ABC News Live Update: Airlines prepare to transport COVID-19 vaccine

Plus, the impact of Warner Bros. releasing its 2021 films in theaters and HBO Max on the industry, and the late singer Selena’s family speaks about her legacy and the upcoming series about her life.
16:55 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Airlines prepare to transport COVID-19 vaccine
Good morning I'm Diana state of thanks for streaming with us in today's update airlines are getting ready to transport cold in nineteen vaccines. The first vaccine expected to be approved must be kept extremely cold so United Airlines gave us a behind the scenes look at its refrigerated shipping containers. That reached negative ninety more degrees. And that vaccine can't come soon enough the US again hit new records for daily cases hospitalizations. And deaths. And the CDC now estimates that as many as 329000. People in the US could diet from the virus. By the day after Christmas is now California's governor is warning of another strict lockdown across central and Southern California. Outdoor dining playgrounds and hair salons could awfully close within days you get remaining icu capacity falls below 50%. And job growth is slowing as the pandemic gets worse. The US added 245000. Jobs in the month of November well below analysts' expectations. This is the smallest increase in jobs since may and well below the 638000. Jobs added last month. President elect Joseph Biden says he will ask all Americans to Wear masks for 100 days once he takes office. Experts say a higher percentage of people wearing masks could significantly reduce deaths. Biden also says doctor and think about she will serviced as chief medical advisor. And part of this cove in nineteen response teams without she says he accepted the offer on the stock. And in Southern California thousands have been forced to evacuate amid a new round of extreme wildfire as the planes are being fueled by high winds strong enough to knock over a tractor trailer look at that truck. Flipped by the wind. Critical fire weather warnings have been issued a report today and are expected to continue into the weekend. And you announcement from Warner Bros. game changer for Hollywood the studio says all seventeen of its 20/20 one films will be released in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. For no extra charge subscribers. Yours will read what's more not. Things will be different. This morning the battle lines are drawn. The exact. Warner Bros. pulling off an unprecedented move in the pandemic. Announcing all seventeen of its films for 20/20 one will be released in theaters and on Time Warner's HBO Max streaming service simultaneously. Street. For no extra charge to subscribers but though I. That means Wonder Woman 1984. In the heights streak. Or maybe music. And June starring Timothy shallow bank will all be available to watch from your couch and home benefiting consumers but some movie theaters aren't happy. AMC's CEO and president issuing a blistering statement saying quality agreed to an exception for one woman. Vaccines are right around the corner and able aggressively pursue economic terms that preserve our business I was cynical optimism opinion. The move also raising the stakes for streaming. Studio release their mood is no doubt about it CDC's parent company did yeah. Highly anticipated films like fix our souls starring Matthew Fox will premiere on Disney plus on. Now this move from Warner Bros. taking to streaming wars to a new levels. This goes on for years going to be we usually hard to protect genie back in the bottle. In a statement Warner Bros. acknowledged quote the reality that most dieters in the US will likely operate at reduced capacity throughout 20/20 one. Due to the pandemic calling their strategy quote a unique one year plan. Diane. Will read. Thanks for that and let's get a little deeper on this now with ABC news contributor Mike news Mike thanks for joining us longtime atop my friend how think. Will it impact the film industry and the way we not we watch movies. I think. First Diane went happy Friday to you I think it's gonna impact the way that we must movies going forward consumer behavior patterns are changing retains no way that we shop we used to go into brick and mortar is now we're getting accustomed to shopping so what's on line coach and now we're sitting at home as global pandemic ever used to receiving content now from the culprits are part couch. I think as more Americans and as consumers get comfortable with watching a so when Netflix. 3540. Dollars from bucket of popcorn and a soda. I think that we're gonna ends are enjoying that a little bit more and then the idea of trying to convince us Siegel from the couch. Two of them will mediators going to be that much more challenging because Diane what used to happen was the big studios used to say that they black box but Blockbuster's. For the theater releases but if you're gonna release wonder why men in. Out there. Big budget films now like at home what is now the incentive to go within the Gator as a whole but I think invented the business side did that was a consumer science. Than that this is respected. Patsy take their approach that I'm actually glad to see Warner doing this. I think they recognize that the trend this coming people would not be going back to creators of the thefts fighting yet. Trying to hold on to this old