ABC News Live update: Dueling town halls with 18 days until Election Day

Plus, European cities impose new coronavirus restrictions as a second wave continues, and "Fire Wives" raise money to help those impacted by fires in the West.
24:07 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live update: Dueling town halls with 18 days until Election Day
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us in today's update president trump and former vice president Joseph Biden in dueling town halls. It took questions from voters on separate stages the president claiming the worst of the pandemic is over despite a surge. And defending his response to it. It was a big threatens the same time I don't think this country. Meanwhile Biden said the president failed the American people. Americans don't pay and keep him. He didn't say the word to anybody. Political team is covering all the angles with just eighteen days to go until Election Day. Also ahead as corona virus cases do surge across the country thousands of vacationers are touching down. In Hawaii the islands have finally reopened to tourists from. Here officials plan to welcome visitors safely. And a new restrictions in place in Paris and London as Europe faces a second wave. And the five year old being hailed a hero after solving the mystery of the missing leamer the animal disappeared from the San Francisco Zoo. How the bowl life. Helped get him back home and the reward now headed his way. But we begin with those dueling town halls from last night Joseph Biden spend a lot of the night outlining his plans for the future while the president tried to make his case. For why he deserves a second term. Both answering questions directly from voters ABC's Mary Burris has the highlights between. Overnight the candidates not face to face but still fighting from afar is offering contradicting vision for how to lead the country out of this pandemic would. That was okay with the masks I was good with that but I've heard many different stories that man's. When a treasure that doesn't Wear a mask or makes fun of folks like me when I was wearing a mask for a long time. Then British you know people say well it mustn't be that important. President trump says he and the country are on the men to even with cases on the rise. We have done an amazing job. It's rounded the corner. And we have the vaccines coming in we have the therapy is coming. But Joseph Biden said the president failed the American people that he said he didn't tell anybody because he was afraid Americans who panic. There's a presidential responsibility to lead. And he didn't do that he didn't talk about what needed to be done because he kept worrying in my view. About the stock market the president on defense. It was a fixture at the same. She's actually should legalize everything is going. The most shocking moment of the night trump refusing to denounce the fringe conspiracy group Q and on. Which based loosely believes Democrats are satanic had a file ring that only trump can stop. I know nothing about it. I do know they are very much like guests that pedophilia staged fight it very hard but I know nothing that I believe you don't know. I don't know no I don't know if I don't know. On the Supreme Court the president who is running as a pro life conservative wouldn't say if he wants Roe vs. Wade overturned its beaches right now while Biden still refuse to give a straight answer on whether he supports expanding the Supreme Court. But he's promising one suit saying voters have a right to know even as nearly eighteen million Americans have already cast their ballots that no matter what answer I gave you. If I sail past the headline tomorrow. There won't be a mom what's going on now. Both candidates also addressing issues of racism and how they plan to bring the country together. I'll say it loud and are very proud of it. And I have a great relationship because of what I've done with the African American community I'm very proud of the. The president who. Who refused to disavow white supremacy at the first debate grew visibly frustrated when asked why he hesitated to do so. We go again. Every time we checked but people can not should LSU the white supremacist question I denounce white supremacist. I tell you wanting if I'm elected president. Puma here me race pay you know he we divide evenly trying to unify eccentric Humphrey pushing divided on whether he's taking the black vote for granted. Besides you went black. What do you have to say to young black voters who seem voting for US for their participation and a system that continually fails to protect them. This young black women and men vote you can determine the outcome of the selection not a joke. You can do that. The next question is who am I worthy of your book cannot earn your vote. Vitamin. I think south. With eighteen days to go the president again selling doubt without evidence about the election's legitimacy it's your call to register just as she is no. Why are all that he's not doing a very good job providing saying win or lose he'll keep working towards a more perfect union. Mr. vice president if you lose what will that save you about where America is today. Well you could say I'm a lousy candidate and I didn't do a good job. I think. And I hope. Net. It doesn't say that we are as. Racially ethnically. And religiously eat at odds with one another as it appears. The president wants us to be. Now in the room last night it was clear Joseph Biden was really enjoying this rare opportunity to interact directly with voters even want to leave. He hung