ABC News Live Update: Former President Trump’s lawyers make case against conviction

Plus, the Biden administration said the U.S. will have enough vaccines for every adult by the end of July , and the CDC is expected to announce guidance on safely reopening schools
21:25 | 02/12/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Former President Trump’s lawyers make case against conviction
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update former president trumps lawyers are set to make their case against conviction. In his impeachment trial today. Democratic prosecutors wrapped their case saying trumps words and actions in cited the siege on the capital and he could incite more violence if not convicted. The former president's lawyer David shot is expected to argue that trump clearly condemned the violence at the capitol on January 6. And that is claims that the election was stolen are protected under the First Amendment. For more on the former president's defense let's go to ABC's fate the blue bay they've the house impeachment managers relied heavily. On video and images to make the case against trial what can we expect from the defense today. Clutch defense team is also planning to use some video evidence in their arguments today we don't know exactly. What that entails what we do know I don't involve some of the democratic lawmakers. Using some inflammatory language but of course the Democrats have said that that is a false equivalents and that nothing they said in the past led to a deadly riot at the US capitol the -- has stepped over and over again they don't believe that this impeachment trial she dvd happening in the first place so they can understand their key short basically using three to four hours according to one of the and attorneys yesterday do use about three to four hours instead of the sixteen hours each side was given spread over two days of course the Democrats lose. A majority of their time the building that devastating case against the former president saying that he incited the violence and that the mob were taking orders directly from him and that he should be convicted while the trend seems strategy will be to fold one will be that. To argue that the former president's speech leading up to the insurrection which is merely political speech and that he never really told the -- to actually march on the capital and caused the violence that we saw on January 6 they're going to argue that when trump used the words like fight for example he was using that in a figurative sense he never meant that literally so we'll see that play out later on today we'll also hear them the second strategy they planned to employ here would be to say that this trial to convict a former president and an impeachment is really unconstitutional but of course we saw that was already decided on Tuesday before this trial even began Diane. And face we understand there's been some tension inside the defense team what are you learning there. Well you don't have this tension even began long before. That. Impeachment manager started making their arguments on that first today when we saw the trump defense team. Take a florist start arguing gear case about the constitutionality. Of this trial. A lot of people criticized the team for meandering now a bear case basically there were all of the plays didn't really have a strong focus even Republicans Kim not a bad thing they're confused by what way at the strong team was trying to argue so chalk was sent to be furious even after that first today and now we're hearing he's even more angry considering even shaking things up. At this team is getting ready to take before this afternoon. We're hearing that he's angry would Bruce castor and what happened on Tuesday and we'll see whether that actually pans out but he's not very happy with this team of course this team just signed on just nine days ago after his original team abandoned those states. And faced Democrats need seventeen Republican votes for conviction that's unlikely. But one of Trump's big supporters former UN investor Nikki Haley. Is now backing away from him saying pull we never should have followed him and she says we should never let that happen again what kind of impact could this trial have. On his political power overall it even if he's not convicted. Well according to Nikki Haley she believes that this at the impeachment trial should not be happening anyway that it's a waste of time however she thinks that trump will be isolated enough in the Republican Party that you have no future she says that we should never have followed him and we should distance ourselves from him as she believe that's gonna haven't of course Nikki Haley herself a lot of people believe that she plans to run into any 24 so she might be making some political cop pleaded moves here we don't know for sure bases saying that -- really let the GOP down and that the GOP should never have. Followed his him after the juniors six insurrection so we'll see how all of this plays out but at what where really is clear that the Democrats. Really don't have the support of the majority of Republicans to convict trumpet in this trial even those who are not even part of this trial are saying that this this is a whole wasted time including Nikki Haley herself so we'll see how all of this plays out we expect this trial it's a wrap up hopefully by those -- weekend but of course. We'll see how it all plays out. Current pay for moving and Capitol Hill thanks thank. Turning out of the pandemic major pharmacies are starting to administer cove in nineteen vaccines today early this morning we saw the first patient to get vaccinated at a Walgreens in Durham, North Carolina. That's one of seventeen states for Walgreens will administer shots while CBS is offering doses. Across eleven states the roll out as part of a new federal pharmacy program for vaccine distribution. The Biden administration says the US we'll have enough vaccines for every American adults by the end of July. But the White House says it will still be months before most people will actually be vaccinated. New 35 million Americans have received at least one dose so far earlier on GMA George Stephanopoulos talk to doctor catchy let's listen. Doctor fashion let's pick up on that encouraging news on the vaccines to supply is going to be increasing over the summer but we're still facing. Some bottlenecks across the country how we accelerate distribution break through those bottlenecks. What do as there are few things that the president has put into the strategic claim one you just heard. Reported by the correspondent namely getting the vaccines into pharmacies where people could conveniently. Get vaccinated the other is the standing now but at least a hundred vaccines center's community vaccine center is. And