ABC News Live Update: Nearly all US metro areas facing a COVID-19 resurgence

Stadiums and arenas are being turned into vaccine mega-centers, plus President Trump is the first president in history to be impeached twice with 10 House Republicans voting to impeach.
21:54 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Nearly all US metro areas facing a COVID-19 resurgence
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us in today's update corona virus has killed more Americans in the past week than the excluded all of last year. A White House run a virus task force report obtained by ABC news says nearly all metro areas over 500000 people are in full resurgence. More than ten million people have received their first dose of the Covert nineteen vaccine out of the 29 million doses distributed. Now stadiums and Arenas are turning into vaccine mega sites across the country. President trump is headed for a senate trial after becoming the first president in history to be impeached twice. Ten house Republicans voted in favor making it the most bipartisan impeachment vote ever. The president faces a single charge of inciting an insurrection. In the wake of last week's right on Capitol Hill. The senate trial could start as early as Tuesday his last day in office. Plus sources tell ABC news the entire National Mall will be closed on inauguration day. If the latest in a series of security measures to protect the city in the wake of that attack on the capital. Meanwhile the investigation continues ABC news has confirmed retired firefighter Robert Sanford of Chester Pennsylvania. Was arrested this morning on three federal charges investigators say he is the person seen on video throwing a fire extinguisher at capitol police. And another lawmaker has tested positive for covic nineteen. Democratic congressman I piano as they got voted in person yesterday and spoke on the house floor. More than half a dozen lawmakers have tested positive since the capital siege. The ABC news political director Rick Klein joins me now from war on all of this Rick sources close to president trump. Say he was angry as he watched some of his most loyal allies condemn his conduct yesterday how large is the rift now between trump. And the Republican Party and what do they need to do to move forward. If ten Republicans in the house voting for impeachment of greater numbers saying the president almost certainly did commit impeachable offenses and then some unknown number who probably would have privately voting yes if they are more worried about either the political backlash for the backlash to their own safety the rift in the party is growing and is growing by the minute. The president's behavior since last Wednesday is only exacerbated. All a lot of the tensions that have been felt in the Republican party for a long time. And look most Republicans who voted for president trump card not like those who showed up at the mall and not like those who rioted at the capitol but the fact that Sylmar. And the fact that some are not being did not seem distance put between themselves and there and some of the zombie elected leaders. He is what's driving some Republicans I talk to one Republican who voted for impeachment yesterday. I and his reaction to all of this is that he hopes third party movement comes out of this because it would be easier for the Republican Party if they did true hardcore supporters of president tropical leave the election was stolen the believe the actions last week were justified. They should leave the party entirely. And we're also hearing top aides discussed the possibility of him resigning with president trump ultimately said. It was a nonstarter in part because the president doesn't trust the vice president. To pardon him what happens if trump pardons himself. Well and it opens up a whole legal panel worms I mean he can do it he could keep you try to do a job he can he would issue that pardon. Whether it holds up in court whether you're able to pardon yourself has never been tested before in American history there's different illegals schools of thought around that. And of course is we've talked extensively about Diane there is no pardoning four state charges or other. Other even civil charges that might result that his actions last week or in any number of of episodes beyond that. Mike remember we were talking about the possibility of self pardon before last Wednesday. I think it's more likely did not given the events that have happened that we'll see another raft of pardons that may include. President trump himself but. The plot whether that holds water or not is a big question in the fact that that's even a consideration. Over whether he'd resign disease itself a sound. Tonight Rick Klein thank you. And Jacob Blake sat down for his first interview since he was shot seven times and partially paralyzed by a police officer last summer. Kenosha county district attorney announced last week that the officers involved will not be charged. Here's Michael Strahan. You didn't resist are resistant team getting beat on and what I mean by that it does not fall. We have let them put day ahead on my neck and I saw allows them again I honestly. This morning news Jacob Blake is speak it out for the first time almost five months after being shot seven times