days away from potential emergency use authorization the US is now likely on the verge of of third vaccine. And this time a single dose and that news is promising new analysis today fighting the Johnson Johnson one dose vaccine is safe and effective. 86%. Effective for preventing severe illness in the US alone. And 100%. Effective in preventing hospitalizations. Or deaths another key finding the report saying the single dose vaccine may also prevent some asymptomatic disease. When you don't even know you have it which means it could help reduce the spread. Of the virus preliminary. Analysis. Suggested that vaccine provides a 74%. Protection against a symptomatic disease. Which is important because if you can prevent asymptomatic disease and you'll also reduce transmission. The FDA saying the vaccine had the expected side effects like fever and fatigue but no reports of severe allergic reactions. Overall the vaccine provides very robust protection. Throughout the world. Including against the worrisome Bulgarians so what does this mean for the vaccine supply in the US Johnson Johnson says it could have three to four million doses sent out next week it could have 100 million doses by this summer Pfizer and Madieu an already promised an up doses for all Americans by the end of July. So this newest tech scene could simply add to that supply. The US could actually have a surplus a nuts for 400 million people by mid summer. The prospect. Other potential third. I'm approved vaccine is dairy encouraging. And will help to increase the overall vaccines or I. At which will allow more Americans get access. To. To a back getting vaccinated sooner. And tonight news for the thousands of so called long hollers -- victims who still have symptoms months later the National Institutes of Health has announced an official study in July and hollers after a recent study got about 13 of Kobe patients followed reported lingering symptoms. As long as nine months after being sick. An important part of this major design therapeutic approaches. Truly I medications that we already have we just need to know how to use them. Definitely is not just on vaccines and on terror actions as well in the pilgrim joins us now from Brooklyn. It's Hungarian team. All signs are that it to go and abide administrations as soon as they get the green my. They are ready to guess at three to four million doses could be going. Next week Lindsay Fannie Mae erased an ax and there is little time to celebrate but for the scientific community a third effective vaccine is it's a remarkable accomplishment. What explains doctor so much and particularly about Bosnian axle. There's a few things really get the medical community excited about this vaccine won its only one jest so you only to give windows to a patient and they are fully inoculated age the second thing is to be transported and stored. In the normal refrigerator doesn't have to be sorted this out zero crazy cold temperatures and finally this scene was actually tacit on these variants exist that we're facing right now many of which are. It's considered to be more contagious and that. Original strain so we know how this scene she is going to respond to those very ads in everything in the studies that showed that it responds positively. 80% effective at treating severe illness a 100%. At preventing people from hostile as Asian and debts those are the important numbers to when you look at how this vaccine performs Lindsay. In a pilgrim and our thanks to you. Next tonight to the new details and we're getting in from California on Tiger Woods is terrific crash in golf star clearly lucky to be alive after his SU conflict going down a dangerous stretch of road which his injuries substantial. Ron has now been inserted into his -- held together by teens and screws should have more on what's expected recovery in just a moment but first our Matt got an inch has delayed. Tonight Tiger Woods is recovering from a crash that sent his Clark tumbling over a median and through a stand of trees. And had many fearing he wouldn't make it he survived but his legendary career. And is threatened like never before. We sheriffs found him he was trying to pull himself from the mangled SUV despite. Multiple fractures in his legs during emergency surgery doctors inserting ink metal rod in the gulf creates right tibia below the need to stabilize the bones which. We're shattered screws and teens were also implanted two broken bones in his foot and ankle. The swelling so bad. Doctors had to cut away tissue to relieve dangerous pressure and swelling in his muscles and its prevention nerve damage the new surveillance video obtained by TM Zeke showing a car like the one tiger was driving with the location in the matches were Tiger Woods would have been driving moments before the accident LA sheriff. Calls this state particularly dangerous stretch of road you can see this and run away ramp to my right but that's because over the past thirteen months he told us there have been. Thirteen accidents on this road. Four of them with injuries and LA county sheriff's. Alex Villa nueva saying officer determined that