ABC News Live Update: President Joe Biden's 1st full day in office

Highlights from Wednesday's historic inauguration, plus, with the celebrations over, President Joe Biden wastes no time signing numerous executive orders and sets forth a plan to fight the pandemic.
29:56 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Joe Biden's 1st full day in office
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update after an inaugural celebration unlike any other Joseph Biden is waking up in the White House. As the 46 president of the United States. Here's a live look at the White House or Biden is wasting no time getting to work we have the latest on the flurry of executive orders he's already signed. We begin with the inauguration which is unusual in so many ways everyone wore masks surrounded by troops at the capitol two weeks today. After it was taken over by a mob. In his inaugural address Biden urged embassy. And pledged to put his whole soul into uniting the country chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has more. This morning Joseph Biden waking up in the White House after that celebration overnight. Fireworks lighting up the nation's capital it followed a swearing in like none this country has ever seen. Surrounded by their families president Biden and vice president Connell a Harris making history. Three past presidents there to witness it one glaring Lee absent. The crowd small socially distanced and mass. Asked the ceremony held at the very sight of that deadly insurrection just two weeks ago the day eight both solemn and celebratory. Lifting there. Here's becoming the first woman black American and South Asian American to be named vice president. There is serious his stump with another history maker. Former president Barack Obama Joseph Biden and taking the oath that he's dreamed of his entire life placing his hand on the Bible that's been in his family for more than a hundred years so help you god. So help me god. Congratulations mr. By declaring victory for democracy. We've learned again. That democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. At this hour mark friends. Democracy has prevailed. And calling for unity against the challenges facing this country to restore the soul to secure the future America. Require so much more than words. Requires the most to lose civil all things in a democracy. Unity saying the only way to get through these struggles is to get through them as one we have never ever ever ever fail. In America. We've acted together. Now Jo white of course has been in the Oval Office countless times before but this is his office now at least for the next four years and let me show you some of the personal touch is that he's made so far he's got a bus there you can see it of with a Latino civil rights leader Cesar Chavez that's a first for any president. This was a request directly from the Biden team. Also a focal point in the room their take a look at this a portrait of FDR that's a clear nod to a president who helped the country faced another moment of crisis and finally. Behind the resolute desk they are a number of Biden family photos including. One of his late son beau Diane who was very much on the president's mind throughout so much of the day yesterday. And our chief White House correspondent Sissy and they get thank you. And president Biden is hitting the ground running he signed seventeen executive orders on the same day he was sworn in. Our senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce is in Washington with what's next for the new administration Mary good morning. Diane good morning well the new president Joseph Biden certainly isn't wasting any time getting right to business yesterday we saw inside fifteen executive orders that flurry is going to continue today this is all part of Biden's new national strategy to try and get this pandemic. Under control so today he will be signing an additional ten executive orders including trying to take steps to make testing more readily available to reopen schools safely. And also overcome the disproportionate impact that this virus is having on people of color of course yesterday. We saw him instituting that passed mandate on federal lands petals are taking steps to undo some of president trumps most controversial moves by rejoining. The parents climate accord and on doing that so called Muslim traveled band now look the president can take a lot of steps on his own but for Biden's big push that nearly two trillion dollar cool that relief plan. That is going to take action from congress and I and it is also going to test Joseph Biden's promised to work across the aisle and united about it. Washington. He says he can do it we will see Mary Burris thank you. And it wasn't just the White House that switched parties yesterday vice president come off cars soaring three new senators switching the balance of power to Democrats. Now the senate a waste the article of impeachment from the house to begin former president trumps trial congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest on that Rachel good morning. Diane good morning as all eyes on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this morning for a win she is going to set not article of impeachment. Over to this said it could happen by the end of the week it make no mistake this is going to be a massive challenge for lawmakers who are now that have to juggle Biden's agenda those confirmation hearings. And that impeachment trial for president trump. We'll just possibly in days to go sources say still