ABC News Live Update: Biden says there could be enough vaccine supply by May

Plus, American troops attacked overnight in Iraq, and the DC National Guard commander testified that it took over three hours to get the Pentagon’s approval to send in troops during the Capitol siege.
24:13 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden says there could be enough vaccine supply by May
You've been watching national security officials testifying and understood homeland security committee in the second hearing this week. You come on the capital riot in one of today's key testimony came from major general William Walker the commanding general in DC National Guard she's already said in his opening statement that it took more than three hours to get approval from the Pentagon to send in the DC guard on January 6 she. And that we are listening their two general walker in his account in the days we're gonna go back to that hearing it's still going on. After we are done with this newscaster we're also seeing some new video now of the site where rockets were launched at a base in Iraq hosting American troops. Iraqi special forces are now leading the response and the investigation after multiple rockets targeted based their hosting. Those troops it's the first attack since the US military strike on the Iraq Syrian border last week and it comes just ignore hopes Francis is set to visit Baghdad. President Biden says the US is now on track to have a vaccine for every adult in the country by the end of may. That's thanks in part to a new partnership between Merck and Johnson Johnson. President Biden is also now pushing states to prioritize teachers for vaccines and used a federal pharmacy program to get all teachers appointments he says. By the end of this month. The Department of Homeland Security is now investigating a deadly crash that killed at least thirteen people to see if there's any connection to a human smuggling operation. And SUV packed with 25 people inside collided with a tractor trailer near Southern California by the border she. It's not clear why so many people in the SUV or what caused the crash but the Mexican government has identified ten of the victims as Mexican nationals. Announcing the fight for vaccine equity in Philadelphia black people make up the majority of the population in the majority of cold mid nineteen debts. But the Philadelphia department of public health reports so far the majority of people vaccinated there are white. Now one doctors leading the charge to address that ABC news prime an anchor Lindsey Davis has her story. We ask that million cars banner good. Once again he adds doctor mile Stanford to the rescue. Burning hair and director immediately arrogant and you hear more of vaccination. Days is about dedication. Thousands of shots a day. How do you the I'm very eventful doctors say a better team are taking care blame it on board to protect the most. Vulnerable fighting a chronic illness that's far more pervasive than Kobe this masked woman is battling social inequality and I am striving towards equity. Because twenty years ago when I was in medical school he steamy inequities existent. In Philadelphia blacks make up the majority of the population and the majority of the Kobe deaths and yet more than half of the people vaccinated are white animals talking about this and I'm you know absurd or just frankly rich phones kind of corny residency G vaccine. No I was doing community and the last scene I was going to Lowell out Hanrahan. It's for people who knew how con and see what we built we first met doctor Stanford last April after she became frustrated with the city's slow pace of Kobe testing especially in blackened brown community. I just could it. Each part of another town hall meeting or watch and other webinar. Our or talk about how releases this'll shall determine his assaults are. Not do anything. In a span of 48 hours doctor Stanford and pediatric surgeon in private practice gathers some medical friends her husband at a rented van. And with the accent she had to tests and PPE they hit the streets calling themselves a black doctors Kobe in nineteen consortium. Philadelphians came out in droves. At the time they were lining up for tests just like they are now lining up for shops mom. Erie is long ignored or left behind getting just the shot of hope they need. We're going without one could literally lose life forget. On this day in the inside this North Philadelphia church doctor Stanford might as well be a pastor. She is ministering to her Clark saving lives spreading the gospel of sorts to get people to believe. As a medical are national we all those who earns you no harm and you treat the most vulnerable urged. Hundreds of people waiting in line to get the vaccine from someone they trust. For months she's had their backs so now they give hurt their arms with very little hesitation. I want to give us when it probably means the government and so for right now you just stoppage. You working your normal job and you are single handedly saving Philadelphia's six days a week for no payday. And you're not my dad played out. And Tim make sure that the black and route community of Philadelphia is fascinated with why. Because. It shouldn't happen because. Someone. Needs to do it because it's the right thing to do because. Eighties not equitable I want some scenes. Then he ends every day and we eat out there we are changing and that's the story I want to meet apart at regardless. If I'm getting Peter not. Philadelphia in first place of America. But for all the fanfare it is also the poorest big city in America and like the rest of the country needs plagued by racial and economic disparities. As we know people of color suffered the most from this. And it has the most worst cases law and the worst outcomes and mayor Jim Kinney recognizes the need and then acknowledges the city has had some