ABC News Live Update: Biden heads to Europe on 1st official overseas trip

Plus, Pfizer advances child vaccine trials amid concerns over the Delta variant and a family is rescued from a giant, floating flamingo.
27:46 | 06/09/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden heads to Europe on 1st official overseas trip
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks restraining with us and today's update president Biden is on his waiting here for his first international trip since taking office. The weeklong trip will include the first major gathering of world leaders since the start of the pandemic. Biden is set to meet with president Vladimir Kuhn and expected to confront him on cyber attacks and election interference and human rights violations. We'll have all the details on the president's ambitious itinerary coming up. Meanwhile they're trying concerns are renewed call and very infecting young people more than other strains. The delta variant was first detected in India and the spreading fastest among twelve to twenty year old. This is dies or moves one step closer to offering vaccines to kids ages five to eleven news Dr. Brownstein is here with what you need to know. And the birthday party turned rescue mission whether Coast Guard has rescued this group and their dogs and promote flamingo slowed. We'll hear from those rescued and the Coast Guard team that saved them. But we begin with the president's first trip overseas here's a live look at the White House where president Biden just left for Europe. He says land in the United Kingdom this afternoon we'll we'll start meeting with key US allies. And he'll meet with the queen this weekend next week she'll also meet face to face with Russian president Vladimir Putin senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has more. This morning president died in heading to Europe with the goal of shoring up critical alliances and facing down a major American adversary his schedule staffed with high profile meetings. Prime minister Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth. In the UK the leaders of the most powerful economies coming together at the G-7 summit for the first time since the pandemic began. Then off to Belgium where the president will firm America's commitment to NATO it's a trip to the White House says Biden has been preparing for his entire career. I will say that he's been getting ready for fifty years and he has been on the world stage she's known a number of these leaders for decades. Including the present. Couldn't throughout the president is expected to make that case that America is back. As he tries to mend ties that were afraid during the trumped fears the highest stakes meeting comes in Geneva Biden's face to face with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin the president planning to confront Putin over Russia's cyber attacks there election interference and human rights violations while also looking for areas where the two can work together going forward but the White House insists this meeting is not a reward for prudent. And as the two leaders are meeting because of their differences not in spite of them. I don't expect any major announcements to come out of this meeting between president Biden and President Putin the White House says this is less about deliverables and more about the opportunity to communicate providing to look prudent in the eye and make clear what America stands for and what will and will not be tolerated. Diane and I will be watching that meeting closely Mary Bruce at the White House thank you. And ABC news deputy political director every harper joins you know a little more on all this a real stakes for Biden on this trip. Carlos is really church that is about restoring relationships that suffered under former president Donald Trump. It is about highlighting the fact there is can a shift in foreign policy from the previous administration to this current one. You know Biden is a press and it comes to the table with decades of foreign policy experience is over senator. And a former vice president and so we can see we're going to be able to see him bring all that experience to the table as he needs what some of these foreign leaders. He's also a politician who thrives on being face to face it folks so we're gonna really see him in his element on this first foreign trip. He's also set to meet with the queen along with the British prime minister Boris Johnson over the weekend how important. You know we all know from love actually and the US in the UK have a special relationships. How special is it how important is that relationship and this meeting. I was good we have had some very special relationship that the US and the UK have you know we're gonna see biting meet with. How to clean nearly every president from her past seventy years has not. What the queen's we can expect a ceremonial. A meeting with with the queen Mary you know listen we've always. I'm be on the lookout for a presidential gas around. I'm very McQueen and so you know Biden is no stranger to making mistakes and so we're going to be on the lookout for that. You know I think that when we're talking about his meeting with more shots and that's going to be meteor in terms of policy. I don't really discussing a wide range of issues from global taxation and climate change and so caressing would have. Friends and how does Biden expected to handle issues like election man playing in the