woods was not under the influence the current period that there. What was on his way to join football great who Drew Brees. And others had a golf course 42 day of shooting for discovery TV the day before that. He was with NBA great Duane wait. It was a great day and now woke up today so probably repulsed a moment you know for the world a view to get luckily you know like a little snippet. A moment together. And outs of the napkin a woke up and you know welcome to the news Tiger Woods has endured well over a dozen surgeries over his storied career. And whole team happen. Brought to his knees find this shot in 2013. It is paying down. Already recovering from his feet back surgery each woods told CBS he was hoping to come back in time for all speak he's torn at the masters. I also. I got to get their first feeling you a lot of a lot of space on the settlement of our surgeons and about his mother listened to ensure that do it. I don't correctly and this is only back I but tonight his fellow golfers are not concerned with his career. Which is grateful their friend is a lines everyone should just be grateful he's here visualize. His kids mustard. And most important thing. That is certainly the most important thing that gunman joins us now and matched it sure seemed definitive today that no criminal charges will be filed against woods which as the investigation continues could there be more details to come out that could change. Absolutely you know when things it has been surprising it's at least to us covering is that when you go to the crash site there's almost nothing to. Other then where. Tiger Woods crashed into the trees in the skid marks there's Scott no destroyed its household future trees other than when he where he crashed. And and officials say that's one reason that the black box is going to be so important that was what all that vehicle investigators are going to have an opportunity to examine it but it's they're talking about an inch traction here not necessarily. Something on the level of a misdemeanor. For a crime for reckless driving. This'll probably just a speeding tickets if Tiger Woods gets anything. It also sounds like the road where he crashed what was known to have issues and be problematic. You know is wrong with first got to the scene there were several bystanders residence for local there is said he and we know this road. There are always crashes on this road and any orders in the peace it was very surprising for us to learn that just over the past. A year plus Durban thirteen accidents before injuries just along that stretch of route and are driven a lot of places in the country I've never again should any suburban area that had its true or run away its vehicle ramps on the side of the road sponsor obviously officials in this Johnny. New dad this is dangerous to the extent that at this point and just recently trot tonight the county belay announced that it it is going to launch an official review the safety review of that road NC. Matt Gutman. We turnaround. Humans each. First it is one or the significant injuries and Tiger Woods suffered in his lower right leg according to the statement released by UCLA harbor medical says church where he underwent surgery and they set each common unit opened fractures affecting both the upper or lower portions of the tibia and should you of those were stabilized by inserting a rod into the tibia additional injuries to the bones of the foot and ankle were stabilized with a combination of screws sanctions should now of course you have not seen tiger's case but let's have been taxed Graham what a normal lower leg looks like and explain to our viewers what types of fractures and tigers suffered any action taken to stabilize our. Yeah so. It picked up. Those tracks as they suffered basically at a congress traction in that was brokered multiple places. Both of the two dollars and lower lag. There was also opened in about penetrated through this year and so we know those were stabilized first by cleaning out any dirt. Or contaminants are in the weren't. Subsequently had pressure relieved from the muscles around a lower leg. Prevent damage from the box new nation. Any titanium rod a smaller that's all we know he also had unknown fractures to both the high and so it an ankle. The severity of those injury is unclear and acting out their literally determine. Hobbling from recovery. And a statement noted that they use screws intends to stabilizing injuries in his foot and ankle explain away and that type of intervention is needed in and what it could mean as far as the extent of his injuries here. Yes I mean does a lot we don't know about those those hinders it could be something as simple as an ankle fracture. Which which tender tends to be able to recover relatively quickly opryland for about six weeks. I'm if there's an injury to meticulous which is the bone on the bottom of the ankle or intermittent the high and it's somebody other small buns in the toilet. It can be a much. Longer recovery what. There are concerns are loss of blood showed. Sounds from the bone healing appropriately. And really can lead to problems posed