ABC News Live Update: Delta variant accounts for 1 in 5 new cases in US

Plus, Senate Republicans block voting rights bill and Britney Spears is set to appear in court over her conservatorship.
29:59 | 06/23/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Delta variant accounts for 1 in 5 new cases in US
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for spending with us in today's update scientists are raising new concerns about the coated delta variant. Revealing infections have doubled every two weeks and it's already mutating. Officials are racing to get younger people back stated earlier from doctors she shopped on why that age group is key to putting an end to the pandemic. And two men are facing murder charges in the death of a two year old boy shot and killed on a Detroit high. Highway is just one example of the increase in violent crime across the country. Now president Biden is set to announce a plan to address gun violence to our team in Washington has a look at what's what's fact. And Britney Spears is set to give Brit testimony today at a hearing over her conservative ship. We have a look at what to expect from the pop star and a new report saying she isn't pushing to end this conservative shift for years. But we begin with that new warning about the Kobe delta variant the very already accounts for 20%. Of new cases in the country. Now scientists are raising concerns about a delta plus variant emerging. Currently 62% of eligible Americans have gotten at least one dose of a co that vaccine but. That number is much lower among younger Americans and experts now say date are key to ending the pandemic. Even pilgrim has the latest. This morning concern growing over the delta variant which now accounts for about 20% of all new cases here in the US. The numbers doubling every two weeks. Good news. I'll vaccines are affected him. Against the don't the variant. We have the tools so let's use them. And crushed. The outbreak the delta Baring it reported in at least 47 states already appearing to spark outbreaks in areas with lower vaccination rate responsible for half the new cases in parts of the mid. West and west we're seeing now are who patients who are coming in you don't think that they're going to get sick from it who aren't mentally prepared. I'm to make life and death decisions. Do they want audience faded he wants he PR your purse should stop. This as scientists say the delta variant is already mutating. A new delta plus variant being seen in India health officials are watching to see how quickly it spread health officials say the key to a crushing the pandemic. Young people. Right now only about a third of eighteen to 24 year olds have been fully vaccinated. At that age group is currently seeing the country's highest rate of cases. Tied with 25 to 34 year old has the reality is many younger Americans have felt like civic nineteen is not something that impacts them. Indeed in less eager to get the shot. Meanwhile the CDC is expected to meet today to review the risk of a rare heart condition. Among teens and young people after they took the vaccine more than 300 cases have been reported. More than twenty million teens and young adults have been vaccinated. And health officials are trying to reach these younger audience is right where they are here on their cell phones on social media in using tick tock. And it mr. Graham influencers to spread that message hoping to encourage them to get a vaccine. Diane right in a pilgrim thank you an earlier on GMA George Stephanopoulos spoke to the dean of the brown university's school public health doctors she's jobs. About the delta bearing and the importance of getting everyone in the world vaccinated. To help. Beat this virus let's take a listen. But let's start with. Your take on the go to her and how concerned should we be it good morning George thanks for having me back I'm pretty concerned about it it is a far more contagious parent than anything we've seen how it appears to be a little bit more deadly the data from Scotland says is causing house positions. We've got to stop it and we've got to stop it by getting people vaccinated that's we stop this trend because the fact is if you're vaccinated it's very effective against the delta air. Didn't like pleasantly surprised at how well our vaccines continue to hold up against this. The Pfizer vaccine 8890% effective against about the grand I expect the data from internal be similar. They really are working very well even against this parent and help out these other possibly mutations we've seen this period need to pretty quickly. Yeah I mean that we do not hear about the delta plus we don't know a lot about it can meet even a bit more contagious but Bergen we don't know but here's the bottom line push more outbreaks globally more variance more of them will land on our shores so yes you gotta get Americans rocks and we also have to help to the world I get vaccinated so we can put this pandemic behind us how do we convince the hold outs. You know what we could do is help people understand a couple of things you first of all we've got to counter the misinformation. But young people never get sick from this state Duma thankfully less than older people and second got to make it easy I think colleges and universities as they begin to require vaccines will also make a difference I do think we're gonna get there is this going more slowly and had hoped and if we don't what how how concerned are you about a surge. In cases as we head as we head of the fall. Yeah I think we're in a dual key over the summer we don't but the fall and winter will be tops and that's what we saw last year and obviously people weren't faxing it last year I but it enough unvaccinated people that I would expect a surge in the fall not anything like last year but enough to get us into trouble. Manner thanks to George and doctors opt for that interview. Meanwhile senate Democrats are vowing to keep working after Republicans blocked a voting rights bill in a party line vote. Majority leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats have several serious options for how to reconsider the issue. Saying voting rights are too important and too fundamental to our democracy. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott. As the latest Rachel good morning. Diane good morning and Democrats knew that this vote was going to fail but remember this is about getting every single Republican on the record. On the issue of voting rights this is a top priority for president Biden and it is a significant setback. This legislation was sweeping looking at everything from campaign finance reform. Do expanding early voting but Democrats need the support of at least ten Republicans in order to move forward. And every single one oppose that now the Republican base say that this is the federal power grab it's Hinkle were of the election system. But Democrats point to sixteen states that have authority acted laws that make it tougher for people to vote basin that this would counter that. The pathway forward though is unclear president Biden in the statement says the fight. Is far from over senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is promising to bring this back to the senate floor but the reality here is that the optics of this and the political equation diet had not changed. Democrats would need the support of Republicans and they are showing no sign that they're changing their position Diane. All right Rachel Scott thank you. And president Biden is set to announce new plans to combat gun violence the White House says but generally gill a comprehensive strategy targeting law breaking gun dealers. Providing federal resources to police departments. And allowing communities to re purpose millions of dollars a pandemic relief funding. For programs proven to prevent gun violence chief White House correspondents the city of Vega has the latest on not good morning to Syria. Payday and good morning T so this is coming as Republicans of course are really ramps up their attacks on this president in this White House. Over the rise in violent crime in American cities and fears. That these crimes could get worse as we head into these summer month so today president is going to roll out some plans to try and tackle. Gun violence around the country he wants basically to allow communities around the country to use millions. From that Coleman relief plan to hire more police officers and to be able to invest in programs aimed at preventing gun violence this includes. Higher having summer job programs for young people all around the country there's also now this Justice Department crackdown targeting gun trafficking in five large. American cities that's where police say so many. Of the guns used in crimes there are coming from else or talking up places like. New York DC Chicago. LA and the San Francisco Bay Area president Biden today he's really going to call on congress hard were told to. Pass gun control legislation and gun control advocates are really criticized this president and this White House for not prioritizing this issue of gun control even more especially. In the wake of so many of the mass shootings that we have seen this year. But to and the reality is this president this White House they're really limited on exactly how much they can do given the lack of appetite we're seeing on the subject on Capitol Hill right now. No need to say vegan Washington forest thank you and president Biden is set to lay out that plan to combat gun violence at 3:30 PM eastern we'll bring that to you live when it happens. Two men are facing murder charges after shooting a Detroit highway left a two year old boy dead. Prosecutors are calling the shooting death of price and Christian a case of mistaken identity. And now police say they will step up patrols news cameras to watch for violence on freeways ABC's Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning. Investigators in Michigan confirming that the many who fired on a family's car. Killing a toddler and injuring his nine year old brother believe to they were targeting someone else. The family was driving home from the nine year old basketball practice when someone in a passing car and started shooting it was a mistaken identity of a car. In innocent seemly. Shy man by somebody too reckless to know who it was. They had a beef with two year old Bryson Christian who love sponge Bob and Orioles died from a gunshot to the head. Two Detroit area men were arrested and now charged with first degree murder. Police say the suspects immediately drove off from the scene in their vehicle and mistakenly targeted the Christians truck because of its color and make. Price's family devastated and in shock. Phil like. None of those wooten that in my family was supposed to make it out that truth you know I was doing the right thing. This is a second high profile case of a child being shot while riding in a car. In California six year old native of Wales was killed while on his way to school police say that was a case of road for each. So far this year at 138. Kids have been killed by gun violence Diane writes if you Ramos thank you it's. And the Taliban is on the rise in Afghanistan as US forces pull out of that country ahead of the September 11 deadline. Now about 181000. Afghan translators and contractors who worked with DUS military. Are desperately seeking USB says saying