ABC News Live Update: Sen. Harris halts travel, 2 people test positive for COVID-19

Plus, character witnesses are called to testify for Judge Amy Coney Barrett on day four of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing, and Megan Thee Stallion speaks out about violence against women.
10:02 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Sen. Harris halts travel, 2 people test positive for COVID-19
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update we have breaking news vice presidential candidate Connell Harris is suspending her travel plans. After two people she recently traveled with tested positive for colored nineteen. Those two people or Harris is communications director and a nonstop flight crew member. In a statement the campaign says neither person has had contact with Vice President Biden senator Harris. Or any other staffers since testing positive or in the 48 hours before they're positive results. Her campaign travel is suspended through October 19. Day four of Supreme Court nomination hearings for judge Amy Tony Barrett is now underway today character witnesses will testify about Barrett. To the Senate Judiciary Committee after the committee spent two days questioning Barrett directly. The committee is expected to vote on Barrett next week advancing her nomination to the full senate. And a wildfire in Colorado has become the largest in the State's history. The cameras peak fire grew more than 20000. Acres yesterday alone forcing firefighters to work through the night but their efforts it seems are paying off. They now say that fire is more than 50% contained. Meanwhile new fires burning near Los Angeles threatening homes near the Redlands. This fire season is the worst in California's history burning more than four million acres so far. And now to meg in the stallion opening up a New York Times speaking up for black women. The rapper says she's not afraid of criticism and hopes to empower young women. Today Norman has that story. Hip hop star meg in this Dahlia and speaking out and speaking up for black women in America being constantly holds these two month old. Yeah welcome to go back formal. This singer pending a powerful op Ed piece in the New York Times taking on the issue of violence against women. Opening up about her own experience and what she describes as being a victim of an act of violence by a man explaining the issue is even more intense for black women who struggle against stereo types and are seen as angry or threatening will we try to stand up for ourselves and our sisters our. Her to see these issues industry to us specifically. I'm because the conversation is always about everybody else but an is very eagle and there's no. House. This comes just days after the rap superstar performed her. Megahit savage on Saturday Night Live. The worst for has flash when tiger on stage featuring quotes for an album that enacted is sneak a Mallory girl. Yeah. Calling out Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron for his handling of the Rihanna Taylor case yeah. We need to protect about nine women. -- in the Sally and op -- pointing to other obstacles black women face like disproportionately high mortality rates for black mothers and citing a 2019 Staten that 91%. Of transgender or gender non conforming people who were fatally shot were black rapper also says she was the victim of a shooting musician Tory lanes was charged with assault in the July incidents. Asian or white artist and what had her aunt hack. Knee and Maureen and or entity. Megan writing after a party I was shot twice as I walked away from him. Even as a victim I'd been met with skepticism and judgment adding people of publicly questioned and debated whether I played a role in my own violent assault. It is important or mix and not to seek out and continue. To operate her career on her own time. Marquis marquis. I negative thing she's not afraid of criticism and she things quote it's ridiculous. That some people think the simple phrase protect black women is controversial. Diane. Senay thanks in these are making a Stein's first public comments since Tory lanes was charged last week. His arraignment was postponed until November 18 ABC news was unable to reach his team for comment. But senior entertainment writer Eddie ESP NV undefeated Kelly Carter joins us now for more on this Kelly good morning thanks for being here. Good morning thanks for having me so a minister -- starts out her piecing black women have gone from being unable to vote. To being able to decide elections within a century what does that shift say. About where we are right now. Many think it sends a lot quite frankly probably one of the most important special interest groups and that election and and then laughed and left election four years ago. Where black women you know and a and I think I'm there's this really. Kind of funny but very true and very serious to mean that it's been circulating for years that says. Black women quote screw it I'll do it yeah. Big bucks and then that you know we we cannot understand that the world armor country in this case is licking. Black women and the kind of stayed that once again and I think that may end with just kind of picking and it's very popular stock. In an expanding that to her on hand to her and biggest. Now when she performed on us now last week the words protect black women were on a screen behind her. In other words there are obvious and she used them a lot in this op Ed but what's the larger meaning behind them. And you know. Personal issue right now I think is unfortunately extremely relatable and that is that black women or. Come in the entirety of our existence it feels like. I have been in a very complicated position to. Protect black man because we know the dangers of not protecting black men and I think you know she is you know talk about. Being shot and being assaulted by by another singer she doesn't understand why can happen. Gotten the the kind of public outpouring of support that she might happen that she should bet she deserves. And she put it happened because she in that moment was trying to protect hand because everyone is afraid of what happens when you report. An incidence arming against. A black man in this environment. And I think that that is a painful truth. I of that particular reality with the painful truth or a lot of black women unfortunately it's lack of domestic violence are him. And since don't get reported. Zionist community because Theres this idea that black may need to be protected it. But Megan has flip the script and saying no more silence no more protect black women this is a community. People that have been ignored that have been disrespect it for so many years and at times not the attention and protect this particular group of people. And what. Have an impact do you think these kinds of justice focus musical performances in these kind of pieces have and in terms of trying to create real change in what is it about. Her that you think. Made this time sort of carry so much weight and and see so much coverage. Megan is 25 years old and it's very difficult to remember that because a lot of times when when she speaks and even the continent for music. Makes or appears to be a little bit older than her actually did she the 25 year old college student. So she is really speaking to a lot of first time voters and the selection which is very powerful and very important but it's also important to me to know that. That Megan's. Platform has always been about the empowerment and the apple equipment. Women in black woman in particular. Weigh in about it and add your times and and performing in Saturday night fights staged. What protect black women in the background system more comparable weight for everybody else to talk about her platform you know her platform. It is. It's always about. Putting women out front and making women feel comfortable to live in their own interest and this is just an extension of all the things that she's been doing interprets and exchange. General definitely continuing a much heated conversation Kelly Carter from ESPN's he undefeated we appreciate your time Kelly thank you. Big piano. And now today latest headlines out of the tech and science world yours. On a cause are up to you. And they set finds Amazon prime day is over so bargain hunters are turning to Wal-Mart the big saves sale at Wal-Mart is still under way with deep discounts on electronics. Toys home goods and much more among the deals. 200 dollars on the Samsung TV and Nintendo switch. Gains for forty bucks. And Xoom is launching a new service to allow users to host online events with paid admission it's called on Xoom. Only Zune users with a paid subscription can host events emissions can be paid for by credit card or PayPal for now Xoom isn't taking a cut of ticket sales. Google glasses out with a gain changing feature it lets the boss's seat through the eyes of their employees the feature called meet allow supervisors to remotely. Tap into the workers who won't last and see what they're seeing to help with tasks that's right. To help would task. Those are attacked by its ban on Sharon boys are rejoicing with the idea that and back to you that where watched all the time anyway ammonium and ion front of the camera. But it does our Abbie thank you. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm dying to say no thanks for joining us remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see back at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown.

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{"duration":"10:02","description":"Plus, character witnesses are called to testify for Judge Amy Coney Barrett on day four of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing, and Megan Thee Stallion speaks out about violence against women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73633027","title":"ABC News Live Update: Sen. Harris halts travel, 2 people test positive for COVID-19","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-sen-harris-halts-travel-73633027"}