narrative is oh tradition of how we receive our content. They're trying to get it had a bit trying to be more advanced to make sure that consumers used to seeing their movies streaming and the lights and other ways. And Mike I am team couch that my husband is a movie but that he cannot wait. To be backing appear to with a big giant oversized bucket of popcorn and a whole lobby on the people around him. Are are there enough people like that. Out there she sheep that the movie you're industry alive once its pandemic is over. Diana I love your house entries are great guys now. I think Arianna let me ask you for the Alibaba. But here's the think there's just not enough time when you think about it. Televisions are getting so much cheaper now if you look at the Cyber Monday it's a Black Friday Seles gave it to inch televisions Ron Hart didn't billion dollars dep this sound bars in the self portrait that make that -- on experience. They become so much more cheaper you're seeing packages at a hundred dollars 200 dollars Matt see able to create the Dick sound effects that you were normally used in mediator now in a conference of your home and think about it if you invest. 200 dollars. For a surround sound system a 182 bucks sport television you looking at still under 400 dollars over the course of the year you're saving that much more by staying at home that you would purchasing a ticket going to dinner and dinosaur in the popcorn at home serious savings and depth much more on that on the better side for the consumer if you choose to stay home and I think this is why it's going to be it's how was I don't see. People going to theaters on Friday night release and rolled the way that we used to there's something alluring about sitting at home now and re used to cheer rating right now you secure raiding social distances with our friends. In our own home now when so it's going to be its housing units consider the gators but it didn't take an acute Diane in the music business into remember Lime Wire Napster the music business didn't see that and bad innovation economy they tried to fight the way they tried to sue their way I did it to keep it to go back to purchasing CDs and Tuesday what you see now released music on Friday on digital streaming. But think about that diet that they would have Honda Civic innovation and cards consumer behavior trends early on. The music business might have a better bottom line it could shouldn't do what they do now. They don't watch that. The studios are noticing that in their thing hanging is I think what's happening due to go ahead did make why don't we embracing the innovative that we can increase our bottom line. I'd the studios may be embracing it but this interchange not so much AMC theaters already put out a statement saying they're not happy with this decision and that. You know there there are going to be doing whatever they can to preserve dare economics now appears have already taken a huge hit during this pandemic so what is this all means for their. Future. Diana I love you you always bring so many sides and according to us that's important topics. Yes I was talking about the consumer side yes we talked about the studios. But we forget a lot of negotiator some of them are independent distributors and in the Laurence Mark town playground and planting this again and we get that there are being hit their income Ross into forgetting that a lot of these concession stands out our first job struck high school students write these are first stops for people who looking for employment so this does actually have a ripple effects of the local economy aspect debit from individuals being able had a chance to work and also to all the we think about those theaters because dining tickets that mark script but it's just. There's still a very Smart business dynamic when you really think about it the long run and so distributors are gonna take a very hard hit. There is no if they end up a buts about it there's no way I can spend that has the harsh. Reality and to what they need to do Diane this find a way to be innovative as well they can't sue they ran out of this again we saw what happened in the music business when you protests and when you see you. You end up having succumbed so what I would encourage those distributors to start doing gets finding ways to be inundated with the space that they had asked. And kinder ways to create more innovative digital technology and content. To bring may be a hybrid system that is both streaming and some type of physical space for McCain received a contest and then finally the other streaming services should we expect similar announcements nonaligned. Absolutely I debris now we're gonna be enough I thought streaming right because you had Disney class you have to look he had Amazon nine he had HBO Mack who's really making. A huge plate lately but the content and every received an eagerness are seen streaming service is really go at each other in a very competitive way but that's good for the can stay is two advantage of that diet that's good for the consumer wreck because we get cheaper subscriptions because when you are describing to Disney Hulu Amazon Netflix. Accepting of my description I believe immigrants are seeing a competitive. Pricing structure should begin to go down two to competition but the other side and that we haven't talked about the content creators right. A particular content