ABC News Live Update: Fires continue to rage in the West

Plus, a preview of the first presidential debate set for tonight, and the grim milestone of COVID-19 claiming one million lives.
19:31 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Fires continue to rage in the West
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update the corona virus has now claimed the lives of more than one million people worldwide. As a new study shows a dramatic increase in cases among children but the CDC is saying as more students and teachers returned to the classroom. Also ahead we're just hours away from the first presidential debate president trump and former VP Biden will appear together on stage tonight for the first time. In the twenties when he race for the White House. This is the New York Times reports on how the apprentice may have saved the president from financial disaster. And a judge in the Rihanna Taylor case has ordered the grand jury recordings being released as well new body camera video shows. Is now raising questions about police conduct after her shooting. But we begin with the wildfires in the west for at least seventy major fires are now burning across ten states. In California nearly four million acres have already burned this year and in northern California the governor has declared a state of emergency. Arcane or whitworth is there. Overnight homes and structures. Incinerated. Nearly 80000. People told to evacuate. Out of control wildfires raging throughout northern California to care resembling an erupting volcano. Dissolve fire turning deadly. I'd slip sudden heart related. Come agreed today to say we've had three deaths. In Sonoma and Napa county nearly 70000. Acres burned so far with drought conditions. Home after home sales came to link. CBS hospital forced to evacuate all of its patience for the second time in a month. Hardest part is number one trying. Keep them from being future we'll. James Aiken for rescued after a burning car blocked her skate through would be left with nothing dimming just literally. Christmas. So lucky to be alive with parts of California at tinderbox images of destruction showing just how miraculous the survival stories are. The band sitting right there behind me two firefighters they've been working for 48 straight hours. The army and the final with a home right now that kind of contact moment to. Fifty yards away and convinced that we refer them to died down and the red flood warnings are starting to move self absorbed and but his head as actively burning while they are actually murdered many time happen for. But more than a century. They and that's why there's so far from over. Sure terrifying for residents there came a thank you. And for more on these I'm joined by ginger zee ginger. It seems like there's no end in sight when it comes to these wildfires what's the latest on the forecast in and you CNN's. To this. I don't unfortunately Diana I think the pattern has set up sentinel lot of these places near and take extreme drought which I'll explain in a bit but first let's start with the immediate forecast because that's the immediate threat. We do have red flag warnings all the way up there from Morgan down to San Diego and Riverside counties and that's because of her right at this moment we have the pattern set up. For winds off shore and Southern California that always creates problems because you can heated up in drag out even more so. We already saw close to records yesterday about a hundred for Burbank Los Angeles than anyone he alone just makes it hard for firefighters it's the wind when you have a forty mile power gusts expected. That can really fuel and make those fires more erratic and take a relative humidity down Diane. Between eight and 12% and so this is really the problem you've got that jet stream that's much helping Canada. Simone Wheeler ridge lake says you have high pressure systems under high pressure systems rotate clockwise. We're showing in the flow that's up in a cut in the middle of the atmosphere what that does is settles the air it does not allow it to lift to force sweep out. And cell you're gonna end up with heating and so they heating we'll stick around Irving went on for Wednesday when a two Thursday. And it just gets drier. And drier Diane engineer we know this has been a record breaking fire season in California can you explain a little bit about why this season has been so bad. Yet this map will really help out Diane so then just. Let's start with what's happened said that Allen you complex fire that's now the fourth largest in California State history. Remember they had all of the lightning strikes that started that one. Had them that complex of the August 1 which is the largest in California State history he got other areas that have burned in the last couple of years but now this last fire is burning one the only prison that has not burned yet so you have all of this tender and you heard -- SA. It's then a century for Sunday's places that you have a lot of that foliage. And it is extremely dry and seat at all of these conditions together and the fire burns where it can Burton we also are in extreme drought in much of Oregon up into parts of the cascade. And just east of them. Down into northern California so it is dry and drought as we say B gets drought so this type of pattern. Going into winter with Latin Nina does not bode well for Southern California looks like it would be on the drier and the only thing that could be helped out by the shift in pattern. Would be the Pacific northwest potentially getting a little wetter but we always say that I think it's really important to note. He don't forecast adding moisture for an area that has been this dry and top of all of this you've gotten bark beetle. And some of the land management issues that we are worried about in California Washington and organ so watching all of that unfortunately does not look great going into the rest of this fire seasons and. All right you may not be an at a forecast more estrogen to go we will cross our fingers for it thank you for. And a New York Times is out with a new report on the president's tax is saying the apprentice may have saved him from financial ruin. At this comes a day after the times reported that the president is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and paid no income tax. In eleven of the eighteen years of information at times examined him ABC senior