recent cyber attacks when he has this. They meeting with Vladimir Putin. Right at that meeting with the food is definitely going to be the most tens of this foreign traffic fired earlier this year we heard him call. I'm glad I mean truly diving into and a killer so he isn't mince no words on where he stands on on Coogan look you know the White House and I invited himself have also use this line saying that. They are seeking a stable and predictable relationship with rush I think do not want to escalate tensions with Russia. I'm glad I I didn't think we can expect for buyers to remind filling in that nefarious activity via cyber attacks the election meddling. I human rights issues and any men with consequences from the United States. And Biden has another potentially contentious meetings scheduled with president heir to one of Turkey. On the sidelines of that NATO summit what can we expect there. YI this is that if a meeting that comes after Biden formally recognized by the Armenian Genocide of hundreds of thousands of Armenians during a World War I and what is now Turkey. I guess so yeah this is something that a former presidents have. Avoided doing for fear of escalating tensions with Turkey but Biden Biden did so we know that everyone in and Biden have had. Tense relationship in the past absolutely remains to be seen what happens when he's you are face to face it that's definitely something I'm going to be watching. An ABC news deputy political director Avery Hart heard thanks Avery. And Kaiser has announced their vaccine is entering the final phase of trials for children ages five to eleven. Children and a trowel get two shots at a lower -- and was given to adults. Meanwhile concerns are growing about a Newbury and affecting young people either pilgrim has the latest. This morning growing concern over a new variant that seems to be infecting younger people more than other strains. The delta variant first body in India is now the dominant strain in the UK. Word is spreading fastest among twelve to twenty year old doctor Anthony found she warning the US is not in the clear. We cannot let that half. Happen in the United States we wanted to get it shoe and above the goal. Of 70% of the adult population receiving at least one dose. On the fourth of July. The president tweeting about the period if your young and haven't gotten your shot it really is time. This has children are one step closer to being able to get a covad vaccine. Flies are now launching phase two and three trials in children five to eleven it. The children get two shots but a lower dose that was given to adult. And Pfizer is already playing contestant children under five using and even lowered you know. Some children tend to make better immune responses an adult so we're hoping that that will be the same case. For the five to eleven year olds. Meanwhile schools are grappling with what to do for default but the big question masks or no masks. In LA the nation's second largest school district claim to keep masks in doors and outdoors into a vaccine is approved for children. And mandated by the health authorities. But in some states like Texas and Iowa they've already the end mass mandates in school regardless of vaccinations. And it's now five to eleven year old could be able to get the vaccine as soon as September at. Pfizer plans to apply for FDA authorization then the request for younger children. We'll likely come in October or November Diane all right even pilgrim thank you. For more on this is gonna chief innovation officer of Boston Children's Hospital on ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein actor Brownstein thanks for being here. You're. So we know advisors now launching phase two and three of their trials for kids five to eleven so what do you think send lose time. Timeline for when these vaccines might actually be available. Yeah this is. Really exciting news he's seen a trial stage three. Our clinical trial for younger kids finish this means they're gonna actually bringing along her children to study Sunnis are pouring hunters shall learn in ninety tackles tough science. Archie around the world will cease until then get a placebo and get PR vaccine and this is almost studied and are. See you artifacts. Be assured that the vaccine uses and response that is in line with older kids. What's really born here he states are not bow to prevent infection usually you know the levels of solo she teaches don't get. Six this is all he showed that unions. It is says yeah. East receivers also lists by September. I think she's I have two Danish. Then she filed probably shortly after that the issue is six months each year's. Coronado for her and you know there are expressing as he. Released results he offer that authorization cards stacked all season due to resolve the problems he released. You are our children should release all I remember this isn't. Also because our kids while they don't get passage our car born in terms of transmission Sharon horn in terms and that's getting her new unit. And then again. It is also a very sad news and encouraging just used trolleys words. These sooner getting to shots at a lower dose and was given to the older sectors so. Should we still expect to see the same kind of side effects that that we experienced with our vaccines. President of the drug companies are. Trying to do is minimize side effects while maximizing benefit initially did this season winds probably look dead