the other is to use mobile units to get into not easily accessible areas so those are just three of the things as you say. The kind of loosen up the bottleneck of getting the doses into the arms of individuals you've heard. Right now we have contracted for a total. Of 600 million which would be just enough and maybe even a little bit more to vaccinated every one with two doses. And you you've got some hopeful word you say it's going to be open season for vaccinations by April. Explain what that means. Yeah would you if you win the advisory committee on immunization practices made the recommendations of the priority. Of vaccinated. It didn't. Out of all the doses you need get the same time. We started off with health care provide is people in nursing homes that we went to essential members of society. Together with the others for example who elderly and then others who have underlying conditions. Once you get past. The priorities. That you can essentially say anybody who's anybody. Could just get vaccinated I referred to that. Sort of to make people understand it as open season no matter who you walk you can get a vaccine and we have enough vaccines to do that. They begin to see a great surge in the number of people who get vaccinated and that's what's gonna happen. As we go from April to may be June in the and hopefully by July will be at that point where we have enough vaccine for virtually every one. We're expecting to see the CDC guidelines are reopening schools today. What should parents know about whether it's safe to reopen schools what to give them confidence that it's okay. You know what I think is going to be is gonna be a combination of things I don't want to get ahead of the guidelines that the CDC will be coming out. With the imminently but obviously you want to get the schools open. The president has said that he wants to get essentially a 100% of the Katie aids opened in the first hundred days. I think that's doable what you want to do was make sure it's safe for the students and safe that this teaches the teachers. And other personnel associated with the educational system you can do that by me asking you can do that by getting good ventilation but you could also get that. By getting vaccinations to the teachers as quickly as you possibly can. This case isn't hospitalizations and death come down we're seeing Stacy and more states and cities relaxing their lock downs Montana dropping the mask mandate. Here New York they're allowing indoor dining again preparing to have sports venues open again concerts as well Ohio's lifted its curfew. Isn't safe to relax things like downs now. You know if you do when gradually George without like turning a light switch on and off remember we had that conversation. Two months and months ago when we were trying to open America again for the economic reasons. You want to do what you want to do would gradually and safely as opposed to just turning get on and off right away. There's still going to be the important need to Wear masks I think we still need to do that. You wanna avoid congregate settings but you can gradually get to the situation it would you might open up restaurants with limited seating and things like that. But it's got to be done prudently and gradually. And when you say need for mass fuming for quite some time into the foreseeable future year two years three years. I'm not so sure it's measured in years George but I think until we get the level of virus is such a low level in the community and I had said. The projection and it's only a projection. That hopefully by the time we get all the people vaccinated let's say seven B to 85%. Of the people vaccinated. The level of virus in the community could be so low that you could stock. Pulling back a bit on wood on stringent public health measures you don't want to do all at once but I think we're going to be wearing masks. For several several months into the future. Doctor Patrick thinks he entry timing information. Thanks to George for that in your view. Now later today the CDC is expected to announce new guidelines for safely reopening schools the president's goal. Is to at least partially reopen all K through eight schools during his first 100 days in office so how other countries handle in this. Our James long minutes at a school in France where schools have remained open despite lock downs and fears over new variants. The James good morning how are they doing this. As people across Europe on of course in the United States debate the merits of reopening schools allowing children. But into schools during this pandemic it is a divisive subjects it's a little people very worried. Across the country it is made a decision to one -- things throughout this pandemic as children. Do you have to remain in school and we spoke to one of the teacher's head and madam Deborah Meier. Seizing that's about what it's been like being up. Let's hope it's difficult to teach with a mask. It's difficult to off teaching to keep Hamas correctly you know that you loaned. Two men who happen to be since continuously not too happy child not to textual Casey Townsend an event changes. That seat sweeping ten from. Having them ahead in the and teaching committee. About 50% of the students that come to the school from middle class background but 25% or side come from the very pull a neighborhood. Just south of the school. About 25% come from a wealthy neighborhoods that way. How the changes they say that these so what she huge difference. Being the uptake from children when they came back off the first knockdown in the progress they've made while state dinner time. They students from the wealthy neighborhood came back and it was like they've never been away. The students from the deprived parts of town came back they had done nothing in Middletown and us off to two months there are some calls the world. West schools have an open for at least eight months. Some of our students don't have Gucci twos or only one for the whole finally. Some of them have parents who wears two working. And couldn't be there to help them. Or sometimes there's two at home pets don't have the abilities to help them. And Gary's piece. Social gap. That us well for them on me not being with their friends. Keenan and pinks in some families may be there are difficulties. With vitamins or something and somehow it was cool. He's a way to east cape full of peace. I just wanted to bring down to the county near the school because of course when your kid's head and others learning they're gonna live it and eat. And it's who has had to make some changes to welfare when students arrive they can't top ten in the third themselves they need to be Serbs. When they had to divert to a table you'll stated in spread out they've got. Middle stick it hits and whether it out to six. Then