White House correspondent to see Vega has more on that and the president's wrist. Ponce I'm Donald Trump. It was his images successful reality TV star business mogul that helped him win the White House in your. You're fine but this morning the New York Times is reporting that image was far from complete and tax records the president has refused to release show that when the apprentice debuted in 2004. President trump had clocked in almost ninety million dollars in losses from his core businesses but the paper says he still went on to heard a 197. Million dollars from the hit show I'm looking for. That led to hundreds of millions more in lucrative endorsement and licensing deals as everything from Domino's pizza and Oreo was to laundry detergent answered it mattresses and that's not all. ABC news has not independently reviewed the records but according to the times. They also show the president entered into several questionable deals that left consumers on the whole. The times writing mr. trump had always skated close to the edge of fraud suit she would be accused of crossing the line completely. And the paper says the president earned nearly nine million dollars partnering with the marketing company accused of suffering people into spending more money than they earned selling the product. The paper says the president also earned two point six million dollars encouraging people to spend 500 dollars on a kit to sell vitamins to friends and family. And according to the times he raked in 300000. Dollars for speeches where attendees paid thousands to share the secrets of wealth. But the times reports that even with the additional income the president seriously struggle to stay out of the red and used his losses and questionable deductions to drive down his tax bill. Paying zero federal income taxes in eleven out of eighteen years they examined and just 750 dollars the year he won the White House. And in 2017. There was news made. The president's defense he now says he paid many millions of dollars in taxes but was entitled like everyone else to depreciation and tax credits. But with the election just weeks away Democrats are not letting up. We authority known that he puts his political priorities and trying to the American people. But we are now seen this in a way that is and that's and it clearly hesitant. He also is prepared to put his personal interest. The head of the American people. Now the New York Times says president trump will soon over 421. Million dollars in debt that's money that could come duke. While he is an office if he's elected to a second term Nancy Pelosi the house speaker she's calling that at national security threat saying that Americans have every right to know. Whom the president goes and it's not just the Democrats right now diameter pouncing on this we talk to national security experts. For raising concerns about four interest they say the president telling debt like this money like this. Could lead him compromised just for an actress Diane. Right Cecilia Vega forest in Washington thanks to Syria and we'll be sure to hear president trump responding to those reports tonight as he faces off against former vice president Joseph Biden in the first. Presidential debate in Cleveland. This will be a debate unlike any we have ever seen before there be no handshakes. And no opening statement and just be limited socially distanced audience. The miss just one month ago now until the election and tonight we could see the sharpest contrasts yet between these two candidates. ABC's Mary Bruce has more. This morning the candidates just. Hours away from coming face to face for the first time in this race and already the gloves are off. And what is not is it done guy. Look sick people who the presents a liar. I'm means they know that it's not like it's. Steve. Could come as a surprise hanging over tonight's debate those questions about the president's tax it. After that stunning report from the New York Times alleging trump paid just 750. Dollars in federal income tax in 2016. The year he won the White House that same year in a debate with Hillary Clinton trump took credit for avoiding taxes he. Only years that anybody's ever seen where couple of years when he had to turn them over. To state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license and they show. He didn't pay any federal income tax. So let me get this arcade is zero ME 04 troops trumps taxes and business record are sure to be in Biden's cross airs tonight. But the former vice president is also bracing for trump to go personal. He's gonna want to make it personal he's gonna wanna give them a mosh pit. I'm gonna talk about why I want to be president I'm states. The official topics for tonight's debate include both Biden in Trump's records the economy the Supreme Court recent unrest and the pandemic. Friday and has been off the trail preparing but trump. He's been campaigning full fifteen keeping of a packed schedule with nine events in just the last week. Says his job is prepped enough yeah. Civilians it's. Time I mean not a lot more not. I'm alternative country M I don't you know I don't have the luxury but he's still trying to downplay expectations. He's been doing it for 47 years and I've just started doing this stuff. And Biden heads into tonight's debate with a ten point lead in national polls he's also up in several key battleground states like Pennsylvania where our latest ABC news Washington Post poll out this morning just biding now with a nine point lead. Biden is also very familiar with this setting he is down 26 presidential. And vice presidential debates but Diane he has never. Faced an opponent like Donald Trump. Parent Mary Bruce forest in Cleveland thanks Marian you can watch the debate right here on ABC news live coverage begins tonight. At 7 PM eastern stay tuned. After the debate also from reactions and analysis from our powerhouse political team. And now to the latest on corona virus the death told from the pandemic has topped one million worldwide. In the US cases are increasing in 32 states plus Puerto Rico. This is a new study raises concern about the spread of virus among children he the pilgrim has our story. Overnight another grim milestone in the global battle against cope a nineteen. One million lives now lost to the virus worldwide. This as a new study is breaking this morning on kids and covic. The American academy of pediatrics and children's