Airline Reunites Boy With Deceased Dad's Shirt

North Dakota 7-year-old accidently left the treasured shirt behind on a Delta flight.
2:29 | 04/18/13

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Transcript for Airline Reunites Boy With Deceased Dad's Shirt
Seven year old Kohl -- Iran as well worn Nike shirt are inseparable. It is the one keepsake he clings to the last connection to his father. Constantly remind me only again ever since he has he'll laid out and -- that's clone on and it's. And he will cuddle up every night when something facing their daddy son to go to bed. Tonya -- husband Brian died tragically two years ago following a freak accident after he fell while putting up Christmas lights and this is a -- that he was wearing when he -- At the hospital Cole -- his mom and siblings was inconsolable. Devastated. Call for some reason. Fisher and he -- four years old and we're out in the car and he says he's not going -- get censured and so -- I went back and grabbed the shirt -- -- And so just days ago Tonya and the three kids flew to California. On the flight as usual call a castle confers greater hung onto his daddy sure. But in the rush to leave the plane the shirt was left behind. We in the car were driving on the interstate and in turn not to crash anything and he -- starts agreement. -- -- -- find it accounts buying it. It's kind of -- that is went -- his friend Kelly Chris -- -- Working the phones FaceBook and email she pleaded with belt and others to try and locate -- -- They started by calling the delta 800 number and you know I was trying to keep my composure and pretty emotional person I Pratt on the -- -- the First Lady she cried back. From delta pilots to the ground crews and ticket agents delta put out the word. Find the daddy sure. She is very emotion onto said that you know we're gonna start pulling the carpet hits from the plains and we -- -- got to ramp crew out there are pulling our bridges and I'm gonna go out and help. Then a phone call from dealt -- she said Kelly we found that we've got it they found -- they went through the garbage and they found it well I cried some more. And. -- -- I start crying. -- -- I think it. Four called the shirt is everything a piece of the past part of his daddy kernels with on the couch and at bedtime. Google have become. Only so much. Tattered -- daddy sure it is back home. In the arms of the seven year old who needs it -- and they you know gave -- he said his dad back to him. Kevin Love and -- -- six --

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{"id":18991055,"title":"Airline Reunites Boy With Deceased Dad's Shirt","duration":"2:29","description":"North Dakota 7-year-old accidently left the treasured shirt behind on a Delta flight.","url":"/Travel/video/airline-reunites-boy-deceased-dads-shirt-18991055","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}