Alaska Braces for Epic Storm

State authorities discuss steps taken to keep residents out of harm's way.
1:04 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Alaska Braces for Epic Storm
This city is those -- a block down. The mercy of -- -- -- Has taken place the shelter of the -- rec center. Is active and operating days here really -- we have urged voters stationed at the school right now that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- We have an airplane and -- may have been. You know -- directly quite simple pipe down it is. -- -- -- and a but the car we're -- -- the current -- not and a go outside limit but it and I about the marriage to deal with it looks like having an impact red outfitted hope I have collected in the face the board it -- -- it. We've -- highway this for a little while because -- definitely be for awhile but dumb. You know the Winchester area becomes more directly at the Al believe what -- will build. They were expecting. About fifteen feet. Maybe -- the next hour or so possibly as late as midnight.

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{"id":14915531,"title":"Alaska Braces for Epic Storm","duration":"1:04","description":"State authorities discuss steps taken to keep residents out of harm's way.","url":"/US/video/alaska-braces-epic-storm-14915531","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}