Alleged Wedding Thief Caught on Surveillance

Pennsylvania police search for man suspected of stealing gifts and cash from at least two weddings.
1:25 | 07/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Wedding Thief Caught on Surveillance
Lower Gwinnett police got key tips from viewers after these photos appeared last night. People recognize the young man believed connected to the Sunday theft of three to 5000 dollars worth the wedding cashing checks. From a car parked at the nearby William -- in. It also emerged that there were similar reports of wedding pressure thefts. The week prior in Lancaster County this bird cage stuffed with gift envelopes was stolen just hours after Stacy and break pavlik said I do. And had departed the reception. We got a call from my mom's new unscented are very creative birdcage with cards and -- -- and she's -- the -- -- -- seeing and reading and they are on the panic. Unlike the William -- and there were no surveillance cameras at the Lancaster reception. But the description of the suspect is similar a white male twenty to thirty brown hair khaki cargo shorts and a -- called it -- -- That they show on the chin strap and then testing is right away. And and that the crime itself yeah and that kinda crap is exactly what happened then they just saw someone come in they didn't look. Rape and in the targeted the money yet -- significantly lenders are you ready for. As for the value of the loss. An estimated 23000 dollars -- like 29 cars so there was a lot I was a full predicated on gloves and -- yeah. We just -- it of their ranks don't have to deal with the situation and locked down there money in there birdcage is whenever they it is.

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{"id":19642294,"title":"Alleged Wedding Thief Caught on Surveillance","duration":"1:25","description":"Pennsylvania police search for man suspected of stealing gifts and cash from at least two weddings.","url":"/US/video/alleged-wedding-thief-caught-surveillance-19642294","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}