ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend’s attorney: Grand jury decision is ‘baffling’; Vice President Pence defends massive campaign rallies: 'We're in an election year'; Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy
56:53 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Protesters on the streets of global dismayed by today's announced. Rihanna Taylor Clinton vowing to keep on going. No one is charged in connection with the death of some protesters now cornered by police to disperse threatened with the chemical agents Alan range growing tonight from that grand jury's decision. Tense moments during the corona virus hearing on Capitol Hill no love lost. Senator Rand Paul and doctor Anthony found she was afraid I want to please sir I would like to be able to do this because this happens with senator Rand. You would not listening. To what good director of the CDs. I have found she's pushing back on unfounded claims about herd immunity and talking another top health officials went. About mixed messages over events scenes when they may be ready and whether they'll be safe have a reality check in this week's vaccine won't. Shall exclusive one on one with the vice president. So just a credible and that when you see images like that you're not concerned about those kind of large scale gatherings president trump and actress. Truly do believe. Freedom loving nations fever people know how to look after themselves after the cameras. Look after their neighbors can't look at the future of this country as we as we moved ever closer to election. Does he think the president is downplaying the pandemic. His message to protesters who may be taking to the streets at night and the vice president's thoughts on the woman named one day replace. Peter Ginsberg. For a bitter confirmation fight. A moment to reflect. She spoke. People miss the court's liberal rocket tightened for women's rights and honored by the dozens of clips from search here for years. An inspiration she wasn't so many grown women pound away from the line. Because. Her life matters. He's. Good evening everyone and I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us for more than six months there been escalating calls for justice for brown and Taylor. And tonight protestors say justice. Has been denied and they are taking to the streets across our country. A single live look now protests in New York City large crowds have been marching the streets there now for several hours. Protesters also taking to the streets to city of brotherly love you see them there in the intersection in Philadelphia. And this was a scene a short time ago. In Chicago. Let's take a look now in Denver a peaceful. Crown gathering there tonight as well all of this comes after local Kentucky grand jury decided to indict. Only want the officers involved in the police killing a brown a tiller but it was not in connection with her death but for endangering her neighbors. Former detective Brett hankins had. Faces three counts of wanton endangerment for firing shots into a neighbor's apartment with a man pregnant woman and a child inside he's now out on bond. Today the Kentucky attorney general called those shots that killed Rihanna in her own home justified and is you've been seeing. Many taking to the streets to express their disappointment in cities across the country. Tonight we are in our nation's capital where we spoke with vice president Mike Pence a question what is his message to the protesters. Of course this is all the first day of the public memorials for justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg here in DC lots to get to hear tonight but. Alex Presley's us off from oval. Tonight outrage protesters taking to the streets of global after a grand jury indicted one of the three officers involved. In the fatal shooting of bring honor Taylor Bryant not in her death. I'm very very bad. Very man. Police detaining multiple demonstrators. That now former officer Brett Hank is send charged with allegedly endangering neighbors Embree on his apartment complex. After he violated department policy opening fire without a clear game or shop. Stick to take its inspired. His weapon ten times including from me outside. Sliding glass door and through a bedroom. Window and hankins and indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree none of the charges are connected debris on his death. The grand jury finding that two other officers involved in the botched a march 13 raid detective miles Cosgrove who shot sixteen times. And Sargent John Mattingly who shot six times were justified in firing their weapons. The sequence of events from march 13. Had to be pieced together through ballistics. Evidence 911 calls. Police radio traffic. In interviews. Rihanna has boyfriend Kenneth walker says he fired a warning shots from his legally owned gun. Because police did not announce themselves when they barged in that night executing a search warrant. But the attorney general saying a civilian witness told investigators officers did knock and identify themselves. When officers when I'm unable to get anyone to answer or open the door to apartment for. The decision was made it to breach the door. Mattingly the only officer to enter the apartment disarm freon and walker he says that the male was holding a gun. Arms extended. In a shooting stance. Sargent Mattingly solve a man's gun fire. Heard a boom. In immediately knew he was shot that's when authorities say the officers opened fire killing prix on our investigation show. In the grand jury agreed that Mattingly in Cosgrove. Were justified in their return a deadly fire. After having been fired upon by Kenneth walker. He said his investigation did not examine how that warrant was obtained. The grand jury decision demonstrators say not enough and many overcome with the emotion hearing the news today. In my heart it doesn't feel like there's any justice for free on and that because they've never brought up any murder charges. Brea and his family attorney in a statement calling today's decision offensive and another example of no accountability for the genocide of persons of color by white police officers. Tonight the Kentucky governor activating the National Guard