ABC News Live Update: States hit pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Plus, the officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright could face criminal charges today, and former “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood comes out as gay.
28:22 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: States hit pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update a new setback in the vaccine roll out all fifty states are temporarily halting Johnson Johnson vaccinations. And causing clinical trials out of an abundance of caution. The new details this morning as a CDC and FDA investigate reports of potentially fatal blood clots in six women. We could learn today whether the Minnesota officer who shot and killed twenty year old Dante right will face charges. You hear what the mayor of Brooklyn center has yet to earth except that officer's resignation. As crowds their clash with police for the third night in a growth. And bachelor star Colton under was deeply personal conversation. With our own Robert Robertson. There's something that you want people to know so can tell us what you do is on your heart that you want to share. Yeah hear the announcement he says he's now ready to tell the world exclusively. On ABC's. But we begin with all fifty states now pausing Johnson & Johnson vaccinations. Regulators are meeting today to investigate six cases of potentially fatal blood clots reported in vaccine recipients. One death has been reported among the nearly seven million shots administered across the country. We're gonna hear from the principal deputy director of the CBC in a moment but first here's C boast Tommy. Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson this morning is putting a hold on its ongoing clinical trials of its Covert vaccine and hold on the role lot of vaccine in Europe. They're giving health authorities time to investigate these unusual reports a potentially dangerous blood clots and a small number of patients. I think the important thing to emphasize is that it is very ran there was six. Women not out of the six. Point 85 million. Vaccinations. Of the J&J which means that it's. Less. And no one in a million. The government is now telling everyone to stop using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for now. So far there is no evidence showing that the vaccine caused the clocks and the risk of being struck by lightning is actually twice as great. As getting a blood clot after the backseat one in 500000. There's also a much greater risk of getting the blood clot if you remain unvaccinated and get sick with cove it. This report from last July looked at more than 3000 patients' and found that about 16%. Struggled with some sort of blood clot. Inform people overreact and in the senate control we need to constantly think about a wrist stress is the benefit rich. Everything we do console for the numbers are very low. According to the CDC the six people with these rare blood clots were women between eighteen and 48 years old. They all got sick about six to thirteen days after getting vaccinated for five of them their first symptom was a headache for of them dealt with neurological symptoms like feeling weakened not being able to talk or understand words one of the six women was hospitalized and died of the brain hemorrhage. After experiencing a gradually worsening headache one week after the shot. Another in her late forties was hospitalized in Nebraska with what doctors say was pro found bleeding. The reaction to all of this has Americans scrambling to reschedule appointments. After being forced to switch to whatever available supplies there are of Madieu now. Or Pfizer vaccines which if not come with any reports of blood clots president Biden says that the pause in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when not keep Americans from getting vaccinated by this summer. Enough vaccine. Terrorism basically a 100%. I'm questionable. For every single solitary American. The White House the FDA and the CDC are all getting an earful over this there is a strong feeling that six cases Diane. Was far too feud to pause to use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in that this'll only make things worse that it will be harder. To get Americans to use that vaccine later. At the same time health officials are warning people that if they've gotten this shot and they feel some of these symptoms the leg pains trouble breathing abdominal pains. To call your doctor. Diane. Good advice they're seen us in summing in Atlanta thank you. An earlier on GMA George Stephanopoulos both both spoke with doctor and shook it principal deputy director of the CDC. About the Johnson Johnson vaccine caused and those blood clot concerns let's listen. What's the earliest a pause could be lifted. That advisory committee on immunization practices is going to carefully reviewed the evidence so far. And consider risks and benefits and advise us about the how they interpret these findings. I want people who know that we take vaccine safety very seriously and want to share what we know when we know it I can't say how long the pause will last. But at key component of why we are on this cause. Is so that