ABC News Live Update: House prepares to vote on COVID-19 relief bill

Plus, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could be approved for emergency use by the end of Friday, and an 11-year-old entrepreneur starts a business to save for his college tuition.
12:52 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: House prepares to vote on COVID-19 relief bill
Good morning I'm Diana stayed at thanks for streaming with us in today's update the house is getting ready to vote on president Biden's nearly two trillion dollar cut in relief bill. But it now looks like it won't include any federal fifteen dollar minimum wage. The White House says president Biden is disappointed about that but it should make ability easier to pass. Since two moderate senate Democrats were imposing the minimum wage increase lawmakers are up against a march 14 deadline when bolstered unemployment benefits expire. The bill would extend those benefits and includes 14100 dollars in stimulus checks to most Americans 350 billion dollars in aid to state and local governments. And billions more for vaccine distribution Coleman testing. And grants to schools. The US could have a third op breast comment vaccine by the end of the day. Right now an FDA advisory panel is holding a hearing on emergency use authorization for the jobs and Johnson vaccines. The company says it's ready to start shipping out vaccines immediately as if it gets the green light. And president Biden has taken his first military action is president. The US military launched airstrikes targeting militias in eastern Syria near the Iraq border. Sources say the president chose the least legal options targeting a cluster of buildings used by the O'Brien backed militia groups at a border control points. The groups are believed to be responsible for the attack on a coalition facing Iraq last week. That wounded in US service member and killed a civilian contract. And and new report from the World Health Organization says one in ten people who test positive for Kobe nineteen. Well experienced long Holler sis and sit excuse me long Holler symptoms. That we see in adults suffer from symptoms for weeks. Or even months after being diagnosed now arcing children suffering these long term impacts one young boys and asking doctor found chief for help. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has more. I hear into the cold the pandemic doctors are still trying to understand a car. Constantly changing virus and how it affects children he in Missoula Montana and thirteen year old Hudson beer was a healthy seventh grader and now he's a culprit long caller. He came down with the virus in November and has not recovered when Kobe hit him mediators. Hard months later Hudson is in constant debilitating ringing in his condition not improving. Just last week Hudson got a chance to ask a doctor Anthony felt you for help at this lecture. Every game and I like. I had constant and I gains severe headache and Aaron I'm secret is stunning parents. Learn I'd bonding. My Harry cheers and making every error right. Wonder now they've got and how. Me senior well doctor county telling Hudson he hopes his body will recover. Adding that there's a miss interpretation about kids and cold it. There is a missed. Interpretation. About it is. That children are completely. Immune to any serious. Stuff tax you are a manifestation. Of that. Oh people who get a classic. Cold mid nineteen illness. And instead are re covering. They get multi system. Chronic. Signs and symptoms. That can be mild. Or it can be debilitating. We don't know enough about it Hudson. Or mean honestly tell you what's gonna happen over the next couple of months. You we year. In New York City in thirteen year old MacKey Flannery can relate to Hudson did you feel during that time well I US sick for about five games and India is pretty bad in and I eight felt completely signed for five days and then I got sick again and it really never went away phony Maggie telling us she still struggling after getting cold at last march and then again in early February everyday I eight will feel light had a day and night I'm having trouble breathing in the eighty chest had V next and I had to completely quit ballet I really just go to school in coming into my heart. Which she and Hudson are going through is into the multi system inflammatory syndrome that's found in children also known as MI AC. Thirty different category of rare with the so called long haulers he's been in and out of hospital. Five times now about 10% of adults who get Kobe experience this post acute cope in nineteen syndrome. Packs for short. Or symptoms last weeks to months to even longer view and more than 2000 children have been diagnosed with MIA SC since may 20/20 and while more than three point one million kids nationwide have been diagnosed with coded since the start of the pandemic. What's still unknown is how many of these kids are long haulers. We don't know enough people what interests you really inform us how could reach expected to get better I'm in her friends and tired. I'm in now or bets you're kind of a new example of an alleged that we're learning about asked where they're going so great now. Hudson's line a couple medications. And he does take an anti coagulant to shore in the day dilated her heart's coronary. Arteries. He's also. On a medication and that hopefully will help is migraines. The problem that that we have faced with continues that we treat one symptom and then another symptom or rises. And it is hanging stay current Sharon. These kids hanging onto the hope that things will get better and eventually the