ABC News Live Update: Confirmation hearing for AG nominee Garland

Plus, the US Supreme Court rejects former President Donald Trump’s request to shield his taxes from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and what that means moving forward.
17:01 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Confirmation hearing for AG nominee Garland
I think we've been watching the confirmation hearing to show as an inviting his nominee for attorney general Merrick Garland let's during an ABC news political director Rick Klein surveillance more on this Iranian Judiciary Chairman senator Dick Durbin called carlin's nomination. Hasn't one of the most critical in department history and he just summarized as some clarity for Democrats here including 12 o'clock on we'll do from voting rights and how he will investigate. Capital siege now on the flip side judiciary ranking member Chuck Grassley previewed some Republican priorities including confirming that Garland won't interfere with the special counsel investigation into the origins in the rusher pro. Or the US attorney in Delaware's investigation of president Biden's son he has Hunter Biden among other issues like lines were snapped the border what did you make of Garland. Answers so far to questions along these lines sensual and it's also these were careful answers and I think appropriately careful and it suggests to me to judge Garland are fully recognizes. It'd be kind of the external baggage that he brings. A potentially to this rule what he inherits from the drug administration in terms investigations in terms protocols. He's very careful I think I'm not prejudged any of the these cases he does look you Republicans are looking for commuters say that he would let. The door probe into the origins of the Russian investigation. Do whatever it needs to do we get it she says mom about transparency don't want to know more about it first and I think from the other side his commitment to law even resigning if he was ordered to do something that you thought was. Contravene of the law I think was an important odd concession an important statement to meet again as he tries to restore integrity and confidence in his apartment. And either some big topic still left on the table that you're looking Fehr and him on as the hearing goes on. I'm expecting some more specific questions about how he would handle January 60 sought exchange moments ago we sent the White House from Rhode Island Democrat. I'm asking of Dutch Parliament look upstream. Beyond the people that were actually capital up to the people that might have been behind in terms of funding for instigating the words Donald trauma we're not uttered as part of the question or the answer but I thought that in fact the judge Garland says yes of course is an investigator as a prosecutor that would be exactly what I would do I would be looking to see what not just the people who were there to what drove them to be there -- thought that was a critical exchange that I think is gonna do you draw little more scrutiny and I think more broadly on the Republican side you're gonna continue to each year some hits on exactly how the how the Russian probe began an end and more commitments may be more specificity. About how he would allow it to continue because that is something that he inherits a credible political football that was punted into his zone around. Arlen led the Oklahoma City bombing probe in the ninety's also played. A key role in the unabomber and Atlanta Olympics bombing cases. I think that could impact how he tackles some of these investigations particularly January 6 insurrection. Investigation as attorney general. So we just think the zoo's ass right off the bat by chairman Durbin of Illinois I'm if you see EZ pass through lines from Oklahoma City through January 6 and a white Subaru will be idea that trying to create chaos he went further than that went back to the kkk and white supremacists more broadly is that there will be continuing threats and I think it's that experience that he had. After Oklahoma City with the unabomber other acts of domestic terrorism that could defined his time actively as attorney general overseeing investigations like that I think these are these are important areas and he's trying to make it clear to the senators who whose confirmation. Bermuda and indeed the decision rests with Venice where there is confirmed he's making it clear to them that he understands the more awful threat as as the nation's chief law enforcement officer and and in slightly different the US Supreme Court has rejected former president Charles request to shield his taxes. From the Manhattan DA's office how significant is that ruling and I what does that mean moving forward. And this is a big deal we waited for a long time all the way through the election seasons get word from the Supreme Court is whether they would block. The release of these taxes we know that the BB DA there in New York has. Looking forward years' worth of taxes for what he said could be a wide ranging criminal probe we don't have a lot of Beatles always looking at and this doesn't mean the public Tennessee's tax returns but it doesn't mean that prosecutors in New York. Are going to see them and do with them what they will and their whole lot of areas that we know that his business relationships have come under scrutiny in new York and beyond this is not a good ruling quite obviously president trump