we can educate clinicians. About how to diagnose and treat this condition because the usual treatment could actually make things worse. I just to be clear there's no evidence yet you haven't established that there's a link between the vaccine and these blood clotting events have you. Now. So. Responded to the critics who say you know the risk of not going unvaccinated. Approved getting sick and dying from that are greater than the risk of getting back to me why not put out a warning. Instead of a pause. One of the reasons for the pause was to make sure clinicians knew how to diagnose and treat this. But also to report it because we don't know if we've missed some cases whether the risk really is one in a million or perhaps more than that. Fortunately we have a lot of Pfizer and the Darren vaccines available rate now and we found no it's frustrating and inconvenient. But appointments are being rescheduled right now so I know this is really. I'm difficult for people who may be frightening. We on wanna get to the by benefit. And and make sure that we can protect people from you know I think a serious. We know about seven million people have gotten this Johnson Johnson vaccine what's your message for death. If you cut the vaccine more than three weeks ago in your feeling fine that you know you really have an extremely low risk and don't need to be concerned. But if you got it more recently keep an eye out for a severe headache that doesn't go away. Bad stomach pain that doesn't go away its difficulty breathing which is always assigned time later doctor no or seek medical attention. And possibly I'm swelling and pain in Atlantic. Those are the kinds of things that you should be on the lookout for tell your doctor know that you got Jane Jane vaccine. A couple weeks ago. You say we have plenty of Madeira an advisory vaccine. Right now so what is this going to mean for the pace of vaccinations right now in the United States. We've been averaging more than three million doses administered day and we think we can't stick to that. In fact this week were actually distributing more Pfizer and Darren events of the last couple weeks when he eight million. Vs an average of about 25 million so we believe we can stay on track to meet the president's goal of 200 million doses. By his hundredth day bottom line do you expect to Johnson Johnson vaccine will eventually be administered again. I can't predict that but I am very optimistic. Our thanks to George and doctor should get for that into view. And we could learn today to Minnesota officer who shot and killed twenty year old Dante right. We'll face criminal charges 26 year veteran Kim potter voluntarily resigned from the Brooklyn center police department yesterday. But the mayor has yet to accept that resignation Stephanie Ramos has more on why an impending decision after a third night of unrest in the city. All night several hundred. Protesters in the streets of Brooklyn center Minnesota for the third died in the road. Demonstrators demanding justice for twenty year old Donta bright who was fatally shot by police officer Kim potter during a traffic stop her home in nearby suburb barricaded and guarded by police. Though officials say ponder was not inside potter a 26 year veteran on the force and former head of the union representing Brooklyn center officers was training another officer at the time of the killing. She resigned Tuesday writing. I believe it is in the best interest of the community the department and my fellow officers if I resign immediately have you accepted that resignation. As of this moment now the mayor not ruling out firing potter instead Brooklyn center as police chief Tim Janet also submitting his resignation Tuesday. Police releasing this body camera footage a day after the shootings are. Police say the video shows potter and discharging her gun instead of the taser but questions remain how this fatal mistake could even be many there's a reason why take visitors are different sides. I'll write to handle his district now we don't father's family demanding action. Super loud right protect them saw her here. And and jail yeah. I did what do lineal. And Stephanie Ramos joins us now from Brooklyn center Minnesota with more on this Stephanie we heard there in your keys. That potter resigned that the mayor has do you accept that resignation that he hasn't accepted it yet. He hasn't ruled out firing her apparent. Me when can we expect to hear more on that. That's correct Diane so it's unclear when we will hear more about he heard in the piece we asked the mayor. What did he accept the resignation letter he said no and you very directly sat but he also said that. He vita to evaluate. The evidence and also the process it seems as though this is this is still very fluid situation they're looking at all of the different options that they can take. But he also understands that this is a community that is hurting it's going to take a lot of changes within the police department within the city. To comfort this communities so when we spoke with the mayor he said he he put it really elaborate on the officer's current status but at this point. He has not accepted that resignation letter and is still trying to figure