by police leaving him partially paralyzed. I was down down numbers and the mob links that problems like down I'm gonna. This is this all unfolding at his son's watch from the back seat of that car. I was he shoot me I couldn't believe so. Kind of sat down in a car trying to. New disc. Put my hands silent assuming in my face arm I had an he just kept shooting just some muscle to Yuma I'm babies are right here. I'm babies. So after you stop shoot me eyes sit very loving the matter world I thought it was going to be bill. I thought it was going to be the last thing stated. Thank god it wasn't. The incident once again sparking protests across the country. Adding fuel who fired that have been burning all summer since the police killing of George full weight. I don't mean next Jewelers Floyd I didn't want to die. He was August 23 and Blake who that the how publicly should Booker. The mother of three of his children Davis celebrating their son is real eighth birthday what an argument broke out between Booker in a neighbor. Saad just wanted to get them how handedly. Plus on his side of Sears come out of he says that he's sure his numbers today. I didn't I was and lawn and take them to restore her again Macomb forget about. Listen. As Blake prepares to leave the group calls police and about every pregnancy. Yes our hot and out of a public hearing he has the key who weren't all that are pertinent that are eat that I expect that he did not try to release. Police respond to a quote family trouble. They're told that the war for Blake on domestic violence offenses and sexual assault what do you do when. When they show up at that time I'm walking around and done anything so I usually do we're pretty Blake received to put one of its under the car. And that's when he says he felt someone grab his arm. I took my arm way and I mean reaction. After I did. Realized. Usually the goalie soon. It is because when I did that is slamming of this truck. Before Cabrera your police say anything you. You know. Connor. According to the Wisconsin criminal investigation report. Officers should ask he recalls saying quote let's talk about this he said Blake put his child in the car and turned to face him. Sure if he said he then grabbed Blake's arm to put him under arrest and told Blake that he had a warrant dated a Webby with a here. Written. They're saying to me. Did they tell you that they had a warning for your risk Vietnam some sort of struggle columns police believe Blake had three to four weapon more than once. Played denied this. Police deployed taser multiple times Blake pulled the taser prongs out of his skin. Officers Jeff guinn Blake end up in a physical altercation on the ground we see you when you walk away from officers. Fifth that he truck program you. I'm rattle the you know I realize I dropped my night. How little I and I. I'm picking up after I got off yeah. Because it saves me. With an open Mike and hand. That Blake says fell out of his pocket he walks around the front of the vehicle towards the driver side do war what do you think in ethical. I'm not really wary I'm walking away from counselors and I'll I didn't sue me. I shouldn't have depicted. Only. Consider who's going on. At that time I wasn't day again clearly you were thinking what you get the knife. Into the car you going to do things feel so much so to the ground and you know put Mars Rahman back. Because of they did there and they kill me there. Everybody was suited. According to woodcock the criminal investigative report author shifts. Blake denies this Blake opened the car door and at that moment officer since he grabbed the back of Blix should control. Sheila. He Yousef that we can just look at the video and video. Kills everything we're going to be a lot of people who look at the video actually in the video. You walk away from the police. So why didn't he just stop and do what the police are asking him to do I couldn't hear that. Tyler. Was screaming and screaming my ears was running and so it goes on multiple. If the police were fighting media free where they were chasing me. I would stop walk away from them and and they would have my attention I mean that I had not been blessed or try to run Deborah. That when they tase me my hands. Officers asking the attorney says Blake was given every opportunity to comply but he chose not to and insists that quote the officers acted according to their training. According to records released at a Wisconsin criminal investigation report in the past Blake has been arrested for attempting to flee police in for resisting arrest. These charges were dropped beer critics who gonna say we've had run in with the law in the past. He didn't deserve any sympathy if you are black person America. They you're not perfect. Did they say oh it was justified this like that you don't have to be angels and we know your kids who were in the car. Have you had any conversations with them about the sense that all happened. I wish flank sooner road and out so I played very. Canned good. For some reason I didn't then day. And Jacob is getting ready to have his 37 surgery and is in physical rehab four days a week his attorney will be filing a civil suit. Against the Kenosha police department. Our thanks to Michael Strahan for that interview. And for more on the fallout