was which emulation and obviously returned to sport. And so obviously we're asking in a speculator but if you can give us like a best case scenario. Or worst case scenario what could recovering look like in the days and weeks ahead for tiger and to get back to just everyday activity is for as a result of these injuries. Yeah so so I mean best case scenario the over the next few weeks he doesn't at all infection. In his in his open fractures in his oral iron. New wounds. Deal is Don SARS the alternate routes and shipments of Batman arsenal six weeks X rays. Earlier Edmondson dealing and his his foot and ankle injuries. Are relatively minor. From what shall we are concerned without and I involvement behind Charlotte. You know and boasts a simple ankle fracture. Best case scenario he ease up a walk in you know two or three months. Putting away on our. Of course if he has an injury two and at a small bugs and or or I'm actually. I think she may need further surgery and I compliment you and Ayers. A lot of issue with blood flow and some of those on Som. After their injured. They sometimes do not heal and sometimes you do a second surgery which should be. A fusion but she procedural re actually put two drugs together and H I'll be articulated torturer who joint. Each and again of course with the caveat that we're asking an extension of course we don't yet know the full extent of his injuries or just how will recover she isn't possible to get back to the level of elite professional athlete after this sort of trauma but. Listen we have we have great evidence actually show me NFL Alex Smith recorder or the wash your. Came back from a compound at. Open fracture of his lord Sharman which he also are compartment syndrome now that it's a much different injury it's much different level of energy. Burris is a car accident and you know it again I think a lot of that's can be predicated. Piety the unknown about fractures to his and mangle. So just kind of gotten up you don't saying that this is necessarily. Career ending or at least it doesn't have to be career and it. Listen I think tiger has been relied he's just coming off the strip it back surgery is recovered from all those this is a totally different beast armed. I think until we know more about. How bad it is the injuries are too is just an ankle not gonna be able to give great prognosis on learned I wouldn't count amount or she. All right fair enough document as in thank you so wrenching time your insight. You. Next night calls for south Dakota's attorney general to resign for his behavior after instructing children and this car last September she Jason around firm insists that he saw associated here but in newly released interrogation video which investigators are seeing telling him the man's stays he had the wind she auction and his glasses where Tara inside the car she comes ABC's Alex progress. Or. With calls for his resignation growing tonight those disturbing interviews with South Dakota attorney general Jason rounds berg. Recalling the night he struck and killed 55 year old Joseph beaver I'm in here yeah. Authorities releasing recordings of two interrogations the attorney general faced in the days after is that deadly crash last September. Yeah you can help him. Ali the second inning when O'Malley and the attorney general I get something and morehead Louisville borrowed. But investigators disputing that. When do things that. We notice of its. Viewers in the middle it's pure on the shoulder. The South Dakota Agee maintains he never realize he had struck a person. Then this chilling moments when investigators asked about a pair of glasses that belong to the victim and were found inside the car. Sergio plus I'm wondering if I were not important. That means is it can do it until. Hey Lindsey this case continues to unfold the attorney general has been charged with three misdemeanor charges but none for the death of Joseph beaver something that beavers family calls a disappointing. The eight G insists that he will not resign but. One state legislator there has already introduced articles of impeachment. To have him removed Lindsay. Lots of pressure for him to leave office Alex our thanks to you now to Washington where house Democrats are moving forward on a little try to present Biden nearly two trillion dollar cut would relief package should the plan includes a third round of stimulus checks this I'm Bertha to 14100 dollars each millions of Americans have used the first U payments to -- daily essentials and pay bills during a pandemic the saving checks instead of spending hunch so where would another round of checks likely though here's ABC's Elizabeth Schulze and. For 27 year old and Vontae complained this 600 dollars stimulus check came just in time our Bruce. Tricia charters Frederick's. A special education assistant and assistant athletic director at a high school in Minneapolis Coakley is work became unpredictable. Has classrooms when virtual so he relied on his stimulus money to help pay the bills ran. Troy home. Smart Car payment and how many ups and downs had their anger over the past year financially and and with