to 400 children and they look at different doses and 2030 milligrams and he had an optional so real and grant doesn't youngest kids. Unhappy identify their Euro lower because he's ten milligram doses which is asked her what gallons are all getting huge would be appropriate and you that our youngest children. Milligram. Our teaching positions are smaller and lower aren't we leading you'd let seem to get our protector for arts. We saw from the child's it is you know these are scenes the raw silver city you have to wait for these larger shops commenting be reached its second day that we want to turn to do you know who didn't decent looking at the information. To me the right decisions for their kids that police say that it used it will be credibly say the kids just like they have been for older kids in the adult. And we are there any of this piece Haskell rules schools are now grappling with. What to do for the fall masks no mask so what's your guidance to parents and children who may feel uneasy with all this uncertainty. Yeah. It's really complicated and it is unfortunate that we were guys you know Norwegians he's eating. With the blueprints and we will only consulate also oceans are now we're just servicing your worst. Changes schools should loom very different is coming you know you know that we're gonna. Low numbers as she says we know yeah. Seizure and Bradley available process. Don't send eighty and there are kids should and so. Now to sign an older probably did you see you wearing masks and look at the fall UNG you know mass. This actually is she is always a little below 500002. Thirds Byrd also are immunized should. Obviously Doris is wholly different you know that it shows that it is safe for kids yes I have to unmask. Aren't so lush are anything unexpected with new experience I releasing any errors you hear different what year are kids with no masks. Oh please this is an escalation wish but yes we'll be waiting for that's easy Bloomberg really tell us you don't Wetzel looks like him. And I noticed you said barring new variants how concerned should we be about this delta very and then and what kind of precautions should families and unvaccinated children take right now. You know I have to say I don't. Concern about adult fare I know that the taxi were really well look at what what's. Huge fish. It is a very is now 60%. Of all she's as early data that we seem shows that it is more transmissible and also more severe Hirsch and potentially lethal doses of vaccine to get all your passion and so bush this leaves her and ask any vaccine and so. It's available for kids are all of those people get the vaccine protects our younger kids and you know this is again we'd see stressing that all are getting that vaccine available at retail US and other countries and you know you won't get us out of the pandemic can so each test T units for granted I know there were a little bit our opera that 70%. One dose. Miles that I didn't work by July 4 Hirsch slowly eating our. And finish again tests and how does our. Seems you protects us from these earned Sorin forward. All right doctor John Brown's you know is great to have you thank you. It's much. And lead to IRS documents are revealing the ridge just Americans often pay less in taxes than the average worker. Files obtained by journalists at pro Republican show that billionaires like Jeff pesos Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg. We're to you used tax avoidance strategies that while legal. Are well beyond the reach of most Americans. Now the investigation is renewing calls for the government to close those loopholes senior national correspondent Terry Moran has that story. This morning an investigation reveals just. How little some of the richest Americans pay in taxes. The Investigative Group pro Republica obtained and analyze the federal income tax return to thousands of wealthy Americans need. Looked very closely at the 25. Ultra wealthiest the top 25. And what we found is they are completely. How of the tax system. Public found that in 2007 Amazon founder Jeff bass has made three point eight billion dollars putting patent. Zero dollars in income taxes business now the richest man in the world even claimed and received a 4000 dollar tax credit for his children. In 28 came Tesla founder Elon Musk also paid no federal income tax and investment icon Warren Buffett he also benefited from federal tax law the wealthy. Our doctor away. Under tax from 2014 to 2018 Buffett card a whopping 24 point three billion dollars but he paid just 23 point seven million in federal income taxes. We always have to pay their tax bills regularly. But a billionaires have found a way to avoid. Republicans report found nothing illegal as the wealth of billionaires is largely determined by investments which have long been given preferential treatment by the tax code and not by the salaries they pay themselves so far baze does and must have not commented on the report but Warren Buffett declared in a statement. I continue to believe that the tax code should be changed substantially. They're pro public a report really calls into question when supposed to be the basic bargain of the tax system everyone pays their fair share. The rich pay more that's not happening clearly meanwhile the investigation into what is truly a stunning legal private IRS tax data is ramping up. The Treasury Department calling it an unauthorized disclosure of confidential government information. And the FBI is looking into the lead. Diane. Right senior national correspondent Tamer and thank you. And the CEO of colonial pipeline is back on Capitol Hill for his second day of testimony after the massive cyber attack on the nation's fuel supply last month. Joseph Blount is defending the decision to pay a ransom and admits that a single password compromised the company security. Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest. The seal of colonial pipeline describing a moment of crisis. When he apparently worried to hack could lead to an environmental disaster. Cirrus 1% chance that dead OT system was compromised. It was worse from the pipeline system in depth a concern that the recent hack of the company's computers. Didn't just impact administrative functions. But potentially the flow of fuel in the massive pipeline itself. The decision to set it all down done within an hour of millions of gallons of fuel halted soon thousands of gas stations shutting down. People panicky racing to buy gas I don't see and in my best the CEO describing an impossible decision. Would pay the four point four million dollars in two ransom to criminals associated with the Russia based hacking group. Known as dark side it was the hardest decision I've made in my 39 years any energy industry the CEO admitting his company should have been better prepared the hackers gaining access to an encounter protected by only a single password is and the Homeland Security secretary. And an exclusive interview at a secure location where his agency fight cybercrime. Was blunt the nation's power grid water and food supply and other critical infrastructure. Are vulnerable and under who growing threat. We're not talking about people with conscience. We're joking about criminals. Who want to make money. Illegally. Or who wanted to do harm each independent of a profit motive. America's urged companies to train their employees not to open so called Phishing emails woods could be the gateway to hacks and to put in place a necessary security firewalls. They also said companies he to have backup computer systems. In case they are hacked. Diane. And I good advice get Thomas thank you. And here's or watching in Washington today at twelve Jimmy's in the colonial pipeline CEO of testified to the house homeland security committee. On a recent cyber threats also a twelve labor secretary Marty Walsh we'll testified to the house committee on education and labor on the priorities of the Labor Department. And a 2:30 PM eastern the joint economic committee will hold a hearing on the gender wage gap. A record number of jobs are available in the US right now so we're back we'll tell you and they are and what you can do to land the job you want. Plus your shark tanks Kevin O'Leary sharing his tips for getting back into the work force after the break. Welcome back to bureau of labor is reporting that and slim enough. Or two nannies or an all time high of nine point three million openings. Well while millions of Americans are unemployed many businesses say they can't find people to work here's ABC news chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis with more. This morning help wanted US job opening soaring to a record nine point three million. A new report from the Labor Department showing openings surged in April and the number of Americans who voluntarily. Quit their jobs rose did nearly four million as we slowly. It's settling jet. This a better behind us. Designed the labor market could. Get really strong. Mother had. So who's hiring virtually every industry in every region of the country. Retail openings up 559000. From this time last year manufacturing. 579. Dow's it. And in leisure and hospitality. One point two million more jobs available than last April oh well good jobs are returning. Many businesses say the applications. Are not. There's still some risks associated with endemic particularly for having gotten vaccines. There's also. Extended her hands unemployment insurance on offense. That are paying people in some cases more money in and they are making its support of the bad bank. Goldman Sachs 101000 small businesses voices survey finding 71%. Are currently hiring but 81% of them say they're finding it difficult to recruit qualified candidates. Drugs I would say to biggest challenge has been in. It was over for interviews this shocking check oyster bar restaurant franchise has seen an incredible surge in business. As feeble stepped away from a notoriously difficult. Sector employment which is the restaurant and hospitality world. People are seriously thinking about whether they want to go back to it. One important consideration if you are holding off on that job search experts believe. That the jobs market couldn't get a lot more competitive come the fall when school is back in session largely in person and those enhanced unemployment benefits. Expire so important to start that job search as soon as possible Diane did to prevent. Thank you ABC news chief business correspondent. An earlier on Good Morning America sir thanks Kevin O'Leary shared his tips for getting back into the work force. Listen. Okay you've lost your job in the pandemic what's your first step. Well unit share in terms of what kind of jobs are it will acquire hey it's really turned around because of digital economy. The economies and so direct to consumer now that jobs like writers in the yard first editors people who are not