ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Matt Dowd: ‘Pressure is really on Mike Pence’ in VP debate; Ballot Watch: Colorado and Utah’s successful mail-in voting; Vaccine Watch: President Trump’s antibody treatment
53:29 | 10/08/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Stage is set in Utah today to desks you pieces of Plexiglas between them. Their case to the American people on this night that has such a renewed importance. One night only vice presidential debate the candidates gearing up right now. Across from each other has. On just how pence defend president comes record red zone as head of the White House for rotavirus task force. Meanwhile what harris' campaign says game plan is for this their first and Lance directing saw the before Election Day. White House outbreak president trump back in the Oval Office often treated for covic the latest on his condition and the last time he had symptoms. Breakthrough treatment car bomb would hit six of the leaders behind that truck cut. President Clinton was initially battling that hoping to you how the studies on these antibodies skilling could they be made available to the public. Doctor bell she's dire warning. Thousands died in this country and action is taken. Tonight the letter former head of the CDC sent to the current chief urging him to orchestrate his own firing and go public against the White House. Mandatory evacuations now under way as hurricane delta takes aim at the Gulf Coast the storm slammed into popular Mexican resorts. Tourists taking shelter election. Else where and when it's expected to make landfall in this country. Salad watch while president trumps Sunday tweeting unfounded claims about the election and failing. A closer look at how Tuesday's planned to check the vote in tonight's Fallon watch. Keeping this piece some best practices. Avoid awkward and unsafe situations some Pittsburgh etiquette and it's kind of violence. Good evening everyone I'm list. Davis thanks so much for streaming with us in just about two hours the two people who could be just a heartbeat away from becoming the leader of the free world. Are about to face off being the only vice presidential debate of twenty Tony. The fact that the White House is now covad cluster site with more than two dozen infections adds an extra wrinkle to the traditional safety measures that we typically see in these types of events. And with tensions high across the country the debate is likely to create some memorable moments. Senator Kabul Harris also said to break another barrier the first half black half Indian woman ever. To take the general election debate stage so how are vice president pence and senator Harris preparing. ABC's Mary Bruce is there on the ground for us and Salt Lake City and has the latest on tonight's face off. With just hours ago Joseph Biden today cheering on his running mate with a gun battle. Come on Harris and Mike Pence set for their first and only faceoff and already the pandemic is front and center the candidates will both be seated behind plexiglass more than twelve feet apart here is testing negative yesterday parents testing negative today. Even as the outbreak at the White House grows by the day pence is team insists the vice president is safe to debate is doctors saying pence has not been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive and does not need to quarantine but pence was seen here at what is now being called a super spreader event that Rose Garden ceremony sitting right in front of senator Mike Lee who shortly after tested positive. The vice president was last with the president in the Oval Office last Tuesday before trump tested positive. And his communication director Katie Miller who was traveling with the vice president had to abruptly leave Utah yesterday after her husband White House advisor Stephen Miller tested positive she has since tested negative. But the Harris team has been taking no chances demanding those extra precautions including that Plexiglas pants the head of the corona virus task force initially mocked the request Miller saying if senator Harris wants to use a fortress around herself how bad it. It overnight agreeing if such a barriers critical for the Harris team that we're not going to let it stand in the way. I hurdles for this event hailing in comparison to the challenges of next week's presidential debate. The president still battling cold it is promising his supporters he'll be there to debate. But Joseph Biden is drawing a line saying there will be no debate until trump tests negative. I think you can. Program. So really still remains to be seen if this is perhaps the last debate of this season it married Bruce joins us now from Salt Lake City Mary certainly high stakes for both campaigns tonight re hearing from the buying campaign on come on Harris is strategy and how she's been preparing for tonight. Well Kabul heirs of course is a former prosecutor she is known for those fierce cross examinations and tonight she's going to make that case state. Pence in the trump administration have failed the American people and their response to this pandemic she has been intensely preparing. Studying up on hence his positions even doing mock debates team duty judge actually filling in at points to play the role of Mike Pence. Despite the fact that she is known for those pointed questions her teens as -- federal eviscerate Mike Pence she is going to try though to speak directly to the American people that the strategy that we saw Joseph Biden. Use last week at the first presidential debate she's not going to be fact check in pence at every twist and turn him to leave that to those of us in the media. But you know come lawyers despite the fact that she is known. Byrd these really intense lines of questioning she has been edited to add an unsteady debater appointed an uneven debater and you know this is her first time. On a stage this significant but apparently she's been studying up with a flash cards and has watched every single debate defenses ever participated in from his time as a politician in Indiana what about the vice president what do we know about his approach. Foley is known as on message to Mike and there is very rarely any daylight that you see between Mike Pence and Donald Trump that he is set to argue that they have done everything they could. To tackle this crisis you can expect him to go after come on hair C doesn't a lot of experience. On a debate stage she is a skillful communicate are actually former television host of he has a much more experience in this arena but. Come Myers is gonna try to