your top committed more balanced and oops Fisher. Forum not working I'm Margaret do you you. But you're still community. Census Bureau data shows 80% of households earning less than 75000. Dollars per year. Initially use their stimulus checks to pay for expenses. With food utilities household supplies and rent at the top of the list Copeland says for Americans like him struggling to make ends meet to direct payments are a lifeline. They're they're working a small and you are and all of their money goes to fu K yeah us and we. Also sorry since then there are left with literally chart changed. The federal government has sent two rounds of tax exempt checks to Americans in the past year. 12100 dollars last spring and another 600 dollars at the end of the year for individuals making up to 75000. Dollars or couples earning up to 150000. New data from the Commerce Department showed the most recent checks contributed to a spike in retail sales in January 8 in categories from furniture to appliances to close and now president Biden promises additional 14100. Dollar payments as part of his one point nine trillion dollar -- relief package. We will finish the job of getting a total of 2000 dollars. In cash relief to people who need is the most. The 600 dollars already appropriated is simply not enough to be would be difficult to find a worse use of money did an economic relief and stimulus plan. Michael strain is the director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute a conservative think tank. He says the next round of checks will cost an additional half a trillion dollars. I am concerned about what might happen when. The government spends another one point nine trillion dollars of borrowed deficit finance money. He makes a case for more targeted stimulus pointing to data showing that while lower income households spend their stimulus checks. Higher income families were more likely to save or invest than he says but the White House says it's not just low income households in need of help. Without I think what's important to them to the presidency is that we don't lose sight of people in the middle of the income scale who continued to struggle. With both a health and economic fallout from this crisis and these checks target them effectively and efficiently. Some Americans are also using the money to pay off debts. Despite the economic downturn Experian says US credit card debt actually. We didn't dream about coming to. Talking about knowledge in the lab thank you could pay off my loans because facto capital. Selena penny are used her stimulus checks toward her credit card bills and more than 25000. Dollars in student loans. She says she would've preferred to spend them entirely on local businesses. But couldn't pass up a chance to chip away at the pile of debt. I think a lot of people wanted to help stimulate the economy about it. It's really difficult when you have other outweighing and you. Strain says paying off debt isn't the main purpose of the checks they're not good at gotten spend money so that defeats the stimulus that goal. What do you say to critics who say these checks are wasteful on we should be giving out this money right now. I would say. Start warranty or you are for two weeks. Throw a 50% of your food. 50%. I was sort of part states. About accord obtained for gas you car for about two weeks can still try to alleviate it. And see if you can quote Hamlet of an issue that some murder whose merits or cheers you through just about. Children weeks and then tell me if that's the recipients. For ABC news lives finally officials lease in Washington. Elizabeth thank you when we come back please don't chilling chilling last words from a thirty year old according to his family to police. The department denies using any serious force. Why the EU has fallen so behind in the race to vaccinated and a warning signs for Ross. Up next why the family of the woman who inspired the iconic aunt Jemima is worried that the effort to correct the wrongs of the past. Might also erase her legacy. And now to update to a storm we brought you last August PepsiCo this launch formalize its name change to the popular pancake mix on channel line much the decision to phase out the brand was made last year in the midst of the so called racial reckoning in this country which but tonight family of the first woman who played on -- is worried in the push to correct pursing brawls inch Hirsch history is in danger of being erased our Deborah Roberts reports on the effort to preserve her legacy. A familiar box in kitchens all across the country is about to change for good. After a hunter did 31 years PepsiCo is re branding aunt Jemima pancake mix. Get ready for the pearl milling company mix and most celebrate the end of this imagery others not so much. It was sort of a cross and ago why would you do it is specific terror why would you choose that Manuel. Per milling the company that helped create the original self rising mixed found success only after the two white owners hired a black woman to protect and market the recipe. You're biggest hope is that what they would actually jealous that they