ABC News Live Update: Confusion over CDC’s new mask guidance

Plus, last-minute tax tips, and a new push for Asian Americans to sign up to donate bone marrow.
10:30 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Confusion over CDC’s new mask guidance
Good morning in the program and for Diana's favorite thanks for streaming with us in today's update the dramatic escalation of violence in the Middle East Israel says it's dropped more than a hundred bombs on Gaza. Overnight targeting this system of tunnels used by Hamas militants. Palestinian authorities say at least 42 people most of them civilians were killed when Israel leveled several buildings. Targeting a Hamas leader. Over the weekend another airstrike destroyed the offices of several international news agencies including the Associated Press. At Al-Jazeera English. The former police officer charged with killing Donta bright and Minneapolis suburb is set to appear in court this afternoon Kim potter. Who is charged with second degree manslaughter will attend a pretrial hearing on whether there's enough probable cause for the case to move forward. Potter shot and killed right after pulling him over for driving with expired tax. The former Brooklyn center Minnesota police chief says potter meant she used her taser but fired from god by mistake. And fully vaccinated people across the country celebrated the first weekend under new CDC guidelines saying. They conditioner mass in most places but while the guidance from the CDC may have changed mandates in some states. Have not 22 states still have some sort of map mandate in place. Several businesses including Starbucks Wal-Mart target and Trader Joe's. Are all dropping their master's world in stores but only in states without mandate in place. Most of the US population almost two thirds of Americans are not yet fully vaccinated. The CDC director says if you're one of those people you should still Wear a mask. And earlier on Good Morning America dean at brown university school of public health doctor is she shot talked to George about the confusion. About the CC's new mascot might take a lesson. Doctors only stir over having to respond to that criticism. From the nurses' union saying this decision by the CDC is not based on science and this can endanger Frontline workers. Yesterday. Enormous resource tanks for having me on you know I think the CDC is our recommendation to either couple parts of this one is. They're encouraging more people to get vaccinated which of course I agree with. I'm second is there is indeed if you're fully vaccinated you are safe and I agree with that the problem is how it's being implemented that states that are listening and mass mandates. Are doing so for Bosnian and unvaccinated people. That's why I think the lifting of the mass in his right now is unwise we should wait a little longer to more Americans have the in your vaccine maybe you shouldn't continue to Wear a mask inside places like the grocery store why. Yes is not for personal issues on I think I'm pretty safe when I go to a grocery store there. Two issues in my mind one is it's a little unvaccinated people on massive does pose a little bit of a threat not much. Not not. Not enough to make be concerned but the second issue is a lot of people in my status is across the country. But are not yet fully vaccinated are still in the process. I think we should Wear masks for them and so therefore I'm really doing it. As a waiter to getting hurt other people to Wear masks just for a little bit longer and other three four weeks until more people are rocks and. The CDC also says school should continue to mass and social business for the rest the school year. Could update the guidance for the next school year which we expect. Think we should expect it is a real appreciation between bound vaccinated and unvaccinated. Kids. So I can imaginable among older kids were all gonna hopefully lead. Sued by the fall he certainly can be expect more relaxation of standards. The issue will be the younger kids and they will likely not have been extended by the fall and the question for the CDC really will be do they recommended she had been asking. Or can we rely so standards. Our thanks to Georgia and doctor shopper that interview. Turning out to last minute tips on net tax stated deadline is here so what she did do it you haven't filed. And when can you expect a refund Rebecca Jarvis has what you need to know. Good morning Rebecca. It is tax day and even though it is a month later this year it's still light of Scott you by surprise your best bet at this point. Is still to file electronically today if you can make that work. If you make less than 72000. Dollars a year there are free resource is bring you at higher arrest dot gov where you can file for free. If you make more than that amount look for the electronic options they make things very easy and seamless now. If you're not in the position you don't have all of your forms in your ducks in a row today. Your best bet is to file for an extension that is form. 4868. You can also find that entire rest dot gov. The important thing to know when you file for an extension is that while you're giving yourself an extension. On filing your taxes. You aren't getting an extension on paying your taxes you still have to estimate your tax liability today and write that check out to the I arrests otherwise. You could be facing. Big penalty is down the road because you didn't pay your taxes on time. An important thing for families with children to know this here is that the child tax credit has been expanded under the most recent. Stimulus program. And they are basing the payments for later this year on what you did in your tax filings in 20/20 or 2019 whichever is available. Your best back here if you have a family with a child under seventeen years old. And families with those children if you have a child between six and seventeen are eligible for up to 3000 dollars in tax credit per child. Families with children under six years old are eligible for tax credit up to 3600. Dollars or your very best bet if you are a family. With children is to get those taxes in now because the IRS and treasury say the payments will start going out on a monthly basis. Beginning on July 15. He not get those ducks in a row and by the way if you can't afford to make your tax payment as of today. Your best bet there is to contact the IRS directly work out an installment plan it is so much better to speak to the IRS about this now. So that you don't incur penalties later. Pie eating. It doesn't pay off it doesn't work. Gave up. Rebecca Jarvis a lot of good advice for us today. Well may is Asian Americana and Pacific islander heritage live and stay you're covering the push for Asian Americans to sign up to donate bone marrow. 140 people who need a bone marrow transplant their only hope to find a life saving matched. Is a stranger on a donor list. Right now there is a big push in the Asian American me to grow those lists and seeing young lives here's more. Seven year old Lillian and older brother Jerry share a love of board games and Pokemon and most involved. Family but there's something else they share for the two siblings have a rare genetic mutation which led to a ML an aggressive form of leukemia. It's still extremely rare but sitting to how disdain DC's. So I was I was shocked I was devastated. And dogs. I mean I have to be strong my case. Cherie was first diagnosed at age three his condition was great. But three years later thanks to the be the match registry. He received a successful bone marrow transplant. His sister Lillian has not been as lucky. Yeah. Yeah. The little girl who loves telling jokes has undergone four rounds of intensive chemo since September. But she still hasn't found a life saving match. In fact experts say lonely plight highlights the urgent need for more people of Asian descent. To join national bone marrow registries like be the match. 79%. Of white patients find a match through the registry compared to 47%. Of Asian patients. Meanwhile the odds of black patients finding a match just 29%. It's a numbers game and that is the more people. You're ethnicity in new donor registry. Greater probability. I'm here. Lisa joy co creator of the HBO series west's world has also joined the fight. She is the most delightful strongest coolest kit. Now that's how I am more and it's gone already. Harry and nieces nephew seven year old ready he was Chinese British and Italian. Was recently diagnosed with XLP to a very rare genetic disease which can be cured with a life saving bone marrow transplant. Ray is just three months old or that leases own daughter the cousins share a special bond. But neither his cousin nor the rest of his family is a match and so far he hasn't found a match on the registry. When I looks into the statistics. I was really shocked because I found that. It was a real inequity. In the number of matches there were for people of color soon Lisa recently. Partnered up with. Thought that this campaign that she inspired. To help anybody. I can't think of anything that would be more meaning puts me in my life away well posts. At least his goal is to add at least a 100000. Donors to find an action for patients Dwight grant. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I mean a pilgrim in for Diane Maceo thanks for joining us remember eighties his light is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you back your at 3 PM eastern military. We begin however with the struggle by gays and lesbians for the right to be legally married. Today in Massachusetts for the first time in US history the civil marriage laws of the state do not exclude gays.

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