ABC News Live Update: Derek Chauvin trial enters Day 9

Plus, President Biden will announce gun safety measures and wildlife expert Jack Hanna has been diagnosed with dementia.
29:01 | 04/08/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Derek Chauvin trial enters Day 9
Good morning I'm Dennis Ada thanks her streaming with us in today's update the trial dared show that enters day nine today yesterday the prosecution and defense battled over what George Floyd Whaley said when he was pinned down by police. Plus the debate over drugs that were allegedly found at the scene live in Minneapolis with all the key moments and with a look for today. When the trial starts in just a short while right here on ABC news lives. President Biden is set to announce his first gun safety measures in the wake of the recent mass shootings the president is hoping to stop the rise of so called ghost guns. We'll have all the latest from the white house on how he plans to do it. And a dramatic arrest in Los Angeles caught on camera. Newly released police body him footage shows Los Angeles Police responding to a domestic violence coughed. Taking a black man into custody right in front of his own homes despite police officers admitting they did not have a description of the suspect. We'll hear from the man who was arrested and his girlfriend who are now suing the city of Los Angeles. We begin with the trial entered showman and George Floyd in his own words. Part of yesterday's testimony focused on something Floyd said about drugs while being pinned down by police. And questions about drug use based on new forensic evidence Alex Perez has the details from Minneapolis. Forensic investigators testifying as prosecutors show the jury images of items recovered from the scene there initial report did not include pills later found in the backseat of the police squad car and in the center console Floyd's vehicle. Tests confirming those pills contain methamphetamine. And fentanyl defense arguing Floyd spit they amount to in his tussle with police. The slob collected from that killed by emptying a single source male DNA profile that matches. George Floyd. Children's lawyer trying to use the match to bolster their claim that it was the drugs in Floyd system that killed him defense also zeroing in on some of George Floyd's last words while Shelvin was pinning him down. And playing this clip from body cam video for the State's lead investigators special agent James riders and our. Did you hear this dude you're mr. Freud's I hate to many journalists news. But the prosecutor not buying the argument to playing an earlier more extended portion of that same tape for the investigator who then had a different answer. Herring heard in context. You're able to tell. What was reported as saying and guess who mr. loosening I ain't no drunks. Eleven current and former members of mom forced me have now testified against children. Including use of force expert LAPD Sargent Jodi Steiger who reviewed all of the videos. And determined that Floyd posed no threat once he was handcuffed and on the ground telling jurors show been should have reduced. For so you can see that mr. Floyd's. Medical his. This health was deteriorating therefore. Your responsibility to take some type of action. Now as pres joins me now live from Minneapolis with more on this. I assume a lot of technical testimony yesterday hasn't jury reacting tell us. Diane which start republic saying we haven't talked to the jurors no one has talked to the jurors because reporters are not allowed to talk to them so we'll solar observations of the jurors come from the pool reporters the rotating pool reporter that sits. In the courtroom and there was it was noted yesterday that during all of this type. Technical sort of testimony that some jurors appear to sort of glaze over and went on for several hours there were hot several people who took this dad. But for the most part according to those poor reporters that they still seemed a tented still seem like they were. Taking notes but unlike last week when we saw that he emotional testimony and everybody was really tuned in what was happening on the stand. There were moments now where some of the jurors appeared to be. A little glazed over while the testimony Diane. Fill out trucker we expect to see in court today. Yes some more testimony. Happening in court today we're expecting the prosecution to sort of shift over to medical experts today who will talk about. Georgia Floyd's at a drug use and his untreated heart condition and how that may have impacted him back. My odds present Minneapolis thanks for that. Let's bring criminal defense and civil rights attorney Phillip Hamilton for more analysis here well. What do you make of the dispute over whether Floyd said I ate too many drugs or I ain't doing no drugs we know that he had drugs and his system so. Why don't focus on what he said there. Well in many respects it is upon his stance is going to China cut into the prosecution bird and one of the way to being. For all the arguments that the proper in this case one of the more credible ones at least he's the usual cost Asian. So you think it is faith can highlight the fact that it wasn't necessary we also sorely in need day coffee sixty Asia in the Pulitzer Floyd. But rather a combination of other factors that you get outside he pressure are also an. Resulting in poor cause. Mr. Floyd. And doesn't he send it oh is indeed came on either consent since it is there would have saint EEU need drugs. William Maloney it could potentially help undercuts the market is provided by