in mobile and then evening curfew in place. Ever more now let's bring in Alex Perez is on the ground there in Milan Allen's what's the situation like on the ground at this moment. Kate Lindsay you know they air the tension in the area air has been growing sense that decision was announced and tonight we're learning. From the global police department that it appears of one of their officers has been shot in some sort of confrontation with protesters. These are confrontations. With protesters have been growing since the sun as set we've seen several protesters are blocking intersections also lighting several garbage cans. Honda fire as I mentioned the mayor the governor here has activated 500 national Guardsmen to respond to any. Potential violence. As of now authorities here keeping a close eye on the overnight hours and there is a curfew in place until 630. Tomorrow morning Lindsey. All right Alex thanks so much for your reporting is always. The grand jury has made its decision but there's a police department inquiry and an ongoing FBI investigation into the Rihanna Taylor steps that would bring an ABC's Chief Justice correspondent. Appeared Thomas peer what the FBI looking at and what kind of federal charges could potentially be brought. Visit the FBI told us today that they're investigating all aspects of Rihanna Taylor's case. That agents are consulting with the Justice Department's civil rights division. One thing that the FBI's looking at is whether the search warrant that brought police to Taylor's home was legal. There are allegations that one of the officers gave false information to the court considering whether they packages and that were being sent to the house was suspicious coming to the home. The Postal Service told a local news outlet that there was no evidence of that so there are lots of questions Lindsey about whether Taylor civil rights were violated. And what do we know about where this heads are with their probe all these months after Rihanna Taylor's death. While they told us today is they are proceeding with the investigation. What we know as it investigations like this they walked off to look at the officer's background. To see if there's any allegations of bias any day that would indicate that there was a reason why civil rights might have been violated Lindsay. Here Thomas. And for reaction to today's grand jury decision to not charge any of these officers with Rihanna Taylor says we bring Frederick Moore the attorney for brown is boyfriend. Kenneth walker thank you. So much for joining us tonight and we learned today that the only charges against a former officer are for endangering bring on a Taylor's neighbors. Your client was right there with Rihanna when she was killed he saw it all what's he saying tonight. Hum. Well. Thought process. On it has already gone through so much. Oh is girlfriend. Well liked and our wish I didn't know what was going on. I heard and I want all of you are only well over the next couple days. That's incredibly smack and I'll let it rest of our in. The no these protective immune. The law. Get out. Here all he's pleased to death this year. General immigrant Asian country name this speech that the RNC. And T yeah EST June 28. Firmer. You imagine what he's going. We can imagine begin to imagine possibly the Kentucky attorney general said today that the shots fired up Rihanna Taylor worked. Legally justified because your client Kenneth walker fired first you disagree with that why. Well now. And it is in our home is no action our. Reviewer. You and you. Improv based on what lead up. And 100 look. Is that always beat wanted to order. I yelled where oh where he practiced law all they let it. In shock when. He he ordered the action one the any. Are all. The officers are over he's. In the right. You can't and response one Argentine shooter and should moderate are eating or in the opposite. Someone shooting you should be higher oil. Our home so. What you. Anything. Feel that officers. Are and it fired Walsh. And saw her. And sure to shrink our interests are and aren't over thirty shop. How is that we. We know based on what witnesses. The officers there are indeed a remote. Winds are there's no waited. So you object. Whatever he'd written. And say prosecutors also announce evaded their investigation of brown is killing has now been completed. What do you make of that particularly when they're still unresolved factual issues like whether the police actually did in fact not before. Breaking into Rihanna some. Athlete that is. You know as it EE fortunate really. And you're that there needs the art. Eaten at. Yeah they're not sure what you gates you want her. That we aren't. They are home. And he wondered if we dangers. What it needs that are usually mean why are you over. It speaker he will be here are several hundred eat what. They got in their currencies they were era rule a mayor and all. Our. Or. They do they want to reject the oh note my. Ayers it. Are our officers. Story. They didn't act the book is want to operate more and more. Away all the neighbors also be your officers. And the ball beat record. You once the door open interest you want. Though he already that you presented today. You. Look. Act that your. These are that the officers. People that were actually. And being investigated aren't won't be I was. Well we're or. You. He said it quarry I want it one. Only bad out there and you're didn't Burt these days. Welfare and you. Say you art. The important. He only written. If you heard. I don't know stated. I don't restated vision he. And I only. Well what are they brought from Indonesia are what does that mean by get justice here away. Still. We obviously. It is not a every bout. Complaint Burr speaking. In the bird's breast meat or EDU. Eight murder prosecution right this day. Are to. Be brought back. The degree. In related. Its own general Cameron's. Today he would really eat rat that makes the number one more important. Secondly. A home where an additional work and Meehan are being eaten eight year these are. What some whatever forms they got or what they are civil litigation over all all ready you know negligent. A battery assault. They violated. You are. The so. We are you old they're beat. Don't