around for quite some time chatting with voters and answering their additional questions now next week the two candidates will have a chance actually come face to face in the same room at the final. Debate and Joseph Biden last night said he does expect to be there. So long as the president has a negative Covert test Diane night neighbors thank you. And I want to bring in ABC news deputy political director Mary Alice parks for more on this. Mary Alice after the first debate it's seen most of the feedback was that everybody lots trump Friday and the voters we all lost. What last night. Well voters didn't get a debate but for how they got something a little bit more subs and attempts. And actually just as revealing Kelley's book candidates could tock. Look I think that Joseph Biden really benefited from this format he could finish his sentence and he is always hides. This unique ability to connect with voters what he's talking to them one on one. And you could really see that last night. He gave these Kama sometimes very lengthy answers but he would often come back to the questioner he would say things like. Did I fancier crest and CEO and I think that voters really were sponsored that. As marries and I thought one of the most interesting moment the night was actually at the very end when Joseph Biden. Said that he was Dennis day and talk to as many voters who didn't get a chance to ask their questions. I was in that room when that happened if you could tell people who work. Genuinely surprised I think touch that he was taking time to do that and there was that young black man who passed a pretty tough question of the former vice president. He asked what about all these young men like me who just do not feel motivated to vote right now when the government doesn't seem to be looking out for them. And Joseph Biden's team afterwards ask for that Nance contact. They wanted to reach out to them is very typical about how do of how we Joseph Biden operates. And this format worked out for president Tran you know he got alcohol hologram questions from whole array of voters. NA in even flirted with it seemed a little bit one point. Yes but overall pretty of grass says you know and the president is known for being fiery and he did not disappoint. He was incredibly combative. Defense and at times. You know so different from Joseph Biden Joseph Biden would sometimes but he's very long answers at lots of policy possible policy prescriptions. The president just doesn't do that. He's very quick to brush. Packed any questions about what he specifically would jail if he was given four more years. He doesn't like going into policy of our legislation. You know it's worked for him so far but you have to remember the president is down in the polls. He's the one that need to shake something up here and I'm just not sure that he was able to do that last night you know he's getting a lot of bull about this morning for the fact that he. Was incredibly dismissive about how he's handled white supremacy. In this country you know he is said over and over again that he did announce is white supremacy groups. But we've all seen the tape we have seen time sort is taking days for him to do an act. And so when he's as a white always an ounce white supremacy. You know there's a very clear fact check there. And we've also talked a lot of this morning about how. He seems almost pray is that conspiracy grill you know his own FBI director has said of that conspiracy grilled. Have motivated violence and I think the president is gonna continue to get very tough questions about why he is not. Just say that it is a violence potentially violent conspiracy group. Why he is offering. I'm seemingly hopeless calm her praise of an organization like that. They you're tired of that moment when they were talking about acumen on them I'm guess you're trying not to say their name and I get that. But I just want the viewers understand that that that moment you know the the longer format it seems we did get. Some more clarity in a few Arab areas the president clearly denounced white supremacy. When it came to that other question you said he really didn't know enough about the group to denounce it as a conspiracy theory. Meanwhile Joseph Biden said he's not a fan of court packing that's the most we've heard from him on that but he still won't say if he'll do it or not promising an answer. Before the election even though people have already started voting what you think of these moments where they offered kind of more than they have in the past but. They still seem to dance around seemingly straightforward answers. Right Joseph Biden is really struggled with this answer about whether or not he would expand the court. I thought I was inches in the question last night came from a Democrats. Who actually seem to be in seamer of this possibility and and Joseph Biden really struggled to relate to why so many Democrats. Think that this might be a measure that Democrats should explore. LT he didn't want to go there but your right he he did say that he wouldn't give voters an answer if Republicans rushed to this confirmation hearing while. They are rushing this confirmation hearing we know that there are planning to vote on the confirmation of judge Tony Barrett around Halloween. So did Joseph Biden is gonna give an answer on how he will react to that. He's only gonna have a few days from when there is a possible vote to win the final votes in the presidential election our cats. So as a lot away and saying that he is gonna keep getting questioned a talent he is. Very clear