put him on defense they're prepared for that it will be interesting to see what lines of attack he employs most. They will also likely try and paint cobble hairs as far left. That is aligned attack they've been using for the last several weeks and months it is going to be quite an evening when they hand evening if indeed our Mary. Bruce thanks so much. And courses debate comes as the White House is still overrun with the corona virus multiple aides and support staff connected to the west wing testing positive in recent days but. Today president made the surprising move of returning to work in the Oval Office that marine guards standing guard outside a sign of child's presence inside the west wing. He later released a video boasting about the drug cocktail first given to him when he initially fell ill calling getting covet. A quote blessing in disguise here's ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. A site for more normal times the marine guard standing at the entrance to the west wing. As happens whenever the president is in the Oval Office. Except this is anything but normal. A president infected and contagious. Returning to a workplace or more than a dozen staffers have already been infected with covic nineteen. Tonight he released this video it's your favorite president. And I'm standing in front of the Oval Office at the White House some of his aides urged him to recuperate in the White House residence to put fewer people at risk. But the chief of staff said they are taking precautions. We've got safety protocols there. That are. Not only from the PP standpoint but from a ventilation standpoint. In in the oval where we can actually words of that in as well yeah. White House is saying little about the president's condition today issuing just a short statement from his doctor Sean Connelly. Who provided incorrect information to the public over the weekend the president this morning says I feel great a statement says. Adding he's been symptom free for over 24 hours. I went to get out of the hospital and that's what I want for everybody I want everybody. To be given the same treatment as your president. Because I feel great I feel like perfect. But many questions remain including whether the president is still taking the powerful steroid he was given at the hospital. And why the White House refuses to say when he last tested negative for the virus which could tell us where he is in the course of his illness started. Why can't the White House today when he's up there isn't dead but we've we've addressed this today. The work we're not asking to go back through much of Rackers look backwards. It's a critical question which could help Trace who the president may have exposed to the virus and whether he should have flown to a New Jersey fund raiser last week. Even after his close aid hope hicks tested positive much of the west wing is now empty. Staff either sidelined with the virus or quarantining. Because of possible exposure. Late yesterday senior advisor Stephen Miller became the latest to contract cove it. But today cameras captured people outside the White House gathered in close proximity few of them wearing masks. His Twitter account has been on overdrive. Sending the stock market into a tailspin. When he up ended talks over an economic recovery package would warn tweets saying quote. I have instructed my representatives. To stop negotiating until after the election. Sarah Brown who west three teenagers in his out of work because of the pandemic. Was counting on government help what she saw the presidents' week. I write an outline why and I liked. It was like my heart felt my stomach for her this is a matter of survival for those scary. It's true lending data day did not meet mandated day it's literally our our. I refresh my noon is like every hour to see what the latest news has to see what my future holds. To see what my children's and near future can hold. But this morning the president seemed to have reversed himself tweeting. The house and senate should immediately approve 25 billion dollars. For airline payroll support and 135. Billion dollars for paycheck protection program for small business. In fact trump himself hasn't been personally involved at all in negotiations. The last time he spoke to speaker Nancy Pelosi was last October almost exactly one year ago. Today she mocked his about face on stimulus talks. He's just again rebounding from like a terrible. Mistake that he made yesterday and they eat and Republicans in congress for going down the drain with him on that. Closing not holding back per usual Jonathan Karl joins us now from the nation's capital John surprised. To hear that the present is already back in the Oval Office what's the White House saying about the precautions that they're taking. Well they say there are a number of precautions first and foremost Lindsay very few. Staffers are seeing him. Really for the most part we understand dance give you know. By his deputy chief of staff and of course the former digital director behind his Twitter feed can also mark meadows the chief of staff and the president is going into the Oval Office. Directly in that from that door that looks out over the Rose Garden so he's not walking through the west wing. You heard mark meadows referred to the air filtration system by in the Oval Office unclear exactly what that means but they also say that anybody who is seeing the president. Is wearing PP masks and the like obviously at least in the video you saw the president wasn't wearing a mask. We don't know if he's wearing a mask when he meets the people Neil. Law office we also heard from the president say with a flood of messages on Twitter and also late video touting his medical treatments elaborate on that. Well yes the video was something else about five minutes long he actually said big guy getting the virus was a blessing in disguise a blessing from god. He says that he's feeling up perfectly that was the message he gave. Before that that that matters the first time we saw him since the night he gave back from Walter Reed. Bomb although he is it incredibly active on Twitter we counted more than 50 tweets by this morning and frankly. Stop keeping track but but very active on Twitter today. When Jonathan Karl thank you so much. Ahead of tonight's vice presidential debate we bring an ABC contributor mapped out for more context and analysis thanks so much for joining us Matt. My pleasure Lindsay. Aren't so let's start off with just what's at stake for tonight at the top of these tickets we have a 74 year old president has tested positive for covad