ABC News Live: Trump arrives at G-7; Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

ABC News correspondents discuss Anthony Bourdain's death, the G-7 summit and tonight's NBA Finals game.
21:23 | 06/08/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: Trump arrives at G-7; Anthony Bourdain dead at 61
Hey there thank you so much for joining us here on ABC news live on Geovany because here at ABC news headquarters in New York. So glad you're with us on this very very busy Friday a during the broadcast we're gonna go to Guatemala we're gonna speak to Victor okay and know he's there he's been covering that volcanic eruption. In order to go to Cleveland also and talked to TJ Holmes for game four of the NBA finals. But of course right now we are gonna begin with that tragic news out of friends Anthony boarding just 61 years old. Found dead in hotel rooms they are in France let's go to Molly hunter she's in London right now voice that's a sad story Molly what's the latest right now. GO good action a tragic story a really really sad stories that we are hearing. From CNN of course is his employer his show is airing on CNN on Sunday night since he and announced this morning. That his love of great adventure needs friends find food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world that made him a unique. Story teller at we have also heard now from French police. They say they found Anthony ordain this morning and response at his friend actually. I've found an heir apparent at payments at French have found this morning I'm responsive in his hotel room. Outside of Strasburg. And French police GO have now said that they did find him. Hank. And you know Molly he was just in Hong Kong and I nobody called this. Really the the professional highlight of his career. Did he get he actually wrote an article earlier this he just a few days after the Hollywood reporter that he called this a cinematic Jill green he was working at a cinematographer they he had admired for years the dining Christopher Doyle. And directing that episode in Hong Kong with actually his girlfriend on TR ten cap. And he wrote about how excited he was. That he got this dream team together and he. Had hit its high water mark for his career he actually tweeted a photo of the three event and it just a couple of days he had treated as video. Among them grooving dancing drinking before the show before they got under way and nasty L why we loved watching the sky when he was so much fun. And it's such a joy to watch on screen as he was eating bugs are drinking Campbell knocked. Or just drinking with a couple of guys sitting on a street corner Abbott that's what made his show and and of course. Probably working with him so much fun. Yet just a week ago he was sitting down with Anderson Cooper and you just you just wouldn't know. He was also considered an advocate for me to survivors and now some of them are responding. He wasn't the math and magic and part of that of course with his girlfriend on the speaking out on Twitter is. Cross social media but also frequently and locally out loud we have heard from that Rose McGowan of course another one of those. Winds he accuses who has led that charge alongside odds yet. And she tweeted add emotional video earlier she says Anthony and some Matty you were so loved the world is not better without you. And that we needed GO NG I also want to say she also posted a couple of tweets actor was suicide hotlines from around the globe. And we do want to remind our viewers. And our audience around the Brothers while. That we duet it's about China's why believe it's on the bottom of our screen that is of course you can call 24 hours day seven days a week if you or anyone. You know needs help. Yeah yeah that number 1802738255. And Molly before you go I know that you personally we're just such a fan of his work and here's someone who so incredibly successful shining a light on so many corners of the world. And yet this still happens. It's extraordinary we've actually heard from art doctor Jan Asch on Jim man across from our platforms talking about how mental illness does not discriminate it happens to everyone of course it. Kate Spade of course that famous fashion designer took her own life earlier this week in New York. But it GO Anthony Bor gain with this unbelievable. Character he defined a genre of television he he did take after corners of the globe that not even some journalists. Would go to I remember first watching an app is said. Way and just watching him commented joint which he found on a curb and again with industry talking to people who live there. Doing the kind of journalism is so many of us want to do aspire to do when he showed up GO. But no bias there were no assumptions he came with an open minds of course and an empty stomach there's so much of his reporting. And interviewing and an adventure is worth surrounding food in restaurants but that meant white table clogs occasionally but most of the time that meant. You know eating bugs are eating street theater are eating noodles with President Obama and not famous episode when President Obama was visiting Vietnam he sat down and how