ABC News Live Update: 23 reported tornadoes touch down in South

Plus, SpaceX Crew Dragon landed after a six-month mission in space and the latest from Afghanistan after the Taliban attacked a U.S. base over the weekend.
31:09 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 23 reported tornadoes touch down in South
Good morning and then his status thanks for streaming with us in today's update when he three reported tornadoes touched down across the plains this weekend. I have this massive funnel cloud is one of several that hit Yazoo City, Mississippi. Twisters Criss crossed highway snapping power lines damaging homes and businesses. Rescue crews worked through the night now more than forty million Americans are on alert for more severe weather. Ginger Z is live with more on the storms on the move right now. And at least four people are dead after a crowded boat capsized off the Southern California coach. The boat had at least thirty people on board when it went over almost 101 responders rushed to the scene as did a navy sailor. We'll just happened to be nearby. Everything to my wife big and little. I don't in the waters. We have the latest on the investigation captain now in custody and why border officials suspect the vote was part of a human smuggling operation. And the dragon has landed a SpaceX crew dragon is home after a six month mission in space. Thanks for clients face Texans there's a funeral and everything flyer program you've earned sixteen million miles on this point and should have been. The girl was all smiles and they disembark here from the history making astronaut and get a big thumbs up okay. After safely landing. We begin with a severe weather threat after. 23 tornadoes reportedly touched down in the south and just 24 hours. More than forty million Americans are now under alert as the conditions are right for more tornadoes today. Ginger Z is tracking the latest. Overnight twisters so lacing through Mississippi. This drone video that you're watching now is from a tornado in Yazoo City the wide wedge captured at close range. Debris flying and end the drowned gets destroyed by the powerful inflow wins. Charlie tornados and on the ground. This tornados seen crossing road. Trees tossed power lines snapped homes and businesses damaged. Rescue crews working through the night at least 23 tornadoes reported across the plains in just 24 hours in Nebraska Louisiana and Colorado to. The did you Z joins me live now for more ginger in a tornado threat we know isn't over yet so where do people need to be on the look out what's your advice for them. You know and and it's it was a sleepy April when he came to tornadoes the fewest we've seen. In 21 years I think a lot of people need to wake up and remember OK it's spring this is tornado season may is no joke we had 23 reported that's a third of what we saw on April sold. This system has the potential to do it again today and tonight we could see more tonight. A nighttime tornadoes often become more dangerous because people go to sleep and that they don't have an all weather radio which wake shift from a dead sleep. That could be a problem so today the threat areas still includes. Areas from Fayetteville Arkansas through Evansville Indiana. The removal Kentucky I want everybody in that region to really be ready for not just tornadoes and damaging wind but if you go back in the Texas and Oklahoma. Far west Arkansas we can be talking about some giant hail and that's just today now we have to watch as the next part the kind of slides to with a cold front. And that's gonna bring this same area that just got hit including Tupelo a Tuscaloosa Birmingham. Another round of severe storms tomorrow. So yes this is the season when we see this had a thing I just think it's a good reminder after such a quiet April Diane so what can people do it there in one of these areas us under a tornado watch or warning. Then tell whether radial save a life I mean we've seen it time and time again because if you get it after you go to sleep. There's no app there's no anything there's definitely not a siren because sirens aren't even equal across counties and cities. You really have 102 forms of warning and that way you know that you get the heads up we know that there will be tornadoes now you can say okay I'm in that orange area I'm in. To be ready for it kind contempt and ginger Z thank you. And for people are dead and dozens more injured after a boat with at least thirty people on board crashed into a reef and capsized off the coast of San Diego first responders and a good samaritan jumped in action to rescue the survivors now the ship's captain is under arrest. And officials say the crash may have been the result of human smuggling ABC's will car has the latest. This morning a search for answers after this devastating and deadly scene off the coast of San Diego. Good for you your board of a forty foot trawler. But multiple person in the water. The ship with at least thirty people on board crashing into a wreath capsize in his rocks hundreds of go to pour money. Crashed sending more than two dozen people flying into the water in the east for dying. Customs and Border Patrol calling this a smuggling operation since 2009 authorities in Southern California have caught more than 6500. People entering the US by water according to the New York Times this for the smuggling vessel the smugglers really just don't care about the people they're exploiting. Now all they care about it is. Finding their own party for profit the captain of that ship now in custody as authorities investigate. Nearly 101 responders rushing to scene US Coast Guard chopper swooping in to rescue those left behind. Teams performing chest depressions administering oxygen some hang CPR. So a lot of things going on