upon the pitted say they've got signs dividing them into certain clauses is all things of the school has done. In order to make Silva that organizing the children properly so since the school has reopened property in September of the 530 students. They found twelve cases of corona virus amongst the students and four teachers have gone down with the disease as well it's impossible to know if they going okay. Happen on the way so far there haven't been any major outbreaks tea and the bottom line. Is people the schools say is that the current of arsons risk reward. You need to take a certain amount of risk now school. And education is the kind of risk stuff people head while waiting to take. James long man in France for is an interesting look James thank you. And we are saying goodbye to the year of the racks and hello to the year of the ox as we celebrate the Lunar New Year also known as the Chinese New Year. And a vibrant holiday is filled with traditions dances and food juju Chang has more. Good morning celebrations across the country. Taking center stage for. New year known for vibrant dance -- and decorations. A major holiday for one and a half billion people around the world. It's often called Chinese New Year but it's not just the Chinese who celebrate. Many Asian cultures take part in your thought I always tried through desperate as much as possible. Into Graham influence served Phoebe bonds came to the US for college but now back home in China using her feed to share her heritage. I'm doing okay death and how that responsibly fish here. As much as I know I'm as much as I can also the media. Like they hidden meaning behind the Chinese tradition of giving money in red envelopes younger family members and friends. Red amber road symbolizes. Good luck good. Former home. Two best wishes for their remaining here like so many cultures many of the Lunar New Year traditions involved tasty dishes from an Israeli how agent Gingrich stressed out and -- mayor in Harlem gro. Truck does fast symbol. For chef Jason Lang of she on famous foods in New York. He's got that covered saying to traditional dishes he makes start with noodles neighbor is or how long life. As a way to bring longevity to those people around you if you love dumplings Wayne says they symbolize the moon. Connecting back to the lunar new here. The company is also Paul absolutely it's kind of represents. Eight full years sold it something that symbolizes. How you're gonna have a nice and full year. According China coming to America and they ate his tribute to smells Chinese and American cuisine. Be happy little treasures especially Pete or eight options of shrimp. Inside one or few dumplings and Christmas Easter dumplings it's like the winner of a special prize. Like all holidays Langen and Bob agreed that it's not how you celebrate what with whom you celebrate that makes it count. It's referred to as Chinese New Year but so many Asian cultures including Koreans like me celebrate the Lunar New Year. As a kid we used to make hand made dumplings and it is among my. Favorite most fond childhood memories but not today not in this twenty daily weather I got myself some. President prepackaged dumplings curry and of course and rice cakes known as stock and bond due. And literally New Year's Day soup and I don't know about you but I am happy to say goodbye to the year in Iraq which is known for constant change. And say hello to the year of the ox slow and steady. Happy new year fans. Happy new UTU juju slow and study soon sounds very good right about now. And Valentine's Day is just two days away and a place known as the sweetheart city in Colorado. Knows how to celebrate love and Colorado's Valentine's Day program helps people all over the world send Valentine's Day cards to their loved ones take a look. But don't. Don't tell is to me it means sending sentiments of the oh. New world I spend on pay. Its final minute special island people aren't expecting advice 200 Valentine. My husband gave me in 1953. When you Regis maybe. Holland I'm Dave has always been stressful days for my water. We were gay. On Valentine's Day and night to see where known as the sweetheart city were nestled right here at the guilt the Rocky Mountain National Park the load. All right I'm bullish. People all over the world on the mountain. You may think they can do here and it's their. It was only ten remain reprogrammed works by begins sending. Or pre addressed stamped envelope to Europe where they know it we'll probably hear more from post office we intern. We'll let mailed out and it goes to the process of being Nancy. Are volunteers it's really just crazy his feet that people from. All over the world. San underground tanks through La land the first when they stand words you Australia and crew and Brazil could all over the world and do you. Just feel like you are helping the spread love and joy everywhere it. The total number of valentines that come group and more from Colorado. In its peak season and about 300000. Pieces of mail. Here. In order for us to pull off and keep troops being used are planning and set him 83 years. All artists floor contest. And making preparations. I started scooping PM on 2005. We have they'll go with millions that in 46000. Valentine than fifty. We want to make sure they. And I'm very particular. I think what I like about it we're so one of the freeway we have a lot of fun. And the volunteers started chunky monkey and chunky monkey is there live now I'm kind of contain candy fans those. Anything good has a lump them so they're very harsh UK she didn't cancel. I think it's very good therapy for senior if you don't make us feel like we have a purpose in life then Freddie loan through the world. You know we've all been in a pandemic in its biggest. Movie could lose loved ones in trouble back home. This is there room for us to share. The sentiments of love hope and inspiration and just let people know that we're think. And about a what better purpose than to spread love especially at a time like down we need it most thank you all. And that does it for this ABC news live update happy Valentine's Day and a happy Lunar New Year to everyone out there I'm Diana stayed out. ABC news line this year we all day with the latest news context and analysis also programming note ABC news let we'll have full coverage. A former president comes impeachment trial things get started around noon eastern today. Until then have a great morning. It is didn't know. To imagine. What this nation and would have banned. Were not for the NAACP. Remind you know and of his presidency. We have been involved. Positively. In every it affected human and civil. The victims all that stuff but off. And Bob up people shall not perish. From there. That's 50.

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