America's Cup World Series is NASCAR on the Water

San Francisco extreme sailing competition attracts the world's top sailors.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for America's Cup World Series is NASCAR on the Water
Americans of food supplements. This guy's -- Moving around -- news. Saving. But it's -- -- when flying its quick and it's something coming. There's never a moment when it just an exit activities that constantly working woman -- -- trying to find the end. It's -- thing trying you know this. Well tackle global museum network to this none of that small segment -- you lose big. News just like -- but they aren't bad news prices. Moment of their right. We've seen all sorts of episodes but flying home tonight starting you can it's incredibly easy to do. Dean barker had -- that they have to capsize in. And that's his wounds to -- and just quickly. -- -- -- 2700. Pounds forty -- that long. These votes -- 45 foot versions got a junior -- -- versions. Of what will be raised in the cup next summer the next summer. The teams will be sailing 72 foot boats with the winning twice as tall as a thirteen story -- -- -- windows. The wings -- And now. The aerodynamics of it would like nick -- wind they have -- lightening round. -- -- The ability to read between the news -- -- -- -- these goods and they'll move. -- is just just a different. -- different wars installments. -- racing rezone. That's who was challenging -- -- -- -- -- standardized with the city into the day safe. Auto icon like those features are -- I think it fits really stay cool we'll wind conditions -- -- sound -- -- revenue will. These -- -- pretty boring I should ask yourself what we want him price check this. -- --

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{"id":17006934,"title":"America's Cup World Series is NASCAR on the Water","duration":"3:00","description":"San Francisco extreme sailing competition attracts the world's top sailors.","url":"/US/video/americas-cup-world-series-nascar-water-17006934","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}