ABC News Live: Senate panel releases transcripts of interviews on Trump Tower meeting

North Korea threatens to skip a summit with Trump, storms tear through the Northeast and members of the royal wedding party are revealed.
3:00 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Senate panel releases transcripts of interviews on Trump Tower meeting
I everybody welcome to ABC news live bomb went Johnson were following the biggest stories from around the world talking to correspondents and producers who were following those stories including. This severe weather battering the northeast at least five people dead now get the very latest on that the continuing eruptions happening on Hawaii's big island incredible images. Also the count down to the royal wedding but behind the scenes the family drama will go to Adrian banker like in London in just a moment first though we wanna start what new information on that now infamous trump tower meeting June of 2016 between trump campaign officials and Russian emissaries let's get right to Pierre Thomas in Washington DC joining us live and here we know the Senate Judiciary Committee. As are releasing transcripts. From the people who were involved in that meeting what are you learning today. Well wit the headliner is done junior the president's son who was at that meeting and what that things were going days attacking Clinton he never. He cannot recall having a conversation would this bother about that meeting. That's one of the things that we learned today also we learned that. He really didn't think there was anything wrong with having the meeting with the rest is that he really and think about that aspect of it that he sought as an attempted yet. Information. Opposition. Information Dirk if you will on Hillary Clinton and he took it. And there's also some confusion because Don junior's story initially was changing at first it was was the meeting about Russian adoptions and that was it about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton are the trans skip. Transcripts revealing any more clarity on Matt. Well he. Was grilled for. Are roughly five hours and they pressed him hard on him and he made it clear in the interview that. He would add to that meeting hoping to get. Opposition information on Hillary Clinton. He thought that it would be useful. When he was pressed about who that he talked to about before that meeting I eat dirt crystal Palmer out of fort he said he cannot recall. Having a conversation with them before the meeting there were a lot of questions that he didn't. Every call the have in the answer to which. And a lot of this we've heard before but is there anything new anything significant. That could have a big picture impact on perhaps the Moeller investigate. In moving full work. I think the biggest thing is the unanswered questions. Why would you not have a conversation about a meeting with the Russians. With the then came down from why wasn't Durham wore conversation. Before having this meeting with what we would turn out to be I believe it was eight Russians people affiliated. With the with the questions. And also. Democrats pressed them hard on the fact that this information was allegedly coming from a Russian government entity. And the fact that argued there expressed no alarm about that is is very telling. What about Jarrett co owner of dollar from Jr. are they responding at all today to the release of these transcripts. But we did get a statement from Donald from junior in which he says that the release the transcript proves that he testified truthfully. And that he cooperate with the committee haven't heard yet any information of those others for. As you recall Paul metaphors in this of a criminal proceeding in which he's been indicted by the special counsel Bob Mueller. So I did not miss and expect to hear from him today but we'll let you know we do. I have here Thomas Orr is live in Washington I know you and your T will be poring over this transcription reporting all the new information thank you so much. Pleasure all right we do you want to transition to another big story North Korea now threatening to cut shall work or drop out. Be planned summit between Kim Jung Hoon and president Donald Trump coming up on June 12. We're gonna go to Karen Travers live at the White House to get more information on that Karen where is this threat coming from the reason behind it to drop out of the upcoming summit. And wit there are reports in South Korean media last night that North Korea is not happy with its joint US South Korean military exercise that it's currently underway. That's an annual thing it's routine but now they're using that as a potential sticking point had of these negotiations. That would count said this morning and they are still hopeful that. The president and Jim Donnan will be able to meet on June 12 in Singapore has plant and and so far they're going to had with their plans until they hear something directly from North Korea. But wit the White House said they fully expected that Kim Jong-un might try to throw around some weight throw a curve ball into these negotiations but. They say the president's ready for tough negotiations and North Korea once to meet bill do it. But if North Korea doesn't then they'll continue what they say they maximum pressure campaign on North Korea. It seems as though people who are following this closely were almost waiting for North Korea to do something it was you know they came out first releasing. Those three American prisoners and they said they would dismantle their nuclear test site and so there ever is kind of waiting okay. One