to be air. And thin needles suppan Anthony ordain and it capped and no one really seem to recognize President Obama actually. It was a really. Find moment but this is a guy who redefined. Not only travel shows are fin shows that kind the way. You can view the world to explore the world and and it's a huge huge blocks. All right yet I'm so glad we're keeping a number on the screen there we we set at last night on world news tonight we're keeping an on the screen here for now 1802738255. Just such a reminder for people just call that number of things to help. Molly hunter in London thank you so much Molly. We're gonna switch gears now and talk about the G-7 summit it's just about an hour away in Quebec Canada are David Wright is their income back. David how aria. I geo president trump just landed here and get back moments ago and as he came down the stairs on Air Force One. Greeted not by the Canadian prime minister but by a troupe of mounties he's now going to be very adept at Charlotte las ski resort where this summit will take place. And it's going to be a Dicey summit this you the US is normally the leader of this group but today president trump finds himself very much the black sheep. He is imposition of new tariffs on steel and aluminum from. The EU and Mexico has sparked it's. Backlash from those countries who are threatening to impose new tariffs of their own on everything from whiskey to blue jeans to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. President trump has been indignant here's what he had to say. Just as he left the White House this morning. All right. All of these god have been taking advantage of the United States. Beltway candidate got it very. You want me and 70%. We don't got them all right we do it like a tiny percentage. We have we have this great. When we have. Right. Was almost every night. We break that out. That this G of this summit puts him at odds not just with these long allies of the United States but also with several world leaders with whom. He has had very friendly terms the president of France Emanuel macro. The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. They've been buddy buddy in their appearances together but now not so much and as if the trade thing weren't problem enough. Now president trump is suggesting that Russia be readmitted to the G-7. That didn't make yet again the G-8 Russia had been expelled after its annexation of Crimea here's what the president suggested. This morning. Anything GA because rice that was. About Wright does not edit. Out. I love archive. I have been Russia's worst nightmare. If Hillary got I think what this probably gone mad highway Hillary what is using what I do but what that means that. Rod it ended. Quietly having me without Russia being inundated. I would. Recommend and that to outfit them. But Rogers in the it's a part you know let me alike you know are not. That may have been politically correct. We have a world Iraq. Added they see that it would mean that he 88. Rush out safely let Russia come back did. That we should have rights at city. Not only to the other G-7 countries oppose re admitting Russia to this group. There now not just calling it the G-7. Menem Acronis called it the G six plus one US being the odd man out so. Trump is the odd man out on trade he's also the odd man out on that question of whether Russia should be part of this group. It's going to be a very interesting summit GO. Yet David to the president spent much of a nice tweeting about. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau he's even call them eight and didn't get to and he also was tweeting about fair trade of course. That's right the US has long standing unit we have the North American Free Trade Agreement which was imposed under President Clinton which essentially sets up free trade. But there are some exceptions and one of the areas that trump is especially vexed about is dairy. I Canada has taken steps that are legitimate to protect its dairy farms legitimate in Canada's view they. Do impose massive tariffs on the import of US milk. US dairy producers however have got around this in the past because the the agreement. Does not cover certain highly processed dairy goods which the US has managed to to get through the door here. That's gonna get a significant review now but by opening. Pandora's box if you well all of the other. Set asides and differences are gonna come into play in the US as is is deciding to impose its new tariffs on steel and and aluminum. Based on an argument that it's in our national security interest to do so that our national security is at stake in this is something. That really ruffles feathers among countries like Canada and France who have. Fought alongside us through world wars and even as recently as the wars in Afghanistan. And Iraq they say that they are partners in national security and to suggest that there a threat because they won't import US milk. They say that's absurd and David the president is also speaking out now about those NFL protests. Yup this is one of his favorite issues as you know geo and this morning he suggested he made an unusual suggestion. Let's give