no clear indication of the president's legal strategy or who is going to represent him on that defense team. The lawyers and at last time around are not going to be there this time around and then there's that question of which Republicans are going to stay and by president trump at least seventeen in the senate. Would be needed to convict we were heard that change in tone. From Mitch McConnell will the last time around declared himself an impartial juror. This time around say he has not me up his mind on how he would vote. He places the blame squarely on the president for what happened here on January 6 saying that mob was fat lies Diane. Right Rachel Scott thank you. And White House correspondent Mary Alice parks joins me now for more on all of this and Mary Alice could limit the senate conjure up enough votes to convict trump what a Republican said. About they might vote. Good morning yeah it's possible but probably still unlikely. You know I can't let Republicans exactly indicated they're open to the idea convicted outlined at president trump should remember just less than a year ago senator Romney joined Democrats and didn't go to. Trumpet during the last. She may try out an economist at week's end trump himself was to blame for that violent attacks threatened the lives of lot bigger cash and so McConnell definitely gave political cover it legal cover to his colleagues and basically gave them be okay and a reason to convict. But a lot is so we started this trial so I think we'll have a lot of twists and turns the public and legal era. And normally the Chief Justice would preside over an impeachment trial but since trump is no longer president there are some questions. Although whether that will be the case who decides that and what names are we hearing in terms of who might preside over this. Bright it's just nasty I mean this is only getting that support impeachment trial others and a president in our nation's history should add to the senators are still trying to figure this out you're exactly right that the constitution only dictate that she just Supreme Court will preside over the sitting president a lot of legal scholars debating whether chief Justice Roberts would have to preside over this trial since obviously present trend is no longer in office. It may be in the senate writing in by eight Robert teen night Klein he's not in doing right now I don't think he's looking to preside over the senate trial so again there's sorting it all other names Connolly Harris who is the president the senate and her new role as the vice president Sheikh and presiding over this trial also senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont he's one of the longest serving senators and he was recently elected Hispanic pro town which is basically an acknowledgment that he is the senator and most seniority. So it's also been. Ryan and president Biden is set to sign more executive orders invoking the defense production act to help speed up vaccine production. How will that work exactly and why hasn't it been used already. Yeah there's been talk about whether more manufacturers in America should be compelled. To help make testing and vaccines apply it we heard possible shortages ups pipe hats and he's a plastic. All of Britain and that is needed to ramp up testing and ramp up vaccines there's a real anxiety that we had a shortage of vaccines and demand continues her rise and more of the general population as a lab to get back. Each and so basically what this executive order that presidents giving himself authority to start to compel American company cash to help ouch you know not actually did do some of this as well he'd worked six and how some companies early on a pandemic to build and escalators and another medical equipment but he took a lot of criticism for not doing more of desks and Senator Biden is out there already want to say that he is willing to pressure and should and should Powell businesses. How and have to help should generate and manufactured what exactly the country needs. And Biden's Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave her first press briefing last night any highlights there. You know a lot of people after her as saying it seemed really normal. I would added it also seems pretty cordial you know just wasn't combative with the press obviously the very nature of the relationship between depressed and aunt and a White House she is. A tense one. It's an adversarial one the press wants answers your questions out often went the government doesn't want to that was questions but it was nothing like we saw last warriors win I am with accusations. Were bigger whining or. I mean. We we also I just how nasty and it knows previous press congress has got it is very outing a collegial and act she got some questions still didn't answer all the questions but at least. Respectful on. It's done right Mary Alice parks thank you and and the US will rejoin the World Health Organization as we report our deadliest day in the pandemic when we come back what doctor about she is saying about the new administration's first steps. Toward tackling the corona virus. Welcome back one year ago today the first case of -- nineteen was diagnosed in the United States. Since then we've had 25 million more cases and more than 405000. American lives lost. More than we lost in World War II. Now the CDC says the death toll will climb past 500000. Next month. As president Biden announces an urgent new action which Johnson is at a mass vaccination site in New York with more went. Diane good