from this case and the interview I want to bring in ABC news contributor LV granderson and the founder of the black police experience. Sonia Pruitt good morning to both thank you for being here. I like to start with a question to to both to the UN Sonia you can answer first but did you hear. Anything from this interview that changes your thoughts on this case at all. I have heard nothing that changed my mind I had our Brady watch that video several times. And you know I first of I am feeling of some and beat former. Mr. Blake because he was put in I'd really typical situation and let me tell you why. Options for the police officers outside of shootings there were several officers on the scene they should have been able to arrest one man and they had an opportunity to do so. Without shooting she should be a last resort. That was options dissing gay each. I never saw mr. Blake pull his knife and lunged toward stops or even move twist ops and he tried to get into the car. So I am still feeling very uncomfortable. With the opposite is the version of things but here's something else to consider offices often cite and a gentleman rush. Think classes tunnel vision loss of hearing there's a fight or flight triggered. That happens during the using countless so why would it not follow that the person that they're attempting to arrest might not have these same physical manifestations. In a stressful situation. Making it typical to follow orders housing. I agree with everything there was sheriff's. There appears from these apartments and our train police officer but it just seemed to serve. There were other options before shooting a man multiple times in the backlash in order to make an arrest. Home when I listened to his description harvest encounter with the police officers could range from to me based upon my own personal experience. Hi every young man Teddy gun drawn on me. By an hour or plainclothes police officer going up in Detroit I had no idea with the police officer until regardless how. Pointed towards me and by the grace of god I'm here today so while I was listening to his account. I recognize that there may be something trillions who rolled their eyes and say you should just comply mister Dunn does she should have done that first of all. You weren't bare second involved we don't know the full back story the most importantly. I didn't see anything in that video. That looked as if they required lethal force to be used against Jacob Blake. And I recognize Kenosha police department said that this officers follow their procedures. I don't know the procedures put this into something to actually wrong took part of the procedures shooting a man multiple times in the back. And Sonia that DA says the day that he was shot the mother of Blake's children called line on one's saying he was going to take off and her rental car with the kids. Police were also told he has a warrant on domestic violence offenses in sexual assault. And he had a night that you are former police chief how should all of that play into the way officers respond to a case like this. You know we wanna take into consideration all of the facts but from meat none of that amounts to well let's make sure that you know this guy gets seven bullets in the back. OK because of this. Generally officers are not trained to ensure that every one goals home. Art art training well when I was pleased operas there was about. The officer going home. There's not a holistic view pop up every once the safety at the end of the day when you leave these encounters the officer wants to go home to their loved ones and so does the suspect because suspects have loved ones right which train day it. Is better to be judged by twelve and it carried by six. For me is ridiculous that we need to change their minds and change that type of training we need him to make it. Clear and very important day everyone is important no matter what their background. An Ozzy the fact that Blake survived that shooting and is now able to speak about it from a first person perspective. Is a rarity how do you think that could impact the fight. For racial equality and justice and policing in the kind of changes that sun is talking about a general. Well I think first and foremost having someone able to share their side of the story is very important in this situation because oftentimes if you and Amare harboring if you were George forward if your way. Pub Rihanna Taylor you don't have that opportunity to share what you experienced during this encounter. But there are other procedural things that the Kenosha police department eased to look at as well as law enforcement in general should consider for example. The body cameras were approved by the city years ago. But they balked at doing it burst balked at doing it because of the price of doing so. Now they're facing something I would say is much more costly. Than just by inviting cameras. Now only Utah not to damage that was caused quite some of the rioters who was taken advantage of situation which are facing civil suits but more important you're facing a credibility issues within your community. You have an entire swath of people searching musty and part of you don't sowerby who do not trust you. Better not need to put a price Saigon so body cameras I believe it's a good step