ABC News Live Update: Early evidence of new variant spreading in NYC

Plus, the LA County sheriff rules out alcohol in Tiger Woods’ car crash as investigators work to determine the cause, and the CDC’s new guidelines for reopening schools is met with criticism.
24:50 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Early evidence of new variant spreading in NYC
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update there as early evidence that a new parliamentarian is spreading rapidly in New York City. Researchers say it appears the mutation is another boat variant of concerns like the UK south Africans. And resilient various. A vaccine makers are preparing new booster shots to combat new strains as Johnson & Johnson is on the verge of becoming the third vaccine authorized in the US. JJ vaccine is shown to be effective against various the FDA could give emergency use authorization necessarily. Tomorrow night right now more than 13% of the population. Has already gotten at least one vaccine to. The LA sheriff his ruling out alcohol as investigators try to determine the cause of Tiger Woods' car crashes yeah. Also getting a look at how safety features in the car he was driving may have saved his life. Meanwhile a safety review was announced on Wednesday into the stretch of road work to crack. Woods is recovering from multiple serious leg injuries at an LA hospital. And the latest jobs numbers shows 730000. People filed for unemployment last week as much better than analysts predicted but it still higher. At any point before the pandemic. Meanwhile the house is set to vote on president Biden's calling relief plan tomorrow night setting up a critical vote in the senate. Democrats want to get the bill provides desk ahead of the march 14 deadline when unemployment benefits will run out for millions of Americans. An earlier this month the CDC released highly anticipated guidelines and opening schools and in the cove in nineteen pandemic but that guidance has been met with some criticism both from people who claim it is too strict. And others who say it's too loose. Now case numbers are dropping but more children are dealing with long term covad symptoms. So what do school administrators need to consider. A strain Children's Hospital Philadelphia policy lab director doctor David Rubin for more on this doctor Ervin thanks for joining us we know you're busy we appreciate your time. Carries know what you're taking is on the CDC's specific case number and test positive that he raped threshold for reopening schools. Rookie John W armed Sarah Tibet I think CDC kind ought to write. On this one I you know I I I think you guys let's go to remember the CDC is speaking on behalf from wall who owns. Around the country from a large urban school district down to our smaller. Schools so you know a lot of the critiques have have recognized that their individual schools. Need to make her own short choices informed by the evidence and I think but the CDC provides a real two lane markers. How to think about when to return to fall in school instruction or when to reopen for those who haven't reopened. And I think it's the principles that matter most in that document that being recognizing. That his case incidence continues to ball in the spring of big window of opportunity is now opening two to return more has the classroom and for those who would critique. That those thresholds are really conservative. I think we're seeing the kind of declines that many schools are going to see themselves. Push right parents those thresholds and we're gonna get a lot more kids back to school. And government and the biggest point of contention that I heard. From school administrators is its recommendation of six foot distancing between children many say one is just not doable you can't bring all the kids back if you're gonna try to. Forced them to space out six because there's just not enough space in the schools but also that other data has shown that three feet between children. Is sufficient do you think that 68 is totally necessary particularly for the younger children. Well depends on what's going on community transmission grades if they're more tunes not at the door. With code infection in your really closely in kids into your new tension and only thing the CDC guidelines. Under age hastens their weekly case incidents have been cases per 100000. They recommends old school instruction with 62 quote the greatest extent possible. I think they've given enough flexibility preschools and try to land use horse race as muse and don't restraining. Our eyes those opportunities to mess my six but distancing but. They recognize that that many schools are gonna ignore underneath that barrier but they're just saying wait a whole nations here. We're seeing great declining chased instance right now in your window of opportunity is opening in and for every school. They can look at their relatively marker decider who you know what there. Are risky is as well community how well they've done in the all. I think deep relative message there is we're getting mayor and and and we recognize that we're gonna have bring extra barrier. And the other criticism that seems to be rising to the top is on ventilation the fact that the CDC guidance barely mentions it while some infectious disease specialist that should have been to say that should have been number two. Behind masking what do you think. Our team actually agrees Lou CDC. Set on that I think you have to recognize that. Around this pandemic you know the the basics of transmission. And our knowledge of transmission has not changed this is. Spread virus which requires close proximity and sustained. Contact and doesn't mean that under certain conditions in the right environment there might be some anecdotal cases and airborne transmission but that is the exception. Rather than the rule if you acknowledged. You recognized in the Malaysian GPU make improvements to revelation but it is not a primary cooling prevention mechanism masking distancing. Or