ABC News Live Update: President-elect Joe Biden to take oath of office Wednesday

Biden will be the first president sworn in without confirmed cabinet members, and with only one full day left in office, President Trump announces he will lift some COVID-19 travel restrictions.
16:23 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President-elect Joe Biden to take oath of office Wednesday
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Tom has issued an order lifting restrictions on travelers from Brazil the UK Ireland and much of Europe. How to move comes amid concerns of newer strains found in South Africa the UK and Brazil of the corona virus. Now the incoming Biden administration says the order will be reversed before it even takes effect. The soon to be Press Secretary writes on Twitter this is not the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel. Nearly 400000. People have now died in the US from Covert nineteen. Meanwhile president elect Biden will be the first president to be sworn in without any confirmed cabinet members. This confirmation hearings started today with Biden's nominee for secretary of Homeland Security. Vowing to keep the nation safe from threats like the assault on the capital. The love for this country that I learned from my parents. Only meet the January 6 attack in our cap capitals. All the more horrifying. Guess I should have the honor of being confirmed I will do everything I can. To ensure that the tragic loss of life the assault on law enforcement. The desecration of the building that stands as one of the three pillars of our democracy. The terrorists picked you felt your colleagues. Staff and everyone president will not happen again. Ahead of inauguration day tomorrow all the major bridges entering the nation's capital are shut down and thousands of federal agents and police. Are on high alert along with 21500. National Guard now on duty. And president trump is preparing his final clemency list before leaving office. After considering pardons for himself and his children in the face of possible criminal investigations. Sources tell ABC news that it's now unlikely. But he is expected to issue over 100 other pardons. For names like rapper and trump supportable waned situated this picture after meeting with the president in October. But not on the list his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani whose business dealings are under investigation by federal prosecutors in New York. He tells ABC news he's not getting a pardon and sources tell ABC news speaker Nancy Pelosi may wait until Thursday or Friday to send the article of impeachment to the senate. The constitution dictates that when she does the senate trial have to begin at 1 PM the next day. Now president trumps final full day in the White House First Lady maligning a trump is hitting a farewell of her own. In a new video the First Lady is defending her legacy highlighting her work on cyber bullying. And her personal touches to the White House our timing Imus has a closer look at the high points. And low points. My fellow medic tends. Because being dubious honor of my life to send us their CD of the United States. First Lady Maloney a trump saying goodbye to the White House and exiting just like she arrived shrouded in privacy. And they seem inescapable controversy. In her farewell address the First Lady defended her legacy but also seemed to hint at the violence inflicted by her husband supporters at the capitol. Be passionate in everything you do but police demand them. That the violence he's never had to and soon. And will never be justified. From the start Milan get trump made it clear she would be a different type of First Lady. Initially refusing to move to the White House reportedly sober son Barron could finish school in New York City. Then a devastating story broke and we're gonna begin that would that new scandal rocking the White House and stormy Daniels stormy Daniels the Wall Street Journal reporting the president's personal attorney at the time Michael Cohen. Made a hush money payments to porn star stormy Daniels to cover up at alleged sexual encounter. In the only one on one interview she did with the broadcast network she addressed this typical time. You did agree to this interview to your credit with no preconditions. Could only that there could be some some tough questions asked. You're not the first First Lady to have to deal with her husband's alleged infidelities has mystery on your marriage think he's not concerned. And focus a mind I'm on my benefit CD and have much more important things still think about them to do. I know people like could act respectfully can media next to speculate about our marriage and so it could lead to gossip. The scrutiny didn't end there when the First Lady decided to take on cyber bullying as he's ordered her to be best initiative. Many point to the irony that her husband was perhaps the biggest cyber bully on the planet what happened to you personally that you thought you were to tackle this issue. I could say I'm the most complete person on the world you think you're the most bleak personal one of them. If you do you see what people are saying about tools and sometimes you know people who would not. Say to you face to face but the hiking could be kinda keep books and that's the danger. I've seen your speech is about to be best. You make it a point to say adults have to set the example when it comes to be best and it comes to social media. He's tough when your husband. Goes