out. How to move forward in and and as I said earlier they. Firing her is not out of question. Time that B ram us in Brooklyn center Minnesota thanks Stephanie. And president Biden is expected to announce an ends to the longest war in American history. Officials say Biden will pull all US troops out of Afghanistan by September 11. Twenty years since the terror attacks that started the war chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has the details to stay in good morning. Diane good morning to you so there are still as many as 3500. American troops in Afghanistan right now this draw down would bring that number down to zero. It's been called America's longest war it's been called America's for ever war and just take a look at these numbers they're absolutely staggering more than 2300 US troops killed. In this time period more than 40000 Afghan civilians killed there the cost 825. Billion billion dollars now the administration says the threats facing the United States have changed in the last two decades that al-Qaeda. No longer poses a threat to the homeland Republicans say this strategy of drawing down these troops right now though. Abandons our allies in the region Mitch McConnell says this is turning tail. And running but the administration says humanitarian aid will still be provided to that region Diane after the president makes his announcement today he then heads over to. Arlington cemetery not too far from the White House where he will be paying tribute to those service members who were killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. All right chief White House correspondent Cynthia they get thanks for that Cecilia. And the defense enters its second day of calling witnesses as it tries to raise reasonable doubt in the murder trial against air children. Yesterday a woman who was in the car with George Floyd testified that Floyd fell asleep. Before police arrived to the scene. And a consultant on police use of force said he felt show his actions were justified. And in line with police policy but walked back some of his testimony under cross examination. Alex Perez is in Minneapolis with more. I heard witness. For the first time jurors hearing from someone defending Derek children's actions of the use of force expert Barry brought it testifying for the defense. Saying Shelvin was justified and that pinning floored by the neck was not use of force. My hands and not in use some folks. This is control technique with it doesn't hurt but on cross examination in the prosecution pushing and getting broad to backtrack. If this. Act that we're looking at here in exhibit seventy. Could produce pain would you agree that what we're seeing here is the use of force. Showed in this picture that could be a use of force. The prosecutor picking apart his testimony had in the notion that Floyd was not comply. What part of this is not compliant. So I see his arm position in the picture has posted. I had you know compliant person would have both her hands in the small they're back and just be resting comfortably. First like he's still moving around so tempting to grieve more restrained in his. Be slightly non compliant. The defense calling six witnesses and arguing it was drug use speak for the encounter with police and medical problems that killed Floyd. Shall on the hill was in Floyd's vehicle when the incident began and told jurors he fell asleep in the parked car and she struggled to wake him up when officers arrived. Simpler. The police here is about until now the bill wasn't real. But here's an Indian whom he's seen the main demand and good at doing it and we know wrecked tool so it's better we'll. Please please don't kill me please leave those who. So Diane sir about whirlwind of witnesses there the defense or calling six witnesses on their first a day we expect they will soon call a medical expert. To testify and you have to remember for the defense this is all about injecting the reasonable doubt into the case they need to convince. Just one juror Diane. Alex Perez in Minneapolis forests outside the courthouse thanks Alex. And let's bring in Terry Austin hosts a legal analysts along crime network for more on this case said Terri thanks for being here the defense is first witnesses. First with the very first witness really was the former MIP a and MPD officer excuse me. Who was involved in George Floyd's furious dressed in 2019. He had just seen a very narrow lane in terms of what he described in this arrest and was really barely asked any questions by the defense at all. How this is about his testimony. And how much of it was about being able to show his body cam footage from that day. Well I think that the defense wanted to show that witness first because they were trying to say that George blade is a drug user he's been arrested before. He had this sort of habitual happening. Ingesting drugs when he's arrested and the body camera did show all of that you're absolutely right though it was a very short direct and cross examination because. Judge limited to desk medical evidence he did not want anyone to get in tune they character optimistically because that is not supposed to be on trial here at distaste. And they were only allowed to talk