histories of the actual women who is in place mansion on. That was our hope is that they would do the right being anonymous the women who may it is grains successful worldwide are. We first brought you then untold story of one of America's hidden figures months ago revealing her unmarked Chicago grave which recently got a formal headstone. A bid to happen a hundred years later our Tiki heard great sorrow for her to you excellence. Is just amazing. You've probably never heard her name. But Nancy greed has likely been in your kitchen. When my mom would prepare the pancakes. That was just part alcoholics pairing is of being. Non in the house holiday is that he sat there and waited for the pancakes and be prepared so they need to get them in the hot off the grid all right. There on your pancake box. Read as a kid mama didn't always made us everybody goes hangings. Can us. Her face on the boxes like was probably the one wave that households were integrated. I have some butter and syrup. You like him and Jemima perfect pancakes and can shape. The aunt Jemima recipe pioneered by Nancy Green giving rise to the American pancake. Long before she pioneer that they miss mix Nancy Greene was born into slavery in Montgomery County Kentucky. Use what they stay at home with war. After the civil war green moved to a divided Chicago becoming a strong voice at all of that Baptist Church the oldest black congregation. This church was noted for its war to shield dolls who had escapes slavery. Who arrived here in Chicago because there were mini slave catchers and Chicago. Still pursuing people who were African descent. Sheri Williams lives in Chicago's Brownsville neighborhood and has been shining a light on Nancy Greene story for more than a decade. Most people have no idea who Nancy Green. Wise why is that do you thing I can't believe because she is looked upon as a character. As a as opposed to rule out a living breathing individual. Even connecting the dots for one of her descendants she actually opened. We know could literally opened the box Marcus Hayes only recently learned about his family's past. And I don't doubt. Be as I was. A and exciting at the same error on history forged through a recipe Nancy Green first without for the family she cooked in cared more. It was so rooted in the bowlers Witten and a trio of reward hey. How. I chaired a coo coo or us and she makes these amazing recipe. And she calls labs at the end of milling company heard about it in new dates she was more using their meal and they came and are out. Just like then. Aunt Jemima was born the big debut the world's fair at Chicago's Jackson park back in 1893. Green selling 50000. Boxes of the now famous pancake mix. She was picturesque it Shays. You know anybody who would look at a African American woman cooking they knew did they can trust it. And over all those years ants for aunt Jemima. Never mentioning Nancy Green. She was a businesswoman she created our own agency for what she did well as a storyteller. As a cook as a nurse. After green died in 1923. Other women became the living aunt Jemima symbols ambassadors hired by Quaker oats to continue the legacy. Last June in the midst of the country's racial reckoning PepsiCo Quaker oats parent company decided it was time for aunt Jemima to go. And weeks ago the new brand revealed Nancy green's family disappointed says no one reached out to them. What you want to say to PepsiCo right now it's conversation. Politics is a conversation when you move is silence only wants out of the surly be intro. They had changed an anger problem milling company and still somehow it acknowledged Nancy Green and others on the back that might that have been a solution. That would have been out Vieri positive solution. Yeah how great and noble it would be too acknowledged. You know that there were approached found women who represented that caught and there are people who are concerned right now about images antiquated images these minstrel images which is why PepsiCo was thinking maybe it's time for that image to go what's your feeling about that in no time ever have got hurt anyone. To evolve. PepsiCo maintaining it is a common misperception that the brand's original image was premised on a specific person is no money. This is about the truth a truth and a story now being told. The US story teller and not Eurostar is being told he. After a decade long push Schering finally raised the money to give this TrailBlazer a proper headstone and marker. She's long deserved headstone artist mark hunt not even aware of Nancy green's past. Race. Proved a lot of people. Carefully managing a face that one now be preserved for generations. All look at. Whole idea. Yeah Cherie getting her first look at the headstone she's fought so hard for. It's. Mum born out of America's racial reckoning and the realization of hard work still ahead. You're about to go in beauty easy greens as Stalin and celebrate what has finally become her. You know official legacy to have this day change happening now just where you're about to go any knowledge learn in this land an artist. Il must feel a little. Different radio. Did