morning to you the Biden administration takes over all one of the deadliest days of the pandemic nearly 4400. Lives lost in the US. In just 44 hours and all of this only adding to the sense of urgency in the vaccine roll out. Here in New York governor Andrew Cuomo saying that the state will likely Boren through its remaining supply of doses in just two days the NYPD forced to suspend shots for employees and the city says 43000. Vaccination appointments had to be postponed. Madieu and a and Pfizer reportedly producing nearly ten million doses weekly nationwide. As about one million people are getting the shot per day that's now seemingly on pace with president Biden's goal of injecting 100 million doses. In 100 days but significant challenges remain. Meanwhile California becomes the first state in the US to surpass. Three million Colby cases and researchers are worried about a new variant discovered there. Now accounting for roughly a third of the cases and hospitals in Los Angeles Diane. It with Johnson thank you. And states are racing to get as many Americans vaccinated as quickly as possible. Earlier doctor Nancy thought she the chief medical advisor to president Biden spoke to Good Morning America about new efforts to fight covad nineteen. Adopt the county early this morning you officially rejoined DW HL on behalf of the United States and how will this help us fight a gets called it. Well it's gonna be really very important when you're dealing with a global pandemic. You have to have an international connectivity and for a us to not be in the WHO was the very disconcerting to everybody all the member countries including the health officials here in the United States. So is the official. Announcement that we are rejoining with a new lit up to a financial commitments and a whole bunch of other things it was really. A very good day I mean and did the response I'm getting from my colleagues all over the world is really very very refreshing. An all across the country there there are reports that appointments when vaccine are being canceled. Due to shortages but are you concerned about where we are right now and when will there be enough vaccines. You know I think we're going to be the end blue reasonably soon I'm fact we probably already there the president has made this his. Top priority. On the to meet with him elated today. To brief him about the situation with Covert nineteen particularly. Emphasizing. The situation with the vaccines. As you know. His goal is to get a hundred million people vaccinated within the first hundred days. Of his presidency. I mean I feel fairly confident that that's going to be not only that but maybe even better they you know president he had promised the hundred million doses than the first 100 days so. How does he plan to rip a production to meet its goal. Well you know first of all the eight and if you look at the contractual arrangements that we've made the amount that will be coming in we will be able to meet that goal. The important thing is going to be. As much as the production Michael will be needed distribution. To do it in an effective efficient way. Get it into the arms of people get it really strayed from that place where it's it's been packaged and put into the boxes into the trucks. And into the arms of people. That's something that he's gonna do by a number of knew it initiative as one of them is opening up community vaccination. Centers. To be able to get it now into the pharmacies more so that we can have access to it in the pharmacies. Since he used the defense production act. It wherever he needs it I mean if that means some of the material that she need syringes. And needles and things like dead as well as the vaccine itself. Has he says he's gonna do everything that he needs to do. To make sure we have a successful rollout of the vaccines. Get into people's arms and get as many people vaccinated as we possibly can. So how were to you about this new California Bay Area. And what does that mean it's hard eradicating the virus. Well you always take mutants and variances seriously. You can expect that an RNA virus alike to corona virus is going to mutate you've got to follow which. And look at and is surveillance way. They're awesome concerning. The variance is one of the UK and we have that right now in the United States it appears to be transmitted more efficiently. It doesn't appear to me mullah dearly and we're looking very carefully. To make sure that arm vaccines that we're distributing and putting into people's arms is gonna continue to protect. Against those variance but it's something. You follow very very carefully Mike can be taken seriously and you don't want to panic about it but it's something you always wanted to be on top of and be ahead of it. Current thanks to Michael Strahan and doctor found chief for that in your view. Turning to year old Amanda Gorman stole the show at the inauguration becoming a nun youngest inaugural poet ever. When we come back what she's saying about that history making moment and a surprise message from one of her heroes. Superstars like Lady Gaga. 22 year old poet Amanda Gorman stole the show. She also made history our Robin Roberts has more on core men's message of hope. It was the moment at the inauguration that made people listen. And take notice dean of Mary Kane is a more than up high we inherits its the past we stepped in to. And how we have a parent Amanda Gorman just 22 years old. Now the youngest so inaugural poet in US history. Reading a poem she wrote for the occasion called the hill