Abuse Allegations for Pasadena Boot Camp

Video shows instructors forcing children to drink water until they throw up.
1:58 | 10/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Abuse Allegations for Pasadena Boot Camp
I was -- -- -- this video was given to us rather Pasadena star news according to Pasadena police. The video shows children of the boot camp for troubled youth in Pasadena being forced to bring water to the point of vomiting. That's our children did she says -- could lead to a -- just does not -- he I think. You know you know and -- According to the Pasadena star news the -- campus called family first growth -- A -- -- instructors use military style discipline and tactics to get troubled -- to straighten up. However Pasadena police officials say after looking -- the video it appears things may have gone too far. Police are reviewing the video to determine if a crime was committed. Soon after we saw that video we started the investigation. We still -- a lot of work to do we're gonna try to find some of the young people that work depicted in the video. Try to interview them and some of the adults that were -- would try to into the rhythm as well they images didn't look very disturbing it looked as though -- could have been some violations of law. Police say the operator of the -- campus Kelvin MacFarlane he has known as -- to the -- Police are investigating whether one of the voices heard ordering the children to drink water in the video is -- -- MacFarlane. McFarland is already in legal troubles stemming from an incident in May. He was charged with kidnapping child abuse and more. For allegedly handcuffing a truant pass -- -- -- high school students and extorting money from her -- Baghdad. -- car wreck that brought here we go out. Positive accounts a member of Victor -- says the video shows -- needs to be more oversight of such boot camps. Forcing kids to drink water until they -- it. If you're reading kids in humiliating kids -- is inappropriate conduct and third yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Leo Stallworth reporting for ABC news.

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{"id":14841495,"title":"Abuse Allegations for Pasadena Boot Camp","duration":"1:58","description":"Video shows instructors forcing children to drink water until they throw up. ","url":"/US/video/abuse-allegations-pasadena-boot-camp-14841495","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}