ABC News Live Update: Moderna seeking emergency approval for COVID vaccine

Plus, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations soar as officials warn the worst is coming and President-elect Biden announces an all-female communications team as President Trump fights his election loss.
19:38 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Moderna seeking emergency approval for COVID vaccine
Fado thanks for streaming with us in today's update breaking news in the race for corona virus vaccine. Madeira is now ready to request emergency FDA approval and the find a vaccine is getting ready for distribution. This comes as officials warn of another surge in cases after millions of Americans traveled over the holiday for Thanksgiving. President elect Joseph Biden is breaking barriers with the announcement of key members in his new administration. Meanwhile president trump is still refusing to concede after more defeats in courts over the weekend we'll have the latest. And the gentle giant dubbed the world's lonely as elephant has found an unexpected friends can share. We'll tell you how the singer is helping to breathe a wild. We begin with the latest. On the pandemic to US reported more than 130000. New cases yesterday as more than 93000. People are currently in the hospital yet another record church. LA county is now issuing a stay at home order as new York city schools are preparing to partially reopen next week. But there is some positive news on the vaccine urge our chief national correspondent Matt gotten in has more. This morning but dirt on announcing it will file for emergency use authorization. For vaccine considered 94%. Effective across age race and gender. It will require two doses would dirt is vaccine uses. Messenger RNA that triggers an immune response creating antibodies to fight off the virus and unlike Pfizer's vaccine but during this can be stored in standard freezers for six months and in refrigerator for thirty days something that. Experts say will make it much easier to get to rural areas test for Pfizer's vaccine while doctors are not allowed to administrate yet sources tell us this morning United Airlines started shipping it through charter flights. Let them in place for distribution. In anticipation of fines are getting that emergency approval and that is health officials fear the worst of the pandemic is yet to come over 93000. Americans are now hospitalized with Covert nineteenth causing states to implement partial restrictions. But young people continue to party. This video emerging from a mask let's dance party near Houston the mayor called. Disturbing anti New York City 400 people attending any legal club that had to be shut down. The city's mayor tightening restrictions in general but relenting on schooling. There's less concern about the spread when it comes to younger kids but I feel for all our parents who are experiencing so many challenges right now. Mayor bill to bless you announcing that elementary schools pre K and kindergarten will reopen in person learning on December 7. With testing done weekly. A day and some of the most strict measures we've seen across the country are right here in Los Angeles today. A ban on public and private gatherings outside of the household takes effect in its. Get a turn this strip of restaurants that have served turned themselves inside out into the streets of LA here two bit of a ghost town for at least three weeks. Possibly more that's an interesting news added the CDC a committee is meeting tomorrow to discuss priorities who was going to get the vaccine. First now typically this takes place. After a vaccine is authorized by the FDA but this time in order to fast track to make sure the people can get those shots of the arm within 24 hours of authorization. They are fast tracking it. We believe that it will still be health care workers first responders and the people with poor most vulnerable who would get her first. Diane. I'm not gotten in Los Angeles for us thanks match and millions of people travels throughout the country for the Thanksgiving holiday even more than expected. Now health officials are warning we could see the pandemic get even worse ABC's GO many tennis has more on that. Following the biggest travel weekend since the pandemic started experts this morning are warning of another spike in cases. Two or three weeks down the line we may see a surge upon a surge. Triple A predicted fifty million people would travel for Thanksgiving even as the CDC warned Americans not to trust. To get proper precautions I think. Good to keep myself safe and then expose anyone else side along the way. States across the country reporting an increase in new positive cases 152000. Current hospital as nations have passed 90000. Houston doctor Joseph Barone is on the front lines in Texas where there was a reported record high for cases the day before Thanksgiving seen here comforting coded patient in the icu on Thanksgiving. She was very sad because she's in a room where she knows nobody I'm she was very emotional. Experts warn of a testing rush following the holiday weekend which some experts say could cause a nightmare scenario. So we'd have to build the kind of testing our capacity in our country where anybody who needs to able to get a task can get one we just don't. Kinda testing capacity we just never built. TSA screening more than eight million people at US airports during the holiday travel period many of those returning from Thanksgiving trips. May want to take a test but we're told test results could take much longer. But that means. Is a lot of people who are infected were infectious Google around spreading to others without knowing anything we can't tax people early we can identify them we can't stop the spread. Among the Thanksgiving travelers Denver mayor Michael Hancock was now issued an apology saying I recognize that my decision has disappointed many who believe it would've been better to spend Thanksgiving alone. Adding I apologize to the residents of Denver Hancock had sent out to sweet Tuesday night advising his constituents to avoid travel if you can. We're. Social distance and wash your hands but just minutes later in the mayor was seen boarding a plane to visit family in Mississippi. With one major