show. And order at trop. Bet if you shouldn't reward was both yeah. Com and where are you sure. That it a rest and ours in our. Or an. Frederick Moore we thank you so much for your time appreciate you're coming on the show. He. And now to Capitol Hill four of the nation's top health officials facing tough questioning today on the pandemic and mixed messages about vaccines all of them vowing that science not politics will guide decisions. And that masks and social distancing remain the first lines of defense CDC chief Robert Redfield warning 90% of Americans remain susceptible to the virus. Our Mary Bruce reports. As the nation marks a horrific milestone 200000. Killed by the corona virus. Today the head of the CDC doctor Robert Redfield with a stark reality check a majority of our nation. More than 90% of the population remains susceptible on Capitol Hill the nation's top health experts trying to convince Americans to take a vaccine when one becomes available. Saying they themselves well I certainly would take that vaccine I would have no hesitancy to recommend my family. But a growing number of Americans are skeptical as the president sends mixed messages on the virus and amid growing concerns that his administration is putting politics ahead of science today the head of the FDA insisting they can be trusted our thorough review process sees. In signs will guide our decisions. FDA will not permit any pressure from anyone to change that. I will fight for signs but even in today's hearing the scientists' space and push back. Republican senator Rand Paul trying to discredit Anthony algae questioning why New York has beaten back the virus. They looking at the guidelines that we have put together from the task for us. Of the four of five things of masks social distancing. Out there was more than in dole was. Avoiding crowds. And washing hands or of them developed enough community immunity it they're no longer having the pandemic because they have enough immunity in New York City to actually stop I challenged that. Senator ray because afraid I want to please sir I would like to be able to do this because this happens with senator Rand all the time you're not listening. To what they director of the CDC said. That in New York it's about 22%. If you believe 22%. Is herd immunity I believe you're alone in that. The president has set a vaccine will be ready as early as next month just before Election Day we're attracted delivered distribute the vaccine. In a very very safe and effective manner we think we can start sometime in October trump even taking on his own CDC director last week when Redfield predicted Americans won't be able to take advantage of a vaccine until mid 22 when he won I. I think he made a mistake when he said that its us. Incorrect information today he was asked if he's under political pressure to do to any political quest for saying what you sat. I stand by trying to present the data in the sciences I see it. And I will continue to do them. Redfield agrees with the president that a vaccine could be authorized by November but is making it clear it would not be widely available then. I think that's going to take us April may June. You know possibly July to get the entire American public. Completely vaccinated. And vowed she warning even then coated isn't going to just disappear the vaccine availability. Will go giant step. To controlling. The infection. But you're not going to completely eradicate or eliminated. And Mary Bruce joins us now from Capitol Hill Mary these four officials are under intense pressure is the American public searches for answers that they can trust. Did they give any indication as far as how they're dealing with being caught up in an increasingly politicized battle. It's clear this is starting to Wear on them at one point doctor Redfield growing visibly frustrated when he was asked. About some of the pressure that they are under saying and I quote people don't understand the ability to suck energy out of people working 24/7. When they get unfairly criticized. Are unfairly characterized. And adding windy this goes to the greater point at this hearing. In many ways you have to remember the context so many Americans are simply trying to figure out who they can trust wondering how they should be acting what information they should be following what guidelines they should be following and is just remarkable this far into this pandemic. Today in many ways this hearing was a chance for these experts to come before the American people. And say you can trust us despite all of the mix makes messaging despite the mixed signals. They say trust the science we are working for you and when a vaccine does become available. They say you can trust that to twenty people certainly desperate for the truth Mary our thanks to you think you. And now to the somber day the Supreme Court is those who knew Ruth Bader Ginsburg personally in every day Americans who knew only her persona in public opinions all pausing to remember the court's liberal rock. Supreme Court police officers served as Pall bearers carrying RPG's body into the court. As more than 100 of her former clerks lined the steps of the court building. All eight current members of the court attended the brief ceremony this morning chief Justice Roberts delivering poignant remarks on the justice that he sat beside. For years. The voice in court and in our conference room soft. When she spoke. People listened. Among the words that best describe roots. Tough braves a fighter a winner. But also thought thought. Careful. Compassionate. Honest. The court was her family to this building was her home to. Of course she will live on in what she did to improve the law and the lives of all of us. And yet still roof is gone. And we grieve. And as hundreds paid their respects to justice Ginsburg in Washington who is resonating even in small towns in leafy suburbs hundreds of miles away are Devin Dwyer has more on the outpouring of both reverence and grief across our country tonight. In downtown Minneapolis the mere mention of Ruth Bader Ginsburg tree green deep grief what. Take Friday night that that is oh ice attorney decried. I mumbled trying to know. Early voters for president grappling with