on Twitter at he's also been known to name call and be so aggressive. An end to bully other people. I don't feel bracelet she posts. Fact she's action EC's action and to iPad content. I know I would be would he treat each sees him to talking about us have been waiting. But he could not stop me to do what it's right. Best initiative. Several countries in Africa to raise awareness about US UK ID programs there but this is Trump's actions even when she tried to show goodwill. Many times backfired. In Egypt in foreign of one of the world's greatest sights she seemed to turn the pyramids into a backdrop for an impromptu fashion show anyone up for most notable moments. While visiting. Undocumented migrant children detained at the border. The First Lady was photographed wearing this jacket which read I really don't care do you want to you Wear. You know I often. Asking myself if I would not for the defendant jacket thief I would have so much media coverage it's so obvious I. I went to Jack had to go on to planes and off the plane. Any list for the people float and foot their left. The weaned media. Who are criticizing me and I want to show them that I don't care if you quickly decides what ever it. You wanna say that he could not stop me to do what I feeds right. Mrs. trump or former model. Did not let it stop her from express yourself through her other fashion choices. People who see here's someone who really did support her husband's agenda and was started in the hard as a whole strange norm breaking complicated legacy it'll ass glory years. And turned to her work your choices were non raging. The First Lady also put her touch on the White House we're debating the bowling Alley. The tennis pavilion and repairing the Rose Garden which didn't need some repairs but she drew some criticism. Because she remove several trees and shows roses with. Taylor tones. Her closest aides have said she did not seek the spotlight but she did a lot of work good work behind the scenes. Reporting from the side of Manhattan Tom jobless ABC news' Diane back to you. Night Tom thank you. And the pandemic has made for a very difficult job market but some are seeing it as an opportunity to make a career change. Chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more. On the people who seize the moment. When Julie along left her job is a professor in taxes to be closer to family in Illinois finding a new gig wasn't easy. Or over a hundred jobs. And it's really nothing was taking half suit Julie decided to give it up well in the not a cheater and a lot of parents what helper now she created her business the traveling tutor and started using FaceBook to build a clientele. And now what began as a way to make extra income has become so much more. As it picked up and this is something do you want you asked my actual career even if you think you black the education to be a tutor consider what customer service representative Kate Lind 'cause he did. She completed an online training to become a certified ESL teacher through teacher way a company that will also help to find her teaching and tutoring jobs remotely. Integrate witness supplement in right now look at everyone I've seen some sort of an act from Kobe didn't. Now like I'm Sharon how I am leans. And Julian Caitlin aren't alone more than two million Americans have started freelancing in the last year. And people are launching businesses at the fastest read in more than a decade with business applications up more than 25%. Compared to this time last year. Like it Nicholas Bryant shaft in Tampa Florida who was laid off last march and started a meal delivery service called impostor pacts with his brother gray. Words. They all learned primary and won big. You are a running. Now nearly a year later at the company is thriving. Expanding beyond the Tampa area. This success in. This race markets Nixie thank. Really really special really lucky. You know we were able students who. Some RO use this the pressure this situation. Who gonna do. But people aren't just using their current skill set a new waste Jenna 'cause stayed Lille works in commercial real estate but learned to sell an embroidered during the pandemic I didn't really. Job security in an industry that's rapidly changing because of Kermit nineteenth she created her Etsy shops son of a stitch in September where she makes custom embroidered designs. The last few months and murder yet. 300 announced. And with sites like up work dot com and fiber dot com. You confine these types of freelance opportunities everything from tutoring took cooking web design and fitness instruction. And keep in mind there can be some start up costs here. So you want to make sure that ultimately over time those will pay off you can look at these web sites figure out what would make on an hourly basis. And make sure you can apply that level of consistency. To your life to make this a real freelancing gate that truly pays you real money. Diane. All right sounds good Rebecca Jarvis thank you. Let's train investor and shark tank costar Kevin O'Leary now for more on this Kevin good morning thanks for being here. What you think there's some of the most marketable skills for people trying to do or back is talking about trying to do a career pivot. We'll notice those businesses Rebecca was detailing were all direct to consumer and that is what's occurring in America since March 7. I call the great digital pen and America 2.0. All of these startups have done something very. Let's call it even