ABC News Live Update: Capitol Police ‘obtained intelligence’ on possible breach

Plus, senior DHS officials note a “significant surge” of migrants crossing the border illegally, and violence against Asian Americans has spiked in 16 U.S cities, according to a university study
17:15 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Capitol Police ‘obtained intelligence’ on possible breach
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for straining with us in today's update US capitol police say they have quote. Obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the capitol today. An FBI reports as a militia group discussed plans to take control of the capital everything and remove democratic lawmakers. As a precaution the entire capitol complex is surrounded by razor wire fencing and a National Guard is deploying 5000 troops. And today's particularly important because march 4 was the original presidential inauguration day. At a recently authorized Johnson Johnson vaccine is mounting used to mass vaccination sites across the country. 53 million Americans have now received at least one other vaccine dose. But the White House warns now is not the time to let our guard down as case numbers rise again in some states. Eleven states are loosening restrictions this week including Texas which is fully reopening and ending its mast mandated. And the UK's Prince Philip is recovering from a heart operation. Buckingham Palace says the 99 year old had a successful procedure for preexisting heart conditions the palace adds that he's expected to stay in the hospital for several more days. Or rest and recuperation. Prince Philip has been in the hospital since mid February. And now to the crisis at the border senior DHS officials say there is a significant surge of migrants crossing illegally. Into the US. ABC news has been on the ground along the Texas Mexico border seeing some apprehensions firsthand. Chief national correspondent Matt Gutman brings us a story a family seeking a better life in the United States and the overwhelms Border Patrol agents trying to contain the search. Helicopter circled low skimming the treetops. Border Patrol agents don't feed to the brush. Helicopters flying low there are number hop fans here to pick up. A group of migrants that. Apparently smuggled across the border and has hunkered down inside. This orchard somewhere. It took officials about half an hour to find that sixteen migrants these cities were hiding in this tortured and their percent of the highway hugging the Rio Grande. Do ordered to remove. Few things they can look so what you're seeing is he's my goods being told to dig up their shoelaces that something that they have to do before they're taken into custody. No bells no shoe laces Moore who came filing out of the. Brush the foliage from their hiding places clinging to their clueless and Border Patrol officers and police asked if they needed water. The new detainees warned costs they were just loaded up and driven out it's a process that has become remarkably efficient. Because it has to be. Thanks reporter now experiencing what senior DHS officials tell ABC news. Is a significant surge of crossings be Biden administration has so far not permitted the Border Patrol took. A grant interviews or ride alongs with the media. But the border is so active right now especially near McAllen Texas it's simply following. Border Patrol traffic. Can quarters apprehensions. And it was near the Hamlet of of boy up beneath the whole key wall. That we encountered this group about forty migrants according to Border Patrol. With children in tow and as we want to brighten the airfield here is higher as and we weeping. People are crying right now because they are afraid that they're going to be sent back to their country. Mo re sealing Marie Cruz and their children have Jesse in Dane is Seeking Asylum in the US. They say it's been up fifteen day journey there wasn't. The train running rental car rides home in the 5000 dollar fee to cut ulee's. What reported that they're saying please don't don't send us back. They showed us the neatly folded note pulled from that zip lock their lifeline the phone number of a family member in Baltimore. The towering wall of steel plate now wax is that giant catch basin for migrants crossing the Rio Grande onto US soil. But who can get no farther north than the wall. Death has always been hazard of this voyage but over the past two years for asylum seekers political purgatory on the Mexican side of the border. Has been another hazard. Crossing the border we visited this encampment of asylum seekers in must tomorrow's Mexico. Many fees tarps and behind this concertina wire are about 700 migrants they are just some of the 25000. Migrants have been waiting some of them. For up to two years for their chance to have their cases heard. In US. They were in this place because of the trump administration's remain in Mexico policy. Ordering that instead of waiting for a court hearings in the US most asylum seekers would be forced to wait in Mexico. But then came cold it immigration courts closed. And that wait for families like blunt cousin John a thins. Seemed indefinite. Last month a record ice storm slammed Texas and northern Mexico and they froze in flimsy blankets. Seeing ice form outside. For the first time in their lives. They also reveal the frightful risk. The couple talked in mid January crossing illegally into the US and on the days clunker gave birth to their son Jonathan junior. All so that their instinct would be stamped with a lifelong designation. US citizen. But within three days there were expelled right back to Mexico. They waited through the cold in the thick