your primary mechanisms. Keeping kids see kids out of school so I applaud the CDC for recognizing that because in some ways you can develop unity the you can develop paralysis thinking about ventilation isn't she. Primary intervention winning it's actually a secondary intervention among the old ones that were best. And then this seems shooting case study in a school in Georgia and found that teachers may claim wore her role in spreading code within children do so how much can that be held by Max knitting teachers. As long is as questions still exist so how much vaccines actually prevent the spread of the virus. We're we know that older UT adolescence. And adults are are principally those who are most likely to pour Ernst Indian national scene that thrill is endemic. It's not anything unique to teachers but it recognizes. You know obviously vaccination. Teachers certainly gonna help but we've spent a lot of time advising small districts reminds all helped teachers. Understand moves through the school during the day Beecher all of those great rooms where and when those mass undoubtedly have a coffee. With a friend and also recognized the value of testing would also recognized in the CDC guidelines. As a way to provide sort of weekly assurance testing and focusing and understaffed and try to help prevent asymptomatic. Intrigue individuals met the school. And then doctor and we're learning more about an uptick and multi system inflammatory syndrome among children. Who had a cold and or severe symptoms in children with acute coat it how worried should parents be in when you think children will be able to be vaccinated. No loan which the entire eliminate all risk but to us still today we don't seem evidenced in the string the significant complications in children are extremely rare. The MI a seems to be seen increases this year late in winter. Similar to last spring and murdered a sixteen weeks after the big piece in the in late December. In January but were seeing on national lines in pediatric browse positions they just lack behind the adult declines but still. The number power moisture remains. Very small compared to to what we've seen among adults in what regards to nations I think we do recognize that children and to the older you. Contributed themselves to your transmission and and you have the risk of these rare occasions we're doing vaccine trials they don't age well. At this point I would suspect nearly all the data that comes in from those Ronald. We're likely to see or older children and adolescents. Who lineup for vaccinations and I don't touch or anywhere. Appreciate your time today thank you. You diluted YouTube. And as vaccines roll out around the world to combat corona virus many in Europe are still skeptical and getting the shots. Some say this could lead to major cracks in the long term strength of the EU and could potentially cause. Major hurdles and a global effort to contain the pandemic James Longman has more. There's seedings and then there are facts and you know could be really is what's movies fox team coming thing you keep saying next. Please. All we can't leave nineteen feelings often overwhelmed the facts and take. So it's quite players and people already interest in coming in today I just want anymore they think without I think what you have to say. At this small anti vax protest in front foot you'll save people braved the cold with a false beliefs. But Europe's anti vax is not just part of the reason Europe is lagging so far behind the United States in the race to vaccination. Hopefully. The government treats us like she didn't know we have liberty you know we can choose to Wear the mask or not we can choose to get the vaccine or not to miss my body nobody touches me. I hear regarding you was praised the relative coordination of its. Pandemic response compared to the US. Blocking down when needed closing nonessential businesses. And scaling back public events and now there's anger and chaos facing its vaccination program. France is one of those vaccines skeptic nations in the world in January to one poll said only 56%. Of people said they get the vaccine. The French have a long history of distrust in the state. We sort first turn when we spoke to people in this market in northern France but French people in general are leery of what to do so we can cut it cracked that we produced in record time we ask yourself if you didn't do it won't be tuning in Santa what it was yeah de France was once an immunization pioneer. Increasing the shelves and protect against tuberculosis and rabies even when the renowned pastor institute abandoned finding a kind of in nineteen vaccine. He was seen as a national embarrassment. Right now full point 9% of people in France have received the first studies of the current nineteen vaccine in Germany has around fifteen point 8%. And those numbers. Pale in comparison to those the UK but about 25%. Of people who already received death thus channel. I think everybody he's been able to beat the didn't. Vaccination program. Can be incredibly credible report as being achieved. Britain freshly practically from the EU ordered the AstraZeneca vaccine three months to fool the European Union even though Britain didn't need breaks it again that doses since technically each country could have ordered Dara and it's made breaks into good. Just like Britain having one of the highest death rates per capita. The bush EU rollout is for the main EU powers on the defensive. Must assume John I fully support the European approach that we. Because we should not vaccinated one country over another so one walls Europe's only Sloan. It's a question of risky UK walls prepared to pay more and take more risks and liabilities. And the EU wasn't in Brussels also wanted all 27 member states to act together. The painfully slow process in Brussels is now playing catch up and waiting on AstraZeneca to deliver the promised doses while battling a hesitant public and even though Europe's medical agency gave AstraZeneca the green