nineteen. And a 77 year old challenger. Is a vice presidential debate typically matter and how is that different this year. Will vice presidential debates. Hardly ever move a race harbor have serious impact on the race but there has been a few exceptions to that end. 20041. I had worked for bush and had actually debate prep. Dick Cheney today we hit the bush should just come off it very bad performance like. Down trump did. And Dick Cheney's goal was to stop the bleeding and he asked me actually one time in the middle of a debate prep what's what should I do and I think you need to be the tourniquet. Because we're losing points we had a lead and it's from evaporating because of that debate performance before the next presidential debate so. To me this is a debate that in order for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to get back in this race where they're significantly behind. Mike Pence at least. Has to stop the bleeding in the polls that are going on right now. And as you just mentioned that you prep Vice President Dick Cheney for his big that was back in 2004 tonight what are come on Harris and Mike Pence is respective goals it. And you saved you were advising them. I think Mike Pence is goal wanted to ask as I say yes to stop the bleeding get the race back to where it was which is the seven or eight point decline. But really with only 27 days left and people actually voting. As I could tell people November 30 and Election Day November 3 at the end of the election so he asked to begin to start chipping away at that lead. And and present the Donald Trump case in a much more forceful way of why they should get another four years not why not Mike. Why not Joseph Biden but why they should get another four years. I think Kemal Harris is she since their first big introduction to the American public in this big of a way in her public life. She has to perform. Well and Matt and I think her main goal is to keep the momentum going in our have to build on. A lead they RD have a lead is just to keep the momentum going because we have no idea whether organ of another presidential debate. Next week or at all and I think that's the concern for ad for truck pence. Is that this may be the last opportunity they have in this kind of setting to present their argument the American public so I think the pressure's really on Mike Pence. But come olives just after comma let's just has to keep keep things going in the momentum going as it has been for the last couple months. And you talk about that momentum in the biting Harris ticket has taken a commanding lead in recent polls sixteen points according to CNN for example. How that impact the dynamic on tonight's debate stage. Well all these debates you always have to look at the context aware that race is. I don't think Joseph Biden has a sixteen point lead I always tell people the best thing to do his average all the polls together and I think that gives him about a nine point lead in this. And so this I think it's this debate is consequential and that either. Joseph Biden and coddling terrorists are gonna come out of this with that Dooley who lead maintained. Which seems pretty strong not only nationally but in all the key target states. Or will deteriorate and if if we are this fewer days left until the election is over. It's really get the point a time when the clock is beginning to kick. For Donald Trump and he has to. In order does. To figure out a way to break into not just win undecideds. Lindsay because lens undecideds will not decide this race at this point he can win all the undecideds and still lose he has to chip away. At Joseph Biden supported this point time. And this debate tonight may be one of the last opportunities for them to do that. Matt Dowd is always a thank you for your insights we'll see a little bit later on tonight. Thanks Lindsay take care. And be sure to stay tuned right here for that high stakes debate just ahead Matt we'll join us for analysis and a special edition of 20/20 starting. At 8 PM eastern followed by the big debate. At 9 o'clock right here on ABC news lives. And now back to the cove a crisis in the dire new warnings about just how many American lives could still be lost as we head into winter. Sadly the death toll is now above 2111000. Among the more than a thousand health care workers and tonight. Why one former official is now calling the government response a slaughter. Here's ABC's Steve Wilson Sami from the CDC in Atlanta. The nation's top infectious disease specialist who's gotten it right most of the time so far has a rough winter forecast tonight. We can app from 300000. To 400000. Deaths. That would DJs. So tragic if that happens it's hard enough as it is on health care workers a new report from Kaiser health says that more than 12100 of them have died from cope in nineteen during this pandemic. And the racial disparities we see in the rest of America are here to 63%. Of health care workers who died are people of color. 27 year old Ramon bias is a respiratory therapist in Colorado whose heart stopped beating. After he got sick with cope at nineteenth and had to beaver bond act. I want people are it'll be aware and you know don't think it's a joke. It's a thrill it you know people are are dying. Hospitals across the country are still reporting shortages of protective gear and the family of doctor Adeline Fagan wants to share. They buried the young Houston doctor on Saturday and tell us that she had to re where the same protective mask over and over again. All hospitals are eating this problem. Com and unfortunately it is no different for us tax S. In Wisconsin the governor is opening a field hospital at the grounds of the state fair after a record number of Covert hospitalizations. At the CDC. A letter from the former director to the current one is opening eyes wide doctor William shaky who worked under President Reagan. Calls the government's response a quote slaughter and says the current CDC director needs to expose the administration's mistakes. Even if it cost him his job. I kept hoping. That the White House task force. We see what they're doing is working then would change but this is going to go down as one the worst responses to a pandemic. For more Alice spring and Steve Elson sadly that is some letter has the White House or the CDC director responded. This CDC director here of the CBC. There has not responded so far. But the White House patents they are saying that all of the decisions here who are data driven they reject this letter as a false meant narrative. They reject all of the criticism but you know there's