the loss of an iconic justice. We have been playing alone intended rooms could make it through. She didn't. And I have great. Prison comforts of a family and for the nation to as a whole. She was a little left senator but she'd come to this. I want it made sense legally. I think she looked at facts. That she was fantastic just. Thousands of miles from the Supreme Court that outpouring of affection for justice Ginsburg since her death he's been profound. From candlelight vigils near Oakland. NN affiliate young girls can I got him. To silent prayers outside the courthouse in Bloomington Indiana. So many Americans calling for kindness in unity in her honor. It says. A woman goes provided so much waiters man. It's parade hey yeah. Ginsburg's death most acutely felt by legions of female professionals. But Jamie Decker fin a mother of two and lawyer specializing in domestic violence. It's been devastating and like as an attorney to look as after it became a hut turning. What did she is a person has meant that so many of us to go to law school back then. That's an amazing thing. And two. Face the challenges she did as a woman. And that's keep fighting for others it got to admire her partner retired CPA and Swenson devout Catholic who opposes abortion. Had nothing but praise for BG oust talk about liberal or conservative judges. But to me she was just. An outstanding member of the Supreme Court. Minnesota law professor David Schultz sharing the cherished personal connection a letter from Ginsburg out of the blue in 1999. About his research on her famously speedy opinions. And I thought it was so delightful it's never too real ink by the way. But I love as the first paragraph it talks about what her kids like complaining pitched like a slow eater X that are federally that I love this line did. Nice to know much slowness at the dinner did it right this counterbalanced by my opinion production speech she was famous for writing past opinion. That's best for many voters the race to replace Ginsburg is unsettling when you act was. Kind of just like oh crap you don't like what's next. It's it's. Twenty when he. What what Christ it's just coming. Donna pipeline. Michelle Fawzi a working mother of three in self described Reagan Republican. Thinks her party should wait for I guess though I would have said that. That the next president but it Donald Driver and I do think that that every network I gave himself. Before RBG's death majorities in both parties said they supported holding hearings on a nominee before the next president sworn in. But a vote to confirm a new justice potentially change the balance of power on the court trust decidedly mixed reaction. I believe we should follow are constitution the president is obligated to put up a nomination. So I do believe he should. Now whether that process can be completed before November 3 after November 3 I don't know but I think that Republicans blocked. It. Consider there garlands I think both parties. Definitely both parties can play their games pitching you don't think that the senate should push ahead and it's irresponsible act as a congress. To put somebody on there time. Absolutely not it is honestly be most hypocritical. Saying that they could possibly do I think both side but I feeling they'll accident south Wallace maybe you remember. But the president and senate Republicans are not waiting so article. Or our constitution. Says the president shall nominate justices. Broken constitutional duty to fill vacancies on the High Court in a mandate from voters who elected them. It's the nation mourns a Supreme Court icon tonight many facing a sense of unease about the political battles to come. We also have to trust your justices. Like our justice as I understand that Amy liberator and being laughed and you know they're appointed by Republican and democratic presidents that they are titans of and right left or otherwise I trust them to act. That way. And Devin Dwyer joins us now live from the Supreme Court DeVon tell us what we can expect the rest of the week here in Washington DC in honor of RV EG. He reviewed thousands of people have already turned out here at the Supreme Court today you can still see folks lined up behind me to pay their respects their would still at this hour. Lined up around the block five city blocks just to see justice Ginsburg that will continue tomorrow we expect president trump. I will be here is well on Friday justice Ginsburg had to cross the street to the US capitol should be the first woman. To lie in state there all women members of congress expected to pay their respects in the next week. Shall be finally laid to rest at Arlington national cemetery. Becoming the fourteenth justice laid to rest there in a private ceremony joining the greats including her meant turbines he. Herbert more from Lindsay. DeVon our thanks to you and with the United States crossing that 200000. Milestone the death of justice Ginsburg and the fight to fill her C plus a decision in the Rihanna Taylor case. We traveled here to Washington to speak with vice president pence of course also serves as the head of the corona virus task force so that's where restarted. With the pandemic. So mr. vice. No other country has suffered as many deaths as we have the comfort Bonnie. Percent of the death toll yet only 4% of the world population as head of the corona virus task force I explain. So heartbreaking milestone and and really are our thoughts are with all of the families. That have lost loved ones in the course of this and then. But Lindsay and all my time working on a White House corona virus task force I'm absolutely convinced. And because of the decisive action president trump because the dedication. Of health officials at the state or federal level. Our doctors and nurses and hospitals around the country because of the sacrifices the American people may. That we saved hundreds of thousands. Of lives that could have been lost in the midst of this pandemic. So bush area picture. Of how well you can see that but this is picture of the president trumped weeded out you've probably seen it. Rallied last night in and Pennsylvania. Thousands of people packed closely together hardly any social distancing very few masks. As