Alex Rodriguez's Twitter Trouble

Yankees' GM Brian Cashman blasts the third baseman for tweeting about a possible return.
3:00 | 06/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alex Rodriguez's Twitter Trouble
This morning Alex Rodriguez -- have him in hot water with Yankee brass they weren't -- but his -- surgeon has cleared him to play and rehabilitation games the problem list. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman didn't know about that Cashman told ESPN and were quoting here. You know what when the Yankees want to announce something we will Alec should just shut the bleep. -- Cashman plans to chat with -- rod. -- -- -- Canada that he was cleared for rehab games as cash. -- comments that he -- -- happy Adams payment is there any confusion about whether he's been clear where does this Austin and. Well I don't tweet and I don't really -- Twitter so I probably don't really know much of what's going on home. As far as I know he is not cleared. Stevie did not tell me he was cleared to play in rehab games so. I will find out. -- with juveniles frustrating an ancestor to it was a big win like this you have to kind of -- questions like it's part of the job. -- Just Joseph is important to the organization that those sort of -- A chain of command I guess with regard to communication with any of these injuries while -- -- Is -- that Cheney commandment injures and there has to be I mean that's that's the process. You know goes through or are training -- doctors NG and and then it probably gets to me so you know I'm -- down on the --

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{"id":19493251,"title":"Alex Rodriguez's Twitter Trouble","duration":"3:00","description":"Yankees' GM Brian Cashman blasts the third baseman for tweeting about a possible return.","url":"/US/video/alex-rodriguezs-twitter-trouble-19493251","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}