something else some more incoming to the White House The New England Journal of Medicine is out tonight. With something we've never seen before. And unprecedented. Scathing attack on the administration. Its response to the cup at nineteen crisis using words like reckless and dangerously incompetent. And the editors of The New England Journal of Medicine say tonight. That this is not an endorsement. Of Joseph Biden but they reach action. The current. Administrate. She was so strong words there OK Steve thus in summing are things you. Hurricane delta is now turning once again an open waters as it prepares to be the latest storm to head for the gulf comes to storm slammed into Mexico and Cancun causing melt tourist areas. Forcing some to take shelter in luxury hotels but now. It's headed our way rob Marciano is in New Orleans rob what's the latest. Hey Lindsay boy the you could tank tanker to get hit hard by hurricane delta but that land interaction did take a little bit of steam. At a delta at least for now there's still a good amount of gulf water most of it is warm 500 miles from the coast Louisiana right now we've got watches are posted. From Galveston. Through Louisiana. And n.'s Hugh it's of southeastern southwestern while parts of Mississippi we do expect delta to strengthen back to a two or three status. By early Friday it will grow in size as well. Making landfall sometime in the afternoon all hazards in play here including a storm surge up to eleven feet could see flooding rains of six to twelve inches but I'll think brains going to be as big an issue because. It is moving quite quickly winds will be act category two or three that is damaging. And that could be felt here in Lafayette or potentially just down the road in Lake Charles where they're still trying to recover. From hurricane Laura devastating them just six weeks ago. Lindsay. They just keep coming one after the other from our thanks to you they were two of the most wanted terror suspects in the entire world both tradition known as The Beatles. Among their victims American journalist James Foley but tonight they are on US soil and about to face justice. A Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has more. Tonight two of the suspected crisis terrorists. Accused of playing a role in the kidnapping and statistic execution of American journalist James Foley. Now one US sold to face charges members of the so called a Beatles ice is so named because of their British accents. Alexander coty and Ellis JP el Sheikh made their way to Syria from London today they're charged in the conspiracy to kidnap torture. And murder for Americans. Today. Is a good day. But it is also a solemn one the other Americans killed Stephens saw what was a journalist who covered the Middle East. Peter casting was in Syria working for humanitarian organization Kayla Mueller was a humanitarian aid worker and human rights activist. Authorities say these men were beyond cruel. Though only allegedly admitting to beating Foley but also terrorizing the captives. By staging mock executions. And was the hostages thought they might die today the FBI director speaking to families. And while their pain may never fully subside today. With the announcement of this indictment were beginning to bring them the justice. They deserve. Liz and the two suspects appeared in court virtually in order to extradite him here from Iraq the US had to agree not to seek the death penalty. If convicted they face life imprisonment and. Here are thanks to you and when we come back a dramatic funny candid surveillance videos that show officers struggling with a suspect over a weapon inside police station. We have new developments also in the George Floyd case and the officer charged with taking his life. But up next with the election less than a month the way we sit out Tuesday its plan to protect their mailing ballots and stay with us from. Donald Trump during his campaign is called Mexicans rapists criminals. He's called women slobs pigs dogs discussed. I don't like saying that front of my wife and my mother and Donald Trump that said. All the things that you've said he stands in the way he said he sent them. He still wouldn't have a fraction. Of the insults. That Hillary Clinton level when she said that. Of our supporters were a basket to performance. Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body. I'm happy that in certain more specific question put the mail vs female. There are. Medical procedures. I'll repeat the question of can you think of many months. That gives the government the power to make decisions about the male body. I'm not a I'm not only thinking of any right now senator. The former prosecutor prosecuting the judge now supreme court judge that was senator Connell has grilling Brit panel at his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Back in 2018 she sent to question the president's latest nominee Amy Connie Barrett next week if that confirmation hearing. Moves forward but before that. She'll face off tonight in the debate with vice president Mike Pence in Salt Lake City, Utah Utah is one of a handful of states that for years has conducted its elections almost entirely by mail. Neighboring Colorado is another so with a record number of Americans expected to join them in voting by mail this fall. She's Clayton San don't talk to officials in both states and got an inside look at how Colorado is made their mail in system work. The steps they take to keep balance safe and secure and how responding to baseless claims by the president. Of mail in voter fraud it's tonight's ballot watch. No matter how many times. President trump makes false claims about mail in voting they take him we don't like them we don't like it did being sold did being dumped in rivers they found. Well it's no waste paper basket and repeats them see they found ballots and a waste paper basket. They found ballots dumped in a stream. And repeat well you get the idea election officials insist mail in voting is secure and trustworthy widespread voter fraud doesn't exist. People on the right and the left have looked for it it just does not exist. George stern is a Democrat he's in charge of running elections in Jefferson County Colorado a state that's had universal mail in voting since 2013. All the rooms are under key card access I don't even have access to these rooms my elections director code is gonna have to let us in here. This year he's defending mail in voting a lot more than usual. What I'm worried about is it cleans false claims of widespread voter fraud are going to. Cause people to throw their hands and