again ahead of the crime buyers task force when your recommendation is for people Americans. To stay away from large gatherings. How do you justify seems like it's. Well the recommendations of corona virus task force from early on have been state specific. We've given our very best counseled each individual state and many times to. Individual communities because the circumstances are are very different from one state. To another we've trusted governors in our states and most importantly we've trusted the American people. We'll certainly Americans have that right but as vice president and president you have the responsibility. To not put Americans into harm's when you said just a minute ago you're listening to the governors the governor of Nevada. Urged the president not to have that indoor rally there and he said that quote the president was putting countless lives in danger. Well we're in an election year and not surprisingly some politics is being played because in the bad. That governor actually saw to it that the president was denied access to three or four different outdoor sites which would have been our first choice. But just one more honest is in a doctor Redfield doctor balance sheet the surgeon general all urging Americans to Wear masks to stay away from large gatherings you had president trump last night. Making fun of Joseph Biden for social distancing and and wearing a mask. Are you concerned at all about the optics of potential you're putting your political aspirations above American lives and also the misinformation. So many issues of great importance in this election. President trump and are absolutely. Committed. To carry this choice all across. The country. And and continue to give the American people the the best information with their own health first. Encouraging people who Wear masks to practice good hygiene social distancing. Where it's possible has been a continuously. But. As I said at every state is different we're continuing to to see real progress all across the country because the American people. Are demonstrating every single day that we can put the health of our. Families and our neighbors first we can be opening our economy up again and we can be having. An election which I believe this. One of the most important elections in the life of this nation. So just to put a pin and that when you see images like that you're not concerned about those kind of large scale gatherings. President trump and I trust the American people. Truly do believe in this freedom loving nation the American people know how to look after themselves look after their families. And look after their neighbors and look after the future of this country as we as we move ever closer to election. So Monday night when president trump was at a rally in Ohio he was talking to the proud about from buyers and such but. It affects virtually nobody went on to say that the virus affects elderly people elderly people with heart conditions. Do you agree with this assessment by the president or do you believe that potentially this is another example of him as he says playing down the violence. Well I I've never. Us heard the president to. Downplay the corona virus have heard him speak. Confidently about the ability. The people of this country. And officials at every level to meet this moment. Every step of the way that the president's direction we raise the infectious disease standards at every nursing home. In America we deployed all 8000 of our inspectors to focus exclusively. On infectious disease compliance. And in almost every state. We saw governors that really put the health of seniors first there were states like New York that made decisions that. That sadly cost lives as they returned. Corona virus patients back to nursing. Homes but it can't Swanee 1% of those Americans are under 65. Who've lost their lives are on a virus and 200000 people lost their lives is that virtually nobody. Think that what. With the president's made clear is that. This is an infectious disease that has affected people all across the country. Nearly seven million Americans. Tested positive from corona virus. And move some 200000 Americans that we've lost his. Is a heartbreak to each one of us but. We always want to give the American people the facts and as doctor Tony found she said not long ago all along the way. Everything that he told the president in the Oval Office president trump told the American people and that'll continue to be our approach. At a press briefing on September 16 president's comes at the Blue States had tremendous death rates if you take the Blue States out. We're at a level I don't think anybody in the world would be at. Taking that. The factual accuracy out of government doesn't according to the Washington Post 53% of the deaths have been in Blue States. 47%. Had been in reds season nearly happy talk about 90000 in red states do you think it's appropriate for the president at this time to be talking. In terms of red states and Blue States when he's the president of the United States. I think the president's. Approach here has always been to recognize that. The success that we have been able to have to make sure that no American that ever require a ventilator was denied a ventilated that. That hospitals have this capacity and personal protective equipment and supplies. That we searched thousands of military medical personnel. In the areas most impacted this because we've taken a state by state approach and that they'll be continue to be the approach we have the future. Let's turn now the Supreme Court if you've said in the past with regard to Roe vs. Wade. That it should be thrown into the ash heap of history where it belongs if this nominee does get onto the court. Can you assure Americans that Roe vs. Wade we'll be overturned. Wolf. First this week we will mourn as a nation through public serve passing justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She led an inspiring life and she was. But tenacious advocate for her judicial philosophy. We honors service. And mourn her passing. But now comes the time the president will. Have the duty under the constitution of the United States to. Appoint a new justice of the Supreme Court and this Saturday I have