now wants proposals to rescue everyone he can. From the water and nearby navy rescue swimmer springing to save lives and everything in my life I don't see here. Jump in the water mrs. Sheehan a fellow sailor quickly jumped in despite the rough conditions. Its other. Port storm water when a short break in the washing machine that. He's like yeah good sports here's. Southern jump then. Do we have do. Not knowing what to do feeling totally and equipped to do something feeling completely emotional watching this happen to him to these people. Authorities say they see more more migrants trying to get in the country by boat just over the past year last week they stopped a vote that 121 Mexican nationals on board. They say they arrested the captains of that vote as well. Karen it will car thanks for that. And out of Afghanistan where allied forces in the US quickly carried out airstrikes after the Taliban attacking US base over the weekend. The rising tensions come as the Biden administration prepares to withdraw all American troops by September 11 senior foreign correspondent Ian panel is on the ground in Kabul. With more on Mandy and good morning what's the latest there. Give us try the US troop withdrawal is really gathering pace who starts in see images of bases being handed over from American. Two last gang come drug control in this morning we've been looking at some of those Afghan forces in training that really get a half. Have to hold the front lines pretty much on their own close US military. He's still going to stay that in the backgrounds can also some polls but is he is going to be answered distance of this calls some question about that capability to hold ground because calls a Taliban had been on the offensive for long time as you say there was this attack against Kandahar air bases in the south of the country over the weight over the weekend. Known claimed responsibility there was suspicion. That he could've been the Taliban. The US responding again wither and as strikes there were no injuries and there was no damage to equipment. But ahead of US and NATO forces here general Miller essentially warning the Taliban to any kind of attack. Will be met with a forceful response Stan. Indiana is the Taliban reacting we know that you've just talks to some Taliban leaders there directly we heard them threaten what would happen. If troops were withdrawn by may first like they want did so now if this back and forth that have you heard anymore. Yeah I mean they did issue a statements over the weekend when this may the first deadline expired remember made the first as the deadline set by the trump administration prism bottom push that. To September the eleventh and they would have basically accusing united states of violating the agreement to withdrawal warning they'll take close every counter action appropriates against the occupying full season but. It's still early days I didn't detect any loan scale movement by the Taliban against US troops. As a poll last and ultimately visual looking fly simple for twenty years. They see themselves as being victorious. But nevertheless it you know it is still early days. And although they may not be attacking American forces that are absolutely attacking Afghan forces are multiple attacks. Every single day civilian casualties in the first three months of this year we'll almost 30% higher than in the same period last year Google's ask. Afghans are left wondering what happens when American forces leave Kabul how. Happens to the gains of the last twenty years particularly the women and girls Stan. And in an aid in Afghanistan for the past week or so what is the troops saying there that you're talking to. It's interesting because when you told some commanders they certainly exudes confidence they said don't worry we don't need American forces here we commence a battle on our road and you're really struck when you see some of these young recruits and Armstrong's is one young recruits who had a little bit of English same age as my youngest son he's nineteen years old he did it opened one week left to training. And you can detect a member of nervousness about them remember a lot of people who joined the Afghan National Army do so for financial reasons because we're a country where poverty is widespread. And it's the chance to earn an income that Taliban five cents a conviction that ready to die for that calls AC dyeing his victory they seat defeating their enemy is big trade and that's a haunting to battle and that technically there was sends a thousand Afghan National Army troops but in practice it could be severe questions about their ability to hold the line. Big Ten away from the command of this young recruits said to me we need help. That's the situation on the ground Diane. The sad irony in panel and Kabul Afghanistan Ian thank you. And the FDA may approve the use of Pfizer's vaccine for twelve to fifteen year olds as early as this week. The move would get the country closer to that much hopes for herd immunity we've been going for but. Many more is still need to get the vaccine for us to get there even pilgrim has more. This morning all eyes on Pfizer. The FDA may approve use of Pfizer's vaccine for twelve to fifteen year old as early as this week. The move would make some middle and all high schoolers and eligible to get vaccinated in the US experts say it's critical to open a vaccines to younger people because they can get and spread covad especially indoors. Close together or interacting with people outside of their homes. Twelve year old Caleb Chung was part of Pfizer's trial earlier this year and I definitely hopefully yeah. I cheered whenever he would call a normal. I'm eventually CN advisors vaccine has already been approved for teens sixteen and older this weekend Florida