think why bother participated why wouldn't even vote in the process where I think this is going on and that's voter suppression. Five states including next door neighbor you talked the site of tonight's vice presidential debate have vote by mail for years. Both fraud does happen but experts say not very often while not an exhaustive list a database maintained by the conservative Heritage Foundation found just under thirteen hundred proven instances of voter fraud since 1979. Out of hundreds of millions of votes cast. Cases of people committing voter fraud in the United States are so rare one study found that Americans are far more likely to be struck by lightning. But despite the evidence the president's attack on mail in voting seems to have triggered his base. Com I'm absolutely thank you keep Travis in the mail in ballot it's even then get dumped into. My specs get somewhere nodding. One recent poll found 43% of Republican and Republican leaning voters believe mail in voting fraud is a major problems. Compared to 11% of those who vote or lean Democrat. Plummer John Pavlik suggested voters dumped their mail in ballots in a toilet he put in his front yard. When police showed up he insisted it was a joke. And I think we just all one. Integrity. The next election. Public is exactly the kind of voter stern is worried about so as the election nears. He's taking us behind the scenes eager to show off just how secure mail in voting is in Colorado. So we call this the Hubble this is our can't review of everything for starters each of the county's 35 ballot drop boxes ease on camera 24 sevenths there on surveillance whether they're coming in at 3 in the morning or. 6 PM we use this both to make sure that nothing's gone wrong and do nothing bad is happening but also helps us. Managed crowd through these rooms are so secure that cleaning crews are not allowed in here and so we have our own vacuum cleaner because we have to clean it we have to take our trash cans out into the hallway as every dollar rise each signature is checked by machines and a bipartisan team of judges trained by FBI handwriting experts less than 1% of signatures are ever rejected. Every time you've ever voted filled out a voter registration form visit the DMV. In a bipartisan team can usually say well actually we can tell them that is the right signature. And accepts that the ballots are then counted by machines that stern says cannot be hacked. Actually we take transparency very literally in this room that is our. The system connection right there you can TV. Fiber optic cables running up the top of it you can see the connections and that's all in internal system so that the that's the results can move through out to the system but that we're not actually connected to the Internet. This week Jefferson County invited election judges from both parties to participate in what they call a logic and accuracy test. If ballot has a problem like this one the team works to make sure the vote is counted. So as you can see this one has a red border around at the system would want to Talbots is an overvote so in this case we would. I'm select the vote for Diana. And continue to have a vote for Shane. Beer counting ballots for two weeks before Election Day we don't know the results until. 7 PM when we quick tabulate button and then make those results available in the middle of the -- nineteen pandemic several states including Nevada are quickly ramping up mail in voting as a socially distance alternative. Republican Wayne Williams who served as Colorado secretary of state worries some states may not be ready with systems that can take years to perfect. Some of those states who were wanting to move to the system may not have an accurate signature database. Or how much can it affect the outcome. Can affected tremendously. So if you don't count the right ballots you can shift an election by a pointer to. Section of rhetoric from both sides saying they're always safe for their always fraudulent neither of those is correct if you do it right you can have is safe system. The truck campaign sued Nevada Republican secretary of state to stop ballots from being mailed to all active voters but lost don't problem is who border pardon story. And Gordon Brown were murdered by you would. Be due and this until you are not. There are sporadic cases of ballot trouble around the country in New Jersey a mail carrier was arrested today on charges he threw mail into dumpsters. Including nearly a hundred ballots. LA county is apologizing after 2000 ballots were missed printed without the presidential race and last week the president tweeted about 100000. Ms. printed ballots sent to voters in Brooklyn. Playing up incidents that officials insist are relatively minor or totally bogus is part of a strategy political experts say to enact tougher boating restrictions. It's that tends to reduce turnout for. For people in cities it's yesterday's turnout for poor people for people of color today that tends to mean Democrats more than Republicans. He is concerned about. Possibly losing this election. And he's trying to raise concerns dad he will only looses it if it's a fraudulent election. Utah has also used mail in voting for the last seven years. Heavily Republican state using the system now under attack by a Republican president well I think the president is probably referring to states that aren't you talk the State's GOP chair hopes despite rhetoric from the president cooler heads prevail on election night. Did the best course of action is not to assume. Ever assume a conspiracy. Just be patient our clerks in every county who worked incredibly hard. And they have processes in place and we just need to wait and let the process work itself. Now election officials on both sides of the aisle hope the win voters cast a mail in ballot it's also a vote for keeping the faith and trust in the system. I would not pretend to speak for the president or her to psychoanalyze why he's doing what he's doing I will say only that we have had seven years of experience. The universe of opening on Colorado. They have broad bipartisan support for it and we can say unequivocally that it is extremely accessible than extremely secure. Clayton sand up BBC news golden Colorado. Our thanks to Clayton for that and still ahead here on product Bob Fortier. In this week's vaccine launched fixed officials who worked for the company behind that into body drug cocktail given to president trump. House a testing going and could it be made available to the general public. It's the conspiracy theory followed by some Republicans running for office but now FaceBook is banning it. And with the president's decision to stop negotiations on a new stimulus bill we take a look at just how fragile the economy is right now. Firstar treated the day Macaulay Culkin reminiscing about his role in home alone. We'll welcome back everybody as we heading to tonight's vice presidential debate. Many voters are certainly thinking about their jobs in the faltering US economy such. We take stock of the economic crisis the next administration whether it's biting Harris are trumped pencil have to face by the numbers. Twelve point six million Americans are now out of work in the US unemployment rate is seven point 9% now that's high but it's not significantly from its April peak of nearly. 