Abducted Georgia Girl Found 'in Good Health'

Police say they have two men in custody suspected in the abduction of Ayvani Hope Perez.
8:10 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for Abducted Georgia Girl Found 'in Good Health'
This is this special report from ABC news. -- when I'm Dan -- in New York with a CBC news digital special reports of fourteen year old Georgia girl who police say. Was abducted from her home during a violent home invasion on Tuesday. Has been found two men broke -- were -- his home looking for money and jewelry and when they got neither they grabbed. A funny caress police are now holding a news conference in the latest let's listen it. The resolution and it has. And we will begin. Momentarily. Isn't there one here. Again welcome to Clayton County -- apartment. Thank you all for joining us. We have. Outstanding news -- before we get started I'd like to introduce. Everyone on the -- Kimono. The squeeze up if we can't. We all should know our chief of police Gregory Porter. His deputy chiefs Chris Butler. And -- Hawkins. Chairman of the board of commissioners Jeff turner. We have. A -- Robert Andrews from Homeland Security investigations. We also have a -- great mark Maxwell skimming. From the FBI. And we have a couple of special agents from the GBI. Jesse Wilson and -- loving. We have representatives from our district attorney's office. You guys can introduce yourself you've missed your call Garland an urban gridlock that -- -- The mysteries -- Yes I didn't GBI agent Jesse Wilson and -- loving and now I will introduce. Chief Gregory Porter Clinton -- -- Good evening good evening. This. There's a good day. This is a good day. For the family Korean famine but more importantly -- -- -- -- She is safe. -- thank the community as a whole and for supporting. The Clayton county police department and all the collaboration between the agency's federal state and local. Agencies. Throughout this whole deal. She's been reunified with the -- We currently have two suspects in custody. We look -- -- -- -- those banks and Olympia -- talk abundantly. She was recovered at a location in Conyers Georgia. Investigation is still active. This -- We're still receiving phone calls as as we speak. A special thanks to be. FBI. GB. Age yes APV. -- -- discharges office and US attorney's office. Folks this is a prime example of community policing content that -- collaboration through. A situation where all -- infected I don't Clayton County community but it metro area. I'll entertain any questions -- and this time. Still hard -- law enforcement. Most of the ground. Again the people I just mentioned for childless I was two two mentions and we see that -- All of the FB 22 -- Again we've got to limit certain questions about the investigation we do not want to -- -- contain him in this case. It's. No connection -- News. Mean. MP. That's the case is there really -- There. And from kidnappers -- you here. The reality FBI. Gentlemen. Yes yes. Yes -- -- you at all. Does she season Goodmail she's being evaluated as we speak she's been -- with their fabric -- maps on us especially in chayet the FBI. Com. Sold at this time we have to individuals in custody. There's a Juan Alberto contreras Rodriguez easier. Forty year old Mexican national he's currently being held on US immigration related charges by federal Homeland Security investigators. By the other individual in custody at this point is will drag on Jackson he's 8229. Of Atlanta he's currently being held. In violation of eighteen years -- 1201 conspiracy and kidnapped. But this time that was the only two people that are in custody. There are several other. Subjects -- suspects that we are still investigating. Because that I really will not be able to get into a lot of the particulars on this. Folks again I I must stress that this investigation is still active we have suspects. Potential suspects at large and the information -- you -- -- all are asking for. Would potentially jeopardize. Our investigation so. We ask you again to please be patient. With us as we provide information to you. -- -- It's undetermined at this time -- artwork. That's what the -- and that's what the investigation dictates and that's all I can say that you thank you all. The and the car. I have I have not seen the suspect in custody sir I do not know the -- today. Programs -- -- yeah. It. Work. So they're not so we believe those two suspects in the giants are still at large. Thank you can anyone -- -- information relating to those who suspect we would still asked to call the same tip line that we provided before me. -- Dramatic -- collaboration related offenses thank you -- Yeah. It's. -- suspect I can get dental yes. And. And -- -- the conclusion McLean county press conference this is being held in the case -- fourteen year old Georgia girl that was abducted early Tuesday morning. The bottom line in this case is that -- funny -- -- -- has been found safe she has been reunited with her family. And that we just heard from police there that she is in good health although she is still undergoing -- -- valuation. Some of the details that came out of that press conference -- coming from the FBI in fact that there are two men in custody right now forty year old man -- a 29 year old man. That are being held in connection with her abduction but as the FBI pointed out at the tail end of that news conference there are several other suspects. That they believe are at large in fact the two that are in these two descriptions these two drawings. Are not the two men that are in police custody which is why not only the county sheriff's and the police and the FBI. We're stressing the importance of -- that this investigation is still very active -- is still ongoing. And they -- -- very little information about how in fact that fourteen year old Georgia girl was found. But that the bottom line in fact that she was found and that she is safe and that she appears to be in good health and has now been reunited with her family. But as they have been saying the FBI reporting and -- time there are other suspects they are seeking still at large possibly. And the metropolitan Atlanta area -- the complete report on abcnews.com. Latest on this breaking story. For now on -- and -- New York with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20295961,"title":"Abducted Georgia Girl Found 'in Good Health'","duration":"8:10","description":"Police say they have two men in custody suspected in the abduction of Ayvani Hope Perez.","url":"/US/video/abducted-georgia-girl-found-good-health-20295961","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}