we Klein. We've braved the belly of the beast. We've learned that quiet. Isn't always peace in the norms in notions of what's just is. Isn't always just guess. The Los Angeles native joining an esteemed list of prestigious poets including Robert Frost and Mya Angelou somehow leave. Weathered. And who witnessed. An nation. That isn't vogue again. But simple Lee. I'm thin this two week the successors of the country and it's time for a skinny black girl descended from slaves in the raised by a single mother. Can dream. Of becoming president. Only to find herself reciting for line. Orman was only half way through riding the pole win just two weeks ago that group of rioters stormed the capital. She decided to address that moment had on and finished her work that night we've seen of. Boris that would shatter our nation rather than share acts would destroy our country if that meant delaying democracy. And this effort to very nearly succeeded. Little while democracy can be puree ought to clean delayed. It can never be permanently defeated. Her final words reflecting the gravity. Of the moment and so we lift our gaze as not to what stands between us. Apple what stands before asks we close the divide because we know to put our future first we must first put our differences aside and. Her were quitting the praise of President Obama and Secretary Clinton who wrote. Wasn't Amanda garments poem just starting. She's promised to run for president in 2036. And I for one can't wait Norman's home on a lasting message to assault. For there was. Always liked it only were brave enough to see if only we're break even laugh. Symbian. And Robin spoke with Amanda Gorman earlier this morning I'm GMA let's listen what this morning. It's good but in Dili amazing it's not often you wake up on a morning feeling like this. I guess I get only imagine. Let us begin at the beginning doctor Jill Biden she heard you. Did she had heard her team reach out to. Right away what was your reaction when you discovered that you would be taking part in such an historic day. Wow. What I was told by the Presidential Inaugural Committee I was over delayed I was grateful. I was honestly shocked I had not been. You know expecting that at twenty she did they would trust me with such an honor action and you know I was also. Daunted at the same time I was honestly scared of writing such a column I wasn't sure if I could no indeed injustice but I'm so glad I did my best foot forward indebted. I'll get so good to hear you yes you felt the fear. But you walk through it and you did it. -- something else that many people don't realize about you you share something with president Biden you have a speech impediment. Tell us what yours says and how you've overcome it. Well I ate so email because nobody has been. Seabrook opened and that his stutter my speech impediment wasn't the stutter but it was dropping subtle letters that I just could not safe for years most specifically. The art sound which it would take instill. Or evening. Garmin which is my last name and I had to really work at it in practice to get to where am today. And so when you kept saying Ryan's yesterday. What was going to pick if it cause I know that you were thinking of that. To write those kind of like why in the world like that guy is my pots out five times. Also it was this amazing full circle mullah firm eat because it I don't written this column three years ago I went habit enabled us say ash and sell it is email. Mean rising typing as well as the country at that time. Beautifully said and it's been away for you to be able to express yourself. All right Amanda seared their on the inaugural stage with all these luminaries and then you meet. Lady god guide you said you had a special moment with her. But was that. Daley is so incredible leading Lady Gaga I mean I'm god had forgotten apple literally and we kind of just glued to each other like magnets after the ceremony ended and we were just both crying and gist. Hugging it was just such. A great moment because what she does with music I aspire to be with colored trees it was Bates kind of how that woman's womb and camaraderie. When you certainly do that with your poetry. Social media you social media this crashed this is going through the roast you can't say all of their reaction so. We have a special message no one has seen this this is just for you. Good morning where you are slimmer and ask can rest to get on yesterday. The right words in the right order can change the world and you proved that yesterday with true proving a piece. So incredibly proud of you and I can't wait to see what you write next. Keep changing the world one word at a time. Sacks. Yeah. And did then. You do you smashed it. You absolutely. Smashed an end to have the confidence to what do you believe the fearful that you word to have the confidence to step up there. And you had something comforting you on your route. On your hand a ring that was given to you by Oprah. Tell us the significance of that. Right absolutely so I'll. Oprah wrote to me he didn't cuts for awhile now what I'm saying you know I'm not my Angel is coat and gloves when she performed the calm Clinton's inauguration and want to continue the tradition she is Tyson is for you absolutely settled Ottawa is disarray Inglewood should be and how has it caged bird inside and for me that was this blog as my idol my Angelou who load and autobiography and a key experts saying she and away I kid you -- feel like I had my closing consuming her condition Oprah also brought my earrings as well see