Alleged Ohio Gunman T.J. Lane Appears in Court

The teen accused of opening fire on classmates was arraigned in court.
4:50 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Ohio Gunman T.J. Lane Appears in Court
This is the an extraordinary in the Mather of -- 312 days these one -- to. -- in the court today as a juvenile. Thomas Michael -- that there. The purpose of on the national -- is to inform the juvenile of the nature of the charges. To review with him his rights in the judicial process. And to briefly review the possible consequences. Which in this case include. The potential for a -- wolf thirty. Find overhearing her probable cause hearing and -- the fact that the prosecutor David Joyce march 1 2012. While the motion for the relinquished on the jurisdiction of this court on -- we will not read the complaint in its entirety but the complaint consist of six counts. The first three counts -- counts alleging aggravated murder. An unclassified. -- have committed by an adult. Fourth and fifth count attempted aggravated murder of film in the first degree that committed -- -- and the six counts of felonious assault. On the of the second degree -- committed. And well. You know you have a registered capital inflation as a malice by your turn you have seen the complaint -- -- -- -- -- -- charges. We are aware of the six charges that a broadcaster. You have a right to have a trial on those charges -- that that trial you have a right reporter that the state of Ohio. Each element. Each charge at trial beyond a reasonable doubt that the state and the effect on the stand. You have a right not to testify against yourself. All at trial you can remain totally silence and -- silence cannot be used against him. You have a right to confront and cross examine any witness that testifies against you at trial and that. You have the right to compel witnesses to appear and testify on your behalf trial Wednesday. You also have the right to offer -- that's in dispute and the -- offered by the state of Ohio for a and you have a right to be put in jeopardy which means you can only be tried watts for each of those offenses charged that the state fails to meet their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. You can happy try to second time for those charges -- He also have a right to be considered on the our legal system -- -- until the charges have been adjudicated and the state proves otherwise if the state can do so. You understand that as of today under our legal system -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- on the otherwise. You also have a right to appeal to a higher court if you believe that this court has made and the error and that -- the eleventh district Court of Appeals. And if such appeal was taken you have a right to a copy of the record of all proceedings provided to you that the public expense if you cannot afford to do so when this. -- well under review with -- possible consequences based on the allegations. In this case this -- may be transferred to the appropriate assault court on the juvenile -- thirty. -- probable -- determined. That the complaint alleges that an individual over fourteen years old is delinquent by conduct that would constitute felonies -- -- by an adult. That the case is not transferred to a vault for -- -- -- and juvenile court if that -- charges are found true. Could result emplacement from the department -- -- -- services detention and probation on the other penalties. Do you understand -- -- -- possible. Results that could happen as a result of these allegations. The court -- as a result. All of the prosecutor David Joyce of firing -- -- -- for relinquish jurisdiction on the juvenile wolf thirty. That said the filing constitutes good cause for extending the attention of TML three and CMO -- three is -- off. Remanded to the port -- charter county detention center to remain in the fashion. Pending juvenile -- third thirty Karen. In this matter. That will conclude the initial hearing. This time. I will have the sheriff. And please that's -- you know three. Remand him into the cup this year for transportation back to -- -- facility. -- -- -- -- -- The last time and then going through excuse mr. and mrs. Nolan.

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{"id":15861160,"title":"Alleged Ohio Gunman T.J. Lane Appears in Court","duration":"4:50","description":"The teen accused of opening fire on classmates was arraigned in court.","url":"/US/video/alleged-ohio-gunman-tj-lane-appears-court-school-15861160","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}