Amid DACA dealings, Trump visits Florida to survey Irma damage

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and political director Rick Klein talk to senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega, who was on the ground with the president.
6:55 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Amid DACA dealings, Trump visits Florida to survey Irma damage
Among those on the ground of course is our own Cecilia Vega senior White House correspondent here at ABC news she joins us live now. From Florida on the ground Cecilia Rick and I were just talking about here how this is. The fairy different for the president in terms of optics in terms of the way he's encountering in an engaging with people there on the ground. From his last visits to a natural disaster zone without conscious effort on the part of the White House team. Yeah yeah it's it's certainly is not night I was there in Texas for Harvey when he was on the ground there to for the second trip. And and and actually for the first trip wrap sorry that's the first trip is where he really face that criticism for not. Getting up close and personal you remember that image really an indelible image from that trip where he came out of a firehouse I believe that wasn't held up a flag waved it in front of all of those supporters who were out there in the streets and that was the trip where he met with. FEMA officials and state officials but he didn't actually. Meet any victims of Harvey he didn't actually see any of the damage. Until a few days later we came back on that second trip. On this time. He is up there and for up close and personal as you guys are showing that video right now of the president the First Lady the vice president is here with him they're handing out food they will see some of this damage directly they date flew from here at Fort Myers. In a helicopter. Over to Naples not too far away south and I believe from that helicopter more than likely they could see. A lot that damage to what they will see on the ground here look one of the biggest issue still facing this community is. Power outages hundreds of thousands of people between Fort Myers and Naples are still without power. And that means that they need these people who live in this area will lack get to see these images of the president out here on the ground. But but what they are seeing first hand is scenes like this you can see here behind me the Florida National Guard handing out water and I've got to tell you I've only been on the ground here. For a couple of hours and there has been a nonstop stream of of vehicles coming to get supplies and water here from the National Guard. Guys it is sweltering. Out here it is really really hot. And I can't even imagine what it's like for the folks on the ground here to be days in now and not have any power incite their homes in an area where. You're not only used to air conditioning you need it out here so these conditions are really tough for the people immigrant you may not see floodwaters. To the level that we saw them in Harvey you Maine at sea destruction in terms of homes like we thought RB but these conditions are really brutal out here. And we've been seeing some of those numbers that silly enters how many people affected the power outages the death poll. That is certainly serious situation as her title matter is something the president's going to have to stay on top of for weeks and months ahead beyond this visit today what do we heard about how he and bald he'll be moving forward. You know he is being very involved in this one in the White House has made. Pushing that message out there first and foremost among one of the most important priorities over the last few days is we've had these. Dueling hurricanes away here here in the states in in recent days and weeks. You know we have seen the president had multiple briefings. We have heard from his top advisors and Homeland Security who come out to brief. The media about the latest in terms of FEMA response and you heard the president say today if it right and that's how you talk so many times it can't remember it was before he left the White House or when he. Got on the ground here but he said look I think a lot of people have been. Very happy about the federal response and certainly after having spoken with people in Harvey just days after that storm hit they people were Vieri. Thankful for that that response that they were seeing on the ground air and and and people who are seeing it here she was so so we're not hearing a lot of complaints yet but you know I act I gotta venture to say. Having covered Katrina. The longer the time goes on where people are living here on the ground without re sources in this case without power. The complaints will start to comment at this power's not back on so you. With the Philly we know he was tweeting about it visit to Florida Eagles have been tweeting about a bunch of other things this morning while we have you. I want it to quickly honestly you mentioned the president has spoken a number of times since leaving the White House. There's a lot of confusion over what exactly happened in a dinner last night. With Nancy Pelosi and China and rarely if not lives every kind act all the details that I Rick Klein is here at the siren but bearer of bad news I get an event at. Just can you give that's kind of an update on what's the latest we've heard from the president about exactly what happened in that manner. You know I don't know that we'll ever know exactly what happened there are two there were two very different story sort of a tale of he said. They said. Is there a deal did we make a deal did we not make a deal I guarantee you this is all gonna end up unlike Jimmy Kimmel in a matter of hours because it's been sort of comedic and some ways head scratching in others very frustrating as a reporter trying to get the truth from both sides because I've talked. With both sides people who are in this room people or eight to be able or in this room. And both sides are adamant that the other side is not telling the whole truth. So here we are right now the president is on the ground the president has spoken he is made it very clear he says he supports a deal to protect the dreamers. The Democrats agree with back. The Democrats. Say that this deal that they have reached tentatively an agreement that they reached at the dinner last night. Does not include funding. For the president's border walk you guys know that this is something that he campaigned on this is number one promise to the American people he will build that big beautiful wall. It now seems the president may be backing away from that a little bit the White House won't like that characterization. Of what the president said today is that there will feel wall. In some alarm. It looked like defense it may look like something else but it will come at a later date so. He's not saying Weathers specifically whether this wall. Was part or was not part of this deal reached with the Democrats the Democrats say no money for a while that's not happening they will pay for other border security measures. They're not paying for the wealth of this wall. Is a big sticking point for both sides. At this point. Remains to be seen what actually is going to happen when it but again the headline here is the president believes. Dreamer should stay in this country for how he's not saying amnesty but he think they deserve protection that they are good people who contribute to this society. And he is saying the wall will be built at some point in the future. That's where he had attic crystal clear crystal ball just like us low golf clap that it under the clean timeline and how it played out exactly what happened at a collapsed all of our and we are going to unpack each and every one of those steps. In just a moment but this is they get thank you so much. We're making it time to talk to listening to get back with that the traveling press or safe travels to east and I reference.

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{"id":49851413,"title":"Amid DACA dealings, Trump visits Florida to survey Irma damage","duration":"6:55","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and political director Rick Klein talk to senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega, who was on the ground with the president.","url":"/US/video/amid-daca-dealings-trump-visits-florida-survey-irma-49851413","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}