Actresses, CEOs charged in college admissions scandal

More than 50 people were charged in a nationwide cheating scam, according to recently unsealed court records.
3:48 | 03/12/19

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Transcript for Actresses, CEOs charged in college admissions scandal
Breaking news this morning celebrities and chief executives are among fifty people arrested in a nationwide college admissions cheating scam. They allegedly paid bribes of up to six million dollars. To get their kids into elite colleges ABC's Arab interests he has the latest good morning today. A Byron good morning to you this is just an incredible scheme that is being prosecuted out of Boston where a court records have just been unsealed. Not naming dozens of actresses. Business leaders and other parents who allegedly paid bribes of thousands up to millions of dollars. To get their kids into Yale or Stanford or Georgetown. Or other prominent universities. In a way Byron this scheme seems to confirm the worst suspicions. Of those so little bit jaded by the college admissions process who think it's maybe rig toward those with the money. Federal prosecutors say these bribes were paid to wake college admissions coach in California who was also under arrest. And then he would in turn pay off college athletic coach to dummy up a scholarship. Or two pay off and SAT administrator to fake test scores. Aaron I know you just getting access this information in U going to put an end in real time now. Any sense of who some of these people are any names at the general public might recognize who've been caught up in this investigation. There are a couple of bold faced names that stick right out one as the actress felicity Hoffman. And her husband court records say. But do not name William H. Macy another actress is Lori Laughlin who was on ABC's full house. And these actresses were among the parents that were willing to pay a bribe according to court records in order to get their kids into college. In the case of felicity Hoffman she paid two have her daughter her eldest daughter 151000 dollars a purported charitable contributions. According to court records to make sure that her daughter passed the SET. And according to to the charging documents that the prosecutors. Have. Her recorded on on telephone calls talking about this purported. That charitable scam then. In the case of Lori Laughlin the other actress court records say they have email exchanges that they obtain from her. Outlining her willingness to pay a half million dollars to get her kids into the University of Southern California by faking a crew team scholarship and her daughters had never rode a day in their life according to federal prosecutors. Nonetheless she was willing to pay half mill half million dollars to make sure that her daughter's. God accruing scholarship. Jeremiah for this story is just breaking but didn't any understanding of the timing here in some circles this been an open secret for generations in this country. That people with the means had use those means to get their children into lead schools so why now. Well this. All the seems to have dated 22011. And it does involve we're told several cooperating witnesses. And so some of them undoubtedly had been caught up in this and perhaps were willing to tell investigators what they knew about how this alleged scheme worked. And it seems as if this college admissions coach in California. Just got caught and we do know I think that prominent people of often been able to use their names or make a donation. And perhaps there's a quid pro quo attached. The way that that. Court records portray this it is just out right. Fraud and and many of those who are charged are charged we of conspiracy to commit. Mail fraud or wire fraud involving the payment of bribes. And secretary asking here in New York thank you so much I know you update us throughout the day thanks aren't.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"More than 50 people were charged in a nationwide cheating scam, according to recently unsealed court records. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61634596","title":"Actresses, CEOs charged in college admissions scandal ","url":"/US/video/actresses-ceos-charged-college-admissions-scandal-61634596"}