about the physical effects that drugs had on him that day not the emotional affects that they may have had or anything to do with Floyd's character. But then use of force consultant very broad got on the standing a hit first seem like he was a strong witness. For the defense he testified in detail about why he believes show his actions were justified an in line with police policy. But it did you know holed up on cross examination he ended up conceding among other things that the prone restraint in this case can be considered a use of force along with the neon Floyd's neck. And that maintaining that forced after Floyd was compliant and non responsive. Was against police training so what do you think of the way the prosecutor kind of slowly pulled those concessions. Out of him and ultimately what do you think the impact of his testimony will be. Once again today and you hit it on the head Steve sliced it was absolutely masterful. A little bit of pull and Tug wind they started this cross examination but very quickly. He was able to get Mary brought to admit almost everything as you said in fact when I was listening to that cross examination. For a second when I wasn't looking at this screen I thought in act. The prosecution was doing the direct of their own use of force expert there were so many areas where it is Indy. Individual admitted that. Yes if you're prone and handcuffed that could be use of force if it inflicts pain and there will be pain if you're on the concrete which he basically talked about positional axe sixty yen and how in fact when you have pressure on the body. And your on the concrete and your own body weight that this of course could cost oppositional X six yes. And I think one of the real major points that he may was that fact that children was not following. A policy. The police force and Minnesota and it seems as though Barry bond was not. That do. You know it knowledgeable about what was going on and so. Rod I think was an expert but I didn't think that he was able to contribute Mike's. He or because he was an ax familiar with that process season he didn't realize that. Use of force in Minnesota really means you can't do this if the individual is. Comply aunt and heat basically admitted that its. At that point in time blood was complying. All right Terry Arsenault has great to have your analysis thanks Terry and we'll see you a little bit later for ABC news live continuing coverage of the trial of Derek Shelvin. Bachelor star couldn Underwood is opening up but it deeply personal interview when we come back what he told our Robin Roberts. And why he says he wanted to share that news now. Welcome back bachelor star called Anne Underwood is sharing a deeply personal revelation this morning. Underwood says I like so many people over the past year he was in reflect on something that's been weighing on him. For years here's Robin Roberts with more. Colton. Thank you for this opportunity to sit down with you there's something that you want people to know. So can you tell us what you is on your heart that you want to share. Obviously like this year's been. A lot for a lot of people and it's. Problem in a lot of people look themselves in the mirror and figure out who they are and what they've been running from or what they've been putting off from their lives. And for me. I've ran for myself for a long time I paid it myself for a long time and I'm gay and I came to terms of their earlier this year and haven't processing unit. And down. The next step in on this was sort of letting people now still nervous but. Yeah it's it's been a journey for sure proven her second through the joy. Yes they're really mean I'm emotional but an emotional like such a good happy positive way. Unlike happiness and how serious have ever been in my life and that means the world to me and. Yeah what was that moment like for you that. Gave you the courage. To speak your truth as you are today. I got into a place. For me in my personal life. It was dark and bat and I can list among some different things but they don't be excuses. But I think overall the reason why now is because. I got took place right and think I was ever going to share yes I don't I. Would have rather died than say I think I'm gay. And I think now is sort of my wake up call did you ever think about harming yourself yes. There. There is a moment in no way that I woke up. And I didn't think I was gonna make up. And have intentions are waking up and I did. And I think for me and I was like man my wake up call. I don't think this is your life. Take back control. I think. Looking back even beyond that is sake. Even just suicidal thoughts and I'm driving my car co host of cliff why can't this goes off a cliff it's not that big a deal I don't feel that anymore. The former bachelor went walking it is true that while also realizing that his fans and the women he dated on the show them may have questions. So many people were cheering you on. And wanting you to final. And now they may feel. That you misled the public and misled those women from that season tip how do you dress people who feel that way. I wouldn't understand why they would think that way. And I mean I thought a lot about this two of two ire gripping