ideas not what they were looking orphans and pour. An ABC political director Rick Klein Rick always great talk T thank you. Thank you Dan. We're gonna go back to that hearing in just a moment but first we want to show you this for the first time a Capitol Hill police officer who fought off the violent mob on January 6. Is telling his story on camera are Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas sat down at ops or Harry done. For an exclusive interview about what he saw that day and how he's moving forward. There were so many calls on the radio. Priority help help somebody's trapped we need help shots fired. When capitol police officer Harry Dunn went to work on the morning of January 6. It felt mark a normal day was the first moment. Did you begin to get a sense that something is off kilter here and we. Would sold two. Giddy helmets riot helmets. No was new but no sense at all hell could preclude court. Correct in the thirteen year veteran seen here washes that crowd of thousands. Closed in on the east side of the capitol. Easy CAC. Old people. Trunk legs confederate flags. And blue line flags don't tread only place depending on the den and see officers fighting. With these people pepper spray and smoke grenades Destin needs pepper balls. Being claimed by everybody last dance we've for it with these people. Who were prepared. For a fight. They had investments. They have no body armor they had going two way radios. They handle tactical gear bulletproof vests they were ready to go when you see that level of preparedness. To death surprised you didn't scare you I was scared I was absolutely scared and his platform. I'm a big six for seldom is type person. And we had our guns out in and begin all these people out there. There are intended. You might. This and what's it mean I hope I remember at one point has said. How with the school and in. Eventually the mob forced to wait inside the capitol building Hopson done confronting a group carrying a blue blobs of matter flat. We got dozens of officers day we get dozens of officers down. And you got the nerve to deal in the blue lies matters to say I thought they were when I have a moment where they make came to and they realize like it you know what are we doing. Like the income snapped out of the and they said. Now we're doing this for you were doing this for you. And as what you guys kept walking by. The one pulled out his beds. And said it trust me understand we're doing this for you buddy. Instead of it's. Shows his best would you take fellow officers can you got a was kidding me. You gotta be kidding me exhausted our Saddam tried reasoning with a large group of protesters approaching a Har away he was guarding. I literally told them that they wanted to get to hear you gotta go to me. And they did they just started talking to me they were saying out so Biden did not win the election. And nobody voted for him. So I took the bait. And I'd. Okay we're blow me I voted for Joseph Biden is my boat and I tell this is where an officer Dunn and touted the couple in the crowd. Began hurling the molten pile of racial slurs at him a black officer and his girlfriend seventeen. Meg certain. Today. And voted for Joseph Biden guys. Day everybody and mode for so glad that the seat you. So the crowd joined everybody everybody joined him with a unit capital defending the capital. And some power raced seeped into that to everybody wants to save that. Who's about politics and everything but it was a large number of people in that crowd. Data were racist that the people who were there to tell you why they were there. We're stopping this deal. According to them that would Doris Russell they're taught us a favor. Accorded those terrorists. You very precise users use the word terrorist absolutely absolutely. It was insists. Mob or a bunch of thugs you know who they were terrorists. They tried to disrupt this country's democracy. That was good goal. You know what you'll failed. Thanks appeared Thomas for that interview and you can see more appears exclusive sit down. Tonight on ABC news prime and world news tonight as well was in the ABC news' primetime series. Soul of the nation that premieres next Tuesday at 10 PM eastern. A former FBI agent and ABC news contributor bragged Garrett joins me now for more on the siege on the capital and where things stand now Brad. Good morning you know we learned a lot over the past month and a half about what happened at the capitol but that enemy is still gave me goose bumps what stuck out to you. About don's account. So when you sign. BS former officer of local state federal whenever it might be. Even though that you could be placed in a deadly force situation. And typically it's it's serving a search warrant a car stop. And interaction on the street and it is deal with the during properly trained to deal with literally thousands of angry people that may potentially want to kill you. Facing new knowing you can't go backward you can't go forward you have to deal with it. A number of officers Diane that said they believe there were going to die anti. Should just. Speak it speaks volumes. About what we put these officers through and it in my view. Completely unnecessary. Because. How unprepared. The capitol police work. I don't think it was a capitol police's fault I think it was a management about the capitol police could be that would lead me what happened on January 6 should never. Route happen