paramedics last week. Who would have since the fire depart Iraq the scene mr. Loy was essentially handles all. And the decision was standing up armed Iraq. Well he's he's 100 army. Back Asians aren't here understand what you're hearing mr. Floyd is saint. It engages the highlight that argument it is Caucasian year may not be as simple prosecution irony it seemed. Now we all third a lot of questions about the exact position of children's knees on Floyd's body and whether his. Left me was on the side of the neck the base of the neck the shoulder how effective was that questioning. You know. I think it is affected malls particularly in this incident you're talking about the precedent when all we can call these states he Asian. Clearly the positioning of the knee is going to. And he did you know you're human you undergoing an artist from the deceased. In that you know potentially wasn't so we need the car he sees the Asian but again it was actually some other cause of death just all get called Lloyds debt. European unity highlight a key bit. And working as you are absolutely anything her ORE. He's expert today just unnecessary force for waiting well beyond what we eat you he. At a certain point to control mr. Floyd and I was particularly someone do an expert on LAPD. And an organization that we know from an historical there has been right. We allegations. Excesses were being you know back to Iraq means. Any word that while trying to continue to work to have somebody coming from the LEE in eight or let's get me in the air I think it was not so you know in our community sixteen million or anything along those are. The prosecution had a legal arguments because they know leaders are under cut into in regards the caucasians. So what are you watching pours a trial resumes this morning. Well I wanna hear a little bit more just. Our ecology related issues and in terms of the actor and Hansen Medical experts Armenian. Again the prosecution I think you're worried based on occasion they work in poor studio that we all seem just an international standpoint. Where the last year it was all the arm around you want to say mr. Blix that. What an individual were need causation aren't so decent and they're putting on medical testimony today. To track the most likely rookie back there it really had any being exhumed from a primary end point. We mr. Floyd's heart condition or you know some of the substance abuse a lady issues that may have been involved in this matter. But more specifically it was officers shall we meet an office social and act. And innocence because mr. Floyd's dad and I'm looking just to see more power substance that we were gonna be into this morning because I don't quite aren't across news. Mind attorney Phillip Hamilton we appreciate your time as always thank you. Here an ABC news live we'll have complete coverage of the Derek children Trout one proceedings resume in just a little while. But now we want to go to the pandemic nearly 110 million Americans have received at least one code would vaccine doses or 42% of the adult population. But there are new concerns this morning about the contagious new K variant which the CDC says is now the dominant source of infections. According to the CDC five states are now accounting for almost half of the new cases in the US. One of those states is Florida area Russia has the latest from Miami. This morning the CDC saying as predicted months ago the highly contagious variant of cove they'd be 117. Also known as the UK variant is now the most dominant strain of the virus spreading here in the US the CDC saying well vaccines are effective in fighting it the variant which is believed to be more deadly could be fueling what some experts fear could be the start of a new search experts saying lifted Kobe nineteen restrictions and increased travel. Also to blame. The virus or hassle Hamas and yeah. Dean people and putting them in harm's way and we need to remain vigilant. And like all the prior variance experts warned B 117 can also infect children and unvaccinated adults. There's been estimated to be between fifty and a 100% more infectious than the previous strains of virus. According to authorities at one Wisconsin daycare at least sixteen children age six and under tested positive for the UK variant this week along with five daycare workers and fourteen of their family members I think create. An all star owns a private news this CDC sank five states are now accounting for almost half of the new cases in the US. On the front month and show you how we feel powerful deflation. One of those states is Florida. Icu nurse Jessie goes ill giving an inside look into a covad nineteen unit in Pembroke Pines. Horrible patients from form form is now more than a year after it was first declared a global pandemic Frontline workers still pushed to the brink. Fighting the deadly virus. Yeah tired we are exhausted him. Diane 38 states have now opened vaccine eligibility to people sixteen and older and despite the rising cases the CDC says that deaths are down. When he percent. Likely due to the vaccine. Diane. And Ryan Perry arrest thanks for that. An earlier today on GMA doctors she Jacques talked about the concerns over the UK Marion spreading here in the United States. What are you anticipating in the weeks ahead is it possible can we actually vaccinated are ways out of this. That's a good morning thank you for having me on it is it's going to be tough the this was predicted to be expected the U catering to become dominant. And were doing a great job on vaccinations. But I vaccinations alone are going to be