heat of summer in the camp which hugs the Rio Grande he the US on the other side. Tantalizingly close. But the Biden administration has been quietly rolling back restrictions. Last Thursday Jonathon Enron who were able to cross into Brownsville Texas. Legal. Every day that not to Morrison candidate gets smaller we watched as it human rights lawyer explained to dozens of asylum seekers how the process would go. And on Tuesday we caught up where Jonathan again thought I was staying at a motel in Brownsville he was cramped but they had beds and seats. We told us the news is going to fly to Boston Beer with a fan. What kept Jonathan and Blunkett in Mexico was part of what Homeland Security chief Alejandro many gore kiss calls the broken US immigration system. It takes time. To build out of the depths of cruelty that the administration. Before a us established. What we your seat and seeing now at the border. Is the immediate result. Of the dismantlement. Of the system and the time that it takes to rebuild it. Virtually from scratch. Changes that were already is simple in browns bills bus station officials here told us. These folks were recently apprehended along the border and it released from Border Patrol custody. With a promise that they would show up for immigration here X. Now that the station they were being processed but first tested for cope it. Since you've been here on average what is the percent positive of the people coming across from. Let's say from them all animals that I have done everything around a 115. And from mills at least thirty arms. Plus he had days worth thirty almost at that point 5% of the people come across what Kobe positive news wow this is not surprisingly high he's. Well that's a heightened activity in Anaheim. Administration officials say they don't have room for all the migrants they've apprehended especially with cove its social distancing requirements. The backlog growing with the enormous influx of unaccompanied minors. And we saw evidence of the Border Patrol operation near McAllen Texas this young man saying he was from Honduras. DHS officials tell ABC news about 9000. Unaccompanied children and teens. Crossed into the US just in the month of February and now officials are asking the Biden administration. To help them prepare 20000. Beds for minors crossing illegally. Most of them from Central America. The administration says this means it has been forced to house these youth in temporary shelters. Because of Covert in the need to vent their sponsors and in some cases those are the very same facilities. Aided by the troubled administration. And to the migrants still heading north this but we CON Marie Cruz had done. The administration asking you for patients from all that is crying we are not saying. Don't come. We are saying don't come now. Because we will be able to deliver. Safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible. Meantime today it was a momentous day for Blanca and Jonathan and their family their first time on a plane. Headed to a place that until this week it sounded on imagine a bleakest. Bostick. Hoping that like the baby and blunt his arms they to won game could call themselves American citizens. Matt Gutman ABC news McAllen Texas. Incredible to see what those fellas are going to Mac. I'm and thank you for that. And a new study by California State University shows over the past year attacks against Asian Americans hosed by nearly 115%. In sixteen of the most populated US cities 150. Now ABC news it live is taking a closer look. At the events have led to increased violence and activism within the Asian American Pacific islander community church in a special called stop the hate airing tonight actors Olivia Mon and Daniel day -- just two of the prominent figures now speaking out tickle. Yeah working a lot more powerful than our parents and grandparents think my grandmother and her nine children all of you here in the day the war ended in Vietnam. And it is beginning branch and they all came here for a better life. And really wanted him to. Be a part of the fabric of our country and add to it. And a big part of that was to just keep your head down and expect to be as second class citizen in your own country we just want to. Survive and get through and it is our generation we raised you to speak up for people who need our help to. You area where there's an injustice. And when you look at our our parents or grandparents being paid to the roads for us. And moves now it's our turn to Ticketmaster dot of those roads and walk them down this path they like look you knew you belong here you're America and it Tuesday. It is crucial to really understand. How it all contributed to the Pentagon this country and in how her progress as a country here says. We are here we are not going anywhere. And didn't the demographic of the country is changing so we must do our best understanding as it truly is not. We spotless. And are jiji Chang is co anchoring that special she joins me live now for more on this due June good morning and give us a preview of what we can expect to see in this special. What we see a lot of high profile Asian Americans like Daniel Dae Kim who frankly helped spark. This new spotlight on anti Asian American hate and I think it's what's fascinating and that and the through line to all of that is that each of the people that we have tonight talk about it from personal experience from a lived experience of what it's like to feel of her. And this rash of attacks against elderly Asian Americans in the Bay Area action has galvanized the community Daniel Dae Kim offered a reward and a lot of attention was brought to bear but what we began to realize. At least in the