Why you shouldn't let allergies stop you from adopting pets

ABC News' Rob Marciano talks with the Eh Bee family, who are partnering with Flonase, an allergy nasal spray made by GlaxoSmithKline, to help find homes for shelter animals.
7:44 | 03/30/17

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Transcript for Why you shouldn't let allergies stop you from adopting pets
Everybody rob Marciano outside a animal haven in downtown New York City where they're having a huge. Adoption. Today. But of greater note if you watched GMA this morning life in this morning I'm with the AB family words ending narrows. No mr. ma you. Guys last your road trip were so excited. From now this is a big deal obviously you your you can roller blown a two guys and allergies have been around the country. Fighting allergies on the grounds you know its policies and your you're allergic to talks as well so how challenging is. Well I tip my Sony is I'm good for today. But you know what what we're doing here so much greater. Then our allergies you know we're helping these beautiful animals who have a history but the story to tell to get adopted and that's what we want to do we want end. You know less a family with these beautiful animals. And this monkey I mean. It's gotta be tough used to seem like a girl a lot of lobby you probably want to have a patent and and you just can't count how frustrating is it AM. Makes me stags and tanks can really planning. It. We're helping a lot of dogs get adopted today so you gotta feel good about that senior Vatican tell you out that I did say this you know fired although do you have a name for it for this look what. 00 U boarding the Nardelli got its owners of this is Emily. Emily's cute so see what's gonna. Visit in Leesburg is gonna get all over your brother and he's going to be I don't know that senators are that there are some issues not offering but there are lovable and they give a lot of love for sure and we want to help. And in any way we can. Mr. McKee. How does has and we theory. And heavier I noticed it feels nice in my hands. And that would be Obama hasn't yet that it. You guys at such a great road trip. He told me earlier that. Speaking of animals your biggest thrill was it was learning at a rescue marine life putting California out how is this. Different from that. Well. Dot I'm really my marine creature is. Like Marines us so. It's it's our way apple we're still trying to rescue them. No doubt about that and were due to great job with that so. Mr. Markey. I had a trench that we called Mr. T. They expect it. That's are excellent and his name was mr. Tate. All right so we've got a little pet her here. I Amanda and you give us a little of that and to towards Cameron's. So hits you see hits and added options like this lots. And I just wanna say that there they are just like every other animal to the sweetest dogs out there's only to give them the love they give it to you in spades. Us don't be afraid of adopting. A fitful so let us talk about trip were wrapping things up it's kind of a gloomy day you guys are from Toronto so this is this is this is no problem. On the case told me what their part fear part of the trip was Diaz have a favorite part might be part actually is today. This is it with elements would helping animals that that need new home this is definitely my favorite day. You miss. Of course it was going to see olive view Good Morning America or us. We had a great W before the showing you guys were fantastic on the show where is Tiffany from animal haven come on in here except they are you got a T shirt. So how housing adoption though today it's which. We're so excited and we're so honored that you guys and pleaded Aston nets and it really doesn't ring a lot of attention to the issue homeless. Just adding I your name attached to it in your loving care these great dogs and cats we're gonna place today. And I know we're gonna find homes a lot of animals thank you thank you so much. What is it someone's at home and they're you know has its hit Dave Dave. They've always wanted an animal or maybe they have some mild Al allergies. What would you say to them. I think it and tucked in Levine and staff touch your local shelter staff. It really is dog to dog cat to cat person to person beacon find a good match for you even Austin you know a lot of people they want to bring the animal in their home they can. Try. Thumb over the counter medications. And make it happen and and even only them. Figured out make it work for your family. We never went back to deter someone from coming and thinking about angry at. As we see a lot of great stories with people do separate from allergy and found that walk away with a wonderful family pat an ad so much your life. Mr. McKee do it over there as far as technique for holding. A dog that size right now technique is a scale Finland and let then I might. I'm might thank you just need to kind of orchid animal let you get up. Are you looking for volunteers that something that people and it always volunteers actually help us just run this place and we have very few staff members most of its run by volunteers and even in her bolstered doing that. And they go to our website animal haven shelter got Kurt angle and or volunteer and and the Cumberland. I'm sure you're familiar with best friends yeah I do a lot of work but when it. A to. Here so big big man Monday night despite lugging it we're all this together. We wanted to save them. Or law. And who's going. Of that board. On the sirens are allowed to show who want to say the mall and your oldest and others. You do great work. We're say site to be here for sure are we analyzer technique a little bit more. Guys who what's gonna happen tonight now I mean this has been an exhausting trip I wanted to let the game plan is. They be family tonight and it's time to celebrate with the team that was witnessed the whole. Yet double gold flooding since this team is an incredible and forgiveness opportunities seconds time and it's been amazing and as been greater than last incredible. Air and road trip and this has greater this year parcel thankful to be apart we have instrument and you make that we can we street around. Hey guys everybody breathing it is a ride misled back care. Come on I this is what they rolled across the country and all. In a blast analysts now we. Yet those weeks not kidding don't know smells. And the fact that. Oh we finally heats she finally got you know who have excited she wants to what was until wants to go right. It was greatly exceed country. We went and eastern Los Angeles or in New York inside everything in between it was incredible. At your restaurants or sell me in any thoughts about you know. You steel country the US now if there who it's beautiful it's very diapers to question Mary. Well you guys have been terrific. Congratulations on making the trip your partnership with Monet's in a great cause finishing things off right now I think we're gonna go for right thing I think these ducks when they announced that it would definitely go for a greater America road trip. Back across towards California congratulations guys that did range missile in its work write this monkey. It back to school now. At that rob Marciano outside of animal and with the AB families with flow days. For ABC news adopt that show some love. A great day.

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{"id":46475406,"title":"Why you shouldn't let allergies stop you from adopting pets","duration":"7:44","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano talks with the Eh Bee family, who are partnering with Flonase, an allergy nasal spray made by GlaxoSmithKline, to help find homes for shelter animals. ","url":"/US/video/allergies-stop-adopting-pets-46475406","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}