every confidence. President front wheel were introduced to the nation. A woman who will. Bring a judicial philosophy in the tradition of justice Antonin Scalia. Uphold the constitution. Not legislate. From the bench to apply laws. As written that's that's the approach that we're taking and I noticed the president goes through the process of of making a decision. It'll be it'll be his focus entirely on. On choosing a woman who brings a background. In elect and the judicial philosophy. That is that is consistent with. Justices the president has appointed in the more than 200 federal judges who appointed the court's. It's been reported that any Tony Barrett is the top contender for in the Supreme Court job there has been some scrutiny. From some about her alleged affiliation with religious group people praise it in Indiana. Some people have suggested that they have practices that many Americans might find extreme. Do you feel that there's any concern. That she would be able to potentially keep this covenant with the organization at the same time. Serve the American people independently and objectively on the supreme. Judge Baer is in extraordinary jurors. And she's among a number of women that are currently under consideration. And president of the United States. I'm a stay at the intolerance. Expressed during her last confirmation hearings Catholic faith I really think was a disservice. To the process and a disappointment to millions of Americans. Judge very. And other judges currently under consideration. We have every confidence. Are exactly the kind of jurists that. The president has appointed from early in this administration. Switching gears now in his speech yesterday you reiterated something you said actually during the RNC as well with regard to Joseph Biden you says that. You said Joseph Biden says that America is systemically racism that law enforcement in America has an implicit bias against minorities you said it. In a manner that sounded like you you disagree with that. Is it your belief that. A black man in America it gets the same treatment as a white man in America five. Police. President trump and I believe the men and women who serve in law enforcement. Of every race and creed color. Or some of the best people in this country. In and we reject the notion. From Joseph Biden and others that there's an and bliss implicit bias. Toward minorities. In law enforcement. That being said when tragic circumstances happen. While some want to defund the police it's Joseph Biden is actually advocated cutting funding law enforcement. President trump and I have been working with leaders in law enforcement. At the state and local level to provide them more funding. And more resources. We've worked with senator Tim's gone on Capitol Hill. To develop legislation that would give only resources to law enforcement. To improve public safety to improve training and accountability. And that's why it's it's really. Unconscionable that the Democrats in the senate actually blocked. Senator Tim scouts bill that would provide new resources to law enforcement. What do you say to the protesters specifically in the case of Rihanna Taylor. We're saying things have to change and in particular reacting to this statistic which you've heard reports that people a black person is three times more likely to be killed by police and whiteness. What happened of Rihanna Taylor. It was a tragedy. And we're very confident that justice will be served. Any message for the protesters. What's heartbreaking to me. Is that the leading cause of death. For African American men under the age of 44 is homicide. Mean he it is black families. That are struggling and suffering on the scourge. Violent crime in many of our major cities it's why president from launched operation legend earlier this year. Named after little boy was literally killed sleeping in his home we're gonna continue to work. To advance their cause and and in and remain very confident. That when tragic circumstances arise. The justice will be served. But we have to have law and order on our streets most especially for African American families and other families who call in major cities home. Lastly in the Bible and Matthew chapter twelve verse it exports as out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Obviously you'd understand that it needs if you want to determine where someone's heart is just. Listen to what they say how do you swear that when a president who frequently resorts to to name calling sleaze bag losers and far worse. President Donald Trump. Has a heart for the American people. No prison and I've ever. Known. I see it in the way that he's worked every day to keep the promises he's made him or people. When we took office. Our military was hollowed out by years of reckless budget cuts this president. Kept his word from the men and women of armed forces we rebuild our military we. We restore the arsenal of democracy. In fact passed the largest pay raise more than ten years and I can tell you as the father of the United States marine as the father in law the navy could be more proud. Serve alongside the president cares so deeply about the men and women of our armed forces their families. And our veterans. As president said the forgotten men and women of America would be forgotten no more not truly do believe that that's why you're NC. Four more years of president Donald Trump and the White House because the people that. People that are rallying around our cause and have supported us every step of the way now with this president. This vice president. It's been promises made promises kept. Thank you very much for your time really appreciate it. And just moments ago remarkable words from the president himself refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he does not win the election. We commit to making sure that there is a peaceful trance for a low power after the election. We'll have to see what happens you know that have been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the bouncer disaster. And people are right. He comes to making sure hundreds of these little worry we're I have get rid of the ballots and you have a veterans who have a very peaceful. There won't Beatrice for frankly they'll