they're being targeted by the Taliban chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has the latest from Kabul. This morning with over half of the withdrawal complete and no peace deal in place and Taliban is rapidly taking over towns and districts let them know enough releasing video claiming it shows Afghan soldiers peacefully surrendering weapons and military vehicles. What they aren't showing the hundreds of Afghan soldiers that have been slaughtered Afghanistan's foreign minister now accusing the Taliban. Of carrying out the worst violence in two decades. Everyone is living in fear. Abdul we will use only his first name was side by side with US Marines in Helmand Province as an interpreter. Now with a wife and three children he has yet to get a visa to leave the country despite the US State Department calling it a priority. I don't. I would become a diploma. We traveled to the home of the Taliban elder punt inside even are odd down. We just spoke. To an Afghan. Who was an interpreter for the American military. He is very frightened that he will be killed by the Taliban when the Americans leave it jet they're gonna kind of. He claims the Taliban won't harm anyone but violence has been widespread. Last month at this school more than 85 people were killed by multiple bombs mostly young girls who along. We met seventeen year old C deacon a moody just out of the hospital still recovering from serious wounds she fears it will happen again. I am very scary. Although thing. For many Afghans there is an absolute feeling of hopelessness. But for the 181000 interpreter send others who worked for the US government during this conflict they are desperately trying to get visas. And of yet had no luck Diane. I'm Martha Raddatz in Kabul thank you. And Britney Spears is set to give rare testimony over her concern British ship this afternoon we come back what to expect and the newly poured over just how little control the pop star has over her life. Also ahead we will look at a virtual. Stay with us. Welcome back Britney Spears is set to make a rare virtual court appearance today in a legal battle over her court ordered conserving or ship. For thirteen years that conservative ship has given her father Jamie control over much of the pop star's life and money. And while her father has maintained she could undo that conservative ship at any time. The New York Times now reports spears has been fighting to end it for years kidney heart Tung has more on britney's highly anticipated testimony. Just hours from now Britney Spears is set to break her silence in court. This afternoon to 39 year old pop star will appear virtual lead a hearing over her conservator ship. And who will control her estimated sixty million dollar fortune the New York Times reporting its obtained confidential court records showing that behind the scenes. Spears has been pushing for years in the conservative or ship. Which is being controlled in part by your father Jamie for the last thirteen years according to the times court documents allege to be restricted everything for whom she dated. To the color for kitchen cabinets. They see a court investigator wrote between sixteen report that spears said she feels the conserve your ship has become an oppressive and controlling tool against here. There's a real irony in that. He was steamed and capable. Of managing her own money yet she was still allow well and criminal. In the last thirteen years under the leadership has me millions of dollars and her dad he needs a salary and per 100000 dollars a year and then additionally she makes a percentage. Several her multimillion dollar. Deals the times also saying that in 2019 spears told record she had been forced into a mental health facility against her will. Honey saturated grounds which she viewed as punishment for standing up for herself and making an objection during a rehearsal. It can't hurt me. Spears hasn't performed in two and a half years. Something her lawyers say she won't do Waller Downey is in charge of her career last week is starring answering a fan's question about it shall make a comeback. And I am ready to take the stage again and I gonna take the stage again my attitude to stage a game. I have no idea and having fun right now I'm a transition in my life and enjoying myself. That the. Conservative shifts are usually put in place for people who courts bind unable to make decisions for themselves. Spears' place and a one in 2000 knee following two hospitalizations. And concerns surrounding her mental health and substance abuse. It's been making medical and financial decisions for ever sense her conservative (%expletive) thrown back into the spotlight in recent documentary bringing Britney Spears. It's also the basis of the free Britain movement. A group of loyal fans who believe she's being controlled against her will or. And Diane Jamie spears representatives have not responded to this latest New York Times report that as we've heard from his lawyer before. He says he and his daughter love and support each other as how Britney stealing you know our best insight into that is then you're used to grant she's at she's doing extremely well and feeling good. But today we hope we'll shed new light on how she stealing Diane magnify. That can't hard time thank you an ABC news little can legal contributor satellite is here with more on all of this it's not a good morning to you a concern ships. Are usually a sign for someone with a court deems is unable to take care of themselves and make their own decisions so Britney Spears and up in one to begin with and how unusual is it for someone her age to be under conserve or ship. Conservative bishops are usually reserved for people who