15%. Eleven point four million US jobs have been added since March but. Even a lock downs were mostly lifted three point eight million Americans permanently lost their jobs this year. An entire industries and just being crushed like the airlines which are laying off more than 30000 workers and restaurants. 40% are expected to close within six months if they don't receive aid according to one survey. The stimulus talks stalling American households and businesses have now gone two months without enhanced unemployment checks loans and other pandemic relief. From the federal government and that the moment there's no telling when more helpful com still so much to get to hear on flights like. The new technology aiming to help schools stay open by detecting Kobe's early and I Dili before it spreads in the classroom. And a company putting a stop to selling electronic shock collars on dogs we'll explain why. But first here's a look at some of the trending stories. On For a. Amid a little in nineteen outbreak at the White House and likely still infectious president trump returning to the Oval Office they I want everybody. I mean given the same treatment as your president. I think this was a blessing from god that I thought this was a blessing in disguise. The chief of staff said when they're taking precautions. Not only going to be paying standpoint but from the moment in relations standpoint. He and in the oval or we can actually words and then in his left CDC guidelines president trump should be isolating for at least ten days from his first symptoms and at least 24 hours after its leader is gone. Normally go anywhere near the White House it's on most dangerous places and and the country musicians. Says the president. Hasn't been sentenced him free and has detectable levels of antibodies but experts say those antibodies. Could be the body's natural reaction from trying to find out the virus or meet appealing to the large dose of experimental antibody medication. You receivable in the hospital also today members of the White House staffer spotted having lunch outside in close proximity to one another. President trump tweeting yesterday that he wanted Republicans to call off negotiations. For a stimulus bill me until after the election but hours later he reversed course signaling he would sign measures that would give direct payments to Americans help struggling airline industry and small businesses all the things that are on the table during talks between Treasury Secretary Stephen ammunition and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi loses about ten things than we agree on hand and asked the speaker is willing to look at those things that. On a a piece. By piece basis. Then were willing to look at it but Democrats have insisted on north federal funding for state and local governments and have resisted a piecemeal approach them. Fitting send out those checks. If we just sentimental film because of all he has ever wanted in the negotiation. Twisted vendetta jet with his name printed point. Erik Chopin. Is out of jail after posting one million dollars available for children is the officer shown on video beating his need to George Floyd snagged a -- is charged with second degree murder and manslaughter in the game. He is due back in court in March the three other officers implicated employing the death. Previously posted from the male. FaceBook is taking down pages and pounds that's important you are not described as a far right group based on groundless conspiracy theories. FBI has come out and said they believe this could be a potential in domestic terror threat. This move by FaceBook. Is intended to take those pages down to remove fat contents from a platform so that people are no longer seeing it and spreading the president has said and while he doesn't know much about the remaining. He has an appreciating them back then was his understanding is that made some warning camps there is to this policy one thing for users. They will not banning an individual's. From posting them about he went on. Kind of goes says it has stopped selling electronic shock collars used to train dogs and the power supply chains as a shock collars have been shown to increase fear anxiety and stress in dogs picked those says it wants to promote positive reinforcement training instead and it's calling and its competitors to do the same. Shock collars accounted for roughly ten million dollars of PepsiCo salesman when he nineteen. Retailer has also started a petition to happen collars regulated being used only by certified training preparing. Welcome back authorities in LA released dramatic body cam video showing an officer and a suspect's struggle over a gun. The altercation happened and sign a police station officials also released clear surveillance of the attack the suspect beating the officer in the head with his own gun. Before shootout with another officer the suspect was then chased down the street before he was tackled and now faces attempted murder charges. And turned to a disturbing new report by the New York Times about the trump administration's widely condemned family separation policy at the southern border. Citing an 86 page draft investigation report the newspaper claims that in 2018 then attorney general Jeff Sessions told his prosecutors quote. We need to take away children. That policy according to the report included gripping breastfeeding infants from their mothers. Sessions announced the so called zero tolerance policy in the spring of 2018. I have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegally entry. On us out breast border if you cross the border unlawfully then we will prosecute she. If you are smuggling a child. Then we will prosecute two years. And that child may be separated from you as required. Law. Ultimately more than 5000 families were separated many for months and even