be a continuation. At the ballots are at a control you know it and you know who knows it better than anybody else the Democrats know it better than anybody else. There is no credible evidence of mail in voting fraud in 41 out of fifty states voters are required to request an absentee ballot before being mailed one. And when we come back the Republican led senate report to Joseph Biden's son's role with the Ukrainian company did they find at hunter abiding influence policy the Democrats are calling this investigation a sham the new guidelines on what to do to try to stay safe during Halloween and just a few weeks but up next are Bob Woodruff. Is tracking the largest late stage vaccine trial yet why this is different than all the others. Stay with us. Welcome back everybody many believe that this pandemic crisis will end once a safe and effective vaccine is approval just Johnson just began stage for trials and their version is different than what's been tested so far. As our Bob Woodruff reports in this week's vaccine watch. Today Johnson & Johnson the largest pharmaceutical company in the US became the fourth company to launch a late stage faced three Covert nineteen vaccine trial. In the United States. This trial. The biggest yet. You're going to run does it. Globally are in North America Latin America but also stood in Southern Africa. We did pay more for recruiting people in a very diverse set of people held the believe younger people. But also mostly focused on people with the highest risk for our corporate to disease. And unlike his competitors Madieu own Pfizer and AstraZeneca the Johnson & Johnson vaccine would likely be given in a single shot. Rather than multiple shots over several weeks what's different is that we will be able to study a single those cousin efficacious vaccine and start deducting 60000 people placebo controlled we showed eaten animal studies in preclinical studies about two months ago that a single shot of this vaccine was -- and Janet we visited doctor Dan Peru slab weeks ago where he showed us some of the early experiments demonstrating that a single shot might offer full protection. This much more convenient to go to your pharmacy or to your doctor and get a single shot essentially once and done rather than having to remember to go back. Three or four weeks later for a second shot. Moving forward 60000. People across the globe will be given the shot in a phase three trial. Which is jointly funded by Johnson and Johnson and the US government's operation warp speed. What we anticipate. We will spend it on the totality. Of this phase three trial. We'll be just short. Well they have the billion dollars about 480 plus. Million dollars. President trump is offered a rosy prediction of when a vaccine could be available. But Johnson & Johnson is months behind competitors like Pfizer in the journal. Advises doing really well I'd say its size is doing really well. Johnson & Johnson has incredible vaccine there's really doing well that would probably be a little bit later. Johnson & Johnson has cautiously said it could have an FDA green light by 2021. Whereas some of its competitors might be authorized as early as this year. But many Americans are concerned of the speed of vaccine development. With a recent acts his poll showing six out of ten Americans wouldn't take the first one up. All the people involved in the coal in nineteen vaccine effort to communicate very clearly with the public about. The attention to safety. If this trial is successful Johnson and Johnson and said it will provide one billion doses of its vaccine each year. And since it'll likely take one shot rather than to the company says it could produce twice the number of doses as its competitors. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. Our thanks to bomb Tripoli despair in still ahead here on prime his secret ceremony for Belarus is president of the opposition is calling a farce. How he swore himself in again as president. So many lining up to pay their respects to justice Ginsburg what's the people in line told us about the impact she had on their lives. And after much criticism that they were exploiting racial stereotypes the parent company of uncle Ben's reveals a new name and look. And our tweet of the day Billy Dee Williams paying tribute to the man he once portrayed the legendary hall of fame football player Gale Sayers. Who passed away at the age of 77. Why. Win. One's an endangerment and first degree extreme indifference to human life. Today at Jefferson County grand jury presented its report on the freon and Taylor case charging one officer involved in the fatal shooting of GMT former officer Brett Hayes is in now facing three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree but none of those accounts are related to the homicide of Rihanna Taylor personnel who tracks where things were the true hate is an officer miles cost growth and Sargent Donna and Mattingly are accused of shooting into embryonic Taylor's apartment back in March in the middle of the night. However there was no mention of those other two officers in today's hearing that our investigation found that Mattingly being caused problems. Would justified. Thanks forced protestors. In downtown Louisville have been ordered by police to disperse a 72 hour curfew starts tonight. GOP led report concerning the Hunter Biden. The report authored by senate homeland security committee chairman Ron Johnson and finance committee chair Chuck Grassley calls under Biden's position on the board of Ukrainian energy company for reason. Awkward and problematic. But failed to show it changed Ukraine policy the report charges hunter and other Biden relatives loads of cash in on Joseph Biden's vice presidency and the report comes just a week before the first presidential debate in the ranking Democrat on the finance committee Ron Wyden called the inquiry and attempted political hit job. In the report a sham investigation. Relied in part on Kremlin this information Biden has long been a target of president trump. Speaking out late last year Enron has decision. You're threatening on the boards to begin no I don't regret being on the border what I regret. I'm not taking into account that there