hiccups in its vaccine roll out. We had a couple bumps in the road but we are doing really well now. This city initially allocated vaccine doses to an organization called geely fighting Kobe. Helm to buy this 22 year old who was accused of giving shots to his friends. He says the doses were about to expire the city later cut ties and many people. Then pointed the finger at a 22 year old essentially being in charge of this botched roll out and so my in my question to you is. Who decided that was a good idea how did that end up happening. That was clearly that was clearly a mistake there was a history. A Philly fighting Kobe when he came to test and they do a decent job there in the rearview mirror and we're moving forward in a better way. So I don't me wish that Phillies by anchor man at there was element of the exit I guess where. This IE they're being in reputable. Group led by license. That Asia's a knot in position led a group of young and not medical personnel. Because you weren't selected. Were you then tapping on the mayor's office or how did you started and getting the vaccines is are getting the word out. I simply said well why is it available to another group. His track record it is not as prudent as ours. Is not available cyclists. Aren't. To get the vaccine in black and brown communities. As a result the black doctors consortium began vaccinations more than two weeks ahead of schedule on January 16 Neal good fit that guy. The consortium recently hosted a 24 hour clinic at Temple University where they were able to vaccine abruptly 4000. People. In a city that averages 3500 doses a day. Doctor Sanford the group that you created. Getting few friends together in your husband and a man. Is now outpacing the city of Philadelphia in distributing vaccines. How are you doing that. It is because we know what it feels like him Il that's not level. I'm to be treated unfairly. Or something you had no control over often times your socioeconomic. Status in the color your skin. When people are dedicated and determined that they are gonna get this sad. Then we're going to conquer program thanks to a new found partnership with the city the consortium recently got a much needed boost. They started running a low able to get additional vaccines were left over to them any ND it's a win win for everyone. Helping the city improving its slow but steady roll out. I can't even doctor staffer almost every day she's fabulous she's she's high energy she's extremely intelligent thoughtful she's committed to. Not only did bracken a black and brown communities she she's committed to making tire Philadelphia community. Her steadfast commitment can be measured in the number of rolled up sleeves. Trust in a community that's often said to distrust the vaccine it. Really unclear didn't mean what better. Everyone just assumes. Because. It even harder seven to percent of the philadelphians her group is vaccinated so far have been black nearly 80% black Latino or Asian. Some who really. We might start to see it didn't and I'm numbers but this is assassin twenty. And we're backs and eating at Indiana between 4101000. People a day. This day in North Philadelphia was no exception hundred showed up the doctor Stanford's clinic. A mile away in a brand new city clinic no lines to crowds opting to week here in stint. Goodman darn I don't eat. It. While we're out. Citywide and nationwide there are questions about why white and more flu in people are getting the vaccine at higher rates Philadelphia is 42%. Black. But today just when he won percent of the shots in the city of brotherly love have gone to black people. The disparity and doctor Stanford's reaction to it is making front page news in Philadelphia. And I heard me yeah light heavyweight near Obama in front of you are you. I. Feels a little weird. Little here. After all. She's not in it to make news she just wants to make the difference. Calcium four weeks after this OK OK I could speak to my team. Look who did not just how. Little looked loans it's set out to not only played video and sound. Creating the even where there was. We're doing so the outcome is more important than you can count yeah. Because the heat. Are so filled up it means wounds. Every single today I'm pleased and grateful you step weekend from the community. You can't even pay half price or value it's fitting everything he's done from the beginning. She has come dad's unless he accepts. Wow amazing story Lindsey Davis thanks in every porch. And former First Lady Michelle Obama is getting her first interviews since president Biden's inauguration with more than fifteen million copies of her memoirs sold worldwide each. She's now bringing becoming chin young readers so who is Michelle Obama becoming now. Here's Robin Roberts. I'm becoming more free and I hope I'm I'm I'm becoming smarter and wiser. In more patients. I held my becoming someone that is comfortable getting out of the way so that the next generation. Can take the seat that I'm Cindy and Michelle Obama is making room. Lifting up the nation's future leaders. It's her long time mission as former First Lady and now with her bestselling memoir adapted for young readers. You know two young women very well bully and Sasha told those two yeah. And learned that from your story. Do you think what I hope they. I'll learn is that you know who they are right now. Is enough I will always have wanted them to start practicing the power of their voices. Very early on look if you sit around the dinner table. Mean are we can't get a word in Angel eyes and we like getting my dad who want to hear your thoughts and their opinions and that's where to begin. And this is Obama says it continues with embracing all of life's bumps and bruises along with this triumphs. That message resonating as a country enters a new chapter. What was it like for you. To be there to witness this historic swearing