difficult to manage this pandemic it would be helpful to have some public health restrictions still for a few more weeks. I think by the time we get into may will be much better shape but the next few weeks are going to be pretty tough. And I think something that's especially troubling especially to parents is hearing this news that younger people leaving children. Me being more affected by this UK parent what you tell us about what this is doing in our younger population in and how concerned should we be. Yes and it's more contagious for everybody. But the good news is we have managed a backs in a large chunk of older Americans that's traffic it's what's leading to fewer hospitalizations and ask what that means. But this pandemic is now sorting to really ridge among young people including children and this is why we got to keep going keep going on vaccinations and keep going on public health measures until we get this under control. No want to talk about the AstraZeneca and vaccine because European health officials have been saying that there is that possible link between eight between that vaccine in a rare and potentially deadly blood clotting. Do you expect that the US will authorize that vaccine usage here in do we need it. She. Yeah two good questions bumpers also vary rare side effect we use lots of medicines that have. Side effects that are just as serious. All the time. And so II wouldn't let that side effects slow me down a vibrant country where this vaccine was authorized. In terms of what do we need it and I we have three other vaccines that are highly effective and bear be safe. So the I think the FDA's gonna take a long hard look at this and decide whether it didn't make sense for Americans have a fourth one. Or whether we can make do with its three that we house. And writer thanks Amy robot for that interview. And president Biden is take an issue of gun violence he set to roll out a number of gun safety measures today. Targeting kits that allow you to build your own gun and stabilizing braces that essentially convert pistols. Into rifles and the one allegedly used in the recent older mass shootings chief White House correspondent to say Avaya has the details for a sustained good morning. Hi day on good morning to you so the White House has been under increasing pressure to do more on guns and. The wake of those recent mass shootings officials here say that real gun control reformers gonna have to come in the form a pretty big legislation on Capitol Hill. That is not what they're doing here or even what they're proposing here today instead the president is expected to sign. A half dozen or so executive actions. On gun control including take a look at this one has to do with these so called ghost guns these don't have serial numbers they're sold in kits. They can be assembled at home and they're not subject to background checks the White House wants the Justice Department to issue a proposed rule to curb the proliferation. Of these ghost guns they also want to regulate what's being called a stabilizing. Ray Cesar accessories that can turn a pistol into a short barreled rifle. And the president is also expected to nominate a gun control advocate to run the ATF David shipman. Stay in a president has promised that gun legislation would be a priority on day one that hasn't happened yet they White House is calling he's right now. Initial first steps we are already hearing Republican speaking out against what's being proposed here today and and there are. These orders are very much likely to be challenged in court. Parents who say -- at the White House Forrest thanks Cecilia and yesterday we learned some new details about the car crash that left tiger was severely injured. Police now blame speeding for the crash saying woods who's going more than eighty miles per hour. Matt Gutman is in Los Angeles with more. This morning those new details six weeks after Tiger Woods nearly fatal car accident. Police releasing the full report concluding speech because woods to lose control of that issue V. The primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving a speech unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate. The curve of the roadway the report reveals woods did not appear to be driving erratically earlier. Seen in surveillance footage appropriately using his blink or merging it lanes at comparable speeds other cars. That changed on Hawthorne boulevard. Investigation revealing would speeding up to 87 miles per hour in 845 mile per hour zone and the car so called black box revealing Tiger Woods. Never touch the brakes instead slamming all the way down. On the gas pedal. It is speculated to believe that Tiger Woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. Causing that 99% rating on the accelerator pedal. This graphic detailing the four collision points as woods' vehicle went rocketing over a median crossed the road through brush. And then slamming into a tree at 75 miles an our first responders say they used an accident prime Barnett yank woods out the windshield and pull him to safety. The police report revealing woods had lacerations or bruising on his head it nose and chin. And in open fracture on his right leg leading to emergency surgery police are calling woods driving unsafe but they did not cite him for speeding. And they pulled out impairment. There's no odor of alcohol there are no open containers in the vehicle and there are no narcotics or any evidence of medication in the vehicle. Or on his person. The police report did note that investigators found a backpack in the brush next to the