is this coming. Now we're hearing about these military drills being a problem is there any indication that the US and South Korea with scaled those back. For any race. No indication that an interestingly this is a pretty big turn of events because in recent weeks North Korea had signaled they were fine with that joint military exercise and they weren't gonna make a fuss about. Now it looks like they're at least trying to buy it or not it's a real negotiating tactic or just a bit of bluster from Kim. Jong we don't know how big of a setback this might be. To the broader conversations that are taking place ahead of that June 12 meeting but I think it's notable here is that. You have the president's heading very high expectations he says something meaningful could come out of this summit he pushing for a complete denuclearization of North Korea. But we in the theme wrapped sometimes he'll say going to be day it's going to be successful. But maybe it is maybe everything gets scuttled maybe the whole thing falls apart he says it happened that's old home. So interesting to see the president sat very high expectations but also try and laid the ground work for what might happen if this meeting doesn't go forward the White House could say scene we only came into this with burial. Medicare what were questioned for use interest seeing North Korea singled out John Bolton a national security advisor for president trump. What's that about. The Libya model that's what they're not happy about John Bolton the national security advisor over the weekend suggested that. Maybe they'll leave yet model could be used as the framework for negotiations about North Korea's nuclear program and what. That means is. How north for executing Libya gave up there a rudimentary nuclear weapons program in exchange for sanctions relief well the Qaddafi regime that's overturned he was then killed. And in the north Koreans say well we have a little more security here that if we agree to all of this we aren't cost debt or topple. Soon there reporting to John Bolton comments over the weekend they also clear we just don't like him personally. With the word repugnant it's was used in this statement by a senior North Korean official to refer to the president's national security advisor. And the White House this morning said that they don't think that's the model that's going to be used Ferris Sanders the Press Secretary said it will be president prompts model. I don't be fascinated to see if this continues to flare up or calm down in the days ahead Karen Travers for us live at the White House will be watching thank you so much appreciate it. Are we don't wanna transition to that severe weather that we've been talking about take a look at this video battering the northeast wind and rains some flooding downed trees and power alliance. We want to bring him branded case ABC's brain and chases in Mala New Jersey and we can see branded in your shot just the destruction behind you. Tell us about the damage your seeing where you are. Yes scenes like this pulling out all across the northeast it's raining again here in moll on her Jersey it seemingly. Natural occurrence at this point it's been raining off and on for weeks and this is what happens when he's seemingly. Healthy 75 foot oak tree. Slips out of its foundation and it took this garage moved it over in down crushing everything inside out you can see in there. That was a chrome doubt pristine 1963. Shabby nova. And it. Still most of the morning we've heard chain saws up in the air and and just people trying to get back to normal and clean up. But. They've stopped because of the rain and just you can see. Just how devastating. Business. And widespread and a number of areas impacted by this I wanted to ask you about the fatalities it seemed overnight as the storm was hitting we were getting these updates it was 12. And now upwards of at least five fatalities. But what is causing these fatalities as far as we know what these storms. Yet that's right we're hearing five fatalities one of them an eleven year old child and most of the fatalities are just what you're seeing here it's. It's it varies saturated wet soil. And high winds knocking trees over into cars and if you're taking shelter in a car you really don't have that much protection and you may not see it coming. Until it's too late. I also want to ask you about power outages Brandon at one point. About half a million people across the northeast were without power do we have any update today. Yet half a million and at its peak yesterday we're down to about. 300 and 50000 people still without power or. Thankfully it's a little bit warmer than than it than it has been very modest temperature so you know there aren't concerns about. Being too hot or too cold but. Crews are out working around the clock trying to get power back to those. Hopefully the worst has passed branded chase forest in New Jersey thank you so much we really appreciate it. Want to get some more perspective on these storms what we've seen so far and where this storm is headed from here. But check of a chief meteorologist ginger zee ginger. Thanks let let the had a break damning atmosphere at all that talk about the stars at the that happened in the last 24 hours at least 360. Severe storm reports and that included a lot of damaging wind you can see that tree coming down right there in New Jersey so many states dealt with the damaging wind large hail and tornadoes were reported an even one in New York State. And then checked this out Frederick Maryland has 306. Inches of rain flash flooding. They had more than a dozen water