it. Well was glorious day the sun was shining the mood was was wonderful but it was also mixed I think everyone was concerned about. More and more riots but we were assured that things were under control when you see. Fellow Americans storming the capitol that sits with you that reality was with us on that stage. But soon watch our friend Joseph Biden and Jill stand there with your beautiful family. To see Connell of and her family. Standing neighbor even bolder knowing that they were taken on. A massive amount of responsibility to get this country back on track. Being a mayor Ken is a more than up high we inherit it's the past we stepped into. And how we let parents and another moment. Amanda Gorman your first reaction hearing her poem I was proud and move. Almost to two years stitches to hear not just her words but. The confidence with which she delivered I know there are many many Amanda performance. I'm just proud win one of them gets a chance to be seen and the rest of the nation and the world gets to see. What are black folks contribute to this country a Lotta black folks have made this country what it is today. A rising generation not afraid to call out injustices. And demand change a lot of people were watching. Those taking to the street following the deaths. George Floyd and Rihanna Taylor save their names and unfortunately there too many names. To mention. Is it different this time I hope so it feels different. And you know what gives me even more hope is what happened that polls in November. We got to march we are protests. And we have to vote. We have to be educated we have to be informed young people are starting to put those pieces together. And understand that you know it's not either or war it's all it and they have had many examples. At Vernon Jordan who recently passed the civil rights icon. You have any thoughts that you'd like to share on Auburn in Jordan he was a dear friend he and his family yes just. Reminder that you know we leave gases. Continue to insist fill those seats had not just in politics but. Vernon was a powerhouse in business she worked in civil rights he he did it all. And that sitting out what young people to know there are many ways to make change we need a lot more decent people who have humility and compassion. And who are ready to be out in the world shelling that off in what ever. Occupation they choose I remember being in Chicago with Q and and talking about becoming its she walked into year old. A high school. Lineup around young people. About them they are our hope. They aren't they are not cheating yet they are not beaten down by what they are supposed to be they are still wide open. That's the point of becoming. If you are lucky if you will never become something and that's the end. We if you were lucky will constantly grow and evolve until the day you cannot breathe anymore you know. We are all learning and becoming something better and greater. The sheriff thanks to Robin Roberts and Michelle Obama for that becoming adapted for young readers is out now. And when we come back the big announcement from the San Diego Zoo on this world wild Wednesday. Welcome back on this world wildlife Davis in a zoo is celebrating with a major announcement the organization would now be called. The San Diego Zoo wildlife alliance a nonprofit focusing on conservation. And here to tell us more about that as the organization's CEO Paul Barre balls and its wildlife ambassador. Rick Schwartz gentlemen thank you both for being here. Well good morning. So called good morning to you what led you to make this change and what does it mean for the San Diego zoo and the animals in his care. Well this is a huge change for this organization this is really about us reaching to fulfill our potential. Here at the San Diego Zoo in sandy using safari part. Ice filled with talented team members from veterinarians to nutritionists to care specialists. That are committed to changing outcomes for wildlife. This next chapter of our history is really formed and what happened to us all this last year. The Coleman pandemic has affected all of us because it's a step back and ask. Our would be as effective as we can be for wildlife conservation. Can we be more strategic can we work with partners in a more collaborative way. And so that really let us a look at our work and step back and say. We we've eating areas of the globe across six continents where we can work. And drive greater outcomes were wildlife working with partners at all levels from national local so it's a huge change for us and we're excited about it right. Paul thank you it sounds great and Rick I want to ask you zoos. Get a lot of criticisms people see wild animals and enclosures and it appears there there just for entertainment and to make money and that doesn't sit well. With a lot of animal lovers what do you say to that. Well I would sell it as an animal and myself and someone who's dedicated my life to connecting people with wildlife. In the efforts to encourage conservation and care for them how would invite any animal lover like myself to come the zoo or safari park experience for themselves should. There's absolutely amazing and wonderful space our staff disintegrate Joba these animals cans medium annals I've got some great animal ambassadors and up to introduce you to right now. All right got rich engineer says my ever part of any of these segments along right. And knowledge this is really where the magic happens to when you come to the zoo or safari park amortized. Good chance to meet these animals up close and personal and that's when you can look to many nine experienced them looking unionized well when new song love within you and you don't want to know how can help what I did make a difference we'll Ozzy here's asking crowned crane doing that beautiful name thrown course the beautiful crest is managed for a mere. Sheila season's