would be no pain Rudy Giuliani. I'm Anthony. And president of the United States from that would be listening to these. Ridiculous conspiracy. President of fellow groups Alexander Lukashenko has been sworn in for his second term in an inauguration ceremony that almost no one knew about it. Protesters have been demonstrating against him almost nonstop since last month's election he would show that he won by 80% of the vote but critics see it. Was rigged pickup. California signed an executive order today. Phasing out new gasoline powered cars by 2035. Governor Gavin Newsom says. This is an ambitious goal but he can be done particularly in the transportation sector. Currently transportation is responsible for over 50% of all measures from the officials say we have an obligation to clean up. And set a standard that is based on signs the order would achieve more than a 35% reduction. And greenhouse gas emissions what we have six. Car companies in the largest manufacturers in the world that happen to be American automobile manufacturers. That have voluntarily agreed. To join California and our efforts to maintain a million mom and Aaron vehicle emissions and tailpipe emissions standards. The executive order does not prevent Californians from owning gasoline powered cars are selling them on the used car market. Uncle Ben's Rice is changing names the brand is being switched to band's original after years of criticism that the locals and the names and racial stereotypes. A new branding we'll have the same blue font and orange packaging it is expected hit shelves next year. Because of the pandemic Halloween is going to be much different this year in the CDC has just released safety guidelines for the holiday. Under high risk the CDC recommends avoiding indoor haunted houses fall festivals and he rides and people outside of their household in door to door trick or treating. Activities with moderate risk. One way trick or treating were individually wrapped goodie bags are lined up for families to grab and go or attending. An outdoor socially distance costume party with protective masks for low risk. Carving their decorating pumpkins outside at a safe distance a virtual costume contest store. A scavenger hunt for candy would just the members of your household. And when we come back how so many of tribute to justice Ginsburg and how they say she inspired them. But first here's some of the trending stories. On Taking a live look now and for the Supreme Court after interview with vice president pence we took a quick trip. Up the street to the Supreme Court where people have been lining up to pay their respects to justice Ginsburg all week long we've been hearing how she inspired so many and was. Viewed by the masses as even more than a supreme court judge she. Ruth Bader Ginsburg the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court another plane signs powerhouse standing up for human rights fighting for civil justice and leaving a lasting impact on the judicial system. But perhaps her biggest impact going beyond tomorrow's future leaders in Asia shine hands huge progress me. Today's U. And judgeship then an aspiration influence under it's not. Renditions the room below insert and how. I won't always eating better for me. In the rose. Wind and President Clinton and now it's. Cleaner accessing. Our GE peel me that things are actually. It's possible her. I think she'll always be remembered as someone with a great conviction. Who worked for opportunities for hall she was a real life superhero. Her legacy transcends generations. Mother's passing down their admiration for justice Ginsburg to their daughters. You just you. Are written in many get ready to kick legacy by continuing saying that homeless right. Working to protect the rights are BG and place for some men. Men carrying on the Maxine and actress against discrimination in all forms and advocating for equal treatment under the law. Ginsburg has become the closest thing to a rock star the Supreme Court has ever seen. Eat it's amazing. It America at that age eighty. So many people want to take the baby you make me. Earning the moniker the notorious RB gene for her dissenting opinions and becoming a feminist icon. Our BG inspiring young girls to dress up as the justice in honor of their harrowing. And I. Bloom he. Our current yeah. Yeah and ice. Where. Cut piece whenever you leave lying. I hold my gadgets and I don't have pink spot balloons rise. Strange kind of key local and see people who do not they wanted to cut it and he looks. I have upon opinion piece I'm people's lives. Moment like for in quality election Obama who moved bare bones north where you see I've always remember. The Supreme Court steps becoming a gathering place to pay homage to her legacy and aryan in her daughter Julia traveled early Saturday morning to be there. I think you Sinai city is surrounded by everybody you supported. What it just has constricted and I'm seeing the same ideas his eyes and we have been so nice to see people quality the United States. Ages genders. Everything he's supporting her. Justice Ginsburg put my hand. Those Supreme Court justice when I was high school students and so she can Beaumont for me. As long as I can remember. Today mourners making the pilgrimage of sorts to the nation's capital to see justice Ginsburg lion oppose the Supreme Court. Before she becomes the first woman to ever lie in state at the US capitol. Yeah all the way from New York one. Because. Her life matters. End of the issues that she's good for magic man and I think. We as women stand on her shoulders. And I think many men stand on her shoulders with the. Are you here. Proud. And the didn't she how would I have. Rock on peace Allen and before we go tonight our image of the day this was the scene also outside of the Supreme Court today check in a super girl costume paying her respects to. Us super woman justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Is now lying in repose at the building where she worked for so many years. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis reporting in tonight from our nation's capital thanks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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