light. Many European countries said there wasn't enough data to prevent blood to the over sixty five's. Public confidence further erode it. And in most common friends is fair enough. Adolescent sex. The hang me that it is bitter to make nature takes its curse. I learned to hang. Yeah. The directions after a vaccine that. It should be and going to prison. Also in the book will my posture of Indonesia freedom's defense has and they ticking transit. The man is still regularly afoot phones to stay it's not too intense fan. In our privacy. And then another serious dynamic at play is tokenism on the rise and promises about why do you think. A yes then they're rise until I sooner rounds in Europe and inference is absolutely and its allies of Peru Peru's inspections. Hungry Carnie seeing a worrying until the far right to the clampdown on free press is going its own way faltering Russian and Chinese vaccines. Although populist movements from Italy to France have gained an ITT. This vaccine chaos is testing the very fabric of U ninety do you. James Newman ABC news lives. Paris. And I thanks to James for that report. Not a Tiger Woods and the new details on the car he was driving when he rolled off an LA highway on Tuesday. Experts now say certain safety features in the car may have saved his life. ABC's transportation correspondent GO Benitez has a closer look. This morning as investigators search for answers in Tiger Woods is horrifying crash attention now turning to the car he was driving. The new luxury SUV by hunting the Genesis GD eighty had already received early critical acclaim. But now experts are pointing to its unique design and air bag positioning. This morning GMA getting an exclusive look at crash tests underway right now by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Here you see what the rear features. An air bag between the two front seats one of the ten airbags in this car. Airbags deployed all of that and however thankfully. Interior was more or less intact which can I gave him. The cushion to survive. Woods sustained injuries to his legs but apparently not to his head or torso. W always. In the WO or. You're. Vendors were Genesis calls its reinforced passenger compartment. Here are the IRA chest conducts its roof strength test the roof seems to hold up. But it's not the only car getting high marks the IIHS now releasing a list of ninety top safety text. Which provide good protection in crashes sufficient lighting from headlights and effective front crash prevention. From the Honda Insight and accord to the Mazda CX three. To the Ford Explorer banned several other Genesis models the Genesis GV eighty is still undergoing those tests. We are when we release we all your goal. Smog. That you will read and award winning beer call. You. Us. So what should you look for when you're buying a new call our. You're going after the car dealership but a top I didn't CD features an issue for our automatic emergency brake in. Forward collision more and I'm blind spot warning. Re cross traffic alert. In this isn't a safety feature but definitely check it crashed. By September 20/20 two all new vehicles will come with automatic emergency breaking a feature on the GPA to. And many already come woods assisted driving feature. And you've got to remember those assisted driving features they're for nominal but they're just that to assist they are not meant to replace the driver. And at the end of the day this is the most important safety feature the seatbelt you gotta Wear. Diane good advice GO thank you. And we come back our own Lindsey Davis joins me live to talk about her new children's books. And how she's paving the way for a new generation of journalists were very attractive. Welcome back I am very excited to introduce our next guests and her latest brilliant accomplishment the new children's book stay this way forever. Is it beautiful love letter to our children and a shave writ. In my own household. So happy to be joined by Emmy award winner New York Times best selling author and a member of our ABC news live family ABC news live I'm anchor Lindsay gain if Lindsay. Welcome I'm so excited to talk you about this book because I know I told you this already but I literally cheered. The first time I read this to my son because I delegate really encapsulated. The way I feel about him right now which is sometimes they just want us reason Miller Griese is moments that I have with them and I want him to stay this way forever and that's exactly the sentiment. Back comes from this book. Well I'm so glad. Personal thank you for ammunition Diana I'm so glad that you're having this reaction because well what's funny is you know and in writing a book it's a long process especially when it's illustrated so I had written it doesn't transcript does it manuscript was approved months go by. And then they mailed its in me and I was reading it's my husband son and cry and dozens and now we're starting to get so much feedback from parents were saying they teared up and that there emotional about it. I think that so many parents can relate sadness that that you kind of want to press the pause button and just seeing her in these moments and and there are so many things that you know their fleeting about childhood. But then there are those other aspects that you really hope that they're gonna carry with them into adulthood there. Cherry city creativity and passion for life I know that my son many times that they would we're going to bed he'll say tomorrow's going to be the best day ever and I hope that he keeps that we didn't you know that that that to the possibilities are tomorrow or some it'd be so excited about. Now we want them to learn from us than in so many ways we kind of want to remember to learn from them to and that steer and now my son's shoes so you know he here appreciate it. For many different reasons particularly in the beautiful illustrations which are solo and that your son. It's sad min. Hell isn't too relayed his story to him an Al how much influence