though the policy officially ended in June of 2018. They still use a that they still have not been able to locate a reunite every family that may have been impacted the civil rights organization called the policy child abuse. And one of the cruel list immigration practices in the history of our country. With president trump of the White House now recovering from Kobe nineteen some promising news from the White House positions memo today saying the president's latest physical examine vital signs are in the normal range certainly a good sign for a patient who needed oxygen just a few days ago and some point to the experimental monoclonal antibody treatment that he received while at Walter Reed as a possible reason for his improvement. And it's the president is now touting as a potential cure. So this week are Bob Woodruff got a behind the scenes look at that and to body treatment currently in clinical trials at some hope. Could serve as a bridge to a vaccine in our latest addition. A vaccine watch. After the president's flight from the White House to Walter Reed he received special permission to try and experimental drug. President given the best health care available in the country and to experimental treatments it includes a promising potential treatment known as monoclonal antibodies. But because the safety trials are still not completed in the US very few other patients have been granted their use. For president trump. It may have helped if you're asking me my opinion yeah I think it made a difference I think that the monoclonal anybody. Made a difference and it is in clinical trial now. To try and prove definitively. If it works. But in a new video release tonight the president is going much further touting the treatment as a cure they gave me region around. And it was like unbelievable. The president received anti bodies made by the Biotech company regeneron which started its trials here. At the holy name hospital in New Jersey. These antibodies are directed against the virus and they've been shown to reduce the amount of virus and that. Reduce the symptoms among the 29 patients that we have used in the three arms of this study. They have all gotten better here in their pharmacy they showed us what they are almost certain. It was the president's treatment cocktail at this point they what exactly did he get short so. This is the antibody cocktail former Jenner on. So the way that this is prepared is a it comes is an IV solution. But it wasn't just antibodies. Trump also got a cocktail of drugs that included steroids and anti viral medication. The render severe is an ivy piggy back. And then the decks and that's a Sony to me either and I easy push. Or and or hell. The president was not the first to receive free Jenner ons antibody treatment although unlike the president. Volunteers for the trial don't know whether they received the placebo or the real thing. So you had no smell and OK yes that I had to this after this injection Yasser just a couple of days they came back yes cracked. One of the other companies producing monoclonal antibodies is Eli Lilly. Weeks ago we witnessed their treatments potential to stop but I'll break in its tracks many calling anti bodies like there's a bridge to a vaccine. We are giving patients the and a body. Which the vaccine is intended to make your body produce one of the studies looking at prevention of even the spread of Kobe in a nursing home what are you wanna get you want a placebo or anyone like the real power there are okay. But last week highlighted the possible impact of these antibodies as a way to treat people who are already infected that's exactly what doctors were hoping for. When the president took the treatment. Clearly he appears improved. I am inclined to attributed to that three different therapies that he received. And at the UC hell center in Denver this family also volunteered for a Jenner ons experimental treatment. I was the bring your codes in the firmware. My daughter and I were watching TV and I really built for sniffling and I looked at Harrison. You sniffling. Yeah you're still and then. I our Diana and then the next morning when both hook up with no teachers now. After the infusion Graham says she got over her symptoms notably faster than our sun. I like to think I got placebo and she yards and Broncos you know no way she was still recover from. Fassel and I was yeah. Yeah it's a big house like Andrea Day really. It's possible that I had my smell back during the couple hours afterwards just a moment or two. Since the president's use of monoclonal antibodies trial facilities tell us volunteer applications have risen dramatically their hope of is that this will lead to faster government of. Approval I think that. All of this attention to this therapy may speed up the approval in the mechanism by which you would do so is that people will be even more inclined to seek out. Enrollment in this trial. Today Eli Lilly announced it is seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA. And since monoclonal antibodies have gotten all this presidential attention. Stocks for both Eli Lilly and rich and are on. Have gone up. I'm Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. Bit of a boost to the market based on that good news our thanks to Bob for that. The show keep schools and businesses open while this pandemic rages on is likely to come up in the vice presidential debate tonight but now. There's a new technology that's about to be rolled out in classrooms claiming to help prevent the spread of Kobe. Progeny Norman has his story. An exclusive look at a new device said to be able to track coughs sneezes and fever in the classroom teaming up with engineers and epidemiologist. Clorox the company famous for bleaching -- taking so long torch first test run in a classroom how can pinpoint coughs and sneezes. There is a microphone in the device and it is trained to look at there's unique frequencies that are coughs and sneezes the temperature is monitored with a thermal sensor. At this anti elementary school in New Jersey researcher showed us how they say this illness symptom tracker works to replicate real coughs and sneezes. Researchers played audio files and staff used heated blankets and hit and rumors to imitate fever it's all tracked on his dashboard accessible by computer. So it says a hundred or nine coughs and sneezes detected. Three high temperature readings this device time and time again is able to. Detect coughs and sneezes in the classroom. All along this is a race between us and the virus in any tool that we can use to give us a head start can