that way so elaborate on that formula that because you hear him describing done in his interview. A little bit about that how prepared are on prepared to US capitol police were that day. So eat if you look at the intelligence. That was available to those of us out here are those of us he studied this stuff. I was very concerned long before January 6 that this could be potentially violent. And if they eat it they were all convinced and I think this is accurate. At January 6 was dean Yang. If they couldn't stop the certification. President elect Wyden. And everything would fall apart. President trumpet told them cut Google and utter chaos unless he's in charge. And so everything was there to to view this could really get ugly so what do you do if you have that situation. You put up seven foot fences and were put up after January 6 you put that capital police. Not. A handful of women riot gear but all of human right keen ear. You have the National Guard there you have other federal agencies ADC police have been there in a large force prior. To that at demonstration starting. All all of those things or not that difficult to put together. It is very clear to me and others. At somebody and upper management may be going all the way to the president I have no idea. Called that off and said no we're gonna let the capitol police. Candle and a barricades short ones close in the capital. We're not gonna have a large law enforcement presents. All of it. Catastrophically wrong. Now one of the lines at second to me from Dunn was his description and people beating officers with blue lives matters flags. Having worked in law enforcement yourself. And it adds to the impact in the event that there are not only law enforcement out of their kids but also actual officers in that cry out. It's slate is being on sort of your comprehension. I mean the idea that you have to fight people who don't wanna get arrested him just committed a violent act two just brutally rapes somebody you get all that. Your job is to investigated. Capture them. The idea that you're actually going to now have to fight. Of people live bullet the people that you work with. And that they are so justified in their mind that they will harm you they will kill you because he think it's a greater good. As a country will be in a better place if in fact. We overtake the capital. And it is it that's when you hear these officers like. I just can't understating how in the world a sworn officer from. Where were they might be in this country. Actually attacked other officers. Because. Of what primarily they believed. Was the end. This country as they know it. Clean exists dynasties volumes about the level in my view again a brain washing. And it was all really radicalization. A hole large group of people would even turn against fellow officers. Hanson does and an attorney general on any Merrick Garland was before the Senate Judiciary Committee right now. Has said that he will establish an independent. Outside panel to investigate capital siege what exactly rube. Uncover about the day that we don't already know. So what you're going to have. The existing intelligence the intelligence that NPV. It did the debt that the capitol police the FBI took it that they had that I I guarantee they all shared with each other. OK don't look at that. And they'll look at what we're the preparations what that the capital police ask. We need help this day we don't know what's gonna happen but he could turn bad I want the National Guard there. They were waved off. And so they're gonna look at that why was it waved off who. Basically put. The brakes on having adequate since scene and manpower that are there that day. Are also go to look at. Was there inside information did somebody tell the protesters about certain aspects of what we're gonna go on that own the best way to get in there so in other words was there inside information maybe maybe not who knows. It's something you want to look at the real key is. Who do you hold accountable as to what happened at the capitol. Ended world we're gonna have to see. License will be they will get the into the road. And of course and people start at nine A didn't really say that it didn't mean to do that. This is the capitol police's fault whatever it might be they're going to Malcolm X uses. You really need this commission we need we need this to be laid out on the table just like a Department of Justice the FBI. US attorney's offices around the country in particular DC prosecuting people you'll have to hold people accountable for this type of behavior. Does if we lose the rule of law. Or in big trouble. Former FBI agent Brad Garrett we appreciate your analysis as always thank you. And we come back how one family pull themselves out of homelessness to do rings and pandemic. And as we head to break today's tribute to Black History Month and a legendary artist who laid the ground work. For so many dancers of college.

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{"duration":"17:01","description":"Plus, the US Supreme Court rejects former President Donald Trump’s request to shield his taxes from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and what that means moving forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76049367","title":"ABC News Live Update: Confirmation hearing for AG nominee Garland","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-confirmation-hearing-ag-nominee-76049367"}