rescues that's more about today and along that stationary front that's been causing all the severe Wendy at Lowe's in Alton vanity up. It's not just going to sit there and allow training thunderstorms at up to four inches of rain the red colored Virginia Maryland Delaware and southeast Pennsylvania. Now we get the bill from east is to last 'cause those hats and flooding of rivers in Washington State that upper level low is gonna cause severe storms Thursday and Friday in the areas highly that there. For damaging winds large hail and brief tornadoes frowned just east of the Rockies down through. Much of Kansas and rats that that's the severe weather threat but had to leave you with one last image just to raking of that rain though post storm. And lastly and. Quite the sight hopefully somebody got a view of that from indoors with a place Jeanne Jersey thank you so much. We also want to transition to the ongoing eruptions happening in Hawaii on the big island. Are Marcy Gonzales is there Marcy you've been there almost two weeks now since all of this began. Tell us about these gas eruptions that are coming up from the ground. At Wimbledon first want to talk to you about these just incredible images we've been seeing a B ash plume. Coming from the summit of kill lay it just. And absolutely incredible sight we started seeing yesterday and we have some video that we can show you of this. But it was going about 121000. Feet into the air the US GS does. That this could be the start at eight continue with. Speed. These kinds of eruptions from the sun and possibly the lead out. To that major steal an explosion they've been saying is a very good possibility they are. At the summit and that's what they're predicting that with. Giant apple there's possibly rocketing out of the crater I think those would likely land built with in volcanoes national park which is where the summit of Callaway is. Not a a danger to people. Beat on those boulders but also they're seeing the plumes of ash that would come from that giant steam eruption would be. Much larger than what we saw yesterday at what we're starting to see going into this morning there saying that ash plumes could go twenty. Out and feet into the air. And it rained down on communities that are downwind we're seeing that already from these smaller ash eruptions some communities are getting just a bit of late ash fall. Important to note the ash is not toxic but definitely not a great idea debris that and especially for people with respiratory issues. A some people yesterday were saying they were having some trouble breathing. They were having some symptoms that are kind of like an allergy attacks of sneezing. Itchy eyes things like that's a doctors are saying for people in those areas downwind. Of the summit that they should try to stay indoors if they can because a geologists are expecting these kinds of ash eruptions to potentially continue. Several more weeks and witness the US GS has now taken the volcanic alert level from Orange to red. And what that means is that in major eruption if either underway. Or in imminent and there is that same kind of warning for highlights a telling them to avoid that area. But it's also important to note that the major airports here on the big island closest one is in -- the other one on the other side of the island in Kona they are still open. Marcie you're talking about the video there we've been rolling some of that video of those ash plumes just rocketing into the sky also. The lava creeping over the lands landscape is changing the look of this island for ever. And you've also been reporting about the seizures that continue to open up what's the latest with that. Yet US GS's now reporting that 21. Of users have opened since all of this started almost two weeks ago. And that's happening in these communities close to where I am right now it's about 25 miles away. From the summit. I would kill way. One of those fissures that open towards the beginning it's Fisher number six out of 21. It's stopped with the lava flow there was no more lava coming out of an album that has started up again. And then I'll over the past couple of daisy may have seen these really incredible images Matt Gutman has been bringing us. Of these explosions. Of lava coming out of one of the fishers. And that one is still going we're actually still here in really loud booms this morning. Coming from that particular figure it sounds like we're in a thunderstorm and that is going on every. Nader so we hear one of those boos. And geologists are saying it is very likely that even war features could open up for the existing ones could start spewing liable once again and that is one of the reasons the national guards at an additional two. Thousand people could still be forced to evacuate. And a port of point out nobody has been hurt in all of this Marcy but I you've been there almost two weeks now. You've been talking to people what is the general mood on the big island people must be exhausted. Frustrated and there's no end in sight. Now that's exactly right you know some people say that they've. Known that this was a possibility and so they're trying to take it in stride just one day at a time. But it is difficult especially for families who have had to evacuate and they have no idea if or when they'll be able to get back to their. Homes aren't RC Gonzales live for us again you've been for a long time we appreciate your reporting thanks so much for joining us. Our arsenal cavities here and we do want to transition the countdown is still under way to the royal wedding happening on Saturday. There you can see the