have are typically older and they're physically incapacitated. And typically don't see it in someone as young Britons here in her and usually she was laced an entrance or protection and that's not a typical Asian and middle is these types points. We didn't Britney Spears it seems that her mental illness me Schrager to conserve attrition. In order to preserve our finances and that's fortunate she asks. Now three years span had been pointing to britney's continued ability to work and perform all this time. As evidence that she can take care for self and she doesn't need to be in this conservative ship. But ash that as a legal argument and what are some of the other factors the court will be considering here. I'm the observations are typically not enough be enough for a legal base because there's a number of people refuge functioned as it would seem on the surface and living their life they don't have the man city's main types of decisions she would be. Why are made when you're talking about handling of fortune and financial situation as large she gets it she said it could be that she just doesn't have your dirty org where whistle channel. Responsibility although she can function. Share and recently a legally they're going to have to show that she's off engine and not should be able to candles finance there's going to be a team of medical. On providers that are gonna make assessments and evaluations of her. In order to make a determination she won't need that in order to make the legal or how determining. Ersan it takes to become competent. It's always about competency. At any point in time when your place and conserve or to ship concerted she can actually petitioned to how to terminate. They have to show or that they are no longer suffering from whatever was that closet conservative shoot him police and the first. Issue would have to show that she's immensely competence of the war and the or would have to you'll secure and that. You're gonna typically honor requires a lot of mental evaluations. Of the amount and timing isn't necessarily indicative of being able to get in or out of it it really had to deal with our ability of function at the local merchants say she is competent to handle our own finances and decisions. And the near times is now reporting that court documents allege that the concern or ship restricted everything from. Co Britney dated to the color of her kitchen cabinets. Could the judge decided for example to keep the conservative ship. But place more limits on what it can control what are the options. Absolutely dear Kim be certain things are limited and certain things that she is. Astute to train since things like choosing her security or there. And still has the ability to manage finances. Of the coral look at the overall picture and the determination in which she know now no longer needs a concern which are shipped. Rent channel I'd. So much to unpack here we appreciate you helping us out and I know you're gonna join our team this afternoon for our coverage of the Britney Spears hearings to shuttle talked a little bit later thanks again. And you can watch battle over Britney the conservatives show appearing that starts today at 12 PM eastern right here on ABC news lives. And that's an exclusive first look at what could be the future of policing some departments are now using a in that simulation the gun steel like their firing same goes for the taser is. And an officer's failure to. I'm. It was the encounter that launched thousands of protests last summer. In Minneapolis police officer wrapping his flashlight on George Floyd's will. Flint east side but the old -- had already pulled his gun but this committee other incidents well the country. Joined a series of mistakes that officer near Cooper just out of the police academy in Oakland he's been trained to a boy are not make her feet are. In this simulated scenario another man is acting erratically and he has a snapping dawn. The Cooper home pulls her weapon after he grabs detonation. And we seem to comply she immediately holsters for guns. This is not a lot else but not this just go out there efficient Arab threat officers used to train almost exclusively at gun ranges like this. But the virtual 300 simulator offer scenarios which incorporates the officers' conduct and can yield different outcome schedule. The simulator is increasingly being used in police departments across the nation from Orlando to Oakland. And some of the scenarios like Christmas shooting at a feeder seem jarring him. But in Oakland especially in light of increasing tension with police the full case is on news need to mend frayed relations with the community. It actually made me open my eyes more because I was somebody that billing nice officers. So now it's my duty to also explain that to others. That don't understand what law enforcement is about eight directive from the very time how kids both people leave. That interaction safely how can we both live through this experience and make sure that nobody gets hurt and that's our. Justin. And obviously Diane what is obsolete she it is simulator like this is making everything feel and sound real. The taser is actually taste that the guns feel like they're firing. They can note. Where the shots go. In this scenario and everything here is gear to ensure. That officers use the appropriate use of force and used the words to try to be escalating obviously there can be very significant consequences. If an officer doesn't properly. Some in you can see how quickly. That man pulls his gun. Still and despite an uptick in violent crime in Oakland as it has happened in many cities across America the murder rate here is up 90%. Still Chief Armstrong says that. And I