it a listen and we'll talk about it afterwards. I'm sorry we don't have that clip it basically what the the president suggested was that NFL players. Who are protesting police brutality must have friends. Who are in jail. For one reason or another he suggested that they let him know who those folks are and he'll consider pardoning them. It sort of an olive branch but not so much of an olive branch and at some thorns and it. Because the suggestion is that these players. Are associating themselves with criminals basically. And that is gonna draw some scrutiny from the NFL. And these players with whom. Tensions are about as straight as they are here at the G-8 seven. And David I know there's so much going on behind you there can you sort of describe what's happening behind you there in the room learn about. This is. Almost looks again NASA launch. Can mission control areas this is the area that's been set up for the world's press who are here from. Many different countries to watch these trade talks which have implications around the world. And they the tricky part for us is that the summit itself is being held. Miles away from here in an area that's shielded from both the press. And the protesters who were expected to show up in force there have already been some protesters here convexity. They want. Have as quiet a venue and as friendly venue as possible for these talks because so much is at stake and we will have to be watching it from here. Well at least you can watch it on very big screens there in courtroom thank you so much they pick. That kind hardship. All right thank you David or we're gonna turn now to that historic summit between president trump and North Korea's Kim Jong road. Martha Raddatz our chief foreign affairs correspondent chief global affairs correspondent I should say is there in Seoul South Korea. The summit is expected to happen in Singapore. So will be traveling there of course but here's Martha Martha good morning. KGO they have been working on logistics for the summit. Weeks. Who comes first into the room where they are sick from what we know there will be a very small group and president drowned in Q John. Every eye witness I'm hell hasn't. Natural barriers obviously is a vacancy that was coming and going on the island at all kinds there will be watching. Protection detail Secret Service for residents from him Joseph good. I in the train body guard. Kim crossed over here in South Korea and the DNC. Last month bodyguards hallways classes chasing. Hard work here. Writing it goes bodyguards. It not only for royal team that sports isn't. I think they have no blemishes. On their face anywhere seeing. But they are wars are very worried about him this is the farthest and protection they can provide and of course the same. Provide Chris the GO. All right Martha thank you so much there in South Korea so that summit of course happening next week. On June 12. Now we're gonna turn over to Guatemala they've been dealing with so much with his volcanic eruption there are Victor rook endo is there he's been there all week long. Victor good morning. GO Guatemala's booked on if we'd always active again this morning this as the death poll continues to rise. 100 in nine people now confirmed dead at least 100 N 97. Are still missing there are few big developments here on the ground first of all portable as public ministry has announced they're opening investigation. And a possible negligence. Focusing on the lack of warning for those hardest hit communities seeing if there were any delayed evacuations. We visited some of those areas that we're just wiped out by the volcano like they'll like most look there's. More than 3000 people should displaced now calling shelters homes we visited one of those shelters and open dongle. We met with children there who are called a shelter home many of them lost mothers fathers while boards. And they know they will never be able to return to those areas where they grew up. Conrad which is Guatemala's disaster agency officially suspending the search for survivors for a few reasons number one the weather has not been cooperating. With. Rescuers the rain has just made the terrain. A lot more difficult to navigate and at this point this many days removed from the initial eruption on Sunday that monopoly there anymore survivors out there GO. Victor canto there in Guatemala for instance the two powerful report there with those children you can watch it on ABC news. Outcome now we're gonna turn over to the Belmont Stakes have a little fun here now. Are Aaron deter ski is there because the Belmont Stakes area now you actually saw the horse that's expected to win. Justify. Justify look great as he galloped around this track TO it's quiet here now is the grounds crew makes final preparations. For Saturday's Belmont Stakes but when justify runs for the Triple Crown. There are going to be 90000. Roaring fans here. That want to see history because he would only be the thirteen. Boards. To win all three legs of the Triple Crown in. Of one of the men trying to get the horse ready for the races Jimmy Barnes he's the assistant trainer for justify. Jimmy it's good to