crash. In in the front pocket was. In empty plastic pharmaceutical. Container to container had no label and there is no indication asked why did anything had been inside. And Diane police say they never did a toxicology test on Tiger Woods. To check for the presence of drugs because there was no sign of impairment at the scene they spoke to him. At the seed. At the hospital. They believed he was finds it was not necessary Norton they have probable cause they said to do that toxicology. Exam now. Yesterday Tiger Woods tweeting his thanks to the sheriff's department and paramedics and first responders for helping me so expertly at the scene and giving me safely to the hospital. He said he's now working on his recovery. And his family. Diane and iMac gunman in Los Angeles forest thanks not. And newly released body cam footage shows Los Angeles Police arresting a black man who is simply taking out the trash. The incident for May have 2019 has caught on camera and against the wishes of the Los Angeles city attorney a federal judge has now ordered that eleven minute video. To be made public. Here's TJ Holmes was more. You're hearing that the desperate screens of Canton Boston a black man who was simply taking out his trash. Went to Los Angeles Police officers approached to arrest him. This newly released the body cam footage shows part of the disturbing incident from may of 2019. Daily TV was responding to a domestic violence call and but police are spot Austin from their vehicle taking out his trash and I listened as they decided to approach him. Because faculty to turn a row. You hear the officer admitted he doesn't have a suspect description but continues to rest Alston who continues to question the police. Tensions rise. All students mills could help. His girlfriend says she heard Austin's screams from the shower and rushed outside. Trying to intervene and ends up in the struggle and is just rolled in the process. Both were arrested. The couple is now suing the city of Los Angeles. What was your reaction once you win back and actually shall at all way out you actually cheered the ball was in the car where they got out. Did you want to say do you sell off. No different than those I've got a black and you all to be at eighty you don't to be that's all we don't wanna really believe that thinking is pretty bad at bat. And it when you watch the footage and you hear the guy in a car. You know like girl in a novel one call to openly go to a restaurant that was three blocks away. Austin's neighbor who made that initial 911 call about her ex boyfriend did not give a description of him to the dispatcher. That neighbor can be seen in the video telling the officers Alston was not the man she called about but they continue with the arrest. The attorney for Austin calls this a clear case of racial profiling. Shouldn't want but it does persons or. Fortunately that's exactly and people I. Neither Los Angeles Police nor city attorneys are commenting to ABC news Austin fought for the release of this footage and says he believes the public. Now gets to see what he went through. It's crazy at a distance it she does well geared at 88 terrorists are today I doubt on little you know. Baby in their minds are to judge and a jury they're gonna seek most based on what you look right. It's pretty it's really I open you know on a particular a look at a lot of. Addai and the city of Los Angeles actually fought the release of that video because they say that was against LAPD policy to do so but also saying it would have a chilling effect. On police investigations. Down the road a federal judge disagreed and that's all we see the video now about tone in his girlfriend have since moved from that neighborhood they are seeking three million dollars in damages but also. We just want an apology from the city and the LAPD something they have not gotten yet and one other note from their attorney. Says the suspect the police were actually looking for was a white male fan. Disturbing video TJ Holmes thanks for that and the family beloved wildlife expert Jack Hanna has announced that he's retiring from public life. And that he's been diagnosed with dementia will have more on his health battle when we come back. Welcome back we have some sad news about Jack Hanna this morning the family of the wildlife expert has announced he's been diagnosed with dementia. And will no longer take part in public life. Our Deborah Roberts has more on the diagnosis and Henis lifelong work to share his love for animals with the world's. Everybody I'm Jack Hanna coming from a basically appeared to Columbus zoo with. With his muddled animals infectious personality and those signature khakis in matching safari had. Jack Hanna became a star and a warrior and the fight for wildlife conservation for more than forty years. Now the 74 year old in a different kind of fight. Dementia. Which may have progressed to alzheimer's disease. The family releasing a statement to ABC news saying his condition has progressed much faster in the last few months than any of us could have anticipated. Sadly dead is no longer able to participate in public life as he used to. Hanna now joining more than six million Americans living with alzheimer's a number projected to double in the next three decades. Named director of the Columbus zoo in 1978 jungle Jack Hanna with his menagerie of animal ambassadors became a staple on daytime Emmy night TV certain point one more news and his easy reform leading to his own shows including animal adventures into the wild. And wild countdown. Some. And it all started right here