he leaves a hole moon. Do you Z was here. Hello my worst in our lives we're trying. We're trying. We're sorry that it had had his way and we'll we'll British rock. ABC news line I'm Jennifer Roberts. Her legacy certainly still lives on our thanks to Deborah for that and still ahead here on time. Bruce Springsteen in for they charge you pled guilty to and his response when a judge find him 540 dollars. I don't look at the mental health crisis gripping our children during his unrelenting pandemic we take a look by the numbers for us. First our treatment of the day this new potential postal car. Causing quite a start on line. Yesterday at an hour at the end of the day is pretty frank anywhere on the Xena and drama at 830 diet to tune thirty in the afternoon. Their meetings and they're depressed they're detected their grades are calling every round they. He's really struggled. Final mission school he's alive and press use should be on soon as gracious. Draw Wright problem. Our swing more. My own. You know annual conference. I have it that's another indicator of the closet then it's not that makes learning is that inconvenient for him. He engages in self harm less rent same thing on the listen only to see these kids are grass. To see them did pass my son has suicidal thoughts he sent me attacks saying I didn't want him to commit suicide. Hard to hear old man those are some of the frustrated calls of parents and children struggling with isolation depression and anxiety during this pandemic which experts warn that many American kids and teens are now facing a full fledged mental health emergency we take a closer look cash by the numbers. Emergency department saw 31% spike in the proportion of mental health visits by children aged twelve to seventeen and twenty Tony according to the CDC. The increase was 4% for children age five to eleven disruptive behavioral disorders increased 40% over the summer during the lock downs. And suicide attempts by kids and teens increased 20%. According to the American academy of pediatrics and of the children's hospital association. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide are worried about a loved one or our friends. Help is available call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1800. June 7 street 8255. Or text and talk. To 741741. For free and confidential emotional support. 24 hours a day seven days a week. And we still have a lot to head to get to hear tonight on time the deadly school bus accident ends in driver reportedly didn't even realize happened. The global vaccination campaign is ramping up this is Europe continues to struggle to get those shots into our yeah so special about this painting. Stay with us but first a look at our top trending stories on Yeah. A from. Just days away from potential emergency use authorization in the US is now likely on the verge have a third vaccine and new analysis today citing the Johnson & Johnson one dose vaccine and Satan kinda that didn't. 86%. Effective for preventing severe illness in the US alone and had 100%. Effective in curbing capitalizations of more death and another key finding in the report saying the single dose vaccine may also prevent something needs symptomatic disease when you don't even know you haven't you the FDA saying the vaccine can be expected side effects like fever and nineteen but no reports of severe allergic reactions. Overall the vaccine provides very robust protection aluminum not around the world. Including against the Greece and Bulgaria is Johnson Johnson says it could have 34 million doses sent out next week could have 100 million doses by the summer. Tonight Tiger Woods is recovering from a crash that he sends his carton tumbling over immediately went through a stand of trees. And in many hearings that he would make. During the emergency surgery doctors inserting a new middle Ron and Nicole greaves right tibia below the need to stabilize the bones which. We're shattered the screws and greens were also implanted into broken bone in his foot and ankle. This swelling so bad news doctors had to cut the waste issue comes released dangerous pressure and swelling its muscles and prevention nerve damage and LA county sheriff Alex Villeneuve waiver saying well officer determined that woods was 900. There's clearly an acronym for tonight his fellow golfers are not concerned with his career. Just grateful their friends are lying or just period always hear taste. Why. What so important. From the body of a little boy found lying in the middle of the street apparently struck by a school Boston investigators believe the child was struck and killed while trying to abort his own school last. Police telling us at this point they don't believe the driver who. Feel intended to bust Cindy in the six year old. They were able to stop the bus and are now interviewing bus driver. In New Jersey Bruce Springsteen pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge from an incident in November. Federal prosecutors say they were unable to sustain DW I and reckless driving charges so they were dismissed in Springsteen pleaded guilty to a single charge of