have you here he. Good on the track absolutely beautiful leadership in well he handles this track goes over its own eyes you policy Ozzie holding up. Very well I think this that of the three races come into the streets the best. Solid. The derby and the preakness are pretty sloppy it was raining it was foggy here there's no more rain in the forecast this can be a dry track well you know. They've seen it run on a wet track which it was him track you know tracking them. You on the team that helped train American barrel the last horse to win the Triple Crown when he fifteen. The similarities between east. To compare him much but you know they haven't greats that alarms on which really you really need that. In the big drive huge drive large horse. Very good mind. They need to be able to handle the crowds they need to be able to travel they need be you know Barrow you can get them anywhere eating the have a home track you know. Everywhere everywhere we went we had to travel notes that justified quite similar. You know Kentucky Baltimore. Now word in New York so. Those are some of the similarities. Just immediately evident good mind again to get through the attic get to the one he's. Their focus. He's gonna break from the number one positions of the running along the rail at the outset has set a good thing about it. Well it's it's not a bad thing you know he's seems to place himself gets you know he breaks. There's enough speed their Michael have to decide what to do them here hill it's big track large tract to be able. Find its way to good clear position. Jamie good luck. Judy mines the assistant trainer. Justified running for the Triple Crown just thirteen hours studios to do it. And it looks like Italy's gonna hold up pretty well. You know Aaron what I find interesting is that we wanted to. Asked you what to talk about we want to see what you wanted to talk about for some reason you decided to send us. The name of the drink the Belmont jewel I mean if it's 11 o'clock here but I guess it's 5 o'clock somewhere for you. Somewhere. I mean look the Kentucky Derby has the mint julep and everything and that the Belmont tool is suburban drink. And you'd like this because it's made also with pink lemonade and it has some other kind of little syrup in it so it's a bit sweeter. Then your average drink and it I think is the perfect beverage. To go along with the excitement and and and the heat. Here at Belmont for the running of the 150. Running. Of the Belmont Stakes you can imagine that after a full day of racing by the time the Belmont steps off in the earlier part of the evening. Those will go down quite well. Yeah of the Belmont jewel endorsed by our air and enters the air and thank you so much for joining us have fun at the game tomorrow or does that race tomorrow if you. But let's turn to a game let's turn to a real game game for the do or die game are TJ Holmes is there in Cleveland. Covering that for us click TJ good morning. Hey there do Yeltsin a court here Quicken Loans Arena. Game four tonight that the NBA finals. Is it going to be the last game of the NBA season is going to be another championship for the warriors. Yes we have those questions the bigger question for a lot of people here in Cleveland is not about whether or not they're going to win this championship. It's what's going to happen. After this series is over. What is LeBron James going to do is it possible he's going to break their hearts again and leave Cleveland of course we all know it's widely reported he can become a free agent after the season. And can we Cleveland. Now he has given no indications about what he's going to do we have NC if you leave Cleveland any indication of where he might go because he says out of respect for the city for the fans were teammates. He's not gonna talk about it still plea Neil other people are talking about cities like Houston. It's going to the LA lakers could go to the Philadelphia seventy six's some even thrown out that he is going to go talk to the Golden State Warriors are you kidding me yes so. Any by that he'll do they know what he's going to do. They have no idea he keeps a very tight group around him and has given no indication of what's going to happen so. That's account of the secondary storyline if you will. Look miracles can happen if anybody could pull off it would be the brawn to come back from 30 down to win an NBA championship. It's never happened before in the history of the NBA that the team's comeback from 30 down but hey. It ain't over till it's over before a lot of people do think it is over and the question what is the bronze going to do so GO. We will see you for being bored tonight at 9 o'clock eastern on ABC. That's right TJ thank you right here on ABC here right on your TV set on ABC alright thank you so much for joining us here on ABC news live on GO but he does Hank if you want to check out the stories that we've been covering. And of course that app and FaceBook and Twitter and it's a gram just find us and we will be right here as news breaks. On ABC news line thanks for joining us and we'll see you later.

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