more than 15100 students family and community members. Lined up to get vaccinated at three high schools specifically trying to get the vaccine to teens. We worked with the Florida department of health and Orange County to determine which schools. They wanted to focus on expanding eligibility is key as the demand for vaccines has started to dwindle. Daily shots down 22%. And Texas weekly shots plummeting more than 15%. And this week the state is slated to have a surplus of half a million doses. With no clinics asking for that some vaccines is now offering incentives to entice people to come out in Houston it and RG park. Everyone who gets a vaccine in the next two weeks can enter to win a raffle that includes prices that range from tickets to Texans gains. Took conserves and other sites it just trying to make it convenient. Last night the Milwaukee Bucks offering cogan vaccines. To fans already attending their game. And we are now saying many communities are reaching out to those people were waiting to get that vaccine either going door to door meeting them at local places like churches trying to answer their questions as they make their decision. About the vaccine. Diane and kissing his he has going from these super long lines and now these vaccines and just trying to entice people with incentives even pilgrim. Thank you. And a ban on flights from India to the US goes into effect tomorrow as the Coleman crisis there gets worse. Now American families with loved ones in India are desperately searching for ways to help. James Longman is in London with the latest. 400000. Plus eighty new cases this weekend and more than 3600 deaths. India's crisis is only getting worse trying to stop the spread to US trouble bound flights from India is set to start tomorrow. Millions of Indians in the US now watching in horror as a deepening catastrophe unfolds in the home country. This. Is impossible to describe. It. See her hands under the age I don't know see my Eli. Many desperate to help and love ones from an ocean away as people and ask gossiping for oxygen on the street. Hospitals overwhelmed and mass cremation size of fools to turn people away. They had deterring. And surrounding. Drop off his body acts at a house. You were times peerage chief Jeffrey gentleman on the ground in India as the crisis unfolds. So my balcony at first I am now. It's small just about everybody I know I'm Sandra Sam said. The problem here is that we be here and I think anybody realizes. Members of the community fending for themselves and looking for help from other governments while feeling betrayed by their own. People are urged its. Coming together and slowly and gradually raised addition. Cougars are being the government needs. India has now jolted in the army to help Cecile thousands of beds to help care for the sick. The main issue of course does seem to be this shortage in all too Jim but until the whole of this India has a shortage of vaccines. Diane I am a huge problem when James long and thank you and ears are watching in Washington's. Today at noon eastern in the house labor subcommittee will hold a hearing on what it calls the racist exclusion of farmworkers. Domestic workers and his workers from the fair labor standards act. At 1:30 eastern vice president Pamela Harris will ceremonial least wherein former UN ambassadors Samantha Power. Has a new usaid administrator. And at 130 president Biden and the First Lady will give remarks on the American jobs plan and American families plan. At Tidewater community college in Norfolk Virginia. The speech comes after they visit an elementary school and Torre HVAC workshop. And the family of army specialist a nesting Guillen is reacting to a new report on the investigation into her sexual harassment at Fort Hood. In an ABC news exclusive her family says justice has still not been served. And that this report just adds insult to injury confirming that leaders failed to protect a NASA Stephanie Ramos has more. This morning in an exclusive interview with ABC news the family of specialist Vanessa. As her family said all law. What was your initial reaction to that report and sound. You're border yearly I need. To. We were saying the troops in the Duma to choose from the. Ending the nearly 300 page report says leaders in key yen's unit at Fort Hood Texas did not take appropriate action after she reported to her supervisor she was sexually harassed on two separate occasions the army not naming the supervisor they say home runs to the NASA. Bruno one house women truly hello panel. Report also says two soldiers reported the harassment to the NASA's unit leadership. Who failed to initiate an investigation. He yen describing the soldier who harass church as disgusting and to create. The army in this report leaning into the facts that they failed to act when Vanessa reported being harassed. Reported it. She is our soldiers. A yeah. Alan you're sleeping 21 service members including those senior officers. Within her Jeep being disciplined or reprimanded. Do you think that's enough for right now every radios or is she covering not. May who tries to designer drug army investigators say the harassment had no link to G yen's murder allegedly by specialist Aaron Robinson on April 22 of last year the report detailing how when investigators closed in on Robinson last June. Poor communication. By military criminal investigators winter enlisted soldiers. Enables Robinson to escape their cause city Sheen later died by suicide. I mean this in our house is Ingrid. Why this is an army. Wit wait lines. Our irony where the army however saying that while Robinson did harm ask a different sold jerk. They found no credible evidence to conclude he had harassed yen or had any relationship with her outside of war. The family now fighting