dock jays don't really know very much yes ten days parents apple and I went fast. But they have said that most of their other patients are just like slowly getting battered and had a little Latin stands to lose yeah. By any you hear me being eighteen wins business. A report ABC news nine Stephanie Ramos in New York. Anthony thanks for that is that only see it happen to adults even sadder only see it happen to kids and now let's get to some of the top headlines in technology today here's a double. In today's tech fights it should talk agrees to pay 92 million dollars to settle dozens of lawsuits the popular hacker accused of sharing private user data with outside parties including some based in China the mighty wind Goucher actual tape talking users at the deal still needs court approval. Apple releasing an update to fix it charging problem that's destroying some of its laptops. The issue has been linked to later models of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air the damage appears to take place when connected to third party USB hubs and docks. Finally watch out instant grams your comes in just about a new photo sharing app that is meant to replicating using a disposable camera. Multiple users can take photos on the same role everywhere gets to see the pictures the next morning so they can find out what developed overnight. Benazir take place in Diane back to you and our idea just thanks. And this morning we're spotlighting a young entrepreneur who started his own business to help them pay for college. Eleven year old heart Wilson that's right he's eleven years old started holding a candle business during a pandemic all to save money. To help them get to his dream school Howard University. Well now candles from the heart has taken off but I'm so happy to have heart Wilson joining me now. With his dad Michael to tell us his story thank you both for being you're so great to talk to you. So heartened what made you want to start a business at all let along what made you decide on a candle business. So he's actually in an eighteen hour. ET and Renee. Pack. Yeah. Let her I want to go yeah. And what do you think what's the best part running a business and what's the hardest part. Yeah. I leave it. And yeah. Does does dad ever help you out. Yeah. I. Might feel I see you nodding yes heart wedding day. So Michael like for you hadn't bothered to watch your son not you wishing for something but taking action to make it happen. He's. I knew this three. Something. Possibly radar on in his joy. She wanted. Is excellent news out. We. Sort out an entity when. Villeneuve son and I'd say and I see him like this anything in the war in Seoul. Just why. As a little and I knew. Something he really wanted to do so LeBron get to you know one. It is only anywhere or are. And so hard and wonder what are what win means you should be able to see that trained her to be able to go to Howard University. I took. It. And it what is it about that school that drug Yunnan. Lists. Last season. And Brittany. And a lot of kids would react to that by then just complaining to their parents and saying. Earlier period a match what made you decide I'm it'd take matters into my own hands and I'm gonna start a business of helping finance. Not what made you. I. Each Angeles. Because like most she does he feel he is located or not you know our. Losses all so. But once he says something about. It was like hey I want to miss my hour. I got okay you know like animals they let you know all. Clay and rock. Oh. My gosh that series at two council. Once he says yeah. XE series. Sit. Today. So hard did it surprise you how well the candles have sold so part. And he. Well we someone special. With a message for you heart I why didn't he. Howard University president doctor Wayne Frederick take a look. Hello this mess this up hot wheels Texas avenue all his mother of all UN abolish you have creative kind of business. And you intend to come to Holland continue to live there live. How it smacked back to those listed here. And he had. Youngest sibling. You bet news team and every got some other things in here and he and enjoy. What is things into an Italian is that he's key region for regimes how many of these things in the mail so that you can sound wall canoe out in the public stuff. Heart pretty big. You read it and put on your Howard and oh -- so excited for you Hart and Michael and thank you both for taking the time I know you're busy we want to let you get back your candle business. But it was so nice to talk to you thank you guys. And and congratulations are learning trio. And that does it for this ABC news live. Day before we go a quick programming note for you tonight be sure to check out an ABC news live special hidden figures. A look at some incredible stories celebrating the resiliency and triumph. But many black Americans some of whom you may never have Florida. That's tonight at 8 PM and 10:30 PM eastern right here on ABC news lives. I'm Diana database for joining us and remember ABC news glad it's here for you all day with the latest news. I'll see you back at 3 PM eastern with Kerry Marie.

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{"duration":"12:52","description":"Plus, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could be approved for emergency use by the end of Friday, and an 11-year-old entrepreneur starts a business to save for his college tuition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76137905","title":"ABC News Live Update: House prepares to vote on COVID-19 relief bill","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-house-prepares-vote-covid-76137905"}