Amateur Athletic Union Investigating Abuse Claims

Former Leader Robert Dodd is under investigation for child abuse allegations.
1:51 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Amateur Athletic Union Investigating Abuse Claims
Another sex scandal unfolding in the sports world this morning this one -- -- one of the country's biggest youth sports organizations. An interview -- ESPN two men accused the ex president of the amateur athletic union of sexually molesting them when they were children and now police. Are investigating more now from ABC's -- to send out. For any parent with a kid playing youth sports this scandal is hitting like a gut punch. In 1983 -- west played -- basketball team run by the amateur athletic union at the time he was fifteen and says on a -- trip to Florida he was sexually assaulted by his coach Bobby Dodd was dead asleep. And I don't remember anything but waking up -- -- has this he's trying to put his hand in my boxer shorts Dodd went on to become the CEO and president of the -- EU. West kept quiet for decades but says the sex abuse case at Penn State made him break his silence. He says the AA you ignored him so he went to ESPN's outside the lines. The allegations have rocked the -- use all American reputation it is one of the oldest most powerful youth sports organizations in the world. This should be the wake -- call to end all wake -- call if you can't trust your boy or your girl to be playing sports in this country within an -- program. One in the world can you trust. -- has cancer and is now left the organization he hasn't spoken. -- -- which does not require background checks for coaches says it's reviewing its policies and trying to find out if there are more victims. We are urging anyone in the AAU community who has information about any instances of inappropriate behavior or abuse to contact law enforcement and EAU. Now the organization that tries to use sports to teach kids to be good citizens finds it too may have a lot to learn. For Good Morning America Clayton -- LA BC news.

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{"id":15132487,"title":"Amateur Athletic Union Investigating Abuse Claims","duration":"1:51","description":"Former Leader Robert Dodd is under investigation for child abuse allegations. ","url":"/US/video/amateur-athletic-union-investigating-abuse-claims-15132487","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}