crafty pictured I think can use the Internet. To acquire customers and sell them directly. But practical 100% gross margin and the Kia that is understand the technology so step one is top grade. Your Internet from your home so that it can work properly when you're using the Internet because a lot of people have very poor standing with from the got to fix that. But number two of the tell us that really matter now are storytelling. Script writing photography. Video in video editing animation. Because that's how you build a web site tell a story and sell a product. I used to lecture all the time to business school grads save you want a guarantee job number one as engineering number twos engineering number three is engineering. But today I'm wrong because last year my number one expense was artists. They've got what I'm curious though everyone that you're mentioning is an entrepreneur someone who's decided to go out on their own what about. For people who want the security of working for an existing company I know especially for people were in. Their mid thirties or older can be really difficult to get companies to even consider you. Again you have to go to the Internet number one that only to end with a three paragraph no more than that resonate. Nobody reads more than that and number one messaging in that. Used to tell your perspective employer how you can help and execute their mandate. Don't talk about your dog from high school or you're great on the football team nobody cares. What they care about is what can you do to help them drive growth in their business that's the most important thing you can deliver but again you've got to use technology. Every single platform that is the new modern way and by the way getting a corporate job is great but there's nothing wrong with a side consulate night. That's what millions of Americans are doing now to supplement their income and it's not going to stop the whole world is changes hit an additional you can do two things work corporate. Inside hustle and bring in another fifteen to 20000 a year it's worth doing. You never know sometimes aside muscle turns into the full time gig maybe people in the land on shark tank with it. That Kevin how can people be sure. That they will make enough money to justify a job switch whether they're going off on their own northern trying to to pitted and worked for a different kind of company. And how much should that factor into your decision. Closing the great news now is that because you've got platforms like FaceBook and Rebecca detail that you can do geo lost advertising so another words. There's a way to tell your story within the circumference of a hundred miles or sixty miles or fifteen miles that you actually wanted to work because many people in mid thirties raising kids don't wanna fly to San Francisco for a job. The trying to figure how to do it even though they've been displaced and there were millions of people displaced. But we have the tools across my portfolio over fifty companies eighty cents on the dollar. In our digital standing for all kinds of things like recruiting is going to facial right now because of GO locked advertising so if you live in Tallahassee eleven. Chattanooga earlier in Austin, Texas you wanna stay there and work there state your digital dollars wisely advertising yourself in your geographic region. The technology exists to do that now and learn how to tell your story take a photograph show video get your personality out there and it's worth doing. Because companies in many sectors like going electronic vehicles or electric vehicles are all kinds of direct consumer businesses are hiring like crazy right now. The economy is actually pretty good even though we're in the middle of this horrific pandemic. Then at you're talking about though you talked about the skills that you see doing well right now what are the businesses. That you see booming right now in that you think we'll keep doing well after the pandemic it's. We'll. Any business it's figured out how to sell direct consumer for from a giant like ninety in their last quarter. Show that 50%. Of their business is now direct to consumer worldwide they thought that would take them six years to achieve that. They get in five months in the middle of the pandemic who did they hired to do that. Artists photographers video on her first animators because they had to tell a story and they have to make a 592 commercial or twenty nine's second commercial. These skill sets that used to be you know at the hand of a teenager being really great. One ticket top or something else are now required by corporations. There's no more starving artists out there are fully employed if they want to be. It's a good time for the creative shark tanks Kevin O'Leary tell a great to have you can thank you. Take care. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed on thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Cause you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Murray and for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"16:23","description":"Biden will be the first president sworn in without confirmed cabinet members, and with only one full day left in office, President Trump announces he will lift some COVID-19 travel restrictions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75346349","title":"ABC News Live Update: President-elect Joe Biden to take oath of office Wednesday","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-president-elect-joe-biden-75346349"}