the bachelor and to our regret. Ten going into a that I did. I do. I do think I could've handled it better I'll say that Tulsa. I just I just wish I wouldn't drag people into my own massive figuring out who I was I did I I would genuinely mean that. But I also have the same time like bank to see in Sam sorry it's all of those women I can also say thank you because without them. And without the bachelor franchise. I don't know if I think this would have ever came out. Colton also sharing a message for casting the woman he jumped defense for on the bachelor. Their relationship ending tumultuous late last year. Cassie filing and then dropping a restraining order against him. I'd like to say sorry. Sir. How things and then I messed up I made. A lot of bad choices we would welcome Cassie. Yes. I mean can now only made it harder and more confusing for me I'm being very honest. I loved everything about her. And it's hard for me articulate exactly. What my emotions were. And going through that relationship with her was. Because obviously had. I would just say that I'm sorry. From bottom on her. I'm sorry for him pain and emotional. Stress I cause. I wish you wouldn't have happened the way it didn't. I wish that I would have been. Courageous enough to. Fix myself before. I broke anybody else. Oh wait now listed as he steps into his full self after a lifelong personal battle with his sexuality. A trophy previously denied. I literally remember praying praying to god in the morning I found out that I was a bachelor and thanking him for making me straight. I don't remember that vividly saying like. Finally you're letting me be straight finally are giving me. A wife or fiancee and then I'm gonna have the kids and I'm gonna have the house and and then have all this I've known that I'm indifference and say dissects and I couldn't process it and I couldn't. Put my finger on what it wasn't all high school my freshman here. When I knew I was getting. And by that time I had thirty grown up in the Catholic Church I have gone to Catholic grade school. I learned in the Bible they get is a sin. I hadn't made mistakes in my sports and in my athletic career and when you make mistakes that play was K area that was bad and gay was always affiliated with the connotation of negativity and I think. There's a lot of things I look back and Mike. No wonder held and in some of the people they you've told. Are the very people that. When she said like you play football with her friends who. Used a negative term. About being gay and when used came out to them what was the response from them. He not a hat. I've had sort of a range of responses and the underlining most common one was almost like I wish you have told me sooner and when I hear that. I wish I would have faith in my friends in life and my little bit more my dad I told him and his reaction was sort of saying like I wish you would trust me sooner but any followed it up with. How can help you how can help take this off your place who can I tell and like to mean that was more meaningful and I love you the only reason I'm sitting around with you today is because I have the love and the support my friends my time. My thanks to Robin Roberts and Colton Underwood for that interview. We'll have more what you expect in the trial of their children. When we come back stay with us. Welcome back the defense will call witnesses for a second day in a trial against their children. A trial set to resume in just a little while and Alex for Shea is outside the courthouse with more and what we can expect today hi Alex. A guy and this Wednesday the defense will resume calling witnesses Indy children's far over expecting them to finish. Before the end of the week possibly even before Friday but yesterday we heard a couple of T testimonies including that. Of the Wanda hill who was in the backseat of the car during a Memorial Day incident she established that Floyd was falling asleep in a car. Before officers arrived the defense arguing that could be a sign of fentanyl intoxication. But the highlight was when you use of force expert Barry brought took the stand. Broad telling defense attorney Eric Nelson he believes children's actions were justified in that he did not think those actions constituted. Use of force and in the cross examination began and it was tense. Broad admitting to Keith Davis children's actions do in fact constitute a use of force and that children's mean wasn't backs on Floyd's neck now. On redirect the defense tried to ease some of the damage from across a divination getting brought to contradict himself again. Saying gotta prone holds is not a U supports and that it did not appear to children's need. Was on Floyd snack. Also yesterday we saw an emotional rally between the families of George Boyd in Don T right outside the courthouse. This area is again on high alert after coming off another night of curfews Diane. A lot of tension there rounds vishay live outside the court Minneapolis thank you. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Messina we will have live coverage of the dare show in trial and testimony resumes in just a little while. We'll see you then stay safe.

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