was just so generous and it can strike well prepared both emotionally and fashionable leave. For the moment. And you were and you have three books that are coming out OK got actually 2036. You're running for president. Yeah yeah but what happens next. Compared company you know Amanda my momma said we all have gifts discover years and share with the world. Thank you for sharing yours with the world we will not be the same because of it. She rose to be occasion and lifted us all with their mark your calendars Tony 36 you heard it here. Amanda Gorman running for president. And thanks to Robin for that interview. I the opening bell is about to ring on Wall Street stocks are expected tell even higher on the first day of Joseph Biden's presidency as investors look for more details on his cub in nineteen relief plan. ABC news business correspondent Ian to Bolton is here with more Deirdre what do you make of the market moves on inauguration day and what are you watching today. Well for inauguration day and we saw all of those records so a very strong response. Today we have a little bit more of a muted set up but I think longer terms and when I mean speaking with investors about what they think they are focused on chew key points. So the first one from an economic standpoint rainy I have to say the most important tons of investors no matter what their political stripe. They feel like the Biden administration is going to be a lot more aggressive about dealing with coal bit about dealing with the vaccine roll out. We've heard this 100 million doses in the first 100 days. And all citizens investors included are focused on that because it's really be resurgence. A club in nineteen that is holding back so many sectors of our economy. So most investors think that the Biden administration is going to attack that in a much more aggressive way and that's going to be a positive book for the stock market. And for the economy the other is more tone wise and again I've been speaking with investors of all political stripes no matter who they voted for who they will vote for. They really feeling this message of Eunice he. He's very good for the stock market because it limits the downside you're limiting risk you're taking out a lot of unknowns are taking out a lot of uncertainties. Just by the fact that there seems to be hope for a little bit more transparency policy why is. And that lasts investors and make appropriate decisions make appropriate bats if you want to but in those terms. So a lot of optimism. At least for the next few months and we also got a new job numbers this morning what's it out to you there. Soon have you there is more dire so a 900000. Americans applying for first time unemployment benefits and what's disturbing about this number is that none of the holiday indeed is included there's so it's kind of the first week of clean data. That we've gotten and it shows that quite frankly we're still struggling from a labor market perspectives he had more than we're actually close to. Sixteen million Americans received being some form of unemployment benefit we are now 44 weeks. Into this downturn based on coal rich now there are some who see a silver lining in that and they say once the vaccine rollout is Don. Once it is at least a little bit more widespread than you we will have. Sectors be able to hire more workers and I'm thinking about hospitality you restoration Tor is. To really a lot is just hinging. On this vaccine roll out one bright spot though than we can point you we also got housing data this morning. And you really shows this demand for single family homes and we've talked about this is a larger trend of more families wanting to leave bigger CDs. In any case that is really supporting the housing market more people want to build individual homes we're seeing the best levels since 2006 after looking for bright spots. Housing is certainly one of them giants. We'll take the bright spots as we get them Deirdre Bolton thank you. And a few more things to know before you go you might have noticed a surprise familiar face at yesterday's inauguration. Eugene Gooden in the capitol police officer captured on video facing down a mob at the capitol was part of yesterday's official escort. Goodman escorted vice president Kumble a Harrison a platform outside the capital. He also got a round of applause when he was introduced a number of lawmakers are now calling for governments receive a congressional gold medal. Meanwhile the inauguration took place a man in a blue uniform was seen kneeling at beau Biden's grave in Delaware. His identity is unknown. In a moving speech on the eve of inauguration president Biden got emotional saying. We should be introducing follow as the next president of the United States. And lady got back kicked off the day's performance is with a show stopping rendition of the National Anthem. And in true god got fashion you can see she was not decked out for the occasion complete when an oversized pin of a dubbed. Carrying an olive branch she says may we all make peace. With each other and got also says she was singing to the hearts of all of the people who live in this land. And today wrapped up with Katy Perry belting out her hit firework appropriately with fireworks behind her. Perry posted a simple tree last night community equals new York and and that does it for this ABC news live update on vendors say no thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see back you're at 11 AM eastern. With the new update.

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