America on edge

Authorities are searching for a man they say jumped on a table and threatened to take his own life at a Houston mall, sparking panic. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.
2:31 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for America on edge
Now to the fears here at home a little over one week since the mass shootings and Texas and Ohio a scare at a mall in Houston. Send people running for their lives and it's just the latest example how the nation is on edge. Now one senator is calling for a new law in response to the safety concerns. Panic at a busy Houston mall sent shoppers sprinting into oncoming traffic are not. Trying to escape what they believed to be an active shooter but it was all likely all false alarm. Police say it started when a masked man jumped on a table in the food court threatening to take his own life then he dropped an unidentified object to the ground causing mass chaos. Authorities are now searching for the suspect and calling the incident a terrorist threat. It's the latest example communities around the country unnerved after those back to back mass shootings and El Paso in Dayton. In Times Square last week allowed popping sound from a motorcycle backfiring. Caused hundreds to flee the area was like pretty much a stampede of people. Just breaking. Think that there were knocking over tables talking over the chairs the FBI has been on high alert with concerns about copycat attacks. Late last week this twenty year old was arrested at a Missouri Wal-Mart after entering the store carrying a loaded military style rifle in wearing body armor. Police say he wanted to test the boundaries of his Second Amendment Rights at least eight wal marts around the country have received threats in the last week alone. And over the weekend police in New Haven, Connecticut arrested 53 year old Jeffrey Hanson was accused of posting a menacing FaceBook message about a Puerto Rican festival. Elsewhere two alleged white supremacists face charges for reportedly planning attacks my bushmaster. Rifle in Las Vegas agents arrested 23 year old Connor climb low. They say documents and messages indicate he wanted to blow while a synagogue or gay bar. Meanwhile in response to the recent mass shootings Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Sunday announce he's introducing a bill that would require FBI permission for civilians to buy body armor. Where's of war demand in FBI check. Especially now after what happened in these killings this would empower the FBI to set regulations as to who can get advanced body armor. And senator Schumer says a bipartisan bill on body armor sales would pass if it were brought to the senate floor and she thinks president from what sign it.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Authorities are searching for a man they say jumped on a table and threatened to take his own life at a Houston mall, sparking panic. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64920844","title":"America on edge","url":"/US/video/america-edge-64920844"}