about how is going to react to Republicans and move here. Trenton area as parks thank you the election now just eighteen days away. But remember early voting has already started in many states you can find out how to vote in your state at 538 dot com. And the pandemic appears to be entering a new face a new surge is emerging across the country with the US reporting more than 51000. New cases a day. Ounce for as has more from Illinois which just recorded its highest daily rise in cases since the pandemic started. This morning some experts warning the latest Kobe data is clear and points to its storage surge of co bid nineteen under way across the country. New cases a catapulting 18% just this week. Here in Illinois 4015. New corona virus cases reported Thursday alone the highest one day increase since the pandemic began. You've been following the numbers here in Chicago. This is not a good week for covad. Cases also on the rise in states like Ohio North Carolina and Wisconsin. Where they have readied a field hospital near Milwaukee for overflow co bid nineteen patients tearing hospitals could soon run out of room some regions here dealing with staff shortages and icy use that are 90% fool. This is recovering. Away from them for folks in mister Wisconsin and in Seattle researchers say a nursing home residents is that the word known person in the US to have been infected twice with corona virus. A man it's in his sixties and spent forty days in the hospital in the spring before testing negative multiple times. Only to get sick with cove it and five months later and as we head towards Thanksgiving and holiday planning millions of Americans facing tough choices. That shrub administration's test things are telling ABC news Thursday that families even those who get tested and should think twice about how they celebrate this year. You can't rely on testing negative you're negative one day you could be ponder the next day or the next day and so on. You can rely on that on as sort of your your heart did say it's okay to get together and I wouldn't risk my family's life my mother's life on that. So Diane families will have this so many things to consider as we approach the holidays but there is as some good news on the vaccine front Pfizer says they believe they could have a vaccine ready for approval by the third week of November Diane. Right that sounds like a bit a good news outlets present Chicago thanks Alex. And a second wave of Covert nineteen is also sweeping through Europe now some of its biggest cities are instituting new restrictions. Paris is imposing overnight curfews in London is banning people from different households from meeting indoors. A wedding in London was even rated a by law enforcement for breaking covad restrictions. And Liverpool became the first city placed under the UK's tightest new restrictions. Forcing businesses to close but what you're seeing there is house some responded with a sort of protests to rave against the lockdown that when we haven't seen before. Italy Poland and Germany have also recorded their highest cases since mass testing started. And we turn now to a social media crackdown on conspiracy groups ahead of Election Day. YouTube is removing videos related to groups like Q and on in an effort to curb hate and violence. What Johnson has more. Hours before that town hall in which president trump refused to denounce the conspiracy group Q and on. I know nothing about it. Do know they are very much like guests that kind of see it yes they should fight it very hard. YouTube launched a new crackdown on the group. Whose followers are sometimes visible at pro trump rallies donning the letter Q on T shirts and signs excuse planes save the world. The platform owned by the same parent company is Google saying in a statement. We are taking another step in our efforts to curb hate and harassment by removing more conspiracy theory con ten used to justify a real world violence. Additionally we've removed tens of thousands of Q and on videos and terminated hundreds of channels under our existing policies I am 100%. Behind Q. The movement that started almost three years ago his face in the unfounded conspiracy theory that a group with Satan worshipping. Child sex trafficking A list celebrities and politicians. Are trying to secretly overthrow president trop videos espousing the conspiracy have been a key part of spreading its beliefs. This move comes a week after FaceBook announced its own ban on any pages groups or insert rim accounts connected to cure not. The FBI recently called those conspiracy theories a potential domestic terrorism threats. Diane and I would Johnson Forrest thanks wit. And record high temperatures and gusty winds are sending more obstacles for firefighters out west. The Cameron peak fire is now the biggest wildfire in Colorado history and California is facing its worst wildfire season in history. But us first responders are trying to get it all under control some of them have lost their own homes in the process. Now fire wives from the area are banding together raising money to help those who lost everything. Brand case in and Brooks dollar to the women leading that charge join me live now to tell us sell about a good morning ladies thanks for being here. Green beans. So we and a how this'll start. Found. I just pretty close and his pretty close aware and and lax regulation quarter was aren't where I mouths our houses. I was in the Nixon. City has enough and an. And aligned in the house all the emotions of Iraqis and human beings and has started his idol alum. Me and