really help. With the help of epidemiologist. Clorox says they determined the point at which teachers should take notice of possible illness in the classroom depending on size and other factors for example if a class of 24 students reaches 66 total coughs and sneezes and a seven hour period. An alert email is sent to administrators but experts caution that just tracking symptoms won't catch all cases of coping nineteen. One of the great challenges in mysteries of coated is that people can be asymptomatic and still have cove it that means no cough. No sneeze no runny nose no fever. And while Clorox is looking for 100 schools across the country to participate in a trial run of this device other schools are turning to different technology. One Houston area school district dispatching specialized camera that the district says can take the temperature of up to thirty people at a time. Capturing readings while students walking to school or down hallways and Motorola recently introduced in a I program it says can help schools like calculating the distance between people. And monitoring building capacity. The software also aiming to track and mask and compliance. Florida Atlantic University confirming to ABC there exploring using this technology and high traffic areas on campus like the library. Our thanks to today and when we come back preventing masks fights before they even start we ask an expert about pandemic etiquette. About the manners and customs to staying safe and peacefully coexisting. We're remembering Johnny Nash tonight the singer songwriter that wonderful chart topping hit I can see clearly now his signature song we're going to be covered by artists like Ray Charles Jimmy Cliff and Donny Osmond. Cash was also influential in the early development of ray gay music signing Bob Marley Peter Tosh and bunny Willard to one of their first record deals. Nash passed away from natural causes at the age of eighty in his hometown of Houston. And that bright shiny message from Nash's biggest song is certainly something that we're all hoping for after the year that we are having. But the reality is health experts warn is that we are far from seeing. The rain gone from this pandemic and despite the president's position wearing masks and keeping distance is still the best way to stop the virus from spreading. So what do you do in situations where you're quite the same pages those at your wits are mean approve them past some etiquette expert. Yeah it's. Yeah okay. Yeah. We've seen them go viral throughout the pandemic were the other side of the vets we don't believe in this stuff today. People on edge over who would see diminishes. I don't think we should be required to Wear one. Is cancer free country to protect people I do feel it should. Reed business is in many regions are struggling to 198 peaceful and Seif shopping experience for their customers their staff often taking on the added role of security. Good Tonya and local coffee shop in stand Eagle County. Owner crispy skin and posted a video help her employees deal with defiant customers who refuse to Wareham mass. I think every business has a responsibility to do the right thing Buchanan has spent roughly 101000 dollars on PPEN in prelates to move the restaurant outside. You know how much money you're spending in what we're doing to try to eaten seal lion we can't enforce we don't have the skills. We're not training and the money to go through the training. And I don't want a permanent people aren't. Situation so what's the right response when dealing with someone who isn't following guidelines. Any gay trainer Elaine swan founder of the swan school of protocol has been helping people navigate these tricky new social dilemmas. People are wondering how to deal with these individuals without it turning into. Viral video romance. Only know advises. If here in online and there's a group of people near you that it may be laughing and talking and then not wearing their math. My recommendation is to mind yo business and leave those people alone but do what you can to protect yourself typically individuals who get up in the morning. Go out amongst people home. They know what the news is they hear what that's of them if they choose not to do so. There's not much that you're going to be able to stay in that particular moment to get those folks to change their mind. But the real awkwardness happens when you're dealing with friends and family and please start to gather with family and friends most especially as we get upon a holiday season in I think it's important for us to recognize that now is that time. For us to feel empowered and assured. But it's perfectly fine for us to ask those hard question to those questions that. Might make other people feel a little bit and easy will you be social distancing. Will you be using math what are you expect of me. A lien says you want to make sure your relationships. Needed to the other side of the pandemic to make sure you ask and don't accuse Chou and Rubin in Long Beach, California posted a happy hour with a few close friends. Losing to send out proven guidelines before hand. When I might also current want to make sure that they fill space. And we want to be safe as well we don't want people coming due to how still we give instructions to. Come to sign in the house and and then the other thing is that we want to make sure that people are far enough apart I believe that people. Are more comfortable if they know what expectation isn't this clearly defines it. And then people know what to expect and wean ourselves as holes filled comfortable as well. Etiquette experts say communication is key. But warning to reason is the urge to try and police are friends is that we should focus on controlling our own behaviors over the behavior of the mother is. Running a Kodak ABC news Los Angeles. Thanks surround made up for helping us with those tips to make sure that our relationships outlasted this pandemic and before we go tonight our image of the day two candidates. Who take their positions and be separated by the plexiglass you see there on the stage of corona virus is the enduring threat of toll toll and it's. Impacting the vice presidential debate tonight between Mike Pence and Connell a Harris to. And that is our show for this hour about to switch sets and join George Stephanopoulos and David Herron art tire. Powerhouse political team for the vice presidential debate stay tuned right here to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis thanks much for streaming with us seeing a little bit.

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