royal couple right there all the preparations leading up to the big today let's get to Adrian baker she is live in London again for us this morning Adrian first wanna get to some of the news though some of the Markel family drama and specifically her father he wasn't going to the wedding then he was going and now it appears he's not going again what's the latest. Well there has been quite a bit of an emotional roller coaster regarding her family and that is because. The father who originally where it was reported that he was allegedly involved in some type of paparazzi staging. Then was. Reportedly saying that he was not going to come to the wedding because he'd won in the embarrassment to the palace or his daughter that he was coming because he didn't want to miss that. Wonderful joyous event and the and the he said he had some health issues which would. Prevent him from coming because he may be again reportedly having a stent put in. For his heart issues can I just show you something really really quickly because I don't want to miss it absolutely yes these headlines are very very important but. I wanted to show you one at the amphibious vehicles that is rolling through the tens right now we're on a bridge in between Windsor and eaten. Do you little bit more they context there but. That boat was actually. Driving on the streets just moments ago so we see it driving the streets of Wednesday giving viewers and its amphibious so it can just kind of drive itself into the tens and be about. A lot of people are going to be out here in the leathers and warmer right now looks likes ones. Are enjoying it more than anyone because the weather has dropped over ten degrees since yesterday when we saw the sun come out. We're expecting that the royal wedding will have nice spring like temperatures and sunny weather as at least we hope so because. I did not expect to be this Chile covering the right away I'll be honest with you. Yeah yesterday you lucked out yet the beautiful weather event obviously a big change today. Also wanna touch on something out a lot lighter note so to speak. The wedding party surrounding the royal couple we understand the bride and groom will be surrounded by a lot of children right. Yes as tradition would hold. Yes in fact they've had a lot of modern twist to their love story as we've been reporting but again you can not to replace the imagery of these adorable kids. The palace just releasing today this morning in fact that princess Charlotte just three years old will be a part of the wedding party is well as her brother. Prince George and they will also be associated with need god daughters both Prince Harry the end. God children of Macon Markel this is is phenomenal because I as you know of course she is Megan is a commoner quote unquote. But so are the friends of hers so to friends. Their children will participate dressed as bridesmaids and this page boys and the royal wedding joining Megan's walk at the altar to the altar so that's pretty exciting. Area exciting and I'm also starting to come to grips with the reality that I will not be invited to the wedding. And a lot of people not be invited either with their viewing parties happening across London right tell us about those. Well you know I found one of the very few quiet places here and save a couple of raucous. Locals that just walked by here we love the locals of the tourists but. Sometimes we've noticed that people wanted to get on TVs that are you've heard that. But right behind me you see Windsor on the other side is eaten where of course Prince Harry and Prince William as well as the children of many dignitaries attended the prestigious. Eton College. But they will be a viewing party just on the other side of the bridge Ryan in Eaton. There have screens all of over the countryside and parks and public spaces they'll also have viewing parties in spite of hubs. And at people's homes in fact on the day of the wedding I know that I will be. The guess at what Idaho's having a viewing party on the jogging back and forth. To try to catch a glimpse at this carriage we talked earlier with some of the mounted police here who will be working those crowds have been. Alongside these streets all week and they were just telling us how the crowds are going to be extremely tight. The roads here as you can imagine. Are very very narrow and so they were telling us that you literally are going to be with in. Just a couple of feet of that Carrey it's going to be quite a sight to see for those people who get to line the carriage route but certainly. They're advising people to get here as early as possible because those lines will be long. And again they have to do all that crap control but this is the quiet as it's been for us heading back over this bridge. It's become quite noisy and more and more people are coming if it's not expect its going to build. Into tomorrow and of course write apps. The calm before the media storm so to speak you know that media storms pretty much underway all right Adrian baker thank you so like yeah marriage store that's right exactly yeah. We appreciate it hopefully it'll warm up in the days ahead thanks for your time. Speaking of wetting a party is in royal viewing so stay tuned right here to ABC news Saturday. At 5 AM you can add your own wedding. Viewing party at home here in the United States if you get that coveted invitation. For more on that story all the other stories we're following here on ABC news good Or download a ABC news app. For now I'm where Johnson this is ABC news lives have a great day.

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