did he have on this oh he is the entire inspiration of this spoken and really my news for all the children's books and he sees himself it in the books as far as like get this is pretty much slate taken exactly out of our holdings on the screen are live now there is. And that an end and really what was happening in the end of the day I was kind of writing down specific moments and ugly hearing that computer patter of his feet in the morning. And before he jumps in to bend Wisconsin and you know that the certain ways that he kind of squeals when he blasts and just like you know. Ali is moments that I know that all parents. Has been really savor an embraced. So this is originally taken out of our our life and and my son now what what I find so you he'll take a stack of white papers and staple it and drop his own pictures and rightly alliant -- not. Just like you and so is so it's fun that he's getting in on the whole process and I want to show you just so viewers at home though they don't have to take my word for and I wanted to show you. A little clip of what generally happens every single night at our house now take a look. Ali you her story walk at Cambridge but do on the yeah me too line that had been Aaron. Flew. To new book. This I'm. Train a new book there's. Every no date. So he does actually now David title earlier. I understand that it's entitled most of the people would and but still we feel we've had for weeks now and every single night this is the book that he wants to read said that you know that's the review next hour loans I love it and I look here actions it originally again here yeah. Well yeah and the other thing about with all your books is they depict it. Kids of all different races and colors and in this particular case. It is a family of caller that your portraying and yet this book doesn't feel like it's only for families of caller how important is it cheap for U. To be introduced saying. This you know this diversity shoot kids at such a young age and hopefully for families involved at. Racists you know it's so important and it's funny because initially when I started writing books it was so that my son it would have been there in the reflection of himself into the pages that she would see images in in kids who looked like him and I read it SA years ago and it was called. Mir's windows and sliding glass doors and I found this is so profound because now I'm not just trying to effect the mere image but the window for other children to be able to Shapira to a world that might be on familiar from their own so. This is not just you know the outside and what it looks like urban vs burger this is just introduction to children maybe you live in an area where that's not very diverse is your kids don't come into contact with kids who don't look like them and and so books and toys would be I'm really easy introduction. To get kids familiar because I think so often we fear what we don't know especially coming off club the so called -- racial reckoning in the in the summer protests that we haven't parents were saying you know what can we do what kind of conversation shall we have and I think that this is a way just you know. Looking your own book shelves. And this is kind of a lot my diversity challenged and see beyond you know a snowy day do you have any books. And that that would different from your own child and I think that. Parents need to kind of why move that that view forum for their children and again new concern with books and the books really made me celebrate differences they also point out. What these kids all having calming of the spirit in our children and their building rocket ships and they're talking about castles and unicorn. The same any kid does so are you really do this. And beautiful way and this is your third Childrens book so what's next. Did you know it's so interesting and kinda started this is just it was going to be a one off than it was really kind of you know lol I I really feel that I want to do this I feel like and I should do this just economy increased diversity invokes. And now they really taken Austin and become best sellers this cool new one is now best seller on and on Amazon in the top ten yesterday and as I'm just thrilled and that the message is really resonating. And similar looks to come. I can't always sir how so I can't let you go and that congratulating you and your new role to the anchor world news tonight Sunday. They are the first black woman to anchor of primetime ABC news show in eighteen years so. What do you say if future generations. Stumble maybe reams bug. Who have big dreams of following your. But that's well you know I have to and I do you every time you know pay homage to Carole Simpson because she was reversed in 1982 became the first black woman to anchor any network newscast not just cheered at AB CNN so I'm so grateful for those pioneers and trailblazers people who didn't let known or can't or not seeing an example. Keep them from pursuing their dream and whatever their desire is an and so I would just. Encourage anyone. Who was out there in do you say I want to be this even if that person doesn't exist who looks like you. Go ahead and and believes your own trail on your walking a year living in and we lobbied for it Lindsey. Thank you so much for being here is Davis wait forever is available now highly recommend thank you so much Diane. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live as your free all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see back here 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"24:50","description":"Plus, the LA County sheriff rules out alcohol in Tiger Woods’ car crash as investigators work to determine the cause, and the CDC’s new guidelines for reopening schools is met with criticism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76112372","title":"ABC News Live Update: Early evidence of new variant spreading in NYC","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-early-evidence-variant-spreading-76112372"}