ABC News Live Update: Reactions pour in after contentious presidential debate

Plus, New York City's COVID-19 positivity rate has surpassed 3% for the first time since June and the group of inspiring young Black women training to become pilots.
8:43 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Reactions pour in after contentious presidential debate
Good morning I'm Diana fado thanks for sharing with us and today's update president shop and Joseph Biden faced off in the first presidential debate last night. The candidates argued over the Supreme Court the pandemic and race and unrest. And one moment getting a lot of attention it's president trump agreed to condemn white supremacist and militia groups defense saying kids instead. Hello let's just end it didn't stand. Comes campaign says that was the president's way of denouncing the group. But the crowd noise didn't see it that way they are celebrating that moment even adding trumped vote to their merchandise. A wildfire in northern California has quadrupled in size in just 24 hours. Chevron wildfires in the west have destroyed homes and forced thousands of residents to evacuate the gusty winds and record high temperatures in the forecast could make conditions even worse. For firefighters. And New York City is reporting a rise in corona virus has activity rates putting city schools at risk of closing again. If the schools are not safe. I'm not going to allow them to lock her. Period. And you CDC's study reveals how quickly the virus spread on a college campus in North Carolina. Within weeks of reopening in August 670 cases were confirmed from August 3. August when he steps. The CDC attributed the rise in cases the student gatherings and congregate living settings both on and off campus. And with so many people working from home deaths are now in short supply and that shortage has people getting creative. With their work spaces respected whirling with tips for finding a desk. Or making one. Their lowly desk is suddenly hot commodity and why. Millions of kids learning from home and that realization that remote works for us adults is here for wild beat Philadelphia shoppers and sounding a little desk. Best nicer looking. It's out of that his story is things like out of stock I'm still waiting for at the club did Everett Hale's look at here yesterday if they don't mind. We'll continue breezy how everything is so many ways Condoleezza Rice has changed and I've ever mock others apply for different bands. Just for the chance kid's dash rose 3783%. And computer desk is up 257%. On Amazon. Meanwhile sales of desks up 283%. From last year. Stallone sat quarters and price increases have left desk purchasers and she's been necessity has created huge makeshift set up soon. Our viewers submitting these picks bus killing machine table a homemade workspace made with two clip boards and pressed board. Then there and that really really makeshift options the ironing boards but John Craig in my own box stays standing desk. Get it done what ever it takes so. And. Now don't forget about ergonomics no matter what your desk set up so you want the table height to be up. Out at your elbow and if you need to put a cushion in your seat to get to that level. That's okay especially important for kids. If you can lift this. Laptop up to eye level and then you can use an external keyboard a mouse you can roll up the towel here to support your wrist and for me it's always my back. This chair is key in terms of comfort I used some lumber our support about one of these foam roller kind of things. And put it right there but it rolled up towel or a pillow will do just as well. Thinking about being in this situation for the long haul Diane. Very important to become dull way Becky I have used an ironing board had a death in the past don't knock it please credit thanks Becky. And now to a group of pilots inspiring young women of color to take flight our transportation correspondent GO Benitez has more on the sisters of the skies. Five and looking good it's Tuesday afternoon 5000 feet over America. High school juniors Victoria wind and Ruth Kemper Merriam are on a plane not as passengers but as future pilots. What airplane doing it. And working to get their wings with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. It was very inspiring to see my hear actually client claims. My dreams are coming through incredibly in America there are less than a 150. Professional black female pilots. And one group is trying to change that. Representation matters I don't think gotten him off first black female pilots I was in my thirties. They call themselves the sisters of the stones a tight knit group of black female pilots looking to inspire the next generation. Monique Grayson flies for delta. Young ladies don't know what if that happens because sometimes in order for us to. To be something you have to see something we asked her if people are surprised to learn she's a pilot I have to say. More times than I can't account. For someone other than a fun absolutely have been considered back to handle it have been thought of as a flight attendant on several occasions. Unforced and all these women get time and again most people like Ali yes actually I don't like. He did it take off the milling and the announcement yeah it it mostly it was not last as a liar. Professional pilot training is expense of putting people with fewer resource is at a disadvantage. Monique remembers the conversation with her father. Well let's just count it as. It's important that that that's why. To invest some kids who insult. I think that stuff where did they hoped that might telling their stories and mentoring young people. I see myself in both that he actually is they can inspire and guide other young women of color to colon aircraft their office. Victoria went is certainly owned who. It's a very rare sorry. I hope to be one of them. And I guarantee you she will be one of now we should tell you that starting tomorrow more than 40000 airline workers. Could be furloughed or laid off some of these women are part of that group but they promised no matter what. They will keep mentoring young people some very special women right there. Diane kerosene like it GO GO Benitez forest LaGuardia Airport thanks GM. And astronauts onboard the International Space Station got an abrupt wake up call in the middle of the night. An air leak forced them to quickly seal the hatches the small leak was later traced to the Russian side of the space station. NASA officials say it poses no danger to the astronauts on board. And for more on science technology headlines here's Mona clothes are opting. And today sat by its Google's big reveals the company is all virtual event today is expected to unveil several new products. Including a new Smartphone the global pixel by other items to be formally rolled out aren't you Smart speaker and streaming device. And the new Amazon one allow you to pay at Amazon stores using just your pump to register users will insert a payment card and have their hands scant. For every purchase after that just your palm print we'll make the purchase Amazon hopes his solid technology to other retailers. Rolls Royce has completed testing that technology to use on its look partly powered planes. The luxury car brand is hoping one of its new planes will break speed records. The goal is to produce zero emissions planes and engines for other plane makers and to be net zero by 25. Dean. Those air tech fights and it has stars on the ceiling of that plane like he does on the Rolls Royce raise that means I can't afford the ticket back TM. Uh huh okay noted not a good that they thank you. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana data thanks for joining us and remember ABC news glasses you're going all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next Jimmy top stories we'll see you back here at 3 PM for your voice your vote breakdown. W.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"Plus, New York City's COVID-19 positivity rate has surpassed 3% for the first time since June and the group of inspiring young Black women training to become pilots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73342378","title":"ABC News Live Update: Reactions pour in after contentious presidential debate","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-reactions-pour-contentious-presidential-73342378"}