a design web sites. Collision on them. Art or premium those jobs to bring 35 to 40000 some is double that Sharif by 80000 -- really remarkable change. But it makes sense because the entire economies aren't great judicial 2.0 American. And the economy now stretch consumer in almost every sector. What's the best way to apply for jobs right now. It's totally online getting set up on Linkedin on FaceBook understanding to quench your name out errand skill set. And let employers see that you card game. The key mr. Allison shorten your bears saints. The best our Reza measured three paragraphs or less to talk about your skills and how you can help that company. Achieve what they're looking porch could change Mary anybody that skilled and social media understands social media works. It is so important out of being engaged in the most large and small businesses. Need to have some sort of online presence and they need to get. Tucker socially you have a question from Alexis on Twitter she said have been applying to jobs in the PR and she for a few months how can I stand out among the other candidates but should she do. The best way to get a job and we are sort sprain your skills. On Easter brand Linkedin. It's FaceBook and Twitter. You know how to master laws platforms you'll be unemployed for five seconds there are so many people that need help in that area because they were not prepared pre pandemic. To understand how important was to communicate to customers has seen a dialogue with them. And very few people skills are remarkably each it's something you did on your phone just refiners now a very powerful leverage. We're getting like he job that's what matters in PR social media. Kevin O'Leary thanks very much. Our thanks to George and Kevin O'Leary for that interview. And a Coast Guard team is telling their story after rescuing a group of people and their dogs from a pink inflatable flamingo. Hear how they ended up in the sea and what the group and their rescuers are saying this morning. Freight after the break. Welcome back a day of fun in the sun sentinel the took an unexpected turn when three people and two dogs stripped out to sea on a giant inflatable Domingo. Thankfully the Coast Guard reserves in the days usual Reeves with their story. It began with a celebratory thirtieth birthday jaunt on an inflatable so mango. And ended with a daring rescue mission by the US Coast Guard that was a light show actually you're in a letter again. Holly Spence was floating in Alaska's by an Oscar bag with her two friends and their dogs when aggressive wind swept the pink novelty raft into dangerous water. Witnesses alerting authorities to the group's herald the Coast Guard springing into action. Never in a million years but I thought that I would have seen us in Alaska best picture. Our concern was. That glass of water Super Bowl right now even don't in the summer. Think it you've got a situation. In the water to get a permit and so an. An hour and a sense urgency. Blocks is the Coast Guard helicopter hovers over the group stranded on jagged rocks. Rescue swimmer John Neal repelling down to save them. The birthday girl was crying and sixty can make reliever dog. And I said it's cool happy birthday Schmidt and you're gonna get a helicopter you'll remember this Bremer and and is now collapsed and and then went out and it was straight. Polly grateful for her rescuers and left with a surreal indelible memory and they are true heroes and every one advanced. Answer everything the Coast Guard team perpetually ready so soon next year with what is yeah. Diana Coast Guard did not recommend taking an inflatable out into open water but they said if you do decide to do that there are. Some words of advice from the Coast Guard first off. No the water temperature is fifty degrees in that Alaskan water very cold for anyone to spend any amount of time and also bring a life vest. And make sure that you let someone know where you're going to be. Even if the wind might blow you off. Course Diane to write good tips let me thank you wish. And a few more things to know before you go Chris Harrison is stepping away from the bachelor after being the face of the franchise for the past twenty years. Harrison has been on indefinite leave after fallout from controversial comments he made defending contestant was photographed at an antebellum themed party in a plantation. Season seventeen of the bachelorette premiered on Monday with Haitian atoms and Kidman Bristow serving as guest close. David Spade and some other celebs are sensitive guest host bachelor in paradise later this summer. Harrison says he's grateful to vaccination for all the memories came in together. French president Emmanuel McConnell got a nasty surprises on a visit to southeast brands. He was flat disagree crowd after visiting a school is small town. Time let me ties to people now face charges but the motive is still unknown McConnell called it violent and stupid. Crocs is teaming up with the luxury fashion brand Valencia against you create this so leftover rock. Lindsay ideas creative director tells French quote. The question of taste is a very subjective value and no word yet on how life's a new high heeled crowd. We'll costs. Hi Gil Crocs has nothing sacred. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news I was here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern. With a new update Stacy.

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