holiday down doctor Anthony Stroud chi telling Martha Raddatz on ABC's this week this crisis is far from over. Oh I cannot see all of a sudden a relaxation. Of the kinds of recommendations are restrictions because. We're getting into colder weather in the even launch your holiday season as people travel to come back and forth. For Christmas. And that's exactly why health officials are urging Americans to just stay put for now especially with that vaccine just on the horizon. Diane we're so close GO thank you. And for the latest on Kobe travel safety that's an ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein got a rousing good morning help you had it. A nice and safe Thanksgiving you know people who did it traveled for the holiday what's the proper protocol for them to follow now. Good morning Diane. I mean yes person saw record numbers of Americans leaving every air part of the country and probably turn our Switzerland's really concern inch and as usual we have a lot of concern. Which people don't recognize that. Right and exposure would not yield useful is a cute with people and student they would. Get it. But if you're following yesterday's you don't wait another four days yes he urged to get it is easy you can rely on sheds and he changed right now it is lower now. Parish to get in warrants for casting agent saw in the Christchurch. Did you Charlton and of course on top of that. Seen massive lines and you. He issues so she can. Although born in each he's he's likely change your heart and ten days so that's really should be any Porsche and that you don't see his yeah the surgeon a slightly different way so. Recommend everybody glued to their public Health Department website and see what the recommendation is she really try to Richard or does it. Thanksgiving search for god to you right now. Well and you mentioned Thanksgiving surgeon yesterday doctor counties and you expect a quote surge upon surge in cases. Thanks in large part shoe Thanksgiving gatherings in and travel that we mentioned so. Howard health care workers preparing for this and you think the system in general is prepared. I need new assistant Kirk this level. Numbers of physicians I mean we're hitting record levels ideally is now 93008000. People. Crises right now just seen a steady increase is now you later in Thanksgiving and our system is just not designed to handle it and music and many holes and younger bring. Clock and needs of our people more enforcement aren't from this are being arson Massachusetts meeting with this he were casting her position is he started to a level where you don't have. Leash leisure elective procedures are gonna star star to be canceled again and becomes a secondary and this makes just you know it is. Sister Sharon O'Reilly and again that means he does increase in mortality wish that we. All warm toward it and let's talk about this amid Daryn a news a little bright side for his arraignment and is now the second drugmaker submit its vaccine for FDA emergency use authorization. So what do you know about the timing of approval and distribution and who might get his first and a how does this work in tandem with what's happening with Pfizer and their vaccine. He means to people the FDA has meeting. Spanish and then December 17 minute or she takes a few days to get better approval from the or C he's he's median immunizations. Needing to be a thing about our right snitch culture are trying to garner is essential workers vulnerable population is all it needs to be were. Operation were seated images cheap vaccines to see you see how. In many states have designated lower cost systems to be sort of meet is for those first and certainly aren't I didn't know what it's all. On our nation hostile seas are dry ice gloves files. That it is a mild mental. I think creations are ready to pitch should be confident that seemed to people but there are limitations. Sure why change due ability to us as we can. Minimize this issue or for the fire hazard in Madeira has left some of those issues each freezing or a Jewish. Another layer of complexity is she does regiment rate doubles logistical challenges every single inch again she doses and in a few weeks so I get a monumental challenge our incredible scientific achievement. All right so we will keep our expectations tempered and more importantly keep our safety protocols high. Tide actor Brownstein thank you. And now it's the latest on a presidential transition president elect Joseph Biden has just announced an all female communications seemed cash. Meanwhile president trump has suffered several setbacks in recounts and in the court's cash. As he tries to rumors his election lost at least 31 cases have now been tossed out including by judges appointed. By president trump himself senior White House correspondent Cynthia Vega had the latest. After weeks of delay today president elect Joseph Biden will finally received his first top level intelligence briefing and he's already pushing ahead on his campaign promise to diversify the White House. With the first an all female communications team and reportedly naming people lake near attend in to leave the influential Office of Management and Budget. Making her the first woman of color to run the agency this as president trump is still in denial about his election loss the latest reality check Wisconsin the term campaign spent three million dollars on a recount their. Only to come up short their demand for a do over leading Biden with 87 more votes than the first time around also a series of losses for teen trump in Pennsylvania. From the state supreme court's blistering ruling that said. They have failed to allege that even a single mail in ballot was fraudulently cast or counted. To the federal appeals court where a judge appointed by president trump himself repeatedly slammed his team's claims. Writing voters not lawyers choose the president and calling an election unfair does not make it so the president's former head of cyber security whom he recently fired for publicly refuting his election falsehoods. Is now going even further with his criticism. Calling the president's allegations nonsense. There was no indication or evidence that they risk any sort of packing more compromise how elections systems on. Before or pastor. Members