it isn't a cure all but it certainly is a good step. And there's one other thing for those who may be rolling their eyes wondering why didn't he just comply to officer had no choice. Last week we saw a domestic terrorist attack have to capital. Members of congress money for their lives. We saw insurgents try to stopped. A constitutional procedure. We know what happened during that day's. And we all know if those individuals who supported the capital. Were off color. Please would have ended it a lot more differently. So all I'm saying years. I'm not concerned about what not Jacob Blake is a good person or not. I'm concerned about whether or not law enforcement views him as a person the same way they review a white person that's what I'm asking. And and Sonia I want to go back to them to the body can't point that LZ is making. It it how much does that. Make a difference in a case like this because again while Jacob Blake can now tell his story. Most victims like this usually cannot so how much does it impact things when you can see for yourself. What happened or at least part of what happened then and this debate for example field. Jacob Blake is saying the officer did not identify himself but he didn't make clear that he had to warn and he was putting him under arrest he just knew that someone grabbed his arm. How much of a differences that make in a case like this. And interest on the trust in general I should that. Mixer and a whole lot of difference is this since the inception of body worn cameras we have been able to CE. What before and historically. We were not able to see we were able to CE the disparities in what the officer might have sit in a police report and what actually happened we see that here we never at least an camera didn't. See Jacob Blake pull his knife and actually. This is my towards the police officer. Is a red flag now again everybody's memory may may be a little foggy during an encounter like this. But why is that the officer gets the benefit of the doubt and the suspect in this case mr. Blake does not. Quiche that he's another human being. People should listen to what he had to say to instead. We get to hear about his criminal past his troubled history he had a warrant. At the end of the day those things not really important in this moment we talking about this incident and that the type of thing that you Rhodes the public trust. But again ever since the advent of body worn cameras and camera phones. We are able to have a clear view of what is happening you know we have to. Just I'm and I just I here are our other guests talk about what happened at the capitol. Imagine if there were no cameras. We we need to be able to see these these disparities. We need to be able to see the things that just don't mess for us as a black community and everyone else should be able to see it suit so cameras are really important. It is it is an eye opening in ano many of us don't like what we've seen an at least it helps us to be able to move forward and hopefully address. Some of these issues that we were blind to for so long. LC one of the hardest parts about the Blake case is that kids so what do you think about. When you think about peace to his kids at what they witnessed and what kind of an impact that has. And not only on them personally but also what happens the next time they are approached by a police officer. I can only assume they'll be secure for their lives based upon what they witnessed. And it's a shame that we don't consider the impact her mental health perspective not just on children. We're just on every one when being part traumatize part Sumpter Mike Ferris. You know I'm pretty sure the people who called who did the police officers do not call the police so that the to try to shoot and kill Jacob Blake. We're just trying to resolve a domestic dispute. So that person is probably doing a certain amount of jokes and and and mentor anguish and report children. Our owners stuck in the same cycle that I was gone when out with its potent things like students from meaning he wants pension who are trying to nab your. To this day. To this day. An officer pulls behind me when I'm on the highway. There is an involuntary bodily. Response. My palms get sweaty. My body gets tense and does very little I can do to stop it can I bring him to a therapist about it. I can only imagine what these poor children are trying to navigate and deal with as well as everyone else who bared witness to what transpired. It's something this whole country is gonna have to reckon with ABC news contributor LV granderson and former Montgomery county police captain Sonia Pruitt thank you both. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us remember ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Hoss evacuate 3 PM eastern with timer ran for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"21:54","description":"Stadiums and arenas are being turned into vaccine mega-centers, plus President Trump is the first president in history to be impeached twice with 10 House Republicans voting to impeach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75254257","title":"ABC News Live Update: Nearly all US metro areas facing a COVID-19 resurgence ","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-us-metro-areas-facing-75254257"}