what these guys are doing and end yearning it's your goal people lost their homes and then buyer. There's something isn't ice out Ashley and I. Elaine and human passion she knew many are Ali thank god knows how long that Rhodes. Hosts and an angry the daughter of the entire him. Mission to recede and an. From there angry shouts you. And we continue to grow thirteen months multiples are why I'm from we're all you where her is that. And gotten more slowly on our team. Even win. Raise money. And directly to the east. And and Burkle a what did you think when you first got that call from began and talked just now about. About this goal of viewers to help these homes and higher raising that money. Yeah I understand the copper Rihanna and wait let's do you as it was cheaper product. Like this ot the an opportunity to take such tragic situation and Britons and beauty to it and of course Qiyue our Brothers and sisters. That have lots something and I am in very tight so. We knew as ice we had to step and you the best he could be cut together pretty scantily is. So yeah we win. Some look at razors and we decided we are gonna check it is different things we were like let's. Brainstorm ideas that people with really. You know enjoy and it would be from didn't that they can participate and and not just locals but all of curtains and that's where we wind and science and and created a look I never. Go true words. At present English honors are presenting our. Direct hire heroes a slug even our linemen here as. And and went for the shirts did create facts is that they did banks you represented. Those individuals that lost everything so how are you raising the money and I was the ultimate goal how many homes are trying to save here. So there are well. Individuals. That have lost everything so. The ultimate goal here is cue it raises match front candidate directly. She knew their twelve. Firefighters that we had in those areas that have lost everything their volunteer fire fighters and so a lot of them aren't living. You know. He ejected page had a lot of them had didn't have. Home owners insurance because it's just so outrageous expression but the buyers so they bought everything with. No help but also ultimately the goal is to use saudis ions so dean's T shirts. Hopefully urge you contrite at dinner is different beings. Perhaps a grappled ending buy back to yellow begin the money directly back to those individuals but lost the twelfth. So brand how can people outside of that area help and what's your message to those of us who didn't experienced this firsthand. The challenges that you have faced out west with these wildfires this year. Honestly I don't think that there's anything that senator here anybody or be able to currently cross under the teaching and picture. And I surely didn't even understand and obviously I was her intimates and grand I still Qaeda that are regulated by blocking us and I were raining ashes. I heart her airlines. Needs dense smell. English writing and I wish I don't know you surely singing let me ask your hours. But it's an ounce as eating and not to mention our. Mountain. Areas where a lot of Eagles from all cancer enrolled this. Cool it hasn't been that ends our. Now how. Ashes it concurrently that is a huge historic. Linemen in our area and now seeing a lot about god awful I don't think that anything ever hear anybody at all. And also on the scene of the 81. When he then cruelly rash everybody. And you talk enough for you on an even. And at all and now she knew. Me and you ate mild buying and then to lose everything out. And even Washington. And she and he's finally Allen. Well we know that we often think about the sacrifices that the first responders on the frontlines make but it's also about the sacrifices that the families that they leave behind. Made to you guys. Are supporting them while they are on the front lines and so what you're doing just and that is already incredible let alone now this effort to raise money to help those who lost their homes. Thank you both I know the country's applauding your right now we certainly are too. Our best your family's. And a few more things to know before you go Hawaii is once again saying aloha to vacationers. The islands are lifting their mandatory fourteen day quarantine for the first time in nearly seven months. Instead tourists have to show a negative Kobe test within 72 hours of their flights. And create an online profile that includes a health. Questionnaire. Members of the K pop sensation ETS must be celebrating this morning after their record label being hit entertainment. Went public. The company was priced at roughly 115. Dollars a share. The biggest South Korean market debut in over three years earning the label is now worth more than four billion. With a B dollars. And it missing lemur is back at the San Francisco Zoo off thanks to a five year old. James train is spotted a 21 year old leamer Maki outside his daycare center and knew exactly what to do. And yeah. Oh yeah and what did you mean look I. Yeah. Common and gave. That led to the lemur look like a leamer. Another big question now is will James get that 2100 dollar reward that was offered from hockey's safe return. Here way he is waking up a winner this morning a zoo says they do plan to give him my life time. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis up next June disease report on how rising sea levels. Are impacting water infrastructure. We'll see you right back you're at 11 AM eastern. The latest headlines stay safe.

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