creators wrote women. Who entity content creators who are people of color normally those individuals and demographics don't get the marketing budgets that they need to get people to go from their homes 68 years. But now if you're watching it on the streaming site and you can get it on demand that people are more than likely willing to take a chance on it new content creators and new film titles and new projects. But also to people are curious and slower content because we are seeing at home and after that two hour. Thelma and you're looking for more bright and so you've made millions are exploring and curiosity or the recommendations that but due today AI algorithm that hand. So I think there is an advance it. For consumers and for content creators more importantly I. You do you always find the bright spot army might use one of the many things about your idea if you picked it could dine at a Friday they need to Mike. That's in 25 years since the singer Selena was murdered at the height of her music career but nearly three decades later she's still as popular as ever. This morning her family is speaking out about her legacy and an upcoming series about her life here's John can Eunice. There was no one else like. Those iconic boost DEA's to the purple dress and that boy. Still bringing chills to so many other fans. Selena so vibrant Mexican American force that dominated Latin music charts in the nineties. But then suddenly it all came to a tragic end. Now 25 years after her death her family is speaking out in an ABC news exclusive when it. As a new net flicks series takes on the line so looking penny in us. Before they hit it failed. I think it is they show a lot of our journey. Is being really young to ultimately you know making you where we were before she left us. And when. Selena was on the verge of a major English crossover when she was murdered by one of her employees. A close friend. It's hard to believe that has been 25 years so what's the impact of that kind of tragedy on this country. Death is a very painful thing. Especially rich or Cha. Answer. It it's a pained and and that. We'll be there to. We passed away. For the past two decades the Q cameos have worked tirelessly to preserve her legacy producing the movie Selena in 1997. Anything Reuters. And now on Netflix is set to air a twenty episode series about the game penny had kids who would become. Most Dina. But not without controversy. Many online unhappy with the walking bids Christians are rot goes casting the iconic role claiming she doesn't look like the storm. A similar reaction to win another actress stepped in to Selena shoes. More than twenty years ago. When. People were protesting. How dare you pick a Puerto Rican. One thing I thoroughly how about Christian issues coming into not not only having to pitch Trace Selena but also. Jennifer hits plenum was kind of like a role model for her as well and for a lot of Latinos as she said that she was found hope that she did it justice and I think she did. But Texas natives spearheaded a movement of tejano music bringing it into the mainstream yeah and she's still less popular as ever. Her makeup line sold in more than fifty countries. And according to billboard her ones album released in 2002. Hit number one for the first time earlier this year on the vinyl charts. Billboard then naming her one of the greatest Latin artists. Of all time why do you think she remains so popular to this very day. I'm always said very few serious case. He was not just and they artisan but the person. What you saw which you got you know. Two is fine me. I'm Ted this amazing laughter and Chad this amazing charisma to make everyone feel like if they. Knew her for very long time. And the amazing thing is that people still know her so well you know back in 1995. I covered selena's funeral here in Texas. And little did I know them that I would be back here 25 years later. Still talking about selena's popularity and her impact. Hers is truly beautiful legacy. Diane. Cancer is done on have to do is hear her name and I can have her son second my head all day thanks for that. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us senator member ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Osce back here at 3 PM Easter with Terry Moran for the breakdown. This morning 7510. M employees suddenly are out of work and the company is planning to auction off. Just about everything it owns after a decade of struggling to try to survive. Pan am a suddenly out of business. Me and him rather quickly. If you see Steven Roth has the story. From its beginnings in 1927. Hannah was America's airline a first history's first scheduled to the national flight. It's flying boats flew the first trans Pacific and trans Atlantic scheduled service was first with jets it was first group Jumbo jets. But went head and died yesterday it simply stop flying. Even passengers stranded.

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{"duration":"16:55","description":"Plus, the impact of Warner Bros. releasing its 2021 films in theaters and HBO Max on the industry, and the late singer Selena’s family speaks about her legacy and the upcoming series about her life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74542269","title":"ABC News Live Update: Airlines prepare to transport COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-airlines-prepare-transport-covid-74542269"}