on Good Morning America and Jack's first TV appearance in 1983. He showed the first twin gorillas born in human care in the western Henis. A year they're doing we're very it was the beginning of the beautiful friendship and you did notice there is something on the back of your neck. Jack Hanna never disappointing. Yeah. They mark your territory by urinating that's what had a they also carry certain diseases that. Well this time. Sharing his passion for wildlife with all of us. Hope you enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of animals it's an amazing perspective. So many families learning what it is to cope with this disease including my own. But many also discovering that there is joy on this journey. Canas families saying that his trademark humor is still there and that he still likes to Wear his khakis and Diane. I. Deborah thanks for that. And as more Americans are booking flights the Better Business Bureau is warning about new travel scams. Fraudulent web sites are posing as TSA pre check sites claiming to process applications. And instead accessing personal information transportation correspondent GO Benitez has more on what's look out for. This morning as millions take to the skies with more and more people traveling. An urgent warning from the Better Business Bureau saying some fraudulent web sites or reader impersonating government web sites or are claiming to process you're TSA pre checked or global entry applications. Only to instead access your personal information and money. BP has noticed a real. Government impostor site. That look like global entry or one other trusted traveler program. TSA pre check lets you go through shorter and faster security law. Mobile entry expedite border crossings when you're traveling international. Both programs are managed by the Department of Homeland Security. But according to the BBB the problematic web sites online are charging top dollar to allegedly help process your application. Only to not follow through with. One of the most dangerous parts of the scam is that the information you have to share in order to get a global entry asked is everything that a scammer need. Her identity theft. Your name your address your birthday your Social Security number giving a pass. What number Diana Guerrero says she went to one of those web sites which she thought was real the website says in several places that they are a private company. But take a look at global entries official web site on the left and the web sites she visited on the right. They look similar and I ain't design web sites are learning. Everything Lyons who very convinced saying. She says she paid 230. Dollars and handed over five years worth of her personal information like former addresses and employers. Bull later she discovered the web site simply disappeared. She says she still hasn't gotten her money back. Basically they eat out all my information so they can open any higher they want can be transactions mining. And we can't stress this enough DHS says giving that information to a third party. Really puts you at risk so they urge you to go ahead and go through their official website DHS dot gov to sign up for one of these program. Diane advice GO thanks and the trial under Shelvin is that your resume this morning we could learn it's a man who was with George Floyd when he was arrested will be compelled to testify. More on what to expect today when we come back. Welcome back let's take a look at today's science and technology headlines at eight the move it. Think today's tech night Samsung's first affordable YG phone the company is launching three new find a phone. As galaxy a series that includes the 832 Boehner which runs under 300 dollars. It was inexpensive on the US market. And UPS is buying a fleet of electric aircraft to speed up delivery service and complain but Leonid tickle vertically like helicopters though no runway is needed. The aircraft produced zero emissions and can handle several routes on a single charge and you're set to arrive in 20/20 four. And finally pace Spotify that's all you need to say to launch a new voice feature. On the Spotify cabin once it's enabled you can ask that here certain artists album song or playlist by name your commands are confirmed by either male or you know voice. And as tech right there and back to you. Fate thanks for that. And testimony that air show in trial we'll get started in just a little while let's check in with Kenneth mountain now in Minneapolis with what we can expect today I can't. They nine Diane ended their children probably do have some core business to take care. The defense and a pop Weaver state expected to turn over questions they want to ask. Maurice called the passenger Matthew B would George Boyd expected to plead the fifth. If he's called to the standard now let's penalize that he's the man who gave for drugs or saw him take drugs before officers came in contact with the boy on May twenty fed. That drug use in forensic evidence took center stage at the end of pills found in the SUV and patrol car there was even a back important court about exactly. Wherefore yelled out regarding drugs as he was taken into custody starting today the state is expected to. Call a parade of medical experts as well for medical examiner. Diane. I was keeping an eye and I Kenneth thank you. And that doesn't fit as ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo we will have live coverage of the Derrick showman trust testimony scheduled to resume. In just a short while we'll see them stay safe.

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