consuming alcohol and gateway national recreation area there's no alcohol allowed on the federal property and Springsteen agreed to plead guilty and pay a 500 dollar fine. Vincent van Gogh painted this Paris street see no more than a hundred years ago but until now it's never gone on public display. One of the very few fountain blues in private hands it's now being auctions are giving the red chance to see it. One of the reasons the colors are so broke prison. In this world it's the quality of the pick their plan to use he believes. Its lead in Paris Amsterdam and Rome Coleman who fooled being elections next month. You shouldn't house Sotheby's estimates it will sell Britney seeks to nine point seven million dollars overall. Now to a mothers searching for answers in the deaths of her son according to his family's thirty year old Anthony -- to couch was experiencing a mental health episode and called police for help in three days lead church Anthony passed away picture a wrongful death loss and has now been filed against a local police department should ABC news's you know whitworth brings us this report from California. Tonight the family of a thirty year old navy veteran who died after police restrained him is speaking out. Alleging a police officer put any on his neck Intel he lost consciousness. And died. Three days later. It didn't sense to use. Battle level of course and and restrained. On somebody who was not violent. Newly released video showing the aftermath of the disturbing incidents Angelo Quintero on the ground. You can hear his mother's panic Cassandra can show Colin says her son who suffers from depression was having a mental health crisis when they called police. On December 23 for help. How close she says when they are writing to was calm alleging that police and grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Says he's not until at least twice alchemy either Jordan Floyd hall was placed in the back of his neck. Kyra breathing apparatus and he was a common source within management. ABC news has reached out to the Antioch police department for comment and hasn't heard back Contra Costa county district attorney and sheriff's office are investigating the case. Lindsey the family is planning on filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the police department now authorities have not released the cause of death a Lindsey the family is having an independent autopsy performed. Chain our thanks to you. Ghana is officially the first country in the world should receive vaccines through the United Nations act co Max initiative about 600000 doses of AstraZeneca arrived in the capital city of a crop should today's delivery is part of the first wave of over the nineteen vaccines and collapsed sending to several low and middle income countries. Around the world it's the vaccines are marvels of technology yet in Europe many are skeptical that they even works I was saying this could lead to major cracks in long term strength of the EU and its capital Brussels is to get member states to work together she couldn't causing major hurdles in the global effort to contain the pandemic James long lynch has more. Thank you very feedings on and then their fighters high and you know could be home always. What's the movie's box team coming think you keep saying. Now we should call the complete nineteen feelings often overwhelmed the facts and save. So it's quite clear is that people already in just the Vatican today that is one attendee will make things without I think what you have to say. At this civil anti vax protest in front foot you'll save people braved the cold vegetables relief soon. But Europe's anti vax is not just part of the reason Europe is liking so far behind the United States in the race to vaccinated. Hopefully. The government treats us like machine will now we have liberty call we can choose to Wear a mask or not you we can choose to get the vaccine or not to miss my body and nobody touches me. A year ago he was praise for the relative coordination of its pandemic response compared to the US. Looking down when needed closing nonessential businesses. And scaling back public events and now there's anger in chaos facing its vaccination program. France is one of the most vaccines skeptic nations in the world are in January 1 poll said only 56%. Of people. Said they get the vaccine are our friends a long history of distrust in the state. We sort first turn when we spoke to people in this market in northern France but French people in general are wary and but to totally get out of cracked that we produced in record time we ask ourselves yeah. Boom between Santa what was yeah de France was once an immunization pioneer and increasing the shelves and protect against tuberculosis and rabies and when the renowned pastor institute a London finding it could be nineteen vaccine it was seen as a national embarrassment and right now full point 9% of people in France have received the first studies of the nineteen vaccine in Gemini it's around. Point 8% yeah. And and those numbers pale in comparison to those the UK and about 25%. Of people have already received