Alleged NY Madame's Pal Sought by Police

Authorities hope to speak with Jaynie Baker in connection with alleged sex ring.
3:01 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged NY Madame's Pal Sought by Police
Mother of four accuse of being a madam tonight remains in jail on two million dollars bond but today we're learning. Well we're learning more about the co defendant prosecutors claim work with -- in this multi million dollar sexual I -- -- -- Stacey -- is on the upper east side and -- would our lead story Stacey. Well -- sources tell us law enforcement sources tell us her name is Jeannie baker we know she had worked at the free lancer. In the matchmaking business we also know she -- not been arrested at this point. As many questions remain about the alleged east side -- and her clients and her connections. Pulling out of his driveway in Orange County today the husband of the so called soccer mom Adam saying nothing to reporters. But his wife's defense team continues to argue that 44 year old panic Pristina is not the multimillionaire. The prosecutors -- -- out to be -- Pargo is a private investigator on her defense team. -- ten million -- should be unveiling and a -- prosecutors claim Christina led a double life a mother of four Fuhrman wrote raising pot bellied pigs. Meanwhile here on the upper east side they say she was working as a high powered madam for wealthy high profile clients. Who came to this modest walk up on east 78 street to meet prostitutes. -- Garrett who lives on this block and knows what he's off limos and town cars here at night. The passengers who got out there very well dressed. Yes all the -- -- Christina also has a co defendant whose name is sealed in the indictment. A law enforcement sources now telling channel seven that the woman in the indictment is -- made baker shown here on FaceBook and not get arrested. And according to -- the two of them wanted to start a bold online dating site so the website. For girls to meet wealthy man. What -- meant to me a trafficker. -- -- -- All legitimate he says but authorities say Christina bragged about law enforcement connections who would protect her from her endeavors. And today we saw investigators from the NYPD canvassing all the neighboring buildings on this block. As they try to figure out if residents saw anyone coming or going. Meanwhile we've also now confirmed that Christina had meetings with a banker from Morgan Stanley to see about financing her online venture. A spokesperson for the firms saying today quote we are obviously looking into this situation. Nobody at Morgan Stanley has been charged with anything and -- quote. As Christina remains behind bars she's a soccer mom the -- is. Now you heard us mention cops were canvassing this blocked throughout the afternoon. A law enforcement sources telling Eyewitness News at this point there's no indication that any cops. Were in fact involved in this case no matter what Ana Cristina. Might have said also no indication -- who if anyone was in her black book. We're live on the upper east side I'm Stacey Sager channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15872594,"title":"Alleged NY Madame's Pal Sought by Police","duration":"3:01","description":"Authorities hope to speak with Jaynie Baker in connection with alleged sex ring.","url":"/US/video/alleged-ny-madames-pal-sought-police-15872594","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}