ABC’s Cokie Roberts discusses her new children’s book: Dec. 19, 2016

"Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation" is Roberts’ third book about the founding of the U.S.
4:10 | 09/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC’s Cokie Roberts discusses her new children’s book: Dec. 19, 2016
Hope you rot before about her new children's book ladies of liberty and the moon shaped our nation. Here is that if there what was your personal look good guy again this isn't quite well. Okay. Yeah. And as I've written two big grown up books about the founding period I never knew they were grown up books then that they are founding mothers and ladies of liberty. And then the publisher lot of children's books a piece of founding mothers came out a few years ago and now ladies of liberty with the fabulous fabulous illustrated Diane good. Who just has these delightful pictures he we have second Julie on the front with a baby on her back you know she had given Lewis and Clark did. Marketing across the country you're riding horses and the chance to do with a baby and I loved him at goes that we here even today of some stories in your book Louisa Adams. Believe Adams the only other first ladies have been born outside of the country Gilani will be the second audio of the second and Louise actually did father was the American Consulate in Britain so she was. Half and her mother in law Abigail Adams called her half period. But Deb. But she felt that her vocation was to get her husband elected president which she wrote in the letter to John Adams. So it's hardly news that first lady's plane in this kind of one thing that is a little bit me you would think is all this talk about a bomb could turn on me working in the late as may be having. Some kind of informal role but we have another one might paralyze him and idolize him and was and commerce president James Monroe's life. And she was sickly. And also the White House have been burned by the British right before that says she had a lot of work to do to furnish it. And her daughter lies ahead a really played the role of First Lady. And everybody in Washington heated why she was mean and not that got. And talk to each event she had been raised in Paris he had been lambasted the issue gone to fancy schools was royalty and thought she was royalty and that doesn't work well in America as you know. All of our kids and I'm not that certainly does not all of our kids now. For coming out of Hamilton love all the music introduced this only historical figures. Including -- him a Liza Hamilton who was over on device big time Alexander is not my favorite. But like the show okay. Yeah. Okay. He went off it had that dual got killed leaving her with panelists with seven children I mean that's not nice thing to do and that. The Cheney worked for the Isabella Graham who is a character in this book for you probably don't know. Who is this remarkable Scots woman who came to America. Core was widowed with a bunch kids. Started fancy school here where the hall led to a government children when George Washington's granddaughter Martha's granddaughter went there. But share her real mission was to help support and she started an orphanage here with the Liza Hamilton. Thankfully we have the records and it is still in existence as an institution helping children in New York today Graham Windham. This snow here helping New York's children. We talk about mission of course we've seen over the last eight years First Lady Michelle Obama. And hit whatever he again moving physical organic garden. In in the why doesn't she see you right there right side during an exercise again if that is only seeing all throughout history. Absolutely from first ladies have always had something going people think it just started Eleanor Roosevelt not. Martha Washington lobby the congress. For veterans' benefits because she had Bennett came up we know that valley forge to music camp with those soldiers and eight long years of the revolution. And so she wanted to make sure that they got what was coming to them what a perfect time for booklet it is a good time you know you finding a lot of people stay in oh women have been beaten down again we didn't reach the goal of presidency. But women have. Come back and thought throughout our history and done at these women did it was no legal rights married women could non property. I have no political rights but they still went forward and forged a better nation say wolves the social safety net. To make America a better place when lesson and bring home could ever seen in my.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"\"Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation\" is Roberts’ third book about the founding of the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65666287","title":"ABC’s Cokie Roberts discusses her new children’s book: Dec. 19, 2016","url":"/US/video/abcs-cokie-roberts-discusses-childrens-book-dec-19-65666287"}