to pass a bill in congress to change procedures relating to sexual harassment and assault in the military. All in Vanessa is named. How should we remember Vanessa. She's no hero to us where were baseless. Those Irish scared how many family. Make sure that she just doesn't own me. There's going to bank. Stephanie Ramos. Joins us live now with more on this stuff I know you've been following this story for months now it is now 300 page report filed that. Any supervisors. At what is your brother calls that we've heard from the family for the army to investigate. And that's his disappearance because they said bad. Was delayed after she disappeared now they're they've been asking for this report now it comes out they're not naming names so. How does this all play out. So Diane and yes the report had a a lot of words actions and that it didn't sit well with the family they're still really upset about this as you can imagine. You know they're still asking those questions I spoke with Mira. The family attorney and they're still asking how does a young soldier. Stations out of an installation of a military easily so one of the largest in the country Siegel mrs. day is marked a wall. Which stands for absent without leave basically what. When a soldier leaves the base without permission. And then months later shows up murdered at the hands of a fellow soldier these are still questions that they would. They are asking and they haven't received answers to they say this report. Confirms and then that gas Vanessa was sexually harassed as they have been saying from the very beginning and it also confirms and that. The leadership there and failed to protect her so how does this all play album there are still waiting for those answers. And there are pushing that I am Vanessa GM bill hoping that it passes in congress so that they can make some changes. To some of the policies and procedures that have been in place in the army. For decades. And I got Stephanie we know we heard from her sister they're saying that. No justice has been served in Inverness has casing on the suspect in her murder. It's now dead so there's going to be no more avenues to pursue it to him directly so what. What do you think it will take for the family to feel that justice has been served here. Walt from. Speaking from speaking to that it sounds like once this bill is passed if it's passed. That won't give them some sort of relieve some sort of justice and as you heard from Mira there is fatal fatal. Leave them knowing it dads. And Vanessa did not die in vain and making those changes to the military in the in the military according processor that something like this doesn't happen to another soldier they say this and it never happened to Vanessa they're absolutely right. Listen it never happened to a soldier on a military base. And right now it seems as though this is the last report. From the army having to do with but now says. Case there but there's still an ongoing FBI investigation of course that criminal case. Against robinsons of a girlfriend who allegedly helped him. I dispose of key entry made so the family is still fighting they're still hurting. You know I ask Myra. Powell. How are you feeling more than a year. Aftermath of his dad and she was emotional as she says she thinks about Vanessa every single day but what keeps her motivated keep search. Pushing and then moving forward and waking up every day is knowing that there's this bill that could save someone else's life in the military. Stephanie Ramos. Thanks for staying on this one. We appreciate it. An astronauts on board SpaceX dragon capsule manager at a return to earth over the weekend there are. Clearly very excited to get home after spending six months in space. We've got more on their mission an incredible night time landing after the break. Welcome back there's quite a sight over the weekend when a SpaceX capsule successfully landed splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico. The capsule went through temperatures over 3500. Degrees during reentry. As the crew of the dragon resilience returned to earth after a six month mission Cuban knee tennis has the latest. Over the weekend dramatic images like we've never seen before. And there you can see it in the entry of Ers. Atmosphere crew drag and continuing its journey home. That fire ball is the SpaceX crew dragon resilience surviving 3500. Degrees of fiery heat. As a brings four astronauts home resilience welcome aboard the recovery vessel. Commander Mike Hopkins exists what a happy day acts I think she's excited it is pretty good after six months in space. Hand Victor Glover with a thumbs up after making history as the first black astronaut to live on the ISS for a long term mission. I looked out the window and saw the earth from 250 miles up I will never forget that moment it wasn't about the view it was how the view made me feel and earth. Is amazing infrared cameras capturing those parachutes and the night time splashed down. Recovery groups moving in we welcome you back to to monitor and thanks for clients SpaceX. There's a funerals and are frequent flier program you've earned 68 million miles on this voyage a fiery trip home leaving the dragon looking. Like a toasted marsh now. And they will clean that up before they use it for another launch meanwhile crude truly is on the International Space Station right now they will also splashed down. In about six months Diane right Jim Benitez thanks for that. An apple is headed to court its CEO could even take a stance to companies facing a lawsuit from the maker of the hit game sports night alleging apple is abusing its power over the App Store. To hurt competition. What it means for apple and gamers everywhere after the break. Welcome back to makers of the video game four