are we did a good job they're right into a thousand times over. And while Biden is focused on his transition he's expected to do it in a medical walking boot for several weeks. After twisting his ankle while playing with his dog over the weekend and president elect now flashing a thumbs up during a trip to the doctor. Now doctor did confirm the Joseph Biden has small hairline fractures president trump. Tweeted out that video of Biden at the doctor with a message saying get well soon ask for president from. He's not saying he is not likely to ever concede this election he does say though that he will leave the White House when Biden is sworn in. But asked her whether president trump will attend this inauguration. Diane he says he knows the answer that question he's just not saying it publicly yet so we will wait to see. Okay president Tran keeping us in suspense as it may in Washington thank you. Over to Iran now where the country's top nuclear scientist was assassinated. The attack is raising tensions in the area with Iran blaming Israel and promising retaliation. Foreign correspondent James Longman is in London with more. This morning mystery surrounding the assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientists all yeah. An Iranian official now saying Israel used here is going to places to kill moss in for presiding remotely. Drastically changing and a highly acclaimed but a truck bomb exploded and gunmen mounted an ambush. All all out. And the response growing Iranian TV with a honey allergies or who comes to insist on funeral. Anger and sadness on full displaying. I'll chunks of death to America and death to Israel he rolled holding Israel responsible public they have yet to comment. It's pushed Iranian lawmakers devoted two weeks. News Corp. with internationally you create inspectors. Just as concerns grow over its uranium enrichment activity holdings further compromising the already weakened Iran nuclear deal. From which president trump withdrew. There's been a lot of fiery rhetoric that if this assassination was designed to push Iran into war without something they can can afford. What it does do is put the Biden administration. Into very cool quit position right to the start of the new president's time. Maintains long and porous in London thanks James. Shifting gears now you might have noticed some new deal emails popping up in your inbox because today. It's Cyber Monday and it is expected to be even bigger than usual Adobe is predicting two day will bring the highest number of online sales in history. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has a closer look at the numbers. And a top seller so far this holiday season Rebecca. This storefronts are looked lovely but that's not where people are going and they are sitting at home shopping from their couches. In store shopping this Black Friday dropped by more than 52%. As more and more people turned on line. Q pack up those bargains and boy did they shop online up more than 21% over Black Friday more than nine. Billion dollars worth of shopping. Don over the holiday weekend and one heartening statistic. More shopping was done at small business is smaller retailers which are so we need of our business during this pandemic. And many of them have now got online and created online shopping store fronts for customers so it is easier to shop your favorite small business right now. The top sellers over the holiday weekend toys electronics air pods and gear friars. And today is Cyber Monday expected to be the biggest day ever of online sales with sales expected to top thirteen billion dollars. Retailers are hoping that this will help make up for some of the losses to in store shopping but remember when your shopping online those impulse purchases. That kind you may just because you're there. They're a lot easier to abandon in your online shopping cart Diane. Ray good to know there Rebecca Jarvis thank you. And a few more things you know before you go a major storm is moving across the country as many Americans are still heading home after Thanksgiving. Houston experienced heavy flooding over the weekend was more than half a foot of rain and now the storm is bringing heavy rain to the East Coast. Damaging winds are expected early morning an afternoon from Wilmington to Philadelphia. Miriam Webster has named when he twenties award and the year. Pandemic. The company says sometimes a single word defines an error and that is certainly true for twenty point. According to the publishing company the first major spike in people looking out the word pandemic happened on February 3. The same day the first held in nineteen patient was released from a Seattle hospital. Searches for the word skyrocketed advice over a 1000%. Compared to the same time the year before. Other runner up sort of the year for on the virus and Malarkey. And the world's lonely is an elephant won't be lonely no more thanks in part of my hot pop icon care yeah. Come on the L Bennett has been at a zoo in Islamabad for 35 years and has been all along since his only companion died in 2012. Mall now after campaigning for years for his release shared managed to raise the funds through her charity free the wild. To bring the elevated to his sanctuary in Cambodia. Meanwhile celebrated I've posted some photos and videos on Lindsey Graham check it out. It's do. If you follow up. All new. Missionaries serenaded have and member of the floorboards are organization which also helped they're standing next here. And share also posted on Twitter thanking him prime minister of Pakistan for allowing the elephants at least. I'm teasing a heartwarming. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern yeah. Good latest update.

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{"duration":"19:38","description":"Plus, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations soar as officials warn the worst is coming and President-elect Biden announces an all-female communications team as President Trump fights his election loss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74462778","title":"ABC News Live Update: Moderna seeking emergency approval for COVID vaccine","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-moderna-seeking-emergency-approval-74462778"}