death does channel. I think everybody he's been able to compete in the in the such a program. Can be incredibly credible report is being achieved Britain freshly practices from the EU ordered the AstraZeneca vaccines three months to fool the European Union even though Britain didn't need breaks it to get that doses since technically each country could have ordered Daryn. It's made breaks into good. Is going Britain having one of the highest death rate cut capita. The borscht EU rolled out as for the main EU powers only defensive. Hutchison John. I fully support the European approach that we've had because we should not vaccinated one country over another so one walls Europe's or slowed. It's a question of risky UK most prepared to pay more and take more risk with liabilities. DEU walls and to Brussels also wanted all 27 member states to act together. Painfully slow process in Brussels is now playing catch up waiting on AstraZeneca to deliver the promised aces while battling a hesitant public and even though Europe's medical agency gave AstraZeneca the green light. Many European countries said there wasn't enough data to prove it what was in the over sixty five's. Public confidence further eroded. And in most common currency defeated. Tennessee Texas. Hanging that it is bitter tone it natural takes its coast. And the Hanks is serious collision between sounds to can't convenience. And harassed in any tips and and directions after a vaccine. Shall band and two pregnant. Also in the Google I am opposed to Europe engine jet freedom's defense has and they ticketing sensitive. The mad is coming Kelly Phillips phones and to stay it's not too intense fan. In our privacy. And then another serious dynamic at play is tokenism on the rise and promises about why she thinks. A yes that the rise until I sooner months in Europe and inference is solutions Eliza from Peru isn't speeches. Hungry Carnie seeing a worrying until the far right to clamp down on free press is going its own way faltering Russian and Chinese vaccines. Although populist movements from Italy to France the pain and it's a team. This vaccine chaos is testing the very fabric. W nineteenth year. James Newman ABC news lives Paris. Our thanks to James. That and when we return from 101. Year old woman who has been inspiring others through decades. Welcome back we like to introduce you to know 101 year old veteran who has been showing strength and inspiring others for decades and she is still hard at work each Robin Roberts shares her story. My name is Rome day. Davis. Didn't mean to them Israel major Davis the 101 years John grocery store associate. Still drives herself to work Monday through Friday. For this road and aid gets a job with purpose supplied I tour and I like helium. And thanks as part of their life. Things well about have they aren't your water cooler guess the hectic. I mean narrator it's news. As a young girl from Virginia. This remaining enlisted in the army becoming a member of the first all black women army corps unit deployed overseas. The world war two and and large avenues. Portable and I enjoy that even though what worked inside. Traveling in opposite needed those somewhere. Jared did call me kid after the war this remain attended fashion school in New York City and pursued a thirty year career in the industry. Despite the odds doing a time when laying people would. My thoughts in because there are back. Ice not want to be around abbey about myself. But then as that would into the business World Bank's earnings and also I realize that if you ambition. Do what you had to do. Doing well. Did people that are wrong with hilarious like tuna. The TrailBlazer found a new colleagues twenty years ago at the age of eighty. Not vicious it is slowing down she applied for a job that are local grocery. Where she continues to work today and lovingly embraced by her colleagues. Now southeastern grocers are honoring their hometown hero with the drum major Davis belonging thing. To grow our facilities and services and resources right here in an actress community. And sharing this row amazing legacy lives on through hard work and persistence. He surely you aren't doing what. Have attempted to for so long. And they used explicit. No into that is going to be hard times. Good times you can accomplish anything but overnight we have to study. Have you believe that he is up first overall in the evening news up that you can do. And you find new ways to get. Such an inspiration are things around in different Nat and before -- tonight our image a Monday should take a look at this Sheen yeah there's machine guns in their somewhere in this video has been making rounds online in Connor intention actually in Australia was she caught in the wild and had seven niece and picture Townsend wolves Leeson had to be cut off push this and as a result after his hair cuts. Constitution having there. And that is our show for this hour machinist to an ABC news current war context and analysis of the day's top stories islands and in his thanks so much for streaming with us have a great night.

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