Asian American community is that this has been going on through out the pandemic and that is what we are exploring tonight. What was it throughout the entire year Dench has seen as she huge spike that you alluded to Diane in the intro. Of attacks against Asian Americans what is it that allows people to treat Asian Americans as other than less than fully American as a Libyan Mon eloquently said as as a second class citizens we're gonna hear from Jeremy Lin tonight who is. An icon in the Asian American community he's the NBA player who recently came out. And said that he was referred to as corona virus while on the court. And he said yes this is a reflection of what's happening now but it's also a reflection of something has happened throughout his career. You know that he's had racial slurs hurled at him from the sidelines throughout his career coach and I think that's what we're paying attention to now that with this recent rise Diana have to say I've done a number of stories across my show Nightline and an across ABC news on Good Morning America much and so many of my Y eight friends who are dear friends of mine and very in tune with the news sits me did you I had no idea this was going on and I think I and that reflects the sort of in visibility of the Asian American culture which. The visibility of Asian American teen because what we may not report probably is that Asian Americans has experienced discs proportionate amounts of poverty and unemployment during this pandemic in some communities like the Filipino health care workers they've suffered disproportionate. Rates of infection and desks but that doesn't get covered and so we're shining a light on that the slurs that have been activated by this pandemic and juju I know this is a project close your heart what was it like to put this together. What was great is to see all of my friends on throughout the news division you know you're watching ABC news lives of the people who are in charge it Katy Dan Dawes cap MacKenzie they just rallied an entire army and it's not just people of color working on the special tonight at the you know. RR RY. Fellow counterparts are just as passionate about telling these stories and and one of the things that we should we showcase for example is age a mashup of White House reporters. Going toe to toe with president -- starting with our Cecilia Vega who -- asked him and was critical about use the use of the phrase Wuhan virus or -- flu and why it was on and considered. A weapon is a nation of fear and anxiety of the pandemic against the Asian American community each we saw -- are Zhang from CBS do the same thing at the White House we shot Younis an inch and a few notes there all women of color speaking out against words that could be inflicted. And in fact what we saw in the rise in anti Asian papers that that some of the perpetrators alleged perpetrators were using the same phrase elegy from the White House we all know Diane that that words matter like I traveled to Michigan. During the pandemic and interviewed the governor right Gretchen Widmer and she said every time the president used the phrase that woman from Michigan or a you know accosted her locked down measures. Online hates. And death threats against terror spice they could Corley every time president consent so it is undeniable that is so what you say because I've heard people say well lit the viruses from China why is that has lurched it's not what you say it's how you say it right and we talk about the UK variant but we don't see people going down and attacking people who are right I mean there's something about the other is a nation of Asians that that we explored the violence that has happened in Texas in Pennsylvania in New York across the country and from all walks of life. On an and that's what's fascinating about some of the history. Of anti Asian hate that was just sort of brought to bear during the pandemic should you do what do you hope people take away from the special and they seem to I think the idea that the Asian American community is. Is very diverse in and of itself there are dozens of countries with dozens of languages and cultures you know ironically Diane so many of the victims of this anti Asian hate. Were not even Chinese rate I mean this is like stopped a corona virus I have to people weren't may not even half probably the vast majority morning in Chinese had never been to China. Are born and raised in America so I would say the one take away as. Asian Americans are American and I think that once we see each other and our fellow man in now way that will help fight hate. We share loan juju doing or are we appreciate it as always thank you friends my friend my friend Diane thank you know. And you can catch or live in a completely specials stop the hate the rise in violence against Asian Americans that's tonight at 8 PM eastern. Right here on ABC news live and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana senate thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live as your where you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Ozzie back your 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown.

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{"duration":"17:15","description":"Plus, senior DHS officials note a “significant surge” of migrants crossing the border illegally, and violence against Asian Americans has spiked in 16 U.S cities, according to a university study","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76252681","title":"ABC News Live Update: Capitol Police ‘obtained intelligence’ on possible breach","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-capitol-police-obtained-intelligence-76252681"}