critical Mac gotten in an open thanks. And homes sell prices are skyrocketing we come back we'll have a look at what's behind this surge and what to know if you're buying. Also American Idol star David Archuleta is opening up about how he found the courage to come out. And what has happened since stay with us. Welcome back home buyers get ready for some sticker shock housing prices have surged nearly 24%. Over the last year. And while that's good news for sellers it's now posing a problem for first time and lower income buyers. Our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more on what's behind the housing market boomed and what to know if you're thinking about buying good morning Rebecca. We are witnessing the largest increase in home prices ever. The median existing home sale now in May above 350000. Dollars for the first time ever. Up 24%. From a year ago and price is a really been surging since last summer and there are two key reasons for that first of all the supply. It is at rock bottom the inventory of new homes for sale at rock bottom demands and meantime in the pandemic. Has surged we call it the great reassessment people looked at their lives the ability. To work remotely the changes in lifestyle the reassessment of that lifestyle people raced out to buy new homes and that is taking homes off the market making it particularly hard. If you're a first time buyer Horry lower income buyer. For that opportunity to buy a new home where we're really seeing this is in the 100000 to 250000. Dollar. Home price range it's happening across the country in the northeast in the west in the south. Patty economists believe that this will continue to be a seller's market for some time. They're predictions believed that for the rest of the year we will continue to see part prices to keep rising. And into next year they will rise but adding more moderate speed. The important thing to keep in mind here for anybody who is eight buyer is that. Anything can happen as we saw in the pandemic means disruptions the unforced scene can quickly shake things up. Which is why it's so keen not to get overextended not to get wrapped up in these bidding wars if you're being pushed into price ranges you simply cannot afford. Diane. All right Rebecca Jarvis thank you as we celebrate pride month singer David Archuleta who found fame on American Idol is opening up about his struggle was coming out. David spoke with Steve Mohsen summing about his faith his sexuality and more take a look. And that he he saloon. Loneliness and. He's drew up a real American Idol singing his way into the hearts of young girls and won't listen to him no matter how can anyone. He feels about what he wants to share here this morning. David Archuleta says he is still a man they. And a child of god. Do you feel old now that. The wait has been lifted off of your shoulders yeah there's so much relief to not feel like you have to hide. A part of yourself like a secret how would you describe your sexual orientation. Pirates are still I'd say I'd bet I don't know what I guess. Some form of being bisexual 'cause I still. I'm still attracted developed what I want turn off but we sent down with him and got theory personal at city winery in Nashville where he now lives. A venue where he's performed before have you have you dated a guy. At this point. I have a haven't. You have no no boyfriends. No no god in my post as I mentioned I still believe in saving myself for marriage. It was this post on since two Graham where the now thirty year old devout Mormon decided to tell the world. That I came out in 2014 as gate in my family but then I had similar feelings for both genders and that he identified on a spectrum of bisexual. He had just broken up with a girlfriend. He wrote that he sharing this to help Christians like himself who are wrestling to follow their beliefs that are so important to them. Did you praying. Over this. Yeah I've I've prayed it I was praying like God's eyes you can do all things you do you are got a mere calls. And I know you've he allowed the blind to see and that heroes the dead to rise again so. I woods I'd say please take these feelings away from me because. I don't I don't want to express I don't want to feel things I shouldn't. I don't wanna feel things that would be wrong and that eyes so that's in the process I've had to learn how it's. Love myself if given of when I don't understand why in the way am but I told learned that that's how god has created we. To have to discover that and there are so many millions of other people. Have gone through the same thing as me aware that they've tried to change who they are the Archuleta became a teenage star after placing second during the seventh season of American Idol in 2008. Tell me where are you with your music. Content what are you working on and last year released an album because Jerry in quarantine and then. I'm releasing the children's book is while. What should I'm so excited about its caught my little prayer. And I come down to follow this here he says he shared his truth with a few leaders in the Mormon church and has not felt rejected. As a Mormon he completed his missionary service in 2012. In South America that is where he says he was. When he said to himself. The words. He says he still believes in chastity and isn't sure whether he is saving himself for marriage to a man or a woman he is super. Hard on himself and says he is going to be celebrating pride Diane. His way. Thank good friend Steve Mohsen summing thank you. And that doesn't fit as ABC news live update I'm Diana Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern with a new update stay safe.

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