and I are suing apple over its App Store policies. The landmark case could fundamentally change Apple's business and the way you use its devices. Chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has the details. This morning it's the big guns of tech. Apple verse is at big game. Have they and their creator of the wildly. Popular fort night the two tech giants about to go head to head in a California courtroom after the gaming company filed a lawsuit against apple alleging the App Store has enormous power and uses its monopoly to co worse developers apple CEO Tim Cook and the head of epic games Tim Sweeney could both testify in the coming weeks. The industry juggernaut battle over one major issue the so called apple tax a 30% feed the developers pay on digital purchases made via Apple's App Store. Apple recently lowering the fee to 15%. For any developer making less than one million dollars in sales last year big games added a new feature to fort night. Allowing gamers to bypass Apple's App Store for certain Indian Burgess is like a new look for a character first celebratory dance moves. Apple fired back booting the game and millions of their users off the platform apples and his in this case. Here and its policy. Say. Ritual. ATs with potentially far reaching implications for consumers. One man. Outcome indeed apple is the worst to allow other apps to workers on the iPhone could mean less expensive stuff. Rebecca Jarvis thanks for the to bring looking for change under your couch collisions you tie your house can be a gold mine. Thanks to a surge in demand for air B&B rentals ABC's shenae Norman has the details. This morning that's spare bedroom could mean spare cash in your pocket. As more Americans are making travel plans Caribbean been needs more hosts meetings you could be sitting on a gold mine. A quarter million hopes to meet demand over coming years and he millions more I was. As vaccine rates soar so or travel bookings leading to surging demand and reports of shortages from rental cars to rental units creating an opportunity for. Scream really important you know economic opportunity seeking what is otherwise abused her or want to their ranch and it's turning it into something that he can you know makes. From march 20/20 to 20/20 one the average host earned nearly 8000 dollars a year. And with international travel restrictions they're BNP is seen spikes and domestic trips. Particularly. Increase interest in rural areas and small towns reportedly up 40%. In the last month. Want reunion. Oh isn't it really stressed out so Walsh who whereas people might Angeles are calling cities and B be shocked or really scenes are being driven shoe smaller community. Age music you know do you usually benefits under tourism conference is really really exciting. Other platforms also looking to capitalize on the surge her belt which focuses on granting Paul Holmes. Wants to compete with air BNP for yours. If you listed on firm ground. New tax families looking for a bit more and you spend over twice as much morning. Melanie Crutchfield and her husband live in Georgia and became air being beat host in July right in the middle of the pandemic. I think. A lot of aliens with a home tell you know the people vs anti aren't you getting clean it yourself why. Here but if you want to read your home there are some things you should know. Some communities also. Homeowners association rules against did so before you just don't put your place. On area being and make sure that you're allowed to do that. Also important think about insurance you'll need to protect yourself and your home and then how you can make guests feel like it's they're home. And it has news has you hearing a ton of cash registers in your mind and you're wondering what your home is worth. Caribbean he has a new what's my place worth feature that gives users an estimate of how much their homes would make on the platform. Diane all right today Norman thanks for that. And a few more things to know before you go the Biden administration's has borne migrant families separated during the transit administration. Will be reunited this week. The government released limited details about the families from privacy but we know that one mother fled from Honduras with her children and another came from Mexico. This in the first big move from the administration's family reunification task force secretary of Homeland Security a hundred Mallorca says this is just the beginning. Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer had an extra innings Sunday both on and off the field. Scherzer pitched a complete game for the Washington Nationals topping the Miami Marlins three to one. And then hurried to the delivery room to join his wife for the birth of their third child. Big into the little over two and a half hours with jurors are carrying a shutout into the ninth inning. Petrie young Gomez joked we knew it was going and we knew this going into and that's why we tried to make it a big game. And then over achieving twelve year old certainly made the most of his spare time during a pandemic earning his high school and college degree at the same time. My swimmer will not graduate as valedictorian of Concord Academy high school this month and in the same week. He'll also get his associates degree from rowand cameras community college. About president Preston he was also nominated by his peers to the homecoming court. Mike thank you all for making is so bad about ourselves this morning. And that doesn't of this ABC news I loved it and then Zeta thanks for joining us and grammar ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context. An analysis we'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern with a new. Stacy.

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