hospital association looking at a five month period from April to September. Finding a dramatic increase in the number of diagnosed cases among children. The data showing pediatric cope with cases rose from 2.2 percent about Covert nineteen cases reported nationwide in April. Did 10% in September 12 year old Elizabeth mix new from Atlantic beach Florida believed to be one of those cases. Her family says she passed on Friday after a ten day battle with the virus. I never got her words yeah. In the US where we've surpassed 205000. Fatalities cases are increasing in 32 states and Puerto Rico more than half the country. Monday afternoon president trump a formally announcing plans to distribute 115. Million of rapid tests across the country in the coming weeks. By the president's side at the announcement recent task force addition doctor Scott. Ellis a new our radiologists with no background in treating infectious diseases. Noticeably absent doctor Farrell chief doctor Burks and CDC director doctor Redfield. After reports Monday that doctor Redfield was overheard saying doctor that was is rob on most issues the CDC releasing a statement say. That while there to agree on many issues they disagree on the rest of kids the importance of masks that Wear the country is with herd immunity. Overnight doctor found she asked if he was worried about false information getting to president trump. I'm concerned that sometimes things are sandy. That are really taken either out of context or I actually incorrect. ABC news reached out to doctor atlas he is not commenting on the White House telling us in part that the president. Consults many experts both inside and outside of the federal government. Who sometimes disagree with one another Diane. All right even pilgrim thank you. Anybody can video from the night embryonic Taylor was killed is raising new questions about police conduct in the investigation. Visit the judges now ordering the grand jury recordings from the case be released Alex press has the latest. Or are. Overnight a county judge ordering the release of recordings and documents from the grand jury that indicted just one of the officers involved in the shooting death of Rihanna Taylor. Those records said to be filed incur more possibly making them available to the public. State attorney general Daniel Cameron saying his office would comply with the judge's ruling a lawyer for one of those grand jurors who is speaking to GMA overnight. Public deserve to know. Musicians of accountability and public are law enforcement community. Urged. This comes as police funny Kim videos from the neighbor Rihanna Taylor was killed obtained by advice news. Are raising serious questions about how local police conducted their investigation of the box to rainy. The video has not yet been verified by ABC. Not back down truly a billion here. He you public integrity unit the task force responsible for investigating the shooting. According to vice news this video shows ex officer Brett Pincus in returning to Taylor's apartment. Before the PI you arrived it'd just after the shooting. Instead of being escorted away in isolated as department policy requires. On Monday Hank is in pleading not guilty to three counts of first degree wanton endangerment. Not for Taylor's death but for firing through a wall into a neighboring apartment. Another body cam video obtained by advice it shows the moment when Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth walker is placed under arrest. I don't know how are you. Walker was initially charged with attempted murder for shooting one of the police officers conducting the raid. But the charges were dropped his attorney says walker was terrified. And fired a warning shot because he never heard police identified themselves. You have a reasonable fear. I'll bet someone's about to use deadly force you are allowed to. Part one witness he initially cooperated Walker's account agreeing police did not announce themselves in a phone interview a week after the shooting. The recording obtained by vice news. Or. But according to attorney general Daniel Cameron a witness telling the grand jury last week that he did hear police identified themselves. Reports that suggest that witness is the same man that raising concerns about inconsistency. In his accounts. And answer at this point we don't really know when exactly or if those transcripts will be released to the public put attorney general Cameron insists that he presented a thorough and complete case the to the jury Diane. Manual we may see you soon enough ballots for us thank you. And a few more things to know before you go investigators are trying to uncover what caused a major 911 outages across several states. Multiple police departments from Arizona to Florida reported their systems were down yesterday. For roughly thirty minutes. Meanwhile Microsoft users across the country had an outage of their own. Outlook and Microsoft Office as will all the other programs were all affected making things extra difficult for those working from home. Microsoft says a recent change to the program was to blame. The Tampa Bay Lightning are champions this morning after winning the Stanley Cup last night they defeated the Dallas Stars in game 6220. The NHL is now the first major sports league in the US to successfully complete a championship. Since the pandemic hits. They play the post season in two separate bubbles in Canada hockey league recently carried out its ninth straight week with no positive Kobe tests. They're now deciding what the next season could look right. And we've got some girl power for this Tuesday morning a group in Florida made history this month as the first all female crew. Of the Palm Beach Gardens fire rescue department. It was the first time that cat didn't driver firefighter rescue lieutenant and medic on duty all happens to be women. Lieutenant Christina green county told GMA we are all lifting each other because there's a small quantity of us we are each other's biggest cheerleaders pretty cool. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm van Zandt thanks for joining us. Up next here Phillips reports on top of libraries inspiring a new generation of readers. We'll be right back here at 11 AM eastern with your latest headlines and again at 3 PM for your voice your vote. The break down until then have a great start your day.

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