show off Dave his beautiful animals they need our help like Paul mentioned we are dedicated didn't care and ecosystems and areas where these patients can be found when you come join us to me now for wildlife. You make a difference as well that's what this is all about. Todd is enjoying a morning sun right now here in San Diego have a beautiful time America. Now she's it would donate industry she's a cracker is native to Africa. We have another half an animal I'm and having missile has a right here on a dual dirt area and set up we've got a little friend it's going to be coming out of that eared fox needed to ask also. That's one of our Hobbs. In Africa. Arms are covered area that's about it one of our pubs were really focusing on animals like elephants and rhinos lions and leopards. But the biodiversity is just as important as anything if we only focus on one urgent species. We're gonna lose our opportunity to really take care of all the animals in that environment bears in euros or see his. Now the battered sizing them and they're obviously you're turning from those large ears they're armed Everest are gonna meeting lot of bugs and insects and grubs digging in the ground looking for that truth. Good also right now she's aware of a lot of people and activity and other side of this plan. So she's picking up sounds there this is normal as doing condiment for their food they'd be listening for predators that might be out there for them. Now in just a moment we'll get around the second finest actor you might hear a loud whistle that's going to be her call to head back home will bring out a cup more animals only. Our rehearsals and snacks and there she says all honest and open it up that's when NASA lawn fronting about working with animals and again avenue. Close and personal is an opportunity to learn a day are their own individuals and their own personalities. We have coming up no another animal from Australia. Often would this animal when you first glance Adam we have a lot of people asking us. Is this related to the hedgehog remained in the fourth line flow believe it or not this is the only other egg laying mammal on the planet alive today this is called any kid not. Now they're insect. Active or directly related to the platypus. And we also have another conservation Albright their house trillium. And again when you're looking at these things and conservation is amazing animals in Kansas and about the individual. What about the biodiversity what about the health of the environment and of course the people the people make a big difference. Those that visit the areas where the animals live those that live natively where the animals live and then people coming to Missouri supplier park supporting our conservation efforts around the world. Now the fun thing about things like on cruel to animals they cannot sit their quills is just a myth. What they can do those they'll dig themselves down just as the pats acquittals right up there are so predators really don't want to mess of them too much. But speaking of Australia we do have one more animal to share with you. A little more well known perhaps to the Australian area it's a large marsupial you might recognize who bring I'm just a second. Now I want to christening of the brain are now not all marsupials have pouches that Stessel inaccurate we didn't think bombers and does that count as a keeping them. Well if you're marsupial means you're raised and a couch so in other words only the females have pouches. They raised a young in the palace and don't give your keys in there anything else they did have a good time here ruby come say hi. Released checking out a warning sign. CR Tyson hard to learn the swing and you go so looming here is there are a little red kangaroo. The classic kangaroo of course a large high led his people always like to ask us if they'd box well. No meals when fighting for territory rights will get up on a high and ignites a tall boys can get 280 pounds almost six feet in height and they will grapple with each other. What looks like boxing vaccine they're kind of measuring a distance as the noble all grip on their tail and could provoke powerful back legs. And that the united kangaroo phils are the same niche as the deer here in North America they live in large Grossman sort of being called our Bob Herbert Kohl the mob. There's a couple males of might hang out really being in charge of the whole mob with females in the youngsters and making up the most of the population. The big story getting out here is animals are important and we need to connect people to and that's why we're here and sending him wildlife alliance is dedicated not just in connecting our guests and our members. To these animals. We're looking at this at a global level we are partners all over the world the world regardless sharing information and sharing her passion for animals were very excited to announce all of this world wildlife day. Financial. Paul Mara balls and wildlife and accurate short in the San Diego Zoo wildlife. Alliance thank you both we appreciate it didn't think the animal lid put on quite a show horns. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Messina remember ABC news I missed your for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. And Aaron take you back sac capitol hearing where national security officials are testifying. About the capital riot I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"24:13","description":"Plus, American troops attacked overnight in Iraq, and the DC National Guard commander testified that it took over three hours to get the